no giving up now

So Depression Month™ has been a real blast. 

Happy Selfie Friday!! 

Today I received my diplomas, so I can say that I finally… FINALLY!! finished uni 🙊

Now the world of adulthood is waiting for me…noooo i don’t want to grow up!, I finish an important stage in my life and now it’s timeto start a new one. I couldn’t have done t without the love and support of all of you so THANK YOU!!  ❤ There were many times that i wanted to quit and i even questioned my desire to study what i studied, but i made it, it wasn’t easy but i did it ☺ and now i feel proud of myself for not giving up. And here is a little message for all of the students out there, “I know it’s hard, the stress becomes your closest enemy, and self doubt is a regular thing, BUT DO NOT GIVE UP!! remember why you decided to do it, keep your goal in mind and try as hard as you can to overcome these problems, because at the end you will make it, you will accomplish your dreams and the happiness will overwhelm you, IT IS WORTH IT! , so do your best and keep fighting!”  😁 

anonymous asked:

Shame on you for sitting there begging for money over and over again then shitting out half assed commissions for people to pay for a wedding to a guy who treats you like shit. Please get your life together and not live off other people's hand outs and stop asking for money cause you clearly don't need it to live like you say you do. Shame on you karma will get you 10 fold.

Oh my god lmao. Someone’s jealous. I KNEW this would happen! Do you honestly think before you spew out embarrassing shit?

Usually I don’t post things like this, but I need to make things clear, because this isn’t the first time people have sent me something like this and expect me to go, “Aw. Now I’m sad. I should give up.” Or whatever.

–First of all, I am not paying for this wedding. My mom and future mother-in-law are paying for it. (Very thankful) Why pay for the wedding and not help me on other days? It’s a gift. To help in an event that happens once in a lifetime, and to make my day amazing. They’re not there to wipe my ass and give me handouts.

–Second of all, I work very hard on my commissions. I don’t really care if you’re sitting there judging the quality of my work because you have nothing better to do or you just feel like being salty. I’m constantly sick to my stomach, have eye problems, along with depression and anxiety. Though I hardly need an excuse. I know I’m a good artist.

–Third of all, apparently you’ve missed the posts I made about Chase and how we’ve improved and that’s the only reason we’re moving on in our lives. There are plenty of ups and downs, but overall, he’s improved, I’ve improved. That’s that. I’m not a moron.

I ask for people to help me with financial needs, and that’s not a problem. People are generous, and I’d never force anyone to help me. Many people do it when they’re feeling at their lowest. I may over-reblog sometimes, but that’s when I feel like I’m in a panic. I don’t live in luxury. I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t have opportunities left and right to get jobs. I’m not sure why you think that, where you heard that I live financially well, or why you need to jump right to conclusions. But if you don’t like it, please unfollow me?? Why is that hard???

I’m not going to stop just because you’re butthurt. ♥  ♥ go lay down and count to 10 or something

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, what happened to you're relationship? I'm very sorry to hear about it. I hope this year kicks up for you in a few months with new and fresh opportunities.

i’ve been thinking about how to answer this for a while because on one hand i dont want to demonize my ex and on the other i dont want to make it seem like our relationship was perfect other than circumstance, because thats not true either. long story short, we’ve been long-distance for a really long time and we were both tired of having to fight so hard for love, so we stopped. we deserve better than what we can give each other right now, so we broke up to give ourselves the chance to find the love we deserve.

to go a little more in depth, i think queer relationships tend to be held to a higher standard. straight people get to date and have shitty experiences and good experiences that don’t work out, without them threatening their identity. when i first got outed to my mom, she told me i was a fool for thinking a girl loved me and that i was just her fun rebellion, and once it came down to ‘real life’ my girlfriend would throw me away as soon as i threatened her relationship with her family/ career. and i felt like if our relationship didn’t work out, if it ever ended, i was proving my mom right. it was all just a phase or a mistake. so i think my ex and i held on to our relationship thru thick and thin for 3 years, even when it wouldve been healthier to break up, because we were too scared to let go.

our relationship taught me a lot and i don’t regret it at all. but truth be told, we didnt mesh well with each other a lot of the time. we had very different views on things and we were held together mostly just by commitment. like when im stressed, i tend to shut down and take time to process things, which often made her feel like i was pushing her away and rejecting her. while she felt stressed, she tended to think aloud and question things, which made me feel insecure and insufficient for her. people always say relationships take work after the honeymoon phase is over, but we had to work too hard for every moment together. and you know what? like every other teenager, i’m allowed to have a less than perfect relationship that doesnt have a happy ending without it invalidating my identity.

we started dating when i just turned 17. we’ve both grown and changed a lot and we realized we deserved better than what we could give each other. and now we get to experience something new.

People give me advice like I’m an idiot with no self awareness, but the truth is, I know what I need to do. But that doesn’t make it any easier.


I only have a short window before my body changes…

…Yeah I’ll say.

My version of Older!Yurio dump.



An afternoon date~

and a bonus