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Hosoya Yoshimasa is taking a break from seiyuu related work (2017.04.24)

Due to poor throat conditions, Hosoyan has been recommended by the doctors to take a break from seiyuu related work. He plans on returning before the end of this year. 

Ono Kensho: “I’m looking forward to the return of a well rested, stronger than ever Hosoya san”  

Sugita Tomokazu: “prayer” (*referring to Hosoyan’s character song in Prince of Tennis*)

omg hosoyan noooooo you’ve worked way too hard ;—–; please take a good long break… we’ll support you always. come back soon!!! (。•ㅅ•。)♡

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i recently came out to my friends with a pun (i know a horse named ace so i sent a pic and said 'hes Ace and so am i') and so at 2 am last night i woke up to a phone full of ace puns from my best friend for me because 'you love puns and i love u' which was awesome idk i wanted to share this

That’s so pure and good omg. My coming out actually went really similar to that, it’s truly an amazing thing to be accepted so easily:) 


Green Moray Eel

A “true” eel (unlike the wolf eel) the moray eel lacks pectoral fins. They are found in the Western Atlantic from New jersey to Bermuda. They are “sedentary predators” meaning that instead of actively hunting for food, they wait for something to swim or crawl by their den at night.

Green moray eels are not actually green. Their scaleless skin is actually brown, and the green color comes from the yellowish mucus covering their bodies. Plus having a drab, brown background enhances the mucus color to make it more green in appearance.

Due to their large size and sharp, strong teeth; a bite from a green moray eel can be quite dangerous, however they typically will not strike unless provoked.

Female morays will deposit eggs then let out a sent to attract a male who will then come and fertilize the eggs. The young instinctively know how to care for themselves at birth.

Altogether there are actually over 200 species of moray eel found around the world, the green moray is in good company:

A moray eel’s color can be quite striking and will vary based on species and location. These animals rely on camouflage so their prey can not see them.

Moray eels have few predators, but have been observed being eaten by sharks. Human will also occasionally consume them, but moray eels are considered high risk for a food borne illness called Ciguatera. 

Morays also typically do not have great eyesight and will rely on their excellent sense of smell instead.

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I'm glad I decided to follow your blog because your answers are gold, I don't think I've ever been THIS involved in a fanfic. What I appreciate the most is how you reply to the people who romanticize the relationship going on in most of your AU in connection with real life. It's just really nice to see how realistically you see the things you write, not everyone can do that. And when people say it made them think about themselves? That's amazing.

My fic is definitely not a guideline to follow and while Yuuri and Viktor do work everything out in the end it’s after a lot of unnecessary pain and everything could have been so much easier and healthier for them if they’d approached things a bit differently. If anything I’d want people to take away from my fic the importance of good communication, trying to look at your actions from an outside perspective because you might come off very different than you intend and how damaging endlessly pining after someone who doesn’t want you back can be (which will definitely be explored more in obs&bh)


Winter is back! No kidding, we had a few inches of snow around here this week and higher in the Alps even more. Laziness paid itself off again: I’m still driving on the winter rubber! Soooo a bit of skiing would come just… naturally. Here, some snowy slopes and sunny tracks with no further comments because nature is quiet in winter.
Oh well but I should still mention a special Swiss beer - the Rechaud better called “fondue beer”. My neighbours from Bier Factory in Rapperswil meant it I guess to be enjoyed hot with cheese fondue. I had it cold instead, although with some cheese on the side and it’s white pepper aroma was quite special, challenging in a good way.

I did it, i bought a new tablet for draw :’). Infortunaly will come next 3 days XP. And i kost so damn much XP. I hope it would work more than another product 😑. Anyway! Because i’m a good moon now i will take again some request, i will draw just 3 because i want draw some another from my second blog >w> 😜
Btw it would be in traditional art 🤗

Tour Shenanigans - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Can you please do a imagine where y/n and Justin are both famous, and y/n is on tour but Justin comes and visits her, and there backstage just playing around ? And btw I love your imagines 💕

Warnings: none

A/N: it’s probably crappy but, I tried my best. we’re almost to 1K YAY!!!


“Thank you all so much for coming out to this show. It means the absolute world to me. I’m {Y/N} {Y/L/N} and goodnight Miami!” I was about to pass out from all the singing, dancing and talking I did for one night. Thank goodness for coffee and energy drinks. I walked off the stage to go backstage to my room.

“Amazing job tonight!”

“You were great!”

