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It's awesome that you're 29. I'm 30 and was kinda feeling weird about falling so hard in love with these young guys and their love. I'm glad I'm not the only one not a teenager though love is universal and without age so I guess I shouldn't have felt weird eh? Anyway thank you for spreading the love for the Scandinavian countries. I slightly feel we've suddenly become cool. Lol I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

People of all ages watch Skam in Norway. Media has talked about it quite a lot and I think it’s brilliant how the show appeal to and captivate so many. Don’t feel bad about watching it no matter how old you are. 

Okay. So I’ve seen some people saying that the person who Ezra’s ‘about’ to kill here isn’t Maul and it’s another Vision (And I kind of was on board with that) 

But then my friend and had this conversation…

We looked at the clip s’more and in this part: 

The background still seems awfully familiar to the few shots before; and it’s a lot brighter than the planet they go to later.

So… who knows. It could be another vision; OR it could be Maul turning up to convince Ezra to ‘Trust’ him again (something along the lines of ‘Come with me to stop these creepy ass visions’ and he goes then everything goes to SHIT) 

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idk what's wrong but I can't watch episode 8 I tried to watch it when you posted the full episode but I couldn't because it said that it was being processed and to try again later so I went back to your post and now it's saying its been trashed? help

It has been, haha. I reuploaded it because the intro wasn’t subbed :) Here a link to the new videos: x x x

They might still be processing though, because I basically just uploaded them :) ♥ 


i’ve gotten over 400 messages now (which is why i’m not answering most of them haha…i do read them!! i love reading them!! it would just take me hours to respond to everything + i wanna keep them) and they’re all so sweet! thank you!

anyone who has ordered my zine, subbed to my patreon, or sent me donations has made me cry haha…very good tears, though. you’re all so kind, and helping me get closer to my dreams of getting out of my country. as soon as i arrive in the country i’ve chosen, i will be sure to put lots of photos on my main. i thought it would be impossible to gather extra money from my art, but i have!!

especially after someone tried to sabotage me…someone who doesn’t even know me and only targeted me after they didn’t get the answer they wanted to a rude ask. but now i’ve gained over 2,000 more followers, and you all seem like such wonderful people! i will post art on here when i have extra drawings to share, and i look forward to speaking with you all!

thank you for supporting me, defending me, and being here for me! it means a LOT to have these nice messages after all of this has happened. i promise i’m reading them all <3 

Chapter 17 of Petals on the River has been posted! @ijaat and I hope you enjoy!

  • Title: Petals on the River
  • Chapter: 17, A Long Expected Party
  • Rating: E (chapter itself is M)
  • Pairings: McHanzo, Reaper 76, Gency, Anahardt, Widowtracer
  • Warnings/Triggers: This chapter has some mild PG-13 sexual content, some cursing, and implied references to violence. Historical AU.
  • Summary: After a long evening talking about their pasts, Hanzo and Jesse have a late morning together.

We’ve finally hit the 100k words mark!!

saeyoung route group photo!!!

 honestly aside from my lov Saeyoung himself, I love everyone in his route?? anyone who is in his route is a friend of mine (including his bff Tom) 

(also pls click on the image for higher quality, since tumblr has ruined me haha)

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Okay so I finally got my ass in gear to request a prompt. I am SO TORN between everything (because honestly you could write them all so well) but I have to ask for sub/Dom or I love you, which ever you feel like doing most (yes I'm indecision incarnate I'm sorry.) I am already dying from reading the requests you've filled! AMAZING JOB DEAR 11/10 ✨👏😍

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Words: 1400

Warnings: Dom!Cas smut

Note: Oh sweet heavens I am finally answering your ask my dear cas to my mish! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am still taking a major break from writing, but I just felt like doing a little bit to dust off my writing. And what better way than filling this ask that has been sitting in my inbox for months? haha okay here we go, enjoy my senpai. This is not as Dom/Sub as I could have written it, but it’s a start.

Castiel Preferences: Dom/Sub

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It seemed like just another normal night in the bunker after you and the boys endured an exhausting week long hunt. The two Winchesters were currently in the kitchen, scrambling together something that could pass as a full meal and you were finishing up your turn in the garage, washing the cars.

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Too bad we don't have hair like Namjoon. He and my bestie can just dye their hair so much because it grows so fast. I could never dye my precious curls so I spray on some hair colour and sport a new look every week

haha that’s so cute! my hair texture has definitely changed from dying it non-stop but tbh I like it better now. my hair would be a frizzy ball when I let it dry naturally and now after nearly a decade of constant hair dye it creates these waves so I’m into it 

but ugh I wish! that would be the life. joon’s hair does grow quickly but also because it’s so short it’s constantly new hair so it get less damage :’) the dream 

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hi :) which placements define your sexuality? which make you most likely to be bisexual?

Mars in Gemini. Haha.

But in reality, sexual orientation has no clear or direct correlation to the natal chart because it’s more dependent on biology, psychology, environment, upbringing, etc. than inherent natural energies. It’s a bit like trying to predict someone’s favorite color based on their natal chart; that’s not a personality trait or a fundamental psychological component, it’s a preference, taste, abstract inclination, and so on – these can be suggested by astrology, but not defined.

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Sorry again but wtf that video has just given the whole fandom a concussion. So michael is eggs?? As in mike from fnaf 1? I need a clear up on this cause many heads were hurt today.

