no gravity!


So yeah.. about that whole studying for finals thing… I’ve currently fallen into a bottomless pit and can’t seem to stop drawing things from @doodledrawsthings ‘s lovely human Bill au and @videogamelover99 ‘s amazing fics.

Facing Evil 101 by ninjaspartank55 Class is in session! Jack’s the perfect hero to teach the next generation of animated heroes!

cartoons-behind-blogging  asked:

Ford and Dipper would so study Milo and Murphy's Law. Bill would try to use it for his advantage, Stan would have him as a Mystery Shack "special" tour, Mabel would bedazzle Diogee. Melissa,Zack, and Milo would hang out with Wendy,Soos and the twins. But Bill would do anything he can to have Milo as a puppet.

THANK YOU. I was starting to think the Gravity Falls crossover trend was dead. 

I mean, c’mon, like Bill would pass up the chance to take over a kid who’s a walking Weirdmageddon.