I thanked every along the way, hugging a few here and there. You just gotta love the team. I reached my room and my manager was standing right in front of it.

“Oh, I thought you were in your room already {Y/N}.” he said, slightly embarrassed. “Anyways, you did an awesome job tonight. Hopefully the rest of the crowds are as loud as Miami.”

“If it was not for the energy, I would have passed out!” I replied, still recovering from being on stage. I think the energy supplements were starting to kick into overdrive. “Well, if you need me, I’ll be in my room for the next ten hours.” 

My manager nodded his head, giving me my space. I went into my room and as soon as I stepped foot in it, I shut the door. I didn’t need anyone else bothering me. I just wanted to be alone. The door supported my weight whilst I slid down it, running my hands through my messy hair. Gosh, I was going to need at least two showers. After rested for a few minutes, I got up from the ground and threw myself on the love seat in the corner of the room.

I rested my head on the pillow and stared up at the ceiling, until I eventually fell asleep.

I was awoken by some type of liquid being thrown or tossed at me. I just woke up so I had no clue who threw it and how it got on me. I groaned aloud and turned my body, facing another way on the couch. I heard laughing but, I thought nothing of it.

She’s going to be pissed when she wakes up,” I heard a voice say. 

“Get out now, please.” I said in an annoyed tone. 

After the exchange of words with whoever else was in the room, was when I officially had enough. Whoever it was threw liquid at me again and this time, it got in my face. I quickly sat up and looked over at the door because that’s where I heard the voices coming from. Whoever the person was, was as shocked and confused as I was. 

“Justin?” I questioned. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t seeing things and to my suspicions, it was him! “What the hell is your problem? You see me sleeping here and you’re going to—are you recording this?”

“Actually, no.” he corrected me. “It’s not like this is being broad casted to hundreds of thousands of fans right now.”

“Justin!” I yelled at him. I got up from the couch and I tripped over something that was on the floor. He left a water gun on the ground, I presumed for me. Oh, two can definitely play at that game Bieber. I exited the room and it seemed like the rest of the team was in on this too.

“Justin got you guys too?” I asked. Everyone nodded their head yes. This meant war. 

No room in the arena was left untouched. We found Justin a few times and actually got it, but he was as sly as a fox. I decided to start broad casting as well because I thought it would add more fun to the game. Most of the team was just chilling around, waiting for something interesting to happen but, I wasn’t going to let my guard down, not yet. I continued walking around, even going into the actual arena to see if he was there. Knowing him, he was probably hiding behind one of the seats in the audience which was already cleared out by now.

“Look Justin,” I called out into the empty room, “If you’re out there, just know that I call a truce. You win!” I wasn’t being serious about giving up yet. I thought that if I called a truce maybe he would come out of hiding and actually believe me.

“Giving up so soon?” I heard his voice question behind me. It startled me because I wasn’t expecting him behind me. I turned around to face him and smiled at him.

“Yeah, I give up Justin.” I replied. “Believe me if you want but, I’m really tired. I’ve had a long day.” I dropped my water gun to show Justin that I was “giving up” but, in reality I wasn’t. He sent me an amused look since he wasn’t expecting me to give up so fast. I was never one to give up but, I was glad he didn’t catch on to where I was getting. 

I always had tricks up my sleeve so, Justin wasn’t getting let off the hook so fast. I went over to shake his hand on me calling the truth. I took his hand into mine and shook it and I took the water balloon from out my back pocket and threw it at him. 

He stood there in shock, not knowing what to do. “{Y/N}! What is your problem? You got my phone wet!”

“That’ll teach you not to mess with me Bieber. If you’ll excuse me, I have some shut eye to get back to.”

Bad Day

Summary: Ian has a bad day work and Mickey helps him feel better.

Word Count: 724

Notes: thought I’d be staying up all night to write this request and I was totally fine w that, but I wrote it so quick, I love domestic gallavich omg

It was a little past five o’clock and Ian still hadn’t arrived home. He was taking his good old time and sulking in every upsetting thought that he could— which is a product of the new guy at work. It was just a really bad day, and though he didn’t want to think about it, it was racking his mind.

As the redhead arrived to the front door of his and his husband’s apartment, he realized that Mickey was probably worried shitless. He hadn’t answered his text messages since lunch, and he was a little late to come home— both of those things are far from the norm.

After unlocking the door and coming into the house, he just stormed into the bedroom. He knew he should probably go talk to Mickey about his day, but he didn’t have the energy for that right now.

