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i get that camp star’s performance had a higher production value in regards to costume, special effects, choreography, etc. but camp rock’s performance had heart and soul!! they were able to capture the essence of camp rock in that performance alone and for that they should have fucking won the final jam i’m still fuming

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Any good Heather Chandler headcanons?

yes god so many

-her dream for the future was to get married, have three kids, and live in a beach house
-except she fucking hates the ocean she won’t go near it don’t
-her parents are divorced but they still live together, they just never talk
-yes, dinner is very awkward
-she really likes motorcycles and she wants a pink one
-she would not be caught dead in a 7/11
-she likes playing with rubber bands
-she has an emergency beauty supply with makeup, baby wipes, a small brush, mini deodorant, a little roller ball thing of perfume, travel toothbrush and toothpaste
-she drinks a cherry coke every morning for breakfast
-she likes cherry flavored things
-she was homeschooled for a while because she wouldn’t play with the other kids or talk at all during school and it worried her mother
-she gets super paranoid at night
-fumes from hairspray and nail polish make her vomit so she wears a face mask when she does her hair and nails
-she goes to the mall every sunday from opening to closing time
-she fucking loves popcorn
-feed her popcorn with a shit ton of salt
-she will cry over anything and everything, she just hides so she can cry without being teased
-she is afraid of the dentist
-she once had nine cavities at a time as a child
-she thinks archery is cool

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"I'm sorry" said by who ever to morality. how much angst can you fit into a story?

This is a human AU

Morality walked out of the living room absolutely fuming. He choked down his tears as he opened the door to leave. “Morality!” Logic called from their bedroom.

“No!” Morality snapped, “Don’t talk to me!”

Logic grabbed Morality’s arm and snapped back, “You are letting your emotions control you!”

Pulling his arm away, Morality cried, “So what if I am?” He knew that Logic hated to see him cry, but he couldn’t help it.

“Just come back into our room, we can talk about this!”

Morality ignored Logic, picked up his bag, and left.


Morality always went to the dog park when he was upset. Today, that wasn’t exactly helping him. He watched a couple play with they’re golden retriever puppy and felt a tugging at his heart.

He only looked away to glance at the suitcase that was lying next to him. He knew he would have go back, but he just couldn’t do it yet. Maybe he’d go to a hotel and relax for a few days, attempt to forgive Logic.


Morality tried his hardest to remain mad at Logic, but he just couldn’t. He loved him too much. What worried him was if… if Logic loved him back? Logic never really seemed to care about what Morality thought or wanted. He seemed to only want to get things done and never wanted to have fun.


Morality whipped his head around to meet Logic’s sad eyes. “Logic….” Morality held back the lump in his throat. “What are you doing here?”

“I just want to say…” Logic gulped, seeming to be holding back tears as well. “I shouldn’t have sold him.”

Morality’s eyes widened. Getting Logic to say he regrets doing something that, well, made logical sense to him was extremely difficult. “Why? Why did you sell our puppy?”

“The-” Logic get choked up and took a few deep breaths to hold down cries. “I’m so sorry, Morality.”

Logic collapsed onto Morality, holding him tightly. “Wha-” Morality sat there for a moment, shocked that Logic was the one to hug him. Logic was acting so strange… “Logic?”

“I didn’t s-sell him,” Logic sobbed. “I just didn’t w-want you to see what I had to!”

Morality pulled Logic up. “Hey, hey hey. Logan, what happened?”

Logic, with messed up hair, a crooked tie, and red eyes, whispered, “There was a car. I stopped l-looking at him for one second.”

As the truth dawned on Morality, he felt sudden guilt and pain. “So that’s why you…”

Logic nodded and grabbed Morality again and started to cry once again. “I’m s-so sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Morality rubbed Logic’s back and whispered, “I forgive you…”

And they both cried.

sorry this is so late i just lost insperation for some reason 

— Mamá, toma los 20 pesos de cilantro que me encargaste

— Esto es marihuana hijo de la chingada

—  mytesmyg

Okay but Kevin grew up in the north for most of his life, right? And one could say he’s fairly new to the south?? So, as we know, Kevin- our little obsessive, cares about all of two and a half things very passionately in his life- LOVES history…
And as a history major, you probably have to take a least one U.S. Class? So picture this:

He’s in U.S. and it’s that time in the semester where they spend a week talking about the Civil War, and maybe the professor is a little bias and maybe more than half the class is a little bias and all I can think about is a passionate, very northern-minded Kevin Day fighting the majority of his class of PSU, pulling out primary documents and unrolling maps and just FUMING about what happened, military tactics that failed and succeeded, who won, why, etc etc..

Just.. Kevin fighting people over history and dedicating his next semester to taking a specific Civil War class so he could fight some more.