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1. No, sex is NOT a social construct and neither is gender. They are a matter of biology so there is a reason why the “narrow-minded” scientists believe in the binary. Gender is more than just a mere feeling.

2. So all in all your feelings. If you go by that logic then you can turn every emotion of you into a gender. Also yes, there IS basis for binary genders. It’s called DNA, hormone and neurology. While there are people whose biology is male and female, they still move within the binary norm. Even intersex people still are binary because they only have feminine and masculine elements. There is no nonbinary in nature, you either are male, female or a mixture of both. Biology is not a social construct but mere nature. Please, read a book, kid.

3. Yes, your 1001 genders can be made legal by state but this doesn’t mean they are real genders. Hell, the state could even write “Gender: cat” into someone’s documents if they wanted to. Just because the state sees something as “official” doesn’t mean it is a fact.

So much stupidity in only a few paragraphs. Seriously, education, try it. And they call us narrow-minded x)

The following people can be feminists
  • Women
  • Men
  • Gender-Fluids
  • Transgenders
  • Non-Binary People
  • Gay people
  • Straight people
  • Bisexual people 
  • Polygender people 
  • And everybody else in between 

    Who can not be feminists?
  • Pervy men who see feminism as an easy ticket to pull women

artsywerewolf6  asked:

Can I call myself non-binary if I sometimes feel binary? Like sometimes I feel like I'm agender, while sometimes I feel like a man and sometimes I feel like a mixture of both?


Being nonbinary just means that you aren’t 100% a guy 100% of the time or 100% a girl 100% of the time.

There’s plenty of nonbinary people who sometimes/partially are a binary gender, but they are still just as nonbinary as any other nonbinary person.

Paladins of Voltron, as "shitpost generator" posts...

“Can I trust the space gender binary”
“Too many people”
“My rock is bad”
“Something’s I’m not the one kinkshaming dude”
“Please stop trying to scream at a goddess”
“Fear my wicked sick pants”
“My goal is to straight up suffer”

help, my partner is super masculine and macho, so i was really surprised when they told me theyve been taking a late night scrapbooking class so they could make me a scrapbook of our memories! they like the class so much that theyre even gonna keep taking it!!!! screw the gender binary!


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A little kid at my painting camp pulled me over to the side and said “I don’t know how to ask this, but are you a boy or a girl?? I can’t tell.”

And I was thrilled because I had passed the “child pointing out your appearance means gender” test as well as being approachable enough that he could ask. So I sat down and told him I was neither and explained that growing up I was told I was a girl but that I’m not, but I’m not a boy either. And he just looked at me and said “so you’re just a person.” Swear to god I had the biggest smile on my face when I told him that’s exactly what I was.

For the rest of the day he just called me Izzy instead of Ms something or any gendered title and I got a hug at the end of camp.

So if you say gender is too confusing for children to understand, I have a first grader who would tell you otherwise.

Why do people make shit arguments against queer representation by saying things like, “The percentage of LGBTQ people in the population isn’t that high.” Well neither is the percentage of vampires, but we see plenty of them in our media don’t we?