no goodnight kisses

s/o falling asleep on the boys?

a pure request…

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • It was late, but you couldn’t sleep
  • So you decided to search for Shinguuji
  • He was doing research, but he didn’t mind when you sat down next to him and peered over his shoulder at the book he was reading
  • After patting your head, he began reading aloud to you
  • It wasn’t a fairy tale, or any kind of bedtime story, but…
  • You still ended up nodding off on his shoulder
  • He carried you back to your room after he finished reading
  • Gave you a goodnight kiss before tucking you in and leaving

Rantarou Amami

  • He wants to go out and watch a movie with you? Sure!
  • For the first half you were fine, as the two of you cuddled up as best as you could and snacked on some popcorn
  • But during the second half, you started getting sleepy…
  • It was a bit late, after all… and you have a bad habit of falling asleep during movies
  • Plus, this particular movie wasn’t really loud
  • So, you kind of… ended up leaning on Amami and falling asleep
  • He thought it was the most adorable thing he’d ever seen
  • Yes, even with you drooling on his shoulder
  • He waits until the movie’s over and takes your picture
  • Then he wakes you up by giving you a bunch of kisses all over your face
  • Like the dork that he is

Kokichi Ouma

  • You had just spent the day at a carnival with him, and you were completely exhausted
  • Not only did he drag you onto almost all of the rides, but he also had you participate in a bunch of booth games, and he would always run from booth to booth, and -
  • Yeah, it was a busy day
  • And he was still going
  • Just chattering away while the two of you took the train home
  • You, on the other hand, just wanted to rest…
  • You pressed your cheek to his shoulder, thinking you could rest for just a moment, and then…
  • You were out
  • He probably pouts for a bit since you fell asleep instead of listening to him, but you can’t see him pouting, so he gives up
  • Gives you a piggyback ride on the way home and manages to not drop you

Shuuichi Saihara

  • This boy… is way too preoccupied with whatever research he was doing
  • He’s involved in a huge case right now, so he’s doing his best to help
  • You normally don’t complain, especially since he’s just doing what he does best, but… you miss spending time with your boyfriend
  • Alright, you’ve had enough
  • “Hey!”
  • He looks up at you and you immediately plop yourself down in his lap
  • “Wha-”
  • He starts blushing as you cling to him and nuzzle into his neck
  • “You can still do your work while i’m here, right?”
  • “I-I guess so…”
  • You spend a lazy afternoon cuddled up to him and eventually fall asleep on top of him
  • There’s no way he’s getting any work done like this

Kaito Momota

  • He took you stargazing, of course
  • What did you expect from him? He’s gotta live up to the title “Kaito Momota, famous even in space”, after all!
  • You spent a long time pointing out the different constellations and talking about space
  • But eventually, you two just enjoyed the silence as you stared up at the night’s sky together
  • And, with your head in his lap, you eventually nod off…
  • Instead of waking you up, he just spends the rest of the night there with you
  • Because he fell asleep, too


  • “Hey, this is something a couple does, right? C’mon, let’s just try it!”
  • You don’t have the heart to tell him that he’s too, erm, “hard” to fall asleep on
  • You try falling asleep with your head resting on his shoulder
  • “How is it? Are you asleep yet?!”
  • No. How are you supposed to sleep if he’s yelling in your ear
  • Eventually you just grab a pillow and put it on his lap
  • He gets really flustered really quickly
  • But you actually manage to fall asleep like that, so he’s even more happy!!
  • See, he can do couple stuff just as normally as the next guy!!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • The two of you had gone out for a picnic!
  • It was really fun, and Gonta was really pleased that you enjoyed the food he made for you!
  • You spent the afternoon watching Gonta gather bugs
  • And listening to him talk about bugs
  • Eventually, the heat put you to sleep, and he abandoned the bugs in favor of watching you
  • Then, he gets the idea to carry you home!
  • Just as a gentleman would do!!
  • He cradles you in his arms for a while… even after you’re home
  • He just loves holding you so much
  • Has a hard time putting you down, so he just sits with you until you wake up
  • Next time, can he carry you to the park as well?