Mickey was left in confusion and even more worry. “Oh, what the fuck?” He spoke to himself. This type of behavior was not usual for his husband, so he knew that something terrible must have happened.

The dark haired man quickly stood up and made his way into the bedroom. To his demise, all of the lights were shut off. He went to go turn on the lamp that was next to his side of the bed, and found Ian wrapped in a cocoon of all of the covers. “Ian,” Mickey said and started to move the blankets, but after giving a little peak, the redhead pulled them right back up over his head.

“Fuck off,” Ian said sharply, his husband heard the unsteadiness though. As usual, the redhead was just being stubborn, but Mickey wasn’t going to quit.

Mickey sat on the bed. “Will you get out from under there?” He spoke softly. When there was no response, he sighed. “Please?” Slowly, Ian let his eye out from under the covers.

“Go away,” Ian said with his eyes still peaked out. He knew this was immature, but it didn’t matter because he want to sleep and get away from everything.

Mickey snorted. “That’s funny, but fuck no,” he said in the most obvious tone. “Are you really not gonna get out from under there?”

Ian moaned and covered himself back up. What he was not expecting, was for Mickey to crawl under the covers with him. “The fuck?” Ian said harshly, but Mickey didn’t seem to care.

“If your bitch ass isn’t gettin’ out, I’m coming in,” he replied. Mickey then proceeded to wrap his arms around his husband’s waist, pulling him in super close. As he lingered his fingers up and down Ian’s back, Mickey slowly felt the tension leave his husband’s body.

Ian nuzzled his head into the other man’s neck. He didn’t realize it at first, but this is what he really needed. Being in his husband’s arms always made everything better.

Mickey kissed the top of Ian’s head. “You gonna talk to me about whatever shit is bothering you?” He moved his hands up from Ian’s back to his head, soothing running his hands through his hair.

“New guy at work today pissed me off,” Ian said into Mickey’s chest.

“What’d he do?” Though Mickey’s voice was soft, Ian heard the anger— he would kill anyone that hurt Ian.

The distressed man sighed. “First it was just shit about me being bipolar, usual stuff y’know? Then he found out I was gay. Said something like, ‘Oh, you’re a fag too? How could anyone deal with a crazy faggot?’” Ian said in an enraged mocking tone.

The redhead felt Mickey tense up. “I’ll fucking kill him,” he said with an undeniable seriousness.  

“Don’t,” Ian shrugged. “Sue wasn’t there today. She’ll fire his ass tomorrow, and then maybe I’ll let you beat the shit out of him. You aren’t kill him though.” He tilted his head up and kissed Mickey’s cheek. “Need you too much. I can’t have you going to the slammer.”

Mickey nodded, he understood. “What a dick,” he said. “Sorry your day was a shitshow.”

Ian nodded. “Thanks for being here for me,” he lightly chuckled. He was beyond thankful to be blessed with such a perfect husband.

“Always,” Mickey smiled. They laid there awhile longer just holding each other. There was no denying that they needed each other, and that was okay.

I hate rebels, I hate traitors, I hate tyranny come from where it will. I have seen much of the world, and I have learnt from experience to hate and detest republics. There is nothing but tyranny & oppression, I have never known a good act done by a Republican, it is contrary to his character under the mask of Liberty. He is a tyrant, a many headed monster that devours your happiness and property. Nothing is free from this monster’s grasp. A republic has no affection for its subjects. A King may be ill advised and act wrong, a Republic never acts right, for a knot of villains support each other, and together they do what no single person dare attempt.
—  Lord Horatio Nelson

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orion always made me super uncomf? i didn't know abt the whole dice cheating & stuff so good to know that feeling wasn't coming from nowhere.

yeah same. he was a little annoying in the underdark but i still enjoyed tibs up until the kvarn fight, and from then on he was really hard for me to enjoy.


“Okay… dad. If I can call you that.” Rain started, looking up towards Sean. 
“You’re aware you’re the reason mom’s been crying almost every night, right? And I’ve heard Aidan talking about you on the phone to his friends, he’s been really upset with you. And Aaron’s been trying really hard to be a good brother to me and not let me see how badly he’s been hurting, but I could tell. I know I don’t have any reason to feel upset, since this is the first time I’m seeing you. And I don’t hate you, or anything. But I think that, maybe, just maybe, you owe them an apology? Because they haven’t been doing so good without you. That’s just my thoughts, though. You don’t have to listen to me if you don’t want to.”

