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  • Star Wars Fans: We want an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie with Ewan McGregor!!!
  • Disney: What's that? A Han Solo movie without Harrison Ford?
  • Star Wars Fans: What? No, we don't want--
  • Disney: And a guy who looks nothing like Han to play Han?
  • Star Wars Fans: No, just--
  • Disney: How about another, white brunette female lead cause Girl Power™, yeah!
  • Star Wars Fans: Female leads are great and all but what about women of color being the lead--
  • Disney: What if this female lead was Han's real love interest and we totally undermine Leia completely?
  • Star Wars Fans: No, that's not what we want at all. Who are you even listening--
  • Disney: Great! It's already in production with a large budget and a predominately white, male cast, but we added Donald Glover so it's all cool!
  • Star Wars Fans: What
  • Disney: Look how excited everyone is for this Han Solo movie! We just started filming today, yay!!! It's gonna be the film of a generation!
  • Star Wars Fans: *sigh*

Some days I really identify with April MacLean

State of the Meta: League of Lethality

By Helmight

Lethality builds are EVERYWHERE in League of Legends rights now. Jhin and Varus use it as a core part of their build, Miss Fortune has rejoined the meta ADCs thanks to it, and Quinn has resurfaced as a meta pick all because of lethality.

Most people are quick to scream that lethality by itself is OP. Truth is, the stat itself isn’t really that bad. Rather, it’s a combination of a few things that makes lethality seem overpowered.

First, lethality is extremely good against low-armor targets - it effectively becomes a damage multiplier if you have enough. Conversely, lethality is NOT good against anyone who builds even a scrap of armor. This is completely intended by Riot - lethality was intended to be the preferred stat for AD assassins, who’re supposed to be good at assassinating squishies. However, it also means that you can mitigate the effects of lethality just by buying even a bit of armor. A simple Chain Vest early on in a game can stop a snowballing Quinn in her tracks, or give you more time to react to her burst.

However, lethality applies after percent armor penetration, which is part of the problem. A champion with Lord Dominick’s Regards or The Black Cleaver will massively reduce your armor first, then further cut it down with their lethality. This is what allows lethality champions to annihilate tanks as well as carries in the lategame, and is one of the primary reasons that the stat is perceived as OP. The Black Cleaver nerfs on PBE will do wonders to make it less of a carry stat, and hopefully will do a lot to alleviate lethality issues.

Second, Edge of Night is a busted item. It’s not really the lethality that the item gives that makes it OP - it’s really just the fact that it gives you a ten-second spell shield on a 30 second cooldown. The fact that so many champions are building a lethality item is what gave rise to the assumption that lethality is broken, but it’s really just that Edge of Night is quite strong. Its nerfs - coming Soon ™ - will hopefully reduce its ubiquity and therefore combat the assumption that lethality is the thing that’s broken.

Finally, lethality is perceived as broken because people simply don’t like playing high-armor champions. Top and jungle are full of skirmishers and divers that don’t build any defenses, which leads to games entirely populated by squishies. When a lethality user can kill anyone on the team, it’s natural to assume that the stat is broken - when in reality, a single Malphite could completely shut them down. Playing tanks can massively help mitigate the effectiveness of lethality users, and it’s your best bet for success if you end up in a game against a Quinn top.

Long story short - lethality isn’t broken. A combination of factors have given rise to the popular opinion that it is, but the stat itself is in a fine spot. Give it a bit for Riot to nerf the outliers, and we’ll be back on track in no time.

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I don't know how many people who check this blog would be interested in a Yo-Kai Watch fic, but mine does just so happen to feature an autistic main character (who also happens to be half-Japanese and a chubby character whose chubbiness isn't used as a joke). It hasn't particularly come up too much yet, but I'm only two "episodes" in. Writing's a long process for me...Though, so far it's been implied, she's hyper-empathetic, has difficulty socializing (as does her main Yo-Kai), and hyperfocuses.

(Couldn’t fit it into the last one, but the title is “Yo-Kai Watch: Invisible” and the author’s listed as “the13throse” which, yes, is me. It’s on Quotev only as of right now, but I’ve been thinking about making it more available on more sites…)


Meet Shannon Coulter, the woman leading the #GrabYourWallet movement and getting under Trump’s skin

  • By day, Shannon Coulter is a 45-year-old woman at the helm of her own marketing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
  • By night, she is at the helm of one of the most powerful and impactful campaigns against President Trump the internet has seen thus far.
  • Coulter is the leader of the #GrabYourWallet movement, which calls on American citizens to not only boycott the Trump brand but brands and companies that partner with them and companies that have high-ranking employees that donated to Trump’s presidential campaign as well.
  • To put it lightly, Coulter has had a very good past few weeks. Read more