no haaarm

🐰 #CrueltyFree - they do NOT test on animals. NO anïmals were haaarmed nor kîlled.

🐇 #LeapingBunny - NON profit organization.
Checks on your fav brand, if they’re testing on animals or not. They actually gives them a visit. Not just some lame application you can fill out. Hence, giving you the license (permission) to use “LeapingBunny + logo” if you’re certified.

🌿 #Vegan - plant based (or not???)
In products and/or diet, means NO animal products (fat/oil/hair/etc). NO animal itself (meat) included. NOT from animals, NOT even in bits!

🍀 #Organic - plant based + NON GMO. NO SYNTHETIC, harmful chemicals included. From nature. Natural. Nature’s gift. Not man made.

💎 #Minerals - abundant in nature. In rock or salt form. (Malamang) mined. NON RENEWABLE.

Toxicity? 💀 SOMETIMES it doesn’t matter where you found it. Whether abundant in nature or synthetically tiny. It doesn’t matter.

Sa dosage at sa pa-ulit-ulit (repetitive) na pag gamit at pag consume.

Now, u can add to the prob or help in solution?

(the banghim on this other rp i saw the other day)
  • Yongguk: Happy Birthday baby~
  • Yongguk: ..........
  • Himchan: Thank yeeeewww
  • Yongguk:
  • Himchan: Cake?
  • Yongguk:
  • Himchan: :-( eyy no cake fo me?
  • Yongguk: himchan
  • Himchan: What about presents? HUH? You mean you forgot everything? What are you tryna-
  • Yongguk: Shut up and listen! I've been having lots of probs lately and I don't have the money to buy anything expensive and what not. Sure cake might be okay but it still involves money. Look, if you want this present i'm gonna give you please listen and stop rambling for once.
  • Himchan: Yeah yeah okay i-
  • Yongguk: /kneels. Will you marry me?