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No one asked but here’s my design for Hannibal!


Welp. if “DanPri Mode” is the big new feature in the upcoming 3DS game I won’t be buying the expensive preorder version this time for sure haha…. (I kinda regret doing it last time…)

By the way. Since I am finding folks didn’t notice, they did announce a while back something about DanPri mode coming in Time3. There was this one little weird blurb in the Fanbook. (Just went and found it to confirm.)

I did post about it briefly but I didn’t make a big deal about it because a.) There was not much info and b.) I am not too happy about it… seriously I have been dreading dealing with this for like two months no lie haha. 

They usually post arcade game info on Thursdays so we will probably find out the official Time3 details on the 27th. 

It’s after 3am and apparently it was the perfect time to design an oc that I’ve had for weeks now but didn’t really know what he looked like. So, this is Sozan Vara. He’s a sith pureblood. Apparently a hipster as well? Lmao. Jk. But I really did fall in love with his hair. He dyes it, obviously. Anyways, have a cute sith boy.

Yet again an adorable human being, and a gorgeous artist at that!, drew me some pink-haired!Levi and this time it was @kingjae-ger

Thank you so much for this omg you brought me to tears, this is the loveliest pink!Levi I’ve ever seen, it’s so soft and pretty and lovely and cute and awww Levi looks so nice I want to spoil him!

Y'all give the artist and their pinkheichou art tons of love, they deserve all the appreciation in the world!!! 😭💖💖💖

my beautiful daughter who I love 💕


twelve approves of the new kid

So I decided I’d go to the library to stop thinking about All This, and I took Ves with me because Kita’s at work and I don’t actually trust Taz and Liet to look after her on their own. And it was going really well at first! Ves was looking around at all the people and generally being quiet but very interested in her surroundings. I thought I’d take her over to the children’s section and see if she liked any of the board books or the toys we keep over there, because she’s getting a little grabby now and maybe she’d at least like to hold some new things. And then we get there and there are a couple one-year-olds already using the play area, and a few of them want to look at Ves, because some of them probably haven’t seen a baby up close before, and Ves is laughing and the kids are talking about how adorable she is, and it’s all really great

and then this guy sees his son playing with ves and starts yelling at me to get away from his kid, and I’m like ‘sir what’s wrong’ and he starts screaming at me for bringing ‘garbage’ into the library, loudly accusing ves of being red, and airing some very crass theories about what that probably makes me, right in front of the kids. And ves is crying, and the kids are crying, and I’m trying to very very calmly tell him that no, see, ves is my niece and she’s purple, her hair just looks a little orangeish, maybe, but he’s only getting more upset, and for a few seconds before security gets there I’m wondering if maybe he’s actually gonna get violent in the middle of the freaking children’s section, and I should probably be doing something, but I’m too busy thinking about how dumb this all is


1) purples with orange dads exist, my guy, maybe your color vision isn’t as good as you think it is

2) she barely has any hair ANYWAY, i honestly don’t know how you’d even tell for sure if it were green or something

3) if i were illegally caring for a red baby for some unfathomable reason, do you really, honestly think that i would be carrying that baby around the local library in plain view of literally everyone

4) if I were doing that, for some unfathomable reason, like. what are you gonna do, attack a literal infant? Punch a lady with a baby in her arms, right in front of your kid? Really? You’ve examined all your options and decided that this is the best possible use of your time?

5) don’t scream in the library, sir, did your parents not teach you this rule by the time you were one

In the end it was OK and the security guards were able to get our very loud friend to agree that he had probably spent enough time at the local library for now, but just. why are people like this? Like, I know it’s been a rough few days and everyone’s on edge, but? Can you just be basically polite to your fellow patrons? Is that so much to ask?

On another note, can anybody recommend some good baby-safe hair dye so I can make ves look really super unambiguously purple in the future