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Hate it or Love it: 50 quotes from MLK that white people can use besides ‘hate cannot drive out hate’

Every year around Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone likes to drop an inspirational quote from Dr. King. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a multifaceted philosopher and an amazing orator with a plethora of accessible speeches, sermons and books; yet, somewhere along the way it seems as if a rule was created, restricting white people to one quote in particular:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

I don’t know the reason behind the restriction; perhaps because this is one of the better quotes to try to push the “I don’t see color; we’re one race – the human race” agenda. Or perhaps the darkness and the light can be used to represent black and white and thus play into the white savior movement. Whatever the reason may be! is here today to give you 50 quotes from Dr. King that I encourage you to keep in mind for your future references:

1. “No movement of essentially revolutionary quality can be neat and tidy.”

2. “The only answer that one can give to those who would question the readiness of the Negro for integration is that the standards of the Negro lag behind at times not because of an inherent inferiority, but because of the fact that segregation and discrimination do exist.” 

3. “There is no more torturous logic than to use the tragic effects of segregation as an argument for its continuation.”

4. “It is one of the ironies of history that in a nation founded on the principle that all men are created equal, we’re still arguing over whether the color of a man’s skin determines the content of his character.”

5. “There comes a time, my friends, when people get tired of being plunged across the abyss of humiliation, where they experience the bleakness of nagging despair. There comes a time when people get tired of being pushed out of the glittering sunlight of life’s July and left standing amid the piercing chill of an alpine November.”

6. “There are some things that we’ve got to learn to sacrifice for. And we’ve got to come to the point that we are determined not to accept a lot of things that we have been accepting in the past.” 

7. “We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality…”

8. “We must see now that the evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together… you can’t really get rid of one without getting rid of the others… the whole structure of American life must be changed. America is a hypocritical nation and [we] must put [our] own house in order.”

9. “What good is having the right to sit at a lunch counter if you can’t afford to buy a hamburger?” 

10. “Increasingly, by choice or by accident, this is the role our nation has taken, the role of those who make peaceful revolution impossible by refusing to give up the privileges and the pleasures that come from the immense profits of overseas investments.”

11. “If we will but make the right choice, we will be able to speed up the day, all over America and all over the world, when justice will roll down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

12. “That the poor white has been put into this position, where through blindness and prejudice, he is forced to support his oppressors. And the only thing he has going for him is the false feeling that he’s superior because his skin is white—and can’t hardly eat and make his ends meet week in and week out.” 

13. “Through our scientific and technological developments we have lifted our heads to the skies, and yet our feet are still firmly planted in the muck of barbarism and racial hatred. Indeed this is America’s chief moral dilemma.”

14. “To keep a group of people confined to nasty slums and dirty hovels is not a State Right, but a State Wrong.”

15. “It may be true that morals cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated.”

16. “It may be true that laws and federal action cannot change bad internal attitudes, but they can control the external effects of those internal attitudes.”

17. “The law may not be able to make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me.”

18. “Even this nation came into being with a massive act of law breaking; for what implied more civil disobedience than the Boston tea party…there’s nothing new about law breaking.”

19. “God has brought us here for this hour to tell us to save America because our white brothers is carrying it more and more to destruction and damnation.”

20. “We’re called to do it so that means we can’t stop. This should make us more determined than ever before.”

21. “Now they always tell us to cool off and I know that when you get people cooling off too much they will end up in a deep freeze. They tell us to slow up and some of them even say that the Negros in Albany out to go home and be quiet because there’s a political campaign going on and you may help elect some particular candidate that shouldn’t be in office. Well I don’t know if you have an answer for them and I don‘t know if I have an absolute answer but I want to say to those who are telling us to stop merely because a political campaign is going on that this is a moral issue for us. We’re moving on towards freedom’s land. We cannot stop our legitimate aspirations for freedom merely because some immoral person will use this for his own political aggrandizements…”

22. “We worked in this very nation 2 centuries without wages. We made cotton king; we built our homes and the homes of our masters in the midst of injustice and exploitation. Yet out of a bottomless vitality we continue to grow and to live and if the inexpressible cruelties of slavery didn’t stop us, the opposition that we now face cannot stop us.”

