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Laura was prepared for every question he might ask and is fully prepared to dominate this conversation the way she’s familiar with dominating every conversation with him. She expects her puppy to come to heel. And Emily [Browning]’s performance in the scene is very sly and very sharp in that she is slowly and patiently dismissing his concerns about her death and her infidelity so that she can just start again.

Michael Green for Entertainment Weekly on American Gods episode, “Lemon Scented You.”


This is what I mean. My feelings of discomfort for that scene doesn’t just come from me hating Laura for being a flawed woman (because I still see you guys throwing those accusations around). My assumptions about Laura’s motivations and intentions when she showed up at Shadow’s hotel room were correct - she just wants to move on without ever having to answer for the things she’s done.

She’s an awful person, so I’m really curious to know why some people are going so hard on those who don’t like Laura. I’m really confused as to why this is even a thing.

More Than My Sins

7 deadly sins…
Where do I begin?
I have known them all.
I know we’ll meet again.

That merely makes me
Human; don’t forsake me.
They try to do me in
But they’ll never break me.

I’m not in my grave
Nor out-and-out depraved;
I falter, I fall…
But I can still be saved.

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Draw Dude Mountain (with Hamilton characters)

W ha  t

I have the best husband ever.
Nearly blacked out during our baby (his) cousins baptism, he walked me outside to the truck and got me water so I could sit down and come down (before his grandma came out to check on me of course).
I broke a wisdom, he hugged me tightly and told me it’s okay and it’s a side effect from the illness.
I’ve decided that I want to lay in one of his Tshirts and watch Grey’s Anatomy in bed. He said I can fall asleep watching it and he’ll wake me when he goes to bed (my anxiety doesn’t allow me to sleep in silence and I play something on Netflix on my laptop during the night).

He really is the greatest thing ever. Honestly I’m so lucky. I hope everyone of you get to experience a love like this in your life.