no future

In a 2006 piece for one of the broadsheet Modernism supplements, J.G. Ballard wrote of his ‘regret’ that no-one could fall in love in the Heathrow Hilton, while 'people were falling in love in the Louvre all the time… For Marcuse, to leave the argument at that, or as Socialist Realists advocated, take up bourgeois culture columns and all for the proletariat, or reproduce its values in a new style, led both avant-gardists and leftist aesthetic traditionalists to 'miss the main point: the abolition of this culture’. This is what made leftist Modernisms so harsh: the need to assert a counter, to create another culture, something the left is at present utterly unwilling to do, endlessly harping on about 'resistance’, without the slightest notion of victory, let alone what culture should exist afterwards.
—  Owen Hatherley, Militant Modernism p. 70-71