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Ok but Chris’s handwriting is 👌 and so is Steph’s new haircut.

Woah boy I never thought would have to to say this, but here we are.

DO NOT CLAIM MY CHARACTERS AS YOUR OWN. Ever. Nowhere in the original post do I ever say that Charlie (the sylveon) is this person’s OC. It may not have been clear enough, but I even tagged her name in the original post.

When I draw someone’s character in my responses, I @ the owner of the character and tag the character and owner in the tags. Otherwise? Don’t assume or claim that ANY of the characters in the art are yours. This is a very good way to get immediately blocked.

(Also, please don’t go and harass this person. Being a bully fixes nothing.)

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Um, I saw this comic awhile back with Sans babysitting Chara and him spinning them around to the point they look like they were going to hurl. I was wondering if you ever finished that or if you even have the art up still??

That comic has been discontinued, you can find all of my Undertale art under my tag list: LINK, PRESS A TO GRAB DESTINY.

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I heard something that said the only way to avoid something being tagged automatically is by putting slashes through it, like et///han or jackse**pticeye I'm not sure how true this is, but if it helps, it helps! I love you and your art btw

Oh yeah, and like, i did that once for something that I wrote Ma/rk, Ma/tt and Ry//an only because I knew their names might be searched together

but if I just write Ethan…theres like a million Ethans. Ethan is not going to just search “Ethan” and come across my ship art. If i wanted to write cran//kgameplays thats another thing.  Same thing goes for like just Jack.

If I’m feeling extra nervous, ill do it, but its really surprising that as a youtuber shipping fandom, we all haven’t come up with a UNIVERSAL tag for either NSFW or things involving youtuber shipping

like, i think everyone should totally use Lewdtubers for NSFW but hey, I don’t think my blog is big enough to spread that one around. The ships have their names, but I mean more like how a lot of people use Smol green bean for jack. Like every youtuber having their own code tag :D that way everyone can find eachother without it EVER touching the boys.


@cookies-hetaoni AHHHH here you go sempai! X’D And im so sorry it looks bad and shitty, my cat keeps on bothering me and its getting late at my place rn xD (rip) but all in all, this cute boy is a lot of fun to draw and colour actually ^^ and thank you for helping me by giving the ref sheet for this bae xD and for some reason, he looks pretty pale omfg xD hoped you liked it sempai! ;w;)o


I will be making this blog a little more personal. More reblogs, personal posts, ect.

I made a blog so you wouldn’t have to scroll through all my shit to find my art.


Or just go to the #my art tag on this blog!

Small good things in my life right now:
- the tiny noises my birds make in their sleep
- pretty colors in my room
- chocolate
- tiny tiny bird feathers so small it seems impossible
- friends sending you heart emojis
- being able to keep my window open because it’s not too cold anymore
- not having to go to the grocery store
- dreams about temporary tattoos that didn’t do the weird thing
- tags on tumblr like happy thoughts and positive thoughts
- the thought I’m going to be okay even if I’m not right now

Hi there! Checkmate here!

First of all, I just wanted to thank all of you for 230 followers!
It may not seem much of a milestone to some, but it means the world for me!
This is not my League blog but my own personal one, and nothing makes me happier to know that some of you like the art I do!

Second of all, it may seem obnoxious of me, but sometimes, I will go and read the tags of my reblogged art. And can I say that some flatter me to no end. You guys do not know how happy the words you put in the tags make me.

Anyway, before making this too long, I just wanted to say hi. I am also always available through IM if ever any of you want a chat.

Thanks once and hope you will also like my newest works!

Have a nice day,

     Checkmate (Echxc-et-mat)


RPGs, or relentlessly persistent girls by cassandrha

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  

don’t u ever get self conscious about how you sound over the phone? yeah I’m looking at you unknown

I haven’t seen one of these yet so I decided to make one!! Feel free to use! Please don’t reblog if you’re a cg/l or dd/lg blog

altean lance !! now served with illuminating stars

here’s a similar allura one

(click for better quality, DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE or i will hunt you down with my own two hands and my own two feet)