no grocery store was safe in the real world

10 Pagan Date Ideas

1. Go on a walk through a forest - find each other a rock to keep on your altars. Upgrade: See if there’s a harvest your own gemstone area nearby. 
2. Go to a book store and write little chants or spells on slips of paper and leave them in the books for other people to find. 
3. Go to the grocery store and buy $10 (or whatever amount you decide) of ingredients and then go home and cook a magickal meal together. Try to get items with magickal correspondence that you want to give the other person. Upgrade: find a wild-foresting book and harvest food yourselves and cook a dinner with those ingredients. Be safe, don’t eat poisonous stuff, also don’t over harvest. 
4. When the weather is good, go camping and have a circle under the stars outside. 
5. If you have an animal guide, or a patronus, see if you can find a place to visit that animal in the real world. 
6. See if any local museums have any exhibits on your deities - try to learn about each others pantheons. 
7. Try to see if there’s a candle making class, or go to a craft store and buy candle making supplies. Make each other a candle to burn when you’re together, or when you miss the other person to keep the flame of your love alive. 
8. Have an elemental date for the summer - Go swimming, make smores over an open flame, skip rocks on a pond, write sigils in chalk on the ground, have a water balloon fight or shoot water guns at each other, write sigils into the night sky with a sparkler, blow bubbles or fly kites on the air. 
9. Go to a mall or other crowded place and practice some cledonism. It’s a form of divination where you cover your ears for a moment, whisper your question to the universe and then walk through the crowd. The bits of conversations and random words you hear are your answer. 
10. Attend a local pagan event, or Renaissance Faire, or arts and crafts faire and see if you can find each other a locally made item. 

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any ideas!