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So I was rewatching Miraculous (again) and I just felt like you would understand that wonderful shipper feeling you get when you see the scene of Chat Noir smiling at Marinette's family photo in Animan.

NONY, YOU REALLY GET ME. BECAUSE, OK, ok. Like, I’m not sure why I never made a post about this but now that you brought it up I’m just??????? heck yeah let me talk about this—

because there is more to this scene than you know, anon. THERE IS MORE. So slip on your shipping goggles cuz we about to swim deep in this ocean of shipping feels~

See here, we have our sunshine baby Chat smiling at a picture of Marinette and her family. Now, that in itself is already oodles of cute and fluff because it shows he really likes the Dupain-Chengs—–


See this moment here? When Ladybug calls him, he reacts like this:

What is that face, you tomcat?

Is that guilt i see in your face?


Is it because “the love of your life” has caught you smiling at a photo of some other girl? Or is it because you caught yourself smiling at a photo of some other girl? In the general vicinity of the love of your life and the other girl’s parents?



are ye guilty of another crush? y/y

Malfoy Is Always Up To Something
  • Harry, in class: *is asleep*
  • Hermione: *shoving him* Harry wake up! You're going to get in trouble!
  • Harry: *mumbles*
  • Ron: *hissing loudly* Mate, really. The new teacher doesn't care who you are or what you've done!
  • Harry: *yawns and sniffles*
  • Professor: *using a Sonorous charm* WELL I THINK THAT'S TWENTY POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR.
  • Harry: *snores*
  • Draco, at the opposite end of the room: *blinks*
  • Harry: *sits straight up* What's Malfoy up to this time? He stayed in his room for hours last night and I ended up waiting until sunrise to follow him, but then all he did was go take a shower and wank!
  • Professor: ...
  • Hermione: ...
  • Ron: *whispering* You--you watched him wank?
  • Harry: *irritably* Well, I have to know what he's up to, don't I?
  • Draco: *blushes*
  • Harry, snapping: I *heard* that, Malfoy!
  • Ravi: If I mix a 6 hour sleeping aid pill and a 5 hour energy drink, do you think I will get a one hour nap?
  • Hongbin: How have you survived this long?

a comic about me learning how to drive

Chip's Dating Results

Craig Cahn: Love
Damien Bloodmarch: Love
Robert Small: Love (but no relationship while he works on his shit)
Mat Sella: Just Friends
Hugo Vega: Just Friends
Brian Harding: Just Friends
Joseph Christansen: Fuckbuddies? This romance is sad and weird and uncomfortable.

When’s the Dream Mom game where I can woo Mary from her awful marriage that is obviously making both her and Joseph profoundly unhappy?


Shining Live PV2 || ROT - Team: UR Cards

PS: Preregistrations for the game reached 1M last night, so players will get 200 prisms (to be used for the bromide gatcha) as a gift!


So I’m gonna be cosplaying as Lucy Carlyle for Manchester Comic Con (I’ll probs post some pics closer to the date) and I decided to make a skull in a jar to go with! His name is skullykins.

Just a reminder: all good things in a fandon will reach the toxic areas of a fandom. It’s unavoidable and all we can do is just remember that these things are good regardless of what the toxic people say about it.

How Bruce Wayne’s Good Intentions During OYL Contributed to Making Tim Drake a Bitter Bean

My bud @kiragecko and I were talking about my last fic and the things that would effect the relationship between time-traveling variations of Tim Drake, when she pointed out that I might as well make our convo into a meta post. So here we go.

We often talk about how Tim’s painful experiences changed him, but we don’t talk about how the good ones did too. I think we underestimate how much One Year Later changed Tim.

Bruce totally did it on purpose. He used an entire year away from Gotham to totally change his relationship with Tim and cement Tim’s relationship with himself and Dick.

Bruce successfully got it through Tim’s head that he loved Tim like a son. That Tim and Dick were brothers in name and actuality on multiple levels.

He wanted Tim to be happy. He believed that making sure Tim knew how much he was loved and how much he belonged was the only chance he had of making the kid happy after Tim suffered the death of his father, girlfriend, and best friend in one fell swoop.

Bruce couldn’t have known how much it would also make Tim vulnerable.

The things that drive a knife through Red Robin, that make it so hard for him to get up day after day would have next to no effect on Robin!Tim.

A 16-years-old-or-younger Tim doesn’t believe Bruce does or should love him as a son. Doesn’t believe that Dick calling him lil’ brother necessarily mean he’s a big priority or anything. So having it yelled in his face doesn’t hurt. Not like it hurts an older Tim who BELIEVED those things.

It doesn’t matter how much older Tim tells himself the things he used to tell himself as a kid. He can TRY to deny, but he BELIEVED he was loved and had a place in the family. Because Bruce made him believe it. So now having it taken away hurts.

And as far as he can tell, no one’s even sorry.