23. “The absence of brutality and unregenerate evil is not the presence of justice.”

24. “As the nation passes from opposing extremist behavior to the deeper and more pervasive elements of equality, white america reaffirms its bonds to the status quo.”

25. “Whites, it must frankly be said, are not putting in a similar mass effort to reeducate themselves out of their racial ignorance.”

26. “It is an aspect of their sense of superiority that the white people of America believe they have so little to learn.”

27. “To find the origins of the Negro problem we must turn to the white man’s problem.”

28. “It seems to be a fact of life that human beings cannot continue to do wrong without eventually reaching out for some rationalization to clothe their acts in the garments of righteousness.”

29. “The greatest blasphemy of the whole ugly process was that the white man ended up making God his partner in the exploitation of the Negro.”

30. “Just as the ambivalence of white Americans grows out of their oppressor status, the predicament of Negro Americans grows out of their oppressed status.”

31. “Negroes have grown accustomed now to hearing unfeeling and insensitive whites say: ‘other immigrant groups such as the Irish, the Jews and the Italians started out with similar handicaps, and yet they made it. Why haven’t the Negroes done the same?’ These questioners refuse to see that the situation of other immigrant groups a hundred years ago and the situation of the Negro today cannot be usefully compared.”

32. “The Negro was crushed, battered and brutalized, but he never gave up. He proves again that life is stronger than death.”

33. “A riot is at bottom the language of the unheard. It is the desperate, suicidal cry of one who is so fed up with the powerlessness of his cave existence that he asserts that he would rather be dead than ignored.”

34. “What is needed today on the part of white America is a committed altruism which recognizes this truth.”

35. “True altruism is more than the capacity to pity; it is the capacity to empathize. Pity is feeling sorry for someone; empathy is feeling sorry with someone. Empathy is fellow feeling for the person in need— his pain, agony and burdens.” 

36. “I can never be who I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the way our world is made.”

37. “True education helps us on the one hand to know truth, but more than that it helps us to love truth and sacrifice for it. It gives us not only knowledge, which is power, but wisdom, which is control.”

38. “If you can’t fly, run; if you can’t run, walk; if you can’t walk, crawl; but by all means keep moving.”

39. “We will move out of these mountains that have so often impeded our progress, the mountain of moral and ethical relativism, the mountain of practical materialism, the mountain of corroding hatred, bitterness and violence, and the mountain of racial segregation.”

40. “…Always have faith in the possibility of getting over to the Promised Land. Don’t become a pessimist and feel that we cannot get there; it is difficult sometimes, it is hard sometimes, but always have faith that the Promised Land can be achieved and that we can possess this land of brotherhood and peace and understanding.”

41. “An individual who is not concerned about his selfhood and his freedom is at that moment committing moral and spiritual suicide…”

42. “But I know, somehow, that only when it is dark enough can you see the stars.”

43. “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

44. “Many people fear nothing more terribly than to take a position which stands out sharply and clearly from the prevailing opinion.”

45. “Many sincere white people in the south privately oppose segregation and discrimination, but they are apprehensive lest they be publicly condemned.”

46. “’Do not conform’ is difficult advice in a generation when crowd pressures have unconsciously conditioned our minds and feet to move to the rhythmic drum beat of the status quo.”

47. “This tragic attempt to give moral sanction to an economically profitable system gave birth to the doctrine of white supremacy.”

48. “Unlike physical blindness that is usually inflicted upon individuals as a result of natural forces beyond their control, intellectual and moral blindness is a dilemma which man inflicts upon himself by his tragic misuse of freedom and his failure to use his mind to its fullest capacity.”

49. “Only through the bringing together of head and heart-intelligence and goodness shall man rise to a fulfillment of his true nature.”

50. “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”


Okay, let's get some things straight here.

In light of a recent debate with some idiots on another social media platform, I need to rant a little.

