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[Today officially marks four years since I first shyly ventured into the world of RPing, since I first tried my hand at writing a character that is so impossibly important to me and I cannot begin to tell you how incredible of a journey it has been. I have had the honour and the privilege of writing with so many of you, of getting you know you. Every single person I have met has such boundless talent, such an earnest passion for their character that I never cease to be awed and amazed by each and every one of you. You all inspire me more than you know. Not only with your writing but with your endless kindness- so many of you have reached out to me, have offered me a kind word when I so desperately needed it and I consider you all my dearest friends. I had no idea when I first started out where this path would lead, could never have fathomed all the incredible times I would have, the cherished memories I would make or the people that I would share them with. 

So thank you. Thank you each and every one of you. Thank you to those who have supported me, those that watch out for me (you know who you are <3), those that write with me, and even those of you that watch from afar. You are all so cherished to me and I am ever wishing you every possible happiness. Never doubt that you are treasured or that you are loved. Thank you for making these last 4 years so amazing, and here is to all the many memories to come.]

Hello human 🐶.

I am really so sorry for being inactive again, again and again.
I have a hard time and my strength is gone but I promise to catch up as soon as possible.
I really do not mean it bad, I am so sorry.
And I have not forgot you, I love you all!!!
Please take care of you 💕!

If someone just feels condemned when they talk to Christians and loved by unbelievers then is it any wonder when they reject Christ?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t call sin a sin, not by any means, but man, we need to make sure people know how loved they are.

So I’ve ran out of my meds. Put a prescription request in a week ago and thought to myself ‘it’s fine if I go a couple of days without them’, went to pick it up on Thursday last week and the receptionist told me my doctor wants to see me. Couldn’t get an appointment on Friday and tried again today, still couldn’t get one.

Dude, doctor, it’s been over a week since I took my pills, just gimme the damn prescription. I feel constantly ill.

After watching all the Oscars nominees for Best Picture is my list ordered my preference (this is a personal opinion, not meant to aggravate anyone I do this every year)

  1. La La Land
  2. Hidden Figures
  3. Lion
  4. Arrival
  5. Moonlight
  6. Hacksaw Ridge
  7. Fences
  8. Manchester by the Sea
  9. Hell or High Water

On the case of best actors: Denzel Washington, Emma Stone, Dev Patel, and Viola Davis.

my god-tier kpop songs

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  • haru haru by big bang
  • lucifer by shinee
  • every night by EXID
  • fiction by b2st rip
  • flower by xia junsu ft. tablo
  • one shot by b.a.p
  • hero (broadcasting ver.) by monsta x
  • ice cream cake and dumb dumb by red velvet
  • into the new world by snsd
  • catallena by orange caramel

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i’m going to be honest, this was literally one of the best things to ever happen in an anime. their relationship is so healthy and realistic and its actually treated seriously. its not used as a gag or bait to lure in lgbtq viewers, the series lets it develop along with the plot in a way that is so perfect and it


this normalizes same gendered couples and takes these kinds of relationships away from simply being a “weird sub-genre”. it’s proper representation, i really hope other production companies decide to follow in these footsteps. i don’t think i will ever be able to shut up about this


I tried

i only did one of pidge cause im not quite sure how to edit her as a boy? i mean, shes already kinda done that herself so i was kinda thinking if she was a boy who had to disguise himself as a girl maybe??idk sry