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So I’m probably going to get hate for saying this but tbh I don’t care about the skin color of TV characters or movie characters. At all.

I don’t friggin care about “whitewashing”

I don’t care if the entire cast is black

I don’t care if the entire cast is white

I don’t care if the entire cast is purple with polkadots made out of the friggin color from H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Colour Out of Space”

LISTEN: You don’t need a character to have the same skin color as you to be able to relate to them.

You do not need a character to have the same skin color as you to be able to enjoy them.

And believe me, I know. I’m not black and yet there are some black characters whom I really relate to and enjoy.

Case in point? Iris West from CW’s The Flash. For the first season I was kinda neutral towards her, but when she landed a journalistic job and became more aware of Barry’s feelings towards her I really started to grow attached. I’m a journalistic writer like Iris, I’ve got two siblings like Iris, I’m here for emotional support like Iris, if my brother/boyfriend was a superhero I’d probably run around getting myself into trouble like Iris, too. #IrisWestIsTheNextLoisLane

My point is that you don’t have to have the same skin color as someone to be able to relate to them!

My point is that skin color doesn’t matter because we’re all humans. People of every ethnicity go through the same struggles, such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Love
  • Heartache
  • Loss
  • Abuse
  • Rape
  • Poverty
  • Loneliness
  • Responsibility
  • Guilt
  • Emptiness
  • Hopelessness
  • Envy
  • Vanity & Pride
  • Anger
  • Yeah basically all the 7 deadly sins

I could go on but I think y’all get the point.

I just can’t see any reason for why we need to have exactly 25% black characters and 25% Asian characters and 25% Muslim characters and–

like, for the love of Dormammu I don’t care, just give me a compelling character who’s going through a relatable struggle

I can understand why it would matter if you’re trying to make a film that focuses specifically on racism, or the Holocaust, or oppression as a key theme. Then I can understand why casting and skin color matters.

But the vast majority of entertainment are about superheroes and ninja turtles and starship captains and elves and teenage drama and adult drama. Most of these shows and movies take place in privileged America where your biggest dilemma is the fact that they took Doctor Who off of Netflix, not the fact that you fear getting shot in the streets because of your skin color.

To clarify: I’m not against having a diverse cast. I’m not saying that we should just turn a blind eye to racism. I’m not saying hate crimes don’t happen in America.

What I’m saying is that if you really want to make a change, focus less on entertainment (which you are so very privileged to receive in the first place) and more on the REAL issues in the world, like the fact that people are dying for being LGBT, women are being raped. Stop complaining about how some dumb TV show didn’t cast enough black people and try doing something substantial for once. Go out and join a club that actually raises funds to help people or something.

I feel like we’re getting worked up over all the wrong things.

Sorry if I triggered anyone out there.

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Fandom spaces in tumblr have such a toxic habit of shaming and abusing people for the characters they like or the things they ship and I don’t understand how people find it so difficult to just stay out of each others business. I physically do not see what it is that makes a person think it’s okay to be outright abusive based on someones fictional relationship preferences. 

The world is a terrible place and there are horrible things going on every second of every day and then there are people who lurk on this website that spend their time slipping into peoples inboxes to tell them how wrong and vile they are for shipping a straight pairing over a same-sex one or vice versa like, why. How do you have the time and the energy to be so hateful. What do you gain. 

It is so so simple to just…not do that. It’s actually less effort. It takes valuable minutes out of your day to open someones blog, go into their ask box and construct a message about how much you, an insignificant anonymous user, dislike this thing that they like and how wrong they are to disagree with you. It is literally so much easier to just keep scrolling and let everyone do their own thing.  


Operation: Stop The Crocs

Summary: Eric Bittle doesn’t understand why his co-workers are so obsessed with NHL Star Jack Zimmermann’s fashion choices.  But unfortunately his understanding doesn’t matter when he gets roped into operation, Stop The Crocs.

Rating: Gen

Written for: @thesegayhockeynerds​ who has to listen to my constant complaints about Sid and the yellow crocs.  You know what you have to do, love.  It’s the only way.


“Oh my god there it is again.”

“He has to be stopped. I mean…this is an affront to like…humanity or some shit.”

“Who allowed this?”

“Why do they even exist?”

Bitty pushed the swinging door open with his hip, carrying the tray of pasties to the counter, and glanced over to where the two baristas were hovering over the counter, murmuring over Holster’s phone. Shaking his head, he began to transfer the pastries onto the display tray, and he clicked his tongue.

“You boys must have something better to do than twitter.”

“Bits,” Ransom said, holding up his hands, “it isn’t twitter. This like, the most important shit ever.”

“Yeah,” Holster said, nodding sagely. “We’re staging an intervention.”

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You know you love her when you

pause your elaborate dinner cooking and grab the first shoes you can get at, which happen to be fucking flip flops, and you run out into New York City January chill to give her the cash she needs for her mani-pedi before she comes home to the dozen red roses, half a dozen lit candles, incense, WestAllen music videos, homemade dinner and homemade dessert you’ve got going on for her.

Guys come on, just stop.

I think I’ll stay off tumblr for the day. All there is in my feed it a shit load of hate towards Mark and Steven.

You all seem to think that since Johnlock did not officially happen that it’s okay to hate the writers because they didn’t listen to you. Well, you know what? It’s not okay. Yes, everyone can have their own opinion but do you all not see how silly this has become?

The show is about a consulting detective solving crimes with his best friend by his side. It’s fine if you want to think that John and Sherlock were in love but don’t expect it to happen so much that Mark and Steven are now getting attacked over it.

If Johnlock were to be part of the storyline then I’m sure they would have written it in, but obviously, that is not where they saw the storyline going therefore it never went canon. Plus, they toy with our emotions to make us feel certain ways on purpose. That is what TV and films do. We all wanted Moriarty to be alive, they didn’t bring him back. I don’t seem to be seeing any hate about that.

Whether this was the last episode or not, don’t ruin this show with hate. Just be glad that they gave us yet another fantastic season.

A lot of people are saying it was horrible, but maybe if you weren’t so focused upon the whole Johnlock thing, then you may have realised that this show has become better than ever.

Just sit down, watch the damn show and stop hating.

I absolutely love Mark and Steven for the amount of genius that they have given us. Just be thankful they even started the show to begin with.

Rant. Bloody. Over.