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Contest Results

With the raffle over and the prizes drawn I can finally show the winners of my Mayor Art Raffle  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

1st place went to @smokee-crossing who won a full body image of their mayor 

Runner ups each received a bust shot of their mayors

2nd: @fight-the-fandom

3rd: @mayor-of-oakwood

I want to thank everyone again for entering and supporting me through the years by reblogging, asking requests and especially the people who go the extra mile and leave a tip!

You’re all my lucky charms and I hope to do another one of these in the future    ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Harry X Reader: Smut

In which Harry loves your boobs and hates when you sleep.

Request? Yes:

Omg please write something about harry and his missus boobs I’m dying for it

Harry has been in a mood since the moment he woke up, hands roaming your body under the sheets, cupping the underneath of your breasts, lips sponging over the back of your neck. He woke you up with his feely touches, much to your annoyance.

“Harry, leave me alone,” you mumbled, rolling away from him. The two of you were out late last night and had a long day ahead of you. You needed all the shut eye you could get.

“Jus’ wan’ some cuddles, love,” he complained with a tired whine, fingers snaking over your hip in an effort to pull you back to him.

“No, you don’t. Let me sleep.” You had to shove his hands away twice more before he finally relented, climbing out of bed to get ready for the day. You were thankful for the peace, but no matter how hard you tried, there was no getting back to sleep.

Now, here you are, yawning through the doorway after a busy schedule of meetings and catch-ups, toeing off your shoes in the entryway. Your feet lead you to the couch where you collapse onto your back, eyes resting closed. A wave of relieved bliss washes over you until it’s broken once more.

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His || Jungkook || 0.17

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 | 0.12 | 0.13| 0.14 | 0.15 | 0.16 | 0.17 |

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memory found || stiles stilinski

word count: 4242

warnings: season 6 spoilers, mentions of sex, light swearing

prompt: part one of this imagine

author’s note: yeah, so i got just a little carried away with this tbh. i really liked the idea of this imagine and i am really happy with how it turned out. also, THAT SEASON 6A FINALE! AM I RIGHT?? anyways, enjoy this imagine and feel free to make requests!


By definition, Stiles and Y/N were friends with benefits.

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Alright, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my luck on Tinder so here is what I do to attract wealthier men on Tinder.


have 5 photos on my profile, 2 being well lit face shots of me wearing natural or minimalistic amounts of makeup. the amount to wear is completely up to you but I prefer to keep it fresh faced. the other 3 of my photos are full body pictures of me wearing various outfits in different locations. The first is of me at a more formal event, wearing a little black dress and heels; you can clearly see the fancy venue behind me. Second picture is on the terrace of a hotel room, I’m in a bikini facing away from the camera and looking at the sunset in the back round. Last photo is me in Bora Bora, sitting under a fern tree in a bikini, looking at straight at the camera and smiling.

   I used these photos in particular because as a whole, they display the lifestyle I’m accustomed to living, and therefore attracts people who are capable and willing tp uphold and expand that lifestyle, but I know what you’re thinking


my answer is; fake that shit girl

get dressed up, find a plain wall or a wall with nice décor on it, and have someone take photos of you, if you’re ever anywhere with a nice view, have someone take a photo with the view in the back (try not to get any unwanted stragglers in the back)


I have been on so many POT dates where men have flat out told me that the reason they liked my profile so much is because of the complete lack of snapchat filter bullshit, newsflash sweetheart, they want to see your actual face. not you as a dog, not you with silver eyes and a flower crown, and not you in some weird greenish filter that contours your face and blurs your crowsfeet. That shit might be cute if you’re looking for an unemployed, basement dwelling 22 year old, but not when you’re trying to attract a successful business man.



you guys are about to be extremely disappointed……

I keep it minimal

first of all I NEVER EVER EVER put the phrase “sugar baby” or “sugar daddy” in my bio, I don’t know I personally find it tacky. I also don’t say anything about wanting something “mutually beneficial” because I let my photos do the talking. I stick to 4 simple little bullet points saying that I’m well traveled, a  fine wine and sushi enthusiast , and how many counties I visited in 2016 (this can easily be substituted by something else that’s more personally fitted) and then at the bottom a simple “Show me the rest of the world?” BOOM I immediately have an inbox weeded of salts (they’ll still appear though, but I’m positive that my profile does shoo some of them away) and instead I’m left with potential daddies and splendas.


I look for men, who have similar profiles as my own;

- well dressed

- exotic/expensive location

-well groomed

-well spoken


I know some men have their jobs in the description of their profiles, I sway towards CEO’s and entrepreneurs (they could be lying so don’t get your hopes too high)

as for my age range, mine goes from 36 to 55+, most POT are over the age of 40 but I shaved a few years off because I’ve seen that some men in their 40′s will lie and say they’re 37-39


so hey!!!! i’m gonna star taking commissions!! i don’t know how long they’ll be open, but if you’re interested, hit me up at my email!!!

