no harry in this video

i was going through my laptop and found this edit i made forever ago….

Louis and Harry

as shown with intention in Just Like You (part 2)

It’s helpful to start with part 1, here.

Note: I believe Louis and Harry are in a real-life relationship with all the joys and difficulties, trials and happiness any relationship can hold—whatever life throws at them. This video tells me a story about their relationship. It hasn’t been an easy road for them. I see strong indicators they are firmly together now. I believe it to be true. Still, these are simply my observations and opinions.

The video contains a rainbow of color, but blue, green, and pink are predominant. I subscribe to the “color code” theory of stealthy communication used by both Louis and Harry. The color blue signifies Louis, Harry is green, and that’s been that, for years. Pink appears often, but is sometimes hidden.

1:31 The privacy of the storage units comes into focus behind the silhouetted footie Louis (one of his public symbols). Louis and his H hands, in the storage units again.

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