no gift back

can fitzsimmons just live a long and beautiful life with science and adorable children

and aunt daisy comes to visit them all the time and gently quakes the ground under the toddlers as they stumble around and babysits for fitzsimmons with uncle mack and aunt yoyo

and grandpa coulson comes all the time on his fancy jet and sunglasses and they call him grandpa phil and he tells them crazy stories about the avengers

and grandma may glares everytime they call her that but she allows it because she secretly likes it and then when the day is done her and grandpa phil leave promising they’ll come back with gifts next time

but jemma gets paranoid because she’s afraid the gift will be a babies first gun or alien tech

and their little kiddos have accent’s just like them and their daughters first word is science and their sons is monkey

and when they die they die together from old age and their graves are side by side, saying “beside each other the whole damn time”

Isle of the Lost Headcanons I

- The Headless Horseman lives on the Isle - although single, childless and alone. Not even his horse. And still without a head. I like to imagine him with a pot-belly.

- Madame Medusa’s pawn shop is located in the bazaar. It’s now a mother/daughter business with her daughter, Maggie.

- Jafar and Medusa are business rivals. Jay’s officially banned from the store.

- Medusa lives on her broken-down river boat with her daughter and their pet crocodiles.

- She and Cruella De Vil are heavy frenemies - although they’re delightful to eachother face-to-face, both complain about the other behind their backs; gifting each other rubbish they no longer want and stealing from each other when they come around each other’s houses.

- Her car, unlike Cruella’s, was repossed when she was banished to the Isle.

- Humbert the Huntsman (from Snow White) also resides on the Isle. Of course, the Evil Queen hates him. Anyone who wants to have her favour (not many) avoid him like the plague.

- He’s the laughing stock of the Queen’s ex-staff. All those who joined her in exile, that is.

- The man from Bambi lives in a small cottage in the woods away from the small town on the Isle. He’s never seen. You can hear his dogs howling in the night at the moon sometimes.

- Tamatoa lives down near the beach, near the docks. Although now he’s smaller, less threatening, and a lot less shiny. More like an annoying Sebastian.

- The Ringmaster and Stromboli are drinking buddies. They both complain about losing their ‘star-act’ and how their businesses failed after they’d gone. Stromboli regrets the cage. The Ringmaster regrets the firefighter clowns.


Before they knew it, they were i n s e p a r a b l e ;
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happy holidays \o/

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George Bush trying to put on a rain mac was the only part of the Inauguration worth watching

in honour of march being #trypod month, here’s everything you need to know about podcasts! (part two here)

what the heck even are podcasts?

podcasts are audio shows that are either in episode or radio format, which you can download and listen to whenever you like, for free!! there are both fiction and non fictional podcasts, so there is something for everyone

why should i listen to these?

podcasts are similar to audiobooks and radio shows in that you can listen to them anywhere, on your phone or computer, and are ideal for commutes and journeys (i personally listen to most of mine on the bus to and from school). most podcasts are made by people as a hobby rather than their job, so you can support them by listening as well 

where can i find podcasts?

pretty much every podcast ever is available on itunes and spotify, and many apps for non apple devices

cool, can you give me some recommendations?


welcome to night vale [weird and spooky fantasy] is about a small town in america, where a lot of weird crap goes on, but here in night vale this is generally completely normal. this is pretty much how everyone gets into podcasts, and is a really good starting point for listening to fiction podcasts

the bright sessions [sci-fi] is about some folks with superpower in therapy trying to learn about themselves, their powers and how to control them. honest to god this is my most favourite fiction podcast ever, i love it with all of my heart and cannot recommend this enough. 

the orbiting human circus of the air [fantasy?] is about an old-timey radio show that broadcasts from the top of the eiffel tower. this is honestly such a joy to listen to, and has some wonderful stories with really interesting ways of telling them

wolf 359 [sci-fi and comedy] is about a small crew in a space station, orbiting the red dwarf star, wolf 359. it starts off pretty light hearted and gets pretty wild pretty quickly, so buckle in for a bumpy ride. (they did a live show and recorded it and put it on youtube and it is honestly such a gift seeing zach jump back and forth arguing with himself.)

