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little folklore things

in some english folklore there is a belief that the first soul buried in a new burying ground will be tasked to haunt the cemetery forever helping souls move on to heaven and help them to avoid the devil and witches, to avoid this fate there is some customs of burying a dog or some other animal in a new cemetery, it is called a church grim, and unlike other black dogs, which are often harbingers of death, it is a benevolent spirit meanwhile in scottish folklore there is the belief that a person will haunt a cemetery until another is buried there to take their place and so on

in breton folklore it’s believed that if you find yourself on the sea on halloween or all soul’s day that the spirits of the dead lost at sea will try and call your name  to get you to carry them back to land so they can be put to rest properly

among the numerous beliefs of the origins of the selkies, one in shetland and orcadian tradtion is that selkies are the souls of drowned sailors who can return to human form once a year to visit their families

it is believed that the seventh son of a seventh son (or seventh daughter of a seventh daughter) who has red hair will be born with the sight to see the fairies

it is believed unwise to wear too much green as it is a fairy colour and might attract them to you

that’s all i got for now, feel free to add ur own fave little folklore things

Right place, wrong time.


Amidst the area of Waterfall that had been silent save for the ambiance of a running rivers and steady droplets echoing in the distance that a certain monster had disturbed the serene atmosphere with the constant footfalls of his shoes stomping across the soil, indicating they were in a rush against time itself.

When Johnny had split off from Injustice, he was unsure if he’d be able to carry out their request lest he suffer another berated talking down from him. In a way, the ink had undoubtedly bore the same headstrong intentions of protecting their family.

The flora had kept a brisk sprint throughout the area of Waterfall, searching most of the caves but turned up empty-handed in his search. He had to give her credit, she knew how to hide for one being so restless half the time.

“Damn it, where is she!?”

In his perspective, it’d be like finding a needle in a haystick with how much effort he was scanning each place he had been searching through. That was until a certain light flickering at the mouth of a cave had caught his attention, which was strange because he hadn’t explored that one yet…Perhaps this could be it?

Regardless, it was time to act. The flora would eventually reach the entrance and step inside, keeping a close eye out for Harbinger but what he had encountered was…

Shocking to say the least. The culprit behind the fixture of light was what appeared to be a child’s silhouette but it was clear that something was wrong and what added to this appalling discovery was the fact that he recognized them, standing over someone while they had their back turned to him.

“Wait…Cammy!? Is that you!?”

WHAT’S UNDER THE RAG, MIMIKYU. I really want to know. I think that something like an Aye-Aye would work because:

a) on that fine line between adorable and horrific

b) long creepy fingers, good for ghostly snatching

c) solitary and nocturnal (weird for a primate)

d) spooky supernatural associations. Aye-Ayes are known in folklore as harbingers of death and evil, they mark people who see them for death 

Despite being peaceful, humans are universally feared through out the galaxy as harbingers of death. They are hosts to the most dangerous diseases and bacteria ever discovered. Average number of fatalities from a single human exposure is ~8,000 with some exceptions. Avoid at all costs.


B A N • S H E E (noun)
A human woman with the ability to access the supernatural and is a harbinger of death. They are known as the Wailing Woman. A banshee experiences premonitions of one’s impending death. Their predictions appear to them as factors that will be the causal factor of near- or affirmative death experiences.


HAWKE: Fenris, talk to me. What happened back at Haven? What was it like?


FENRIS: Everything was… bigger than me.


Shepard’s struggles, and the crew that’s beside her all the way back to Earth.

Hello! This is my @masseffectholidaycheer gift for @mishikaiya, and I hope that you like it!! It was my first time doing a fanmix, and I actually really enjoyed doing it, so I might do some more in the future. 

In this, I tried to show Shepard’s journey through the games, her struggles alone and with her crew. I hope that that comes across well! 

Please enjoy, and happy holidays!!

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the CIA just awarded Saudi Prince Muhammad Bin Nayef the George Tenet medal for Saudi Arabia’s “anti-terror efforts” 

i’m not sure if there’s anything more embarrassing and cringeworthy than a country that touts itself as the ultimate harbinger of justice against terrorism awarding the greatest known global financier of extremism and terrorism with an anti-terror award. 

the hilarity of the entire debacle is literally overwhelming. 

Only a few months ago, 28 formerly classified pages of the congressional 9/11 report were finally released to the public, confirming Saudi Arabia’s roles in at least partially financing and coordinating the september attacks–the U.S., saudi arabia’s greatest ally, kept this information secret for 14 years 

Saudi Arabia’s export of murderous anti-shia and anti-minority sect muslim curricula to various mosques and islamic centres around the world is responsible for the surge in propaganda against minority sect muslims, and eventually their violent persecution across the muslim world 

Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Yemen is responsible for thousands of civilian deaths, the majority of them being children, and the expansion of insurgency 

Public executions, complete removal of due process and an “imprison-then-incapacitate” policy for protestors is Saudi Arabia’s version of keeping the peace. 

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia not only jails its dissidents, but it crucifies them. Sheikh Nimr al Nimr, a shia muslim and pro-democracy activist was crucified in 2016. His nephew, arrested at 17, awaits crucifixion in Saudi jails. 

Ironically, ISIS’ genocidal ideology towards Shia muslims, yezidis, christians and their persecution of non-muslims in general is almost a complete replication of the religiosity preached by state-sanctioned imams in Saudi Arabia. Their philosophical and financial promotion of sunni supremacism and extremism has allowed ISIS to bloom. 

And of course, even years later, it is impossible to forget how the CIA teamed up with Saudi Arabia in training, funding and spawning the modern day Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. 

All of these actions have been supported, protected, and (unsuccessfully) hidden by the United States. 

And as embarrassing and pathetic it is to have a faux-democracy award a financier of terrorism an “anti-terror” award, it would be naive to expect anything less. 

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