no hair left

A visual representation of me continuing to love and protect SHINee…despite all the bs from the haters.


jgh from Sm Clark.

Seriously ang dami kong time gumala simula nung nag sembreak ako. Pero today last day na ng sembreak ko. Sabi ko wala na akong pera pero sabi nila libre nila kaya Go ako. Hahaha! Sinundo nila ako dito sa bahay kahit na di pa ako tapos sa paglalaba ko naghintay sila ng 2 oras. Hahahaha. Kwentuhan lang naman about life and lovelife of course pati na din nag chismisan. Lol so ayun si Aika kasi (yung short hair sa left side ko) malapit na pumunta ng Dubai, si Khei naman (yung nasa right side ko) Canada naman ang punta next year. Ayun iiwan na ako ng dalawang bestfriend ko. Ngayon pa lang nalulungkot na ako gagi. 😭😭 Pero magkano ba bentahan ng eyebags ngayon?

anonymous asked:

Dickson finally getting his revenge on Sharla after she shot off his balls? I don't know.

He’d been planning his revenge for months. Sje might not have balls, but there was still sensible stuff down there, he just had to wait for his chance. He would only have one shot. 

Curse her. She’d managed to esacpe him for so long, but not anymore. He had her in his sights. 

Unfortunatly for him, so did she. She knew he would try for a revenge, but she was ready for him. She knew he was hiding there, and she took her shot. She didn’t aim for anything vital, just his braid, and shot it off. 

She heard a swear and a “My hair!” before she quickly left the scene. 

I am constantly torn...

… between this:

(Shiro just being Shiro in s3 and just having a new hair-style because the undercut was too cold sometimes)

and this:

(Shiro actually being Kuron, the clone, but not knowing that he’s a clone at all. And Keith finding out about it, because he offered to shave his head for him.)

Can’t decide whether season 3 provided me with a lot of fluffy… or with a lot of angsty feelings for sheith. This is so stressing.

… You know what else’s stressing? Drawing quick sketches in the basement, because my computer is still there. xD This shit is so creepy. I bet my basement is haunted as fuck.