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💘 What are the ways my muse says ‘I love you’ without actually saying it? + 😳 What was my muse’s worst romantic/sexual relationship?

What are the ways my muse says ‘I love you’ without actually saying it?

Faervell - Gifts and small actions that he knows that those he loves (ahem esme) would really like. Usually, for esme, he’ll take her out on a nice small date out to go see the stars with some food that she likes or get her a new book that she doesn’t have in her library or spend a night reading to her. Those are special ways he can do so without saying it outright, even though he does that plenty itself.

Taliori - She’s more subtle with her actual love. Generally, while she wanders, she always comes back and will usually bring back gifts or stories specifically that she knows those people would like. The time she spends with them is the best way she can manage to get the message across.

Maeus - Cook or Bake good food. Even if it’s midnight and god, Sarah, all he wants to do is sleep but gosh he loves you so much he’ll do it anyway.

Prisa - More physical closeness/contact. Handholding, hugging, sitting right up next to someone. Even a little secret kiss on the cheek or two. That’s how she’d say it best.

Pyrar - Getting gussied up for them. She likes to look good and knows she does. When she wears something new, and only to be seen by that person, she means it to be special. That, or perhaps, reading with that person. Spending the time nice and close, comfortable, in lounging clothes and reading a good book quietly? That’s some lovin’ time.

What was my muse’s worst romantic/sexual relationship?

Faervell - He slept with a virgin who not only was inexperienced, but also cried after they had sex. It was really awkward for everyone involved.

Taliori - Nesrin.

Maeus - He was really, really, really awkward in his first relationship on all aspects, but… that was to be expected.

Prisa - She just sat there one time and did nothing when she was gettin’ it on. Felt alright for her but she knew she didn’t do very good on that one. She felt embarrassed just thinking about it afterwards.

Pyrar - When she was an apprentice, she went on a date with a man that literally said he loved her halfway through the evening. It was their first date. The walk home was very awkward and she had to push him away when he kept trying to get a kiss while politely finding new ways to say ‘no thanks’.

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Before they knew it, they were i n s e p a r a b l e ;
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My first Yu-gi-oh fanart and its this…I expected nothing less of myself

based on this!

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“Never lose sight of who you want to become!”

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⇁ dick n’ go (m)

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pairing⇁Seokjin x Reader

 genre⇁smut, crack || shopping for dicc!au

warnings⇁male objectification, superficiality, fuckgirl!reader, dirty talk, and cocky!jin if that isn’t your thing

word count⇁12.8k 

After trooping through a series of horrendous first dates and mediocre hookups, you were convinced you would never find a man capable of satisfying your needs. Your friend recommends you try a slightly unconventional method to remedy your bad luck.  

alternatively: seokjin has a five star dick and you decide to give it a go

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George Bush trying to put on a rain mac was the only part of the Inauguration worth watching


I don’t remember September 11, 2001

It was my sixth day of First Grade at Beaumont Elementary in Devon, Pennsylvania 
I was a 5-year-old new kid 
Mrs. Kowalski was still learning our names 
The School Board decided not to tell the students what happened
Didn’t want 7000 children in a panic
Thought we were safer in school
Than with distraught and distracted parents on highways
It was just another Tuesday

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember the weeks that followed 
The red eyes of adults around me 
The fantastical and horrific stories
The tears and denial of friends who lost loved ones
All burned into my psyche

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember my parents going to New York a month after the attacks for their anniversary 
They brought back gifts from the Toys R Us in Times Square 
And stories of dust covered cars that would never be reclaimed

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember hearing that we were going to war 
I remember my fear for children like me who would get hurt
I remember resigned acceptance 
“We’re just getting the bad guys,” people said 
“You’re too young to understand”

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember my confusion when my father couldn’t walk my mother and I to the gate at Philadelphia International 
“But the last time we visited Aunt Theresa you waved goodbye” 
What I would’ve given to go back to 1999

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember the dead 
Young Americans fighting out of grief and misguided patriotism
Iraqis and Afghans and Pakistanis slaughtered out of revenge 
I remember pushing a bully down a slide on a playground when he asked my friend if her parents bombed buildings
A week later he tripped me going down the stairs, spraining my ankle 
“Al Qaeda supporter,” he whispered

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember a war 
I remember being desensitized to images of gore and destruction 
I remember a norm of hatred and aggression in the name of patriotism and security
I remember learning of the ever-mounting debt being saddled on my generation 
Debts that my grandchildren will still be paying off
Debts of money and of blood

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember traveling to other countries 
Being reminded to exercise caution when telling people we’re Americans 
I remember the surprise on their faces 
“But you’re so nice” 
“You don’t look like war-mongers”

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember the nausea I felt when we learned in school that we armed and trained Al Qaeda and the Taliban
That we caused the Iranian Revolution 
That we fund corruption and war when it fits our needs 
That we’ve murdered millions in the name of freedom
That we are a nation of terrorists ourselves

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember years of teachers glossing over the early 2000s
“You know this already” 
I remember finally speaking up
Asking Mr. Palmatier to go over the events of that infamous day
I remember his stunned silence as he looked at his 2nd period AP US History class
“Sir…we were 6…we don’t remember”

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember the fear I feel every time I fly 
Every time I ride public transport
Every time I’m in a crowded area 
Every time I’m at a national site

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember visiting memorials on a frigid day in December 
Sleet masked the tears on my face 
So much death and destruction
An endless war 
A generation that grew up on fear
A generation that could learn
Learn to empathize
Learn to love
Learn from the mistakes of those who came before us

I don’t remember 9/11
But I can’t forget everything since
I won’t forget

- Shadowed Memories [9.11.2017]