no goal out of pity


Run Report - Week 9, Day 2 (5 Min warm-up, 26 min run, 2 min walk, 23 min run)

Summary: Heavy Thunderstorms forced me inside today. It was my first run on the treadmill in at least 4 months! Treadmill runs are so much easier, but so boring. :( Set PR for the mile!

Physical notes: Treadmill runs are easy on my body - no discomfort at all. 

Mental Notes: Felt pretty unstoppable. 

September Runner’s Club: 13/100 km - On Schedule to make goal

Healthy Habits: 5 out of 6 green! Had a little pity party for myself yesterday, I am over it and going for 6/6 today. 


  • Gardner 10k - 17 days
  • Scottsdale 8k - 39 days