Mutts are NOT inherently healthier than purebreds. You can get a dog with half the problems or you can double them. It depends on the dogs that bred.

Breeders are NOT the problem. They go through weeks upon weeks of studying the genetic history of their desired pairing, going through generations of health testing and medical history.

Breeders do NOT turn a huge profit off of “their animals’ reproductive systems.” By the end of health testing for mom and dad, the process of whelping and all the supplies needed for that (and everything needed on hand in case a puppy gets rejected), shots for pups, and so much more, the price they ask for one of their pups barely covers what they’ve already put into them. Breeding is expensive. Testing eyes and hips and elbows is expensive. Testing for the breed’s common genetic defects is expensive. Don’t tell me that breeders are only doing what they’re doing for the money, because that’s the exact opposite of the truth. They do it to better their chosen breed and eliminate as many genetic defects as possible. They do it to give people predictable traits in healthy dogs that will fit the purpose for the animal.

Again, breeders are NOT the problem. There is a clause in most puppy contracts stating that if, for any reason, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, the person buying one of their puppies can no longer care for the dog, they are to return it to them. Breeders’ pups aren’t the ones getting abandoned and tossed into shelters wondering when their people will come back for them. They aren’t the dogs that get lonely and confused and cold.

“Adopt don’t shop” is REALLY STUPID. Shelter animals aren’t right for everyone. People with small children may not want to risk bringing a dog into their homes that could have some unknown past trigger that leads to one of their kids losing their face. That’s just not ethical.

“Adopt don’t shop” is ALSO STUPID because any dog that goes into a home just for the sake of having a home does not necessarily go into the right home. You know what happens to the dogs that go into the wrong home? They get landed right back in the shelter. The guilt trip that is this whole campaign leads to dogs going to the wrong homes and being sent back to where they were before.

I’m all for adoption. But I’m also all for breeders. I want every pet to be able to have a loving home to call their own. I want them to be safe and well cared for. I am for the responsible addition of a loving pet into the right home.

I am for responsible pet ownership.

Adopt or shop, it’s your pet and your choice. But don’t go around bashing people for choosing the other option because you’re a self-righteous prick.

Dom’s Interviews...

Alex Ow

From what I can remember… Her job, clothing line, and eating with Coca Cola addiction.  Didn’t really focus too much on the interview just Cody’s body language.  Ya’ll Cody went early to the interview to line himself up a front row seat to the interview.  Alex spoke and made no eye contact with Cody (maybe when she looked at Jason she snuck a peek) though you can see Cody staring in awe of her.  I truly love his level of respect for this woman because she’s hard core.  You know she’s there to win and she’s working hard to get that 500k.  He was shaking his leg nervously cause he couldn’t ask questions because he was with his woman. 

Ramses Soto

Ramses was so scared he started drinking Champagne as he sat down and he’s lucky he did.  Student, restaurant job, cosplay, and artist.  She went into the 25k question of who you think won it…  Do you think the person is still here… Chilllle… Dom started down a slippery slope of questioning and she didn’t stop.  He said one might still be here, one might have left.  She couldn’t get him to name names of who he thought took the 25k so she went and asked him to pick two people from the crowd and tell how you think they’d spend the money.  She talked about his sexuality… Just threw it out there like a bucket of water.  Based on your demeanor we all know what you are…. basically… so tell us who are you dating.  Yooooo… she was bold.  His brother is the only person he’s told I think.  Dom went in on Ramses and wanted his chronicles from childhood. SMH.  I was uncomfortable for him.

Cody Nickson

The Pièce De Résistance!  He’s a handcuff man… can get out of them with a bobby pin.  His attraction to Jessica and the showmance, even though it’s not a showmance.  Said he didn’t like Paul at first, he didn’t get a bracelet.  Megan had to go she disliked marines.  Now she goes into him being a leader and the decision he made to get Paul out did he forget the word TEAM.  He said he was selfish and just wanted to beat Paul.  Dom asked was there no communication at the time with your team.  Then Paul gets ahead of him self and shoots out the question was the decision yours or were there others.  Cody said that has to be a private conversation, we’ll talk.