Avatars & Icons 
what’s shown in the above image is going to be my default style for these. however, if you want me to do a different style, like the sketch or messy monochrome, that works too. regardless of style, it’ll all be $20. 500x500 pixels is the default size. 

Full Color Images
the price for these ranges from $30-50 because it depends on the size of the image and how many characters there are, and because the style i’m using takes me much longer to finish than the others. 

if it’s just a bust shot/waist up image of one character, then the price is $30. but full body shots add $10, and adding another character will be another $10.

Monochrome Sketch
these don’t take me very long, and are pretty simple to do. the price for these is $15, but an extra character will be another $5. full body or waist up doesn’t change the price of these.

Messy Monochrome 
these have a lot of texture and line to them, so they cost a little more than the regular sketches. extra characters will be another $5.

in general, i won’t be doing any sort of background unless otherwise specified. this will be an extra +$5 on all of the pieces.

What i’m willing to draw:

  • i’m willing to draw ships, however i refuse to draw anything that is abusive/pedophilic/incestuous or NSFW. and there are some ships that i really can’t stand that aren’t any of those, so i’m sorry about that.
  • self inserts
  • OCs
  • characters from manga/anime/cartoons/movies/etc

What i won’t draw:

  • as mentioned above, any ships that are abusive/pedophilic/incestuous or NSFW.
  • gore/horror
  • pretty much anything that falls into those categories

and also, if you’re going to request a self insert/OC or a character from a series i’m not familiar with, please provide me with a reference(s)!!

thanks for reading!!!!

edit: i’ll be accepting payment via paypal!!!!!

Y’know I only took ref from that one image where Topaz was half in shot -leading me to assume her body as I did- but then I saw that better full shot picture showing she got rlly tiny legs???
All this time
I thought I’d have Wreck-It Smiley
But in reality it was Harold Ralph

morning views (e.d.)

***Warnings: None


“Baby. Babe, you gotta wake up. Come on, let’s see those pretty eyes.”

Squeezing your already closed eyes, you flipped onto your stomach to bury your face in the pillow as your brain began to bring your body back to full consciousness. The familiar sounds of an early Friday morning poured into your ears as your boyfriend began gently rocking your stiff body.

“You hit snooze in your sleep again. You’re lucky your loud ass alarm woke me up so I could stop you from oversleeping.” 

E,” you groaned, your voice being muffled by the pillow.

“Yes, love?”

You nearly fell back asleep as Ethan’s long fingers pushed the hair that had fallen to the sides of your face back and over your shoulder, twisting a couple strands between his digits as he did so.

Finally opening your eyes, you turned your head and allowed your tired, blurry vision to focus on the most gorgeous man you’d ever laid eyes on. He was propped up on his right elbow, greeting you with a small and sleepy smile. His lower half was still tangled in the sheets up to the hem of his boxers, leaving his naked upper body on full display. Turning onto your left side to face him and get a better look, your sleep-heavy right arm extended in front of you to sweep the messy strands of bedhead away from his eyes. Ethan watched your eyes intently as they followed your movements. You dropped your hand to his jaw, your thumb automatically grazing over your favorite amount of stubble. Tracing his jaw down to his chin, your eyes locked on those full, flushed lips. As if on cue, his tongue poked out and licked the soft skin. They were so… velvety. Your thumb was drawn to them like a magnet, outlining their rounded shape.

“I love you,” you whispered as the pad of your thumb lightly stroked the plump skin of his bottom lip. 

A low and breathy chuckle slipped from Ethan’s lips as the corners of his mouth turned upwards, flashing you his bright, toothy smile. Your favorite sound followed by your favorite sight. His little laughs sent shivers down your spine and his beautiful smile made your heart leap. You wished he wouldn’t be so overcritical of his bright smile. 

“You love me, huh?” He sighed, lips pulling together in a teasing smirk. Goosebumps dotted your skin at the barely there feeling of his hand gliding down your side, palm landing on your hip. His fingertips softly dug into the swell, his thumb caressing your skin and allowing the faint scrape of his nail.

“Mmm,” you hummed in response as your eyes fluttered closed. 

The deduction of your vision gave rise to the heightened ability of your remaining senses. Suddenly, every touch receptor in your body was notifying you of the presence of Ethan’s hand lovingly kneading at the curved softness of your hip. Your ears centered on the barely audible, continuous cycle of his slow and deep breathing. The faint and worn smell of his woodsy cologne still lingered on his hot skin. The bed shifted slightly where Ethan was laying as you sensed him leaning forward, planting kisses on each of your closed eyelids and one on the tip of your nose. Scrunching your face with a smile, you slowly opened your eyes immediately noticing just how close Ethan’s face was to yours. You could make out every shade in the melting pot of color within his irises and count each of his long, black eyelashes. The same playful smirk was plastered on his face as he whispered his response in a gravely tone, his palm adding more pressure behind the squeezing of your hip.