“Rain, that’s surprisingly mature? Where’s this coming from?”
Aaron asked, surprised by the eight year old’s speech.

“I’m young, and I forget things a lot, but I’m not stupid. I hope you didn’t think I was, at least.”

so normally I love babies ever after for my ocs and their LIs

but I don’t see that happening for Vetra anytime in the near future, at least in my playthrough with my Ryder

the more I talk to her, and learn about her life pre-Andromeda, it tells a lot about a kid who grew up too quick under hard conditions, who sunk all of her care into her little sister when neither of her parents could step up to the plate

and honestly, that tends to leaving you feeling worn the fuck out when it comes to kids, and having them of your own. when that’s what your formative years are spent doing, you just want a break from all that. proud as shit as to what your little siblings became, love ‘em to pieces, still protective to your core of them…but kinda done with babies and kids and all that for a good, long while.


Is the freeing of the one’s intentions from all impurities in order to come nearer to Allah. It is to ensure that the intentions behind all acts of worship and obedience to Allah are exclusively for His pleasure. It is the perpetual contemplation of the Creator, to the extent that one forgets the creation.

Sincerity is a condition for Allah’s acceptance of good deeds performed in accordance with the sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him. Allah has commanded this in the Quraan:

“And they have been commanded to worship Allah, being sincere towards Him in their deen and true.” 98:5

The purification of the soul, Ibn al Qayyim

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hello!!! your blog is amazing!!! fluff headcanons for the paladins + allura for when they come back from a mission to see their s/o seemingly sleeping in their room, but it turns out they were crying bc they were so worried about them? like the couldn't even watch the fight they were so scared?? like maybe their s/o isn't necessarily good at fighting but they're good at tech or something, which explains why they're not fighting??? im sorry if thats a lot,,,, thank you sm!~


  • He feels super guilty that he made his s/o worry, but the universe needs him. He does stay with his s/o for the rest of the night and until they wake up if he ends up waking up before them the next morning.


  • He cuddles up next to them. He doesn’t really care whether he wakes them up or not, he’s just happy to be with them again. He does feel bad he made his s/o worry, though.


  • He doesn’t want to wake his s/o up, and he stays with them the entire night. The next morning he apologizes to his s/o and tries to reassure them that he’ll always come back for them.


  • He wakes them up so they know that he’s perfectly fine, and apologizes for making them worry. He spends the rest of the night cuddling with them and assuring them he’s fine.


  • They won’t wake up their s/o and leave a little note to their s/o apologizing and letting them know they’re safe. The next morning they meet up with their s/o to apologize in person.


  • She joins them in bed and sleeps with them for the night. She waits until they wake up the next morning to greet them and tell them about the mission, as well as to apologize for making them worry.

- Admin A

All Jacked Up! (A recommendation post)

Sundays can be pretty poo, they’re the final day before back to work after all. But when not just one of your favourite authors updates, but THREE, you know it’s gonna be a good Sunday. So, without further-ado, enjoy getting your Jack/Joker filling (oo-er) from these three beauts! 

<Love and Warfare> Probably one of the most famous writers within the fandom, respected, loved and admired by many and her work speaks for itself in deserving such high praise. @mabelmadnessss bring us a war time special with this Jack & Harleen story of planes, innocent love, crates of goodies and all round good feelings. A piece suitable for work (currently)

<Dancing on the Edge> It’s always great to come across new authors and @cvioleta has been bouncing around in my head for a week now with this extraordinarily unique and wonderfully clever story about a somewhat different AU. Written with sass, humour and plenty of flirting it’ll grab you by the eyeballs from start to finish. (Gonna say NSFW due to content midway through)

<Tearing Into Your Soul> If you haven’t heard or read one of @endorathewitchwriter stories yet you’re missing out on so much in life. Not just a remarkably talented person, but an author who is writing around 10 stories at once and updates them frequently! (I struggle with one, that’s so bad *hangs head*) This brilliant story takes on the aspect of the Joker (aka Jack) being blood brothers with Bruce and with a sprinkle of Doctor Harleen Quinzel, some of the hottest sex scenes in the business and a dash of murder, it’s proving to be one of the most engrossing, nail biting stories in the fandom. Absolutely must be read if you’re a fan of Bats/Harley/Joker, but VERY much in the NSFW category (unless you’re super pro at reading sex without blushing, if so, please provide tips).