He kept saying he knows he’s going home.  He would never campaign against Alex.  He didn’t want to show his love completely for her so he said there’s 3 people he wouldn’t campaign against, ever.  Those people are Alex, Jess, and Raven.  In that order people.  He said they are deserving, I respect them and I care about them.  Alex is Cody’s Achilles heel.  He told the whole room he knew he was being back doored.  Called Ramses on using his nomination this week.  Then Dom wanted to know if he had a spy… he’s like nah Dom I’m smart.  Then she kept pushing and he dropped the bomb that he just wanted Megan out and then chill the next couple weeks while they plucked off the outsiders

Outsiders…. Ramses face in shock… Yah don’t say Cody!  Then Josh came at him with a question and Cody shut him down.  I won’t answer any questions from you.  Then Dom wanted to know how Jess will cope… Cody says I won’t discuss it.  THEN MARK OPENS HIS MOUTH!   The one or two people who knew is going to help Jess’ game… That’s when Cody went the fuck off cause you threatening Jess in front of me.  You’re gonna go after her when I leave is that what you’re saying.

He went dark son…  Mark was like so one or two people were involved…  Then Paul says are you gonna tell us who.  Cody’s basically like fuck ya’ll I’m going home.  The whole time Matt and Raven made the decision to stay quite.  Elena tugging at Marks shirt to shut the fuck up… Lord… Jesus take the wheel.  Kevin looking spiffy… Ramses and Josh are like this has nothing to do with us.  Jason and Alex in the corner internally laughing I bet.  I was beautiful. 

Nothing else was important… End of Interview.  Then the HOH room with Paul and Cody discussing Christmas, Mark, and Dom was whole different ball game.

August 9th, 1986

7 p.m.

Max sits crosslegged in the Wheeler’s basement, her chin resting atop the side table where the phone sits. Behind her, she can hear the sounds of a particularly intense campaign, shouting and teasing and fists banging on the surface of the table. 

And then Lucas is calling for her, telling her it’s her turn to roll. Max waves him off impatiently. It’s Saturday night and Steve always calls on Saturday nights. 

But the phone doesn’t ring. Max ignores it at first—that persistent voice in her head whispering all of the things that could be wrong. 

“They’re probably just busy,” Mike reasons, coming up behind her while the others break for a snack. Beside Mike, Will nods his agreement. Max smiles and shrugs, but she can see the uncertainty on both their faces. Steve’s phone calls also mean a chance to talk with Nancy and Jonathan. 

8 p.m.

A sullen silence hangs in the air. Mike cuts the campaign short and Lucas and Dustin go home. Max’s throat feels dry and no matter how much Coca-Cola she drinks, the scratchy feeling doesn’t go away. She fidgets as Mike and El tidy the pizza boxes and empty cans from the table, whispering to each other as they always do. Will takes a seat beside her on the couch. 

“They take care of each other,” he says quietly, “Like we do.” 

9 p.m.

Max can’t focus on the movie; The Breakfast Club. Steve took her to see it in theatres last year, but she doesn’t tell anyone. Instead, she sits with her head in the crook of El’s neck, trying to concentrate on the patterns El is drawing on her back with a comforting hand. 

“It’ll be okay,” El whispers in her ear eventually, shifting slightly. “Promise.” Max feels the pressure of a soft, reassuring squeeze on her shoulder and sinks in closer to El. There’s an unwavering quality to the way her friend speaks that gives Max some hope. 

10 p.m.

The phone rings, breaking the silence that had fallen over the basement as the friends laid out their sleeping bags. Mike leaps to answer it, the receiver pressed against his ear before the first ring has ended. He listens for a moment and then looks at Max and she thinks she can see relief on his face, but she doesn’t want to expect too much. 

“It’s for you,” Mike says, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. With hands that she didn’t realize were shaking, Max takes the phone and puts it to her ear. 

“Hello?” Her voice is tentative, nervous. 