I hardly know what’s going on either XD All we can clear up is that Eggs isn’t Afton which fucked up the fandom in the first place. And yes Micheal is Eggs :) I’m pretty sure, not sure if he’s the same Mike Schmidt from FNAF 1. I also think he’s William’s kid but these ideas are all just pretty new; I’m going to hide in the background and watch what everyone else thinks first before deciding! :P


Let the waves be what guides our souls ✌🏾️💦🎥@lieberfilms Ah melt my heart to watch our lil ones connect with Mother Natures playgrounds . The ocean is such a special and welcoming cure all for all . Gotta do what we can to respect it 🙏🏽♻️💦 thank you @lieberfilms for this clip!💙✌🏾️ you’re always stoking out the groms ! Tama has a perma grin for days haha! #hawaii #gromplay (at North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii)

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To whoever sent this message: I’m sorry for the late response omg!!! But this is my record player, it’s a Crosley and it’s p great in my opinion??? I myself honestly prefer to collect records rather than listen to them, most of the time. And I don’t really know a whole lot about record players??? So maybe I’m not the best person to ask, haha, I’m sorry. 😅 But mine has always worked excellently for me. I hope I could maybe help a lil! If anyone has any better advice pls hmu 🌟

Ida Gardisven - Character Design

This is my first ever bard character, haha.
She’s a noble so the symbol in the top right is what I figured the family crest would be.

The world she’s in is a home brew one my friend Cookie made and I figured she would be “German” and the flower of the crest is inspired by their blue cornflower.

This is my first proper drawing done on my iPad Pro 9.7 that I bought just the other day. It’s done pretty well, haha. It has 6hrs recorded work time on this drawing in Procreate and it’s down to 21% with the Pencil at 45%.

haha…ha……….hA HEY everyone :~) if u ain’t seen me in the group chat which lbr u likely have bc i never shut up lol!! but hello it me, ginger, and i’m so excited to write w u tiny hunnies!! this is vesper and she’s my tiniest angel except she’s terrible and not an angel at all but!! i digress. u can read a lil more about her under the cut ( i haven’t found the time to write a proper bio yet but i will soon hopefully ) and i wanna plot w every single one of u so u can chat w me here or on aim @ scvensins or just like this and i will come 2 u. :~)

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 ”It has nothing to do with if I care or not but everything to do with you not listening to my simple instruction. If you want to remain on staff - well - it would be wise to learn the difference. You may go.”

  • name: Esther Daniella Montgomery
  • age: 32 years old (DOB: July, 28th)
  • family: Esther is the only child of Sarah and Daniel Montgomery. Both of her parents have business degrees and thriving companies. There has always been a level of expectation when it came to her career. 
  • job: When she was younger she always wanted to be a fashion designer though when she brought up the goal her parents encouraged her away from the fashion field. They finally met in the middle with a career in fashion magazines. While she’s been a part of many magazines over the years once she finished college Esther began her own production called ‘Queen Magazine’. It’s now one of the best in the U.S which she plans to  keep that way.
  • thoughts on love: Just as photoshoots and layouts must be carefully planned and watched over so must love in Esther’s mind. While she believes love may exist she in no way believes it happens as it does in the movies. At the tender age of 21 she married her now ex-husband so she could be taken seriously in the field. Even that was a business deal.
  • type of drunk: She pulls into herself - if anything alcohol makes her mind run ten miles a minute. 
  • three words: Lonely, Successful, and Committed.
  • drinks/smokes: She doesn’t smoke and will judge anyone that does. As far as drinking is concerned Esther will only give into the bottle if there is no other way to relax.
  • tattoos: She has queen tattooed on her hip but not many know the word is there.
  • piercings: The regular two holes in her lobes even though it’s rare for her to wear earrings.
  • sex-life: Currently very dry which she doesn’t mind completely - she claims less sex just means she can focus that energy on work. 
  • mindset: “Eat or be eaten.” 
  • favorite type of film: She’s a sucker for bio-pics about success stories or any movie featuring fashion as the main interest. She’s watched the Devil Wears Prada at least thirty times. 
  • attitude toward others: While Esther would love for everyone in her life to respect her she doesn’t really like most people.
  • lives: She lives in a very lavish modern penthouse. 
  • hobbies: Reading (both books and magazines), sketching, long bubble bathes, and binging youtube videos. 
  • favorite color: Deep Reds 
  • love vs. lust: If she were forced to choose she would pick lust - at least it’s quick and doesn’t hurt as much as love could. 
  • do they care at all: Esther is very selective with who she allows herself to care for. It’s not that she’s cold or doesn’t feel emotions it’s simply a way to keep herself safe.
  • fears: Failure, bees, and appearing poorly in front of ‘important’ people.
  • theme song: Goddess - Banks 
  • relationship history: She was married to Johnathan for roughly a decade, before him she only went on dates if it could help her career. Esther never gave into her female attraction.
  • turn ons: Success, Honesty, Style, and Drive. 
  • turn offs: Laziness, Ignorance, or Childish Tendencies 
  • sexuality: Bisexual ~ doesn’t give her sexuality much thought ~
  • bad habits: Heel tapping, multiple cups of coffee when feeling too much emotion, and chewing on pen ends.
  • pet peeves: Having to ask twice, chewing sounds, and bad haircuts. 
  • favorite foods: Baked Mac&Cheese, Apple Pie, and Chicken Salad. 
  • favorite drinks: Red Wine and Lemon Water
  • favorite animal: Greyhounds 

j e   s u i s   p r e s t.  i  a m   r e a d y.

c: “jesus h. roosevelt christ!”
j: “no, sassenech, just me.”