no gross sobbing though

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Can you pppllllleeeeeeaaaassssseeeee write one about Dazai meeting his new born baby for the first time????

Osamu Dazai

  • This moment changed Dazai forever. When he looks at its tiny feet and it’s tiny hands, their cute nose, dopey lopsided smile, and how their eyes resemble much like its mother, it totally dawns on him that he and his beloved other half created that. He begins to feel an enormous sense of warmth envelope his body and an overwhelming feeling of protectiveness for the incredibly small, living human whenever he looks at it.
  • It’s only been less than 3 minutes since Dazai has met his newborn baby and he already loves them more than anything he’s ever known. They are now the love of his life. All he wants to do is hold them, protect them, keep them happy and healthy for as long as he lives. But there’s a soft heartbreak when he realizes that after waiting 9 months for them to arrive, he only has 18 years to learn how to let go of his little angel.
  • When Dazai is handed his newborn to hold for the first time, it is both an exhilarating and terrifying experience. When that warm, little bundle of joy in his arms is looking at him, listening to his voice like he’s the most fascinating thing in the world, he realizes that they are so innocent and so vulnerable, yet so trusting at the same time. A small part of him hopes that they will never have to succumb to the darkness like he once did in the past, but he knows that they should be okay because he’ll be there to guide them and keep them from wandering down a dark path.
  • Also had absolute zero control over his emotions when his son/daughter was being born, and there are quite a few photos that had been taken to prove it. Dazai doesn’t mind looking back on his gross sobbing face, though, because being able to see his child being born is truly a beautiful miracle that he gets to experience once in his lifetime, and he can’t help it if his emotions go through the roof and he’s crying uncontrollably.

Lucian Cruisin is my playlist of classic songs for FFXV. (Like the GotG Awesome Mix only terrible. So. Terrible.) Assembled in storyline order: Insomnia to Insomnia. (Kansas to Kansas.)

If you enjoy pain and gross sobbing I can upload it on 8tracks or something, though that would require learning how. And I can’t do that right now because I need to go lie on the floor and try not to cry. (Cries a lot)


Mel: you want the long story?

Mil: or the short story?


Mil: Eddie burned down the bar.

Mel: its not his fault though!


Mel: well there was a fight and eddie try to seperate it….a guy through alcohol…..eddie started to light on fire.

Mil: and thats how your bar is now gone. He did apologies though.

*junior gross sobbing*


L i f e    i s    h a r d … perhaps happy?

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I'm sorry. I'm slow but I am DEAD. You probably already noticed this BUT. "...I'm afraid I cannot congratulate you on your choice of companion *sad smile*... Actually now I can." HE WAS TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF. HE'S THE "BAD COMPANION" *gross sobbing*

YES ACTUALLY I HAVE NOTICED IT. I can’t believe you MADE me watch this AGAIN with my own two eyes, and then make a pretty and sad photo edit of it. YOU MADE ME DO IT. HOW DARE. 


(seriously, though, this is literally one of the saddest parts of this episode, because Sherlock pauses for about 3 seconds as if he’s pondering what he has said, and then he came to the conclusion that yes, he is an unsavoury companion indeed).

Imagine if when Cecil and Carlos finally get a home together, Cecil surprises him by sweeping the scientist off of his feet and carrying him through the door in a perfect symmetry of Condos, except this time he is carrying him towards their own little bubble of beautiful imperfection.

this gives me so many feels about Alanna and Jon

specifically them being friends but also liege and champion

and I just want like five more books about Alanna being Jon’s Champion and them going on adventures for political reasons

but also I want to see them fighting sea monsters and bonding as king and knight

and I want to see Alanna learning to not just be The Lioness but also Jon’s Lioness and Jon learning to not just be The King but also Alanna’s King

and things still being awkward as they shift from friends and former lovers to being a team and dealing with the expectations for them and their roles at courts and now they have their own spouses and that takes some getting used to and they tease each other all the time but still being such good friends and ugh ohmigod the feeeeeels

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