the penumbra podcast [noir/fantasy/western/horror] is really queer. its great. the main stories follow a non-binary pi named juno steel, but there are other stories on the feed too that are well worth a listen (and season 2 premiers really soon!)

eos 10 [sci-fi and comedy] is about some doctors in space. its hilarious (the main plot arc starts with a boner that just will not go away) and the characters are super interesting. its been on break for a really long time, but is on its way back soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

the strange case of starship iris [sci-fi adventure] is new and really cleverly done. im still blown away by how cool the end credits are, everytime i hear them. its also about gays in space which is cool also ;)

the adventure zone [comedy and adventure] is barely a fiction podcast as it is 3 brothers and their dad playing d&d. if you have never played d&d, or think its boring, then dont let that deter you, because this podcast is the funniest one i have listened to. it starts a little slowly, so be prepared for that, but it really picks up a few episodes in, and griffin’s story telling gets SO good, i really recommend this one as well

dead serious [supernatural] is about two teens who discover that the local haunted house is actually Haunted and talk to the ghosts living there about their lives and deaths (this is mine ;))


spirits is 2 women chatting about really cool myths and legends, both old and new, from all of the world, whilst quite tipsy. this was the first podcast i listened to and i fell in love. i personally recommend the “japanese urban legend” episode its super creepy and super cool

dead pilots society is a table reading of tv pilots that are bought by companies but never made. they so far have all been comedies and include well known writers and actors, and are great for long journeys, as well as one time listening if you don’t want to get too emotionally involved in anything

my brother my brother and me  is a really bad advice show and really good comedy podcast run by 3 brothers (the same ones in the adventure zone minus their dad) who answer questions and give terrible advice that is hilarious to listen to. they also made a tv show on seeso recently, which you can also check out the first episode on yt!

international waters is a quiz show between british and american comedians which is interesting and hilarious, with different contestants each week to keep it fresh and interesting

i have a ton more i could talk about, but these are some of my highlights. if you want any recommendations, feel free to message me or drop me an ask!

50 Followers Gift Pt. 1

Upper Back Tattoos - Base Game Compatible!

50 Followers Gift Part ¼

5 Swatches - 4 Main swatches plus a bonus secret swatch!

Base Game Compatible

Recolorable, don’t include mesh and @ me.

Plumbob tattoo has some color in the flowers, the rest are black line work.

Model - Mara Brent by me.

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Southside Royalty

For @jugandbettsdetectiveagency , I saw you were back and I’m so happy you’re feeling better because I really missed you and your blog. As a come back gift here’s a parents/kids parallels including Forsythe Pendleton Jones I and Granny Cooper :) (OMG johnny depp, skeet and cole look the same im shooketh)

I wanted Andrew to bench press Neil and @wymack was happy to help me make that happen

  • one of the Foxes bets that Andrew can’t do it
  • it was probably Nicky he has the least regard for filtering and avoiding being murdered
  • Andrew is like “fucking watch me”
  • and he just fucking lays down and motions Neil over and fucking bench presses him and ??? have they done this before??? probably
  • definitely
  • Neil had to practice planking for like a week and now he can just like tense his core and straighten his legs and hold himself like that for a long time???
  • bonus is that it tones his abs and thighs a lot like DAMN
  • Andrew, of course, can bench press Neil like it’s nothing
  • Neil fucking sitting on Andrew’s back while Andrew’s doing pushups
  • Neil is on fucking Twitter fighting someone
  • and he’s telling Andrew everything that’s happening like, “babe you won’t beLIEVE”
  • Andrew sarcastically replies “that’s nice sweetheart”
  • and Kevin walks in and just stares for a really long time because what is happening????
  • eventually he yells at Neil to “get off his lazy ass” and get on a treadmill or something
  • Neil huffs and says, “That’s so rude, Kevin. Don’t call Andrew a lazy ass. He’s clearly working harder than you.”

Happy birthday @nightsofllyn, you beautiful enabler and wonderful writer and friend <3 You’re to blame for the beast that this AU has become in my head so here’s my gift back to you for that, stay beautiful and have the best birthday ever <3