no girls allowed i guess

wxrmsoul  asked:

Tsukinami bros, suppose fall in love with a common vampire or human, would you drink their blood even if you don't like it but she loves it? If you love her, her blood would be tasty or disgusting as always?

We don’t drink blood in any case, but if she just wants to be bitten, why not?

Why would she want to get her blood sucked when I can do many other, better things!

Excuse my anger but

my sister goes to a school with a uniform but tomorrow she has a free dress day and she is currently running around the house looking for something to wear and there is nothing to wear


girls aren’t allowed to wear short shorts or skirts but you know most shorts and skirts sold at stores are short so we don’t have any “”“appropriate”“”“ shorts or skirts
girls aren’t allowed to wear leggings bc they aren’t pants i guess and they can’t wear jeans bc they’re too tight (???) and they can’t wear sweatpants for god knows what reason

what the hell is a girl supposed to wear like literally this is the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard of

((and the boys? they can wear whatever the hell they want. But you probably already knew that bc that’s how it always is))