“Hey kiddo,” Steve’s voice sounds from the other end and Max’s shoulders relax. She feels the sting of tears in her eyes. “Sorry I’m a bit late. Our car broke down in the middle of nowhere.” 

Steve waits a moment, expecting an answer, though he hears nothing. “You there, Red? Don’t make me use your real name…Mackenzie.”

A beat of silence. And then a response at last.

“Shut up.” 

With the campaign funded and all the books going to new homes around the world, we are going to keep the campaign open for a little longer (2 weeks maybe? Could be shorter, could be longer).

Any donation big or small will add to the charities’ total which will be split between the five causes.

To donate, click the ‘Back It’ button.

It then allows you to enter a donation amount of your own choice :)
Why Bernie Sanders' movement is much larger than this election | Tony Karon
A political revolution can’t be built in a single election cycle. What matters is that the movement continues after the election – whether or not he wins
By Tony Karon

The US media and political establishment insist on reading Bernie Sanders’ presidential run as a Don Quixote story – an underdog’s doomed, if poetically heroic, challenge to an immutable status quo that offers little hope to the poor.

But Sanders’ performance and prospects can’t be assessed by the metrics of traditional electoral politics, because he has always set the goals of his campaign on terms that defy the yardsticks of campaigning as we know it.

Despite the “Bernie” thing, Sanders presents his persona as no more than the sum of the ideas and principles he puts before the electorate in pursuit of a “political revolution” against a political system in thrall to corporate cash. It’s a project he hopes will outlive his candidacy, and even his person. Like Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus, he is inviting any citizen running in local, state or nationwide elections – or waging local-level citizen campaigns – to be Bernie Sanders.

That’s not a win-or-go-home presidential bid.

“A campaign has got to be much more than just getting votes and getting elected,” he told an interviewer soon after launching his run. “It has to be helping to educate people, organize people. If we can do that, we can change the dynamic of politics for years and years to come.”

                                        MIKE WHEELER WAS DEAD.                     she      saw      it happen, standing by. he had been so      angry      about something, he had      pushed  her  away.      he had gone      right  up      to that man and …. he was      gone.      not that jane had known that from the      start.      it had been a      long      few days at the hospital before he had      died.      and she had been there the      whole  time,      waiting for him to wake up. he just      never  did

                                       THE FUNERAL HAD BEEN THE DAY BEFORE.                     hopper had had to almost      wrestle      jane into a black dress, the girl      refusing      to go. if she      never  went,      mike would have      never  died.      she could pretend he was just at his      home,      writing a campaign. or maybe he was going to      call  her      on the walkie talkie he had gotten her for her birthday. if she went to the      funeral,      it was      accepting      the fact he was      dead.      she wouldn’t accept that fact. she didn’t      want      to. but hopper had      made      her, and she watched her      best  friend      be lowered into the ground.

                                        THAT HAD BEEN TWENTY FOUR HOURS AGO.                     twenty four hours later, jane      still      hadn’t left his grave. she      refused      to. how could she leave his      side      after everything that had happened   how could he have survived      so  much,      only to be take away by someone so      insignificant      ?  the tears on her face are      fresh,      falling out of her eyes. her mind is      jumping      everywhere, both      asleep      and      awake.      but only      one  thought      is going out, out to every corner she can reach -      ❛           mike !           ❜

@theirprcmise  /  the thing we discussed and cried over.

what would bieber do?

I don’t want to give too much thought to Justin Bieber’s situation, but I have been. I’ll tell you why.

Bieber has a legion of young, impressionable fans who hang on his every word. They worship him, they praise him, they forgive him for every transgression, they think he walks on water and can do no wrong.

Here’s an opportunity for Bieber to step out of the role he’s assumed lately and take on something bigger, something to right the wayward boat he’s been steering. He needs to make a statement about driving under the influence. He needs to address this particularly with the thousands of his fans that are rushing to say “We support you no matter what you do” or “We forgive you for whatever you did wrong and love you unconditionally” (in so many words). Bieber should use this whole thing as not a learning experience, but a teaching experience. Tell his fans that drinking and driving or doing drugs and driving is a terrible thin and he’s sorry that he did it. Go on an educational campaign about it. Drive home the point to his young “beliebers” that driving under the influence is dangerous, reckless and potentially deathly. 