Although this is a dedicated Sunday updates post, I felt it necessary to bring attention to some of my other favourite stories that have been stuck swimming around my brain for the last month as they are truly that good. 

<The Wild Enthusiasm of a Belligerent> by @donnajosee​ Brings us a superb ‘20s mob themed piece with her usual element of hilarious author’s notes whilst producing some of the most popular stories in the fandom, definitely one to check out! NSFW! 

<Impossible Love: A Novel> This one nearly slipped under my radar as the wonderful @chickadee333 posted this beaut all at once and I’d missed the post, but I am so glad I did a step back as this is truly one of the best I have ever read. A very unique background for the Joker thought out perfectly from the start to the end, a heart clenching story with a subtle mix of nicely written erotic scenes that don’t sound like a typical “yay sex” piece. This will take a few reads given the length but oh boy it is SO worth it all. Again, NSFW piece due to the content but oh my, you’ll be glad you weren’t at your desk for this one. 

If you have anymore recommendations for me, please throw them my way! I generally try to read all stories posted on the AO3 website and those that really stick out I’ll happily tell the world about so please do point me in the right direction! 

Finally, a quick shout out to @juney-chan for the art pieces that have been appearing on my feed lately, keep up the amazing work - every update is showing progress I can only dream of! 

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HCs for the tfa autobots with a cybertronian s/o whose alt-mode is a big dog (like a maximal).


Optimus Prime

- Gosh, you’re uh… Really tall. I mean, he loves that about you, but wow.

- You probably tower over him and everyone in his team, really.

- He’s probably the best person to be around. He’s like the person who claims to not be good with animals but somehow attract every dog and cat in the area.

- This is, of course, especially true when it comes to ‘bots with animal alt modes.

- You managed to attract him too, though; now Bumblebee calls him a furry. Whatever that is.

- Whenever he’s stressed, you always know without a second thought to it. You’ll pick him up and walk off with him whenever he paces; only to practically pin him down for some good ol’ cuddling.

- He gives the best petting ever. He scratches you behind the ear while you’re in alt mode and you melt into a dog puddle.


- Wants to ride on the back of your alt mode everywhere.

- “No, really, just imagine it. I’m riding on your back into battle, you tackle down a decepticreep, and I slag em’. It’ll be so cool–! Hey, are you listening?”

- He’s the best to cuddle with when you decide you want to go full doggo on him. You’re big and warm and he’s a clingy smol. It’s like a match made in heaven.

- Your alt mode is so cool to him, though! He’d not really met many bots with animal/insect based alt modes before they arrived on Earth, but afterwards? Oh boy. He’s just glad you’re one who hasn’t tried to kill him.

- Cuddles up to you while playing video games. Claims it gives him extra luck. 


- Doesn’t really think of you different. You’re a nice bot, what does your alt mode make any difference? 

- Loves how tall you are! You’re around his size or taller, and it makes it easier for him to hug you(and be affectionate with you). Forehead bomps are easier; this way he doesn’t have to bend down.

- Pets you while you’re chilling out in your alt mode. He’s got clumsy ham hands, but you still love em’. Yes, good. Pet me.

- He tries painting you in your alt mode multiple times. He’s never really satisfied with them, but you love them all.

- “The colors aren’t right, though! Just look!” “Bulkhead, I’m colorblind. They’re fine to me.”


- Thinks you’re beyond graceful. Look at his s/o, as they propel themselves forward with their hind legs to attack an unsuspecting decepticon. Aren’t they lovely? 

- Will never admit it, but likes that you’re taller than him. When you pick him up to boop helms with him, his mood always increases– though it isn’t always visible.

- When you’re going Doggo™ on him, he usually just ends up letting you do your own thing. Want to be pet? Sure, come here. Wanna wrestle? Maybe not, but he’ll still let you do whatever. Boop? Boop. 

- If you ever become more primal as you’re in your alt mode, he’s definitely there to calm you down. His voice is relaxing; he’s like another Optimus but he knows he’s an animal person. 


- Help this poor old man.

- He loves you to death, he really does, but he doesn’t have as much energy as you do. You’re in your alt mode and decide you want to wrestle? “Darling, I really hope you’re joking with me.”

- He really does adore you, though. You pick him up and he has no objections; unless he’s working. Then he complains your audials off.

- You’re good for balancing him out. All you have to do to get him to stop overworking himself is fall asleep on him; then he can’t do shit. It’s illegal to wake up the doggo. You’re stuck here now.