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Magical Creature AU!

Oh, I have so many different options for this, I’d hate to pick just one. I’m not kidding, I love inhuman!AU with all my heart, and I have dozens of different ideas, from selkies to fae to incubi to dragons (and more). But, since I can only do one here, let’s go with a total mix and match that I was tossing around a little while ago after I read @anarchycox‘s Went Down to the River and Prayed. Tiny bit dark:

1) Merlin is a kelpie, the Scotish shapeshifting water-horse that haunts lochs and eats human flesh. He’s bound to Kingsman by blood magic, otherwise he wouldn’t think twice about murdering Arthur (perhaps not the rest of the agency, though. It’s not their fault he’s in magical chains, and most don’t even believe in magic anyway) and returning to his home. Because he’s horribly funny and ironic, he also owns an Australian Kelpie (a rather pretty breed of dog), named Nessie.

2) Merlin’s long time (as in, over a hundred years) partner is Harry. He’s a sort of wight, an undead creature who feeds on the life of humans to sustain his own. They like to think they have the ultimate meet-cute: Merlin drowned Harry ages ago, intending to eat him, but thought him beautiful enough that he used his dark magic to resurrect him. They’ve been together ever since. Harry came to Kingsman with Merlin, and he’s still searching for a way to reverse the spell on his lover and set him free. They feed together, Harry draining the life force from their victims and Merlin eating the dead flesh once Harry’s done.

3) Kingsman is actually very dependent on Merlin’s dark magic, infusing charms and spells into his tech to keep the agents safe. But it’s been years since they employed actual magical creatures as agents, ever since an attempt to keep a faerie bound ended badly. Now, they recruit people who are receptive to magic because they have hints of fae blood. James, Alistair, and Roxy are stronger than most, and they’re the only ones who Merlin and Harry have told about the magic behind Kingsman, making them the only ones besides Arthur who know.

4) Harry recognizes Eggsy’s fae magic instantly (it’s a life force, like any other, and it’s bitter to the taste. Magic cannot feed on magic). The boy is a changling, and although he started out behaving as a normal child, his fae nature appeared more and more as he grew. It’s why he delights in pick-pocketing, hot-wiring cars, generally getting into all sorts of mischief. Harry takes a shine to him, and brings him into their little family.

5) With Arthur’s death and Harry’s “rebirth” in Kentucky, Harry becomes Arthur, giving him the power to lift the spell on Merlin. They don’t have much tying them to Kingsman anymore: the organization has been destroyed, most of their friends are dead, and Eggsy is their only link to the human world, and as the boy embraces his true nature, even that slowly dissolves, until Harry and Merlin return to their old home, where they happily murder passersby for the rest of their lives. Eggsy visits them sometimes, bringing them gossip and gifts, including, one day, his little sister, all grown up, who who makes them promise never to touch. They bless her instead, and Daisy becomes the most protected non-magical human in all of Europe. When he’s feeling particularly nice, Merlin even lets her ride him in his horse form.

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Im 14, have I already done significant sun damage to my skin? Idk I’ve been getting a lot of anxiety because i haven’t previously had sunscreen in my routine and I’m worrying that I’ve ruined my skin forever.

Yes and no. They say that the majority of sun damage is accumulated in your youth, when we’re spending more time outside playing than inside working in adulthood. There’s nothing you can do about your actions as a small child- chances are you hated sunscreen just like most kids! However, you have MANY more years to live. If you choose to start wearing sunscreen now, you’re doing far better than most people. I’m 22 and didn’t start wearing sunscreen religiously until I was 20. 


a short clip someone uploaded of laura & travis’s panel at awacon last night (9/29/17)

“and then we got married! *high fives each other*”

<3 what a beautiful day to kick  g/a/br//iel a/gr/e/st/e


An AU where everything is all fine and dandy, and they go to school like normal kids do?? that’s all I ask for c’mon

Part 2

Modern AU: Sanji being a stylist and Nami being a nursery school teacher.