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He just wanted to sleep normally, is all
  • But you’ve rolled over on top of him in your sleep
  • This bed is so big why are you doing this
  • He can’t breathe
  • Okay, you’ve moved your elbow away from his stomach, so he’s okay now
  • Or at least not suffocating
  • Well, he’ll just have to deal with it for tonight
  • And, unbekownst to him… every night you sleep together
  • Rip Hoshi

I can’t stop thinking about high school!au genji76 like

Genji is the stereotypical promiscuous cheerleader who gets drunk at a party and hits on the Football Captain and Jack doesn’t do anything but help Genji get home safely and like. Maaaayyybe kiss him goodnight. The next day a hungover genji gets a text from Jack telling him to drink water and an ill used smiley emoji. The next week Jack properly asks Genji out and Genji is like “??????? OK?????”

Genji wearing Jack’s varsity jacket, holding hands with him down the hall. Making out in Jack’s hick pick up truck. Genji flirting and making Jack blush. Jack punching someone square in the mouth who calls Genji a slut. Snuggled up and watching anime, which Jack knows about because he’s a closet fuckin NERD. Jack being respectful to Genjis parents, and Hanzo’s glaring protectively in the corner.

Otp Questions

1. Who is the parent that loves to spoil their kid?
2. Who is more protective?
3. Who likes to decorate their house?
4. Who is the one that wakes up first?
5. Who stays up late and regrets it in the morning?
6. Who likes to cuddle during storms?
7. How do they celebrate when one gets a promotion?
8. How do they pick out their child(s) name?
9. Who loves to hold the other in their arms more?
10. Who gives the other a goodnight kiss?

I will not kiss you
goodnight but that does not mean
I will not miss you.
—  Lukas W. // I will miss you

Once upon a time, my dear friend Palak @stylishmuser had a dream. She told me that dream and then, within the same day, this video happened. I’m here to put that dream into words. Please enjoy.

Also, @stylesunchained…I dared. I’m sorry.


Harry was waiting patiently for someone on the other end of the phone to answer his call. He had called exactly when he always did; 6:30 on the dot in London, which was half an hour before his daughter went to bed. The nightly ritual had been the same for the past two weeks; he would call before bedtime, talk to his little girl as soon as she had her pajamas on, say goodnight before you tucked her in, and then call back after she was asleep and talk to you until his eyes started to droop. It wasn’t ideal - he would have much rather been home with the two of you - but it was better than nothing.

The familiar and sweet sound of your voice finally echoed in his ears and he saw your face pop up on the tiny screen.

“Hey you,” you smiled, “How are you?”

“Tired,” he replied, rubbing at his eyes a bit to keep them focused, “Lots of meetings and interviews today. Is she still up?”

“Of course. I’ve just had her run and brush her teeth; she should be out soon, she knows what time it is.”

Another few minutes went by as you and Harry talked about what had been going on, but you knew Harry was getting antsy to talk to someone else. As much as he loved conversations with you, he only had a limited time with his daughter before she fell asleep.

“(Y/D/N)!” you called, turning your head, “Daddy’s on the phone and he’s waiting for you!”

It was only a few seconds before the thumping of tiny feet could be heard running down the hallway. A moment later, Harry saw the wild hair of his three-year-old appear in frame and he chuckled.

“Hi, monkey,” he said, waving.

“Hi daddy!”

“I miss you. How are you?”

“I’m good. I went to Nana’s today and Auntie Gem was there!”

Harry grinned. “Was she? That sounds like fun. Did she let you play salon with her hair again?”

His daughter nodded, excitedly. That was one thing Harry was so thankful for; a sister who didn’t care if her niece wanted to poke, prod, braid or twist her hair within an inch of its life. Gemma was always game for a little ‘toddler spa day’.

“Daddy, guess how many more days!!”

“Hmm,” Harry thought, “I don’t know. Tell me.”

She held up both hands, folding two fingers down.

“Only this many! An’ then you’ll be home, daddy!”

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Love her❤

Gently kiss her on the forehead while she falls asleep in your arms. Hold her hand and rub your finger against hers. Run your fingers through her hair with your other hand to calm her. Pull her closer to you to keep her nice and warm. Then break the silence to tell her you love her.