The boy is a wrecking ball right now. And he’s setting a really bad example for the millions of fans that look up to him, most of whom are at an age where they want to emulate their idols. It will be interesting to see what his people do here, how they handle the aftermath of this fiasco. 

It’s a good time for Bieber to step up, own up to his mistakes and use this as an opportunity to reach out to those fans and send a message about drunk driving. It’s disconcerting to see all those little kids (and some not so little kids) rallying around him, saying it’s no big deal what he did or showing support for him as if he’s a victim of something. The mindset is almost scary. If they think this was all some party time fun stuff Justin was doing - what with that shit eating grin on his face - it sends a powerfully wrong message.

Seize the moment, Bieber. Here’s your chance to do something positive and leave a good vibe as you and your fame do the slow walk to the “where are they now?” valley of former superstars. 

Get up, shake it off, clean yourself up and become a spokesperson for some anti-drinking and driving campaign. It’s the least you can do.


Via the Daily Mail:

In one of his most bizarre statements to date, Carson told reporters on Monday that he would be leaving Iowa early so he could go to Florida and get some clean clothes.

His communications director Larry Ross then confirmed this in a statement released to the media, which read; ‘After spending 18 consecutive days on the campaign trail, Dr. Carson needs to go home and get a fresh set of clothes.’


Ed Sheeran performing Guiding Light by Foy Vance for the No Going Home Campaign.

You know what I love. I love RATIONAL Zankie fans. I love the fans that feel bad for Zach because he’s being sent home and because it was Frankie who backdoored him, but also realize that the week before he was actively and aggressively campaigning for Frankie to go home and even told Cody he would backdoor Frankie next week if given the chance. Feel bad for Zach because you adore him…I adore him…but understand Frankie putting him up is not the utter betrayal some people are making it out to be. Rational fans realize this. Rational fans look past the game moves and see the beautiful and most likely long lasting friendship between these two fruitloop dinguses have.


Yeah MuhFucka man i’m with my Team
flyest muhfucka’s outchyea
seattle to seoul we been livin your dream
so high in the sky only clouds here
crowds here tryna get a glimpse
girls lining up man i’m feeling like a pimp
no glass in our hands man we aint taking shots
bottles in the hands of everyone that i’m with
so tilt yo head back cause right now i’m gonna po’
i swear i’m makin money but right now i’m gonna po’
and no i’m not playing work hard play hard yeah thats the damn saying
go hard or go home yeah thats the campaign fuck a molly
i’ll go ham with just this champagne yolo
i ain’t talkin bout no flowers but i rose to the top
spin it backwards now i’m back and i’m pissin in yo pot
rock n roll with yo girl she can roll on my rock
Jay Park is in this bitch and i aint neva gon stop

I’m A black belt in kicking it TAE KWON DO X4
and i aint neva ever ever ever ever turning down X4

AOMG yeah thats the team boy we stand back chilling in our BBOY stance
Nick Cannon up in this we wild the fuck out hit this night up like its gon be our last
homies? they good
family? they good
me? you know i’m good
every night be one that be for them books
you aint never heard of my sound heard of my style
my ol shit bitch you be learning it now
killin stages everyday yeah i murder the crowd
spittin fire man the studio i’m burning it down
head getting bigga feeling like jigga
god forgive me cause at times i’mmah sinner
i’mmah baller like ben jesus piece around my neck
so i sit back with my team smiling like a winner
i ain’t talkin bout no flowers but i rose to the top
spin it backwards now i’m back and i’m pissin in yo pot
rock n roll with yo girl she can roll on my rock
Jay Park is in this bitch and i aint neva gon stop

I’m A black belt in kicking it TAE KWON DO X4
and i aint neva ever ever ever ever turning down X4

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