“Well baby, that’s quite the relief to hear, considering I love you as well. Maybe we should date.”

“Maybe,” you giggled, once again bringing a hand up to his hair, your fingers softly digging into his thick, dark locks. Ethan’s eyes closed as a quiet, innocent groan rumbled in his throat. A similar smirk played on your own lips as you continued your taunting: “Or maybe not.”

Without missing a beat and with eyes still closed, Ethan’s hands firmly grasped your sides, easily hauling you forward, emitting a squeal from your lips. He guided you on top of him in a straddling position, the palms of your hands flying to his chest in order to keep your balance.

Immediately, you bent down to press your lips to his in a brief kiss before placing the left side of your head on his right collarbone. Your arms snaked easily around his neck, hands instantly twirling and playing with the puffs of hair on the nape of his neck. Your eyes closed as well as you listened to his steady pulse and focused on the light scratches his nails were giving your back. These sweet morning moments were few and far between, but you wished they happened everyday. With Ethan’s career and your college schedule combined, many times one of you would be gone before the other even woke up. Today, however, Ethan had the entire day off, but you still had class. You were seriously considering playing hooky for the day, but you knew Ethan wouldn’t allow it. Especially considering the struggles you’ve been known to have in certain subjects. His voice brought you back to reality the moment he noticed you beginning to slowly drift to sleep again.

“C’mon sweetheart,” he mumbled into your hair. “You gotta get to class.”

The whiny groan that  vibrated from you made Ethan’s heart melt. He lived and breathed for the many effects he had on you. That being said, he was still fully aware you had him helplessly wrapped around your finger. The idea of staying in this same position: legs twisted, arms wrapped, and faces buried as you soaked in the warmth of the other was something you both craved. It was nearly enough to break Ethan’s strength and keep you in this bed all day. Almost.

“I’m sick of it,” you muttered into his neck as your right hand traced his prominent clavicle. “You know it’s my worst class. I’m the most stressed I’ve ever been.”

Ethan’s hand rubbed your back gently in comfort as you spoke. He knew just how much you hated this class in particular. You studied yourself sick night after night, often not coming to bed before two or three in the morning. He witnessed too many tears of frustration and defeat slipping down your cheeks as you read and reread sections in your Power Points, handwritten notes, and textbooks containing the most complex information of each chapter. The immense pride he felt when you finally had a breakthrough of understanding was indescribable. 

Unfortunately, those moments of glory never came easy.

You were on the verge of one, he just knew it, but you needed to get to class to take another step towards it.

“I know you’re sick of it, but you have to go,” Ethan soothed, still rubbing circles into your lower back. “When you come home, we can come right back to this same position and stay here all weekend if you want.”

You sighed, instantly relaxing at the thought. Taking in his words, you unraveled one of your arms and reached out to press the home button of Ethan’s phone laying on his nightstand.

8:15 AM.

45 minutes until you had to leave. As you read the large, bright numbers on his screen, you felt your boyfriend’s arms wrap around your abdomen tightly in a comforting embrace as he pressed his lips to your forehead.

“I’m all yours the second you come back home.”

As you began weighing the pros and cons in your head, your thoughts were soon interrupted by a swift, playful slap to your backside causing you to shriek in surprise.

“Up,” Ethan commanded with a chuckle and another slap.

“Okay, okay,” you whimpered, pushing yourself off your boyfriend and onto your feet. 

You padded into your connected master suite and turned on the shower, allowing the water to heat up before poking your head out of the doorway to catch a glimpse of Ethan. His long legs were sprawled across your shared bed, one arm behind his head and the other attempting to rub the sleep from his face. You tiptoed to the edge of the bed and waited until he noticed your presence. His movements froze as he caught your eyes wandering across his torso.

“Take a picture, princess. It’ll last longer,” he teased with a raised eyebrow. 

You rolled your eyes at his tone.

“Wanna shower with me?” You asked in your sweetest voice in hopes of convincing him. 

Ethan chuckled as his arms reached over his head, proceeding to stretch out his body head to toe, making the most adorable whine as he did so. He let out a deep sigh as he propped himself up onto two elbows, causing his biceps to flex and bulge. He took his time lovingly studying your perfectly messy hair and makeup free face. You were stunning through and through in his eyes. A lazy smile crept onto his face as he noticed your eyebrow raising in response to his stare.

He untangled himself from the sheets, stood, and positioned himself directly in front of you. Before you could speak, he cupped both your cheeks and gently encouraged you forward as he tilted his head down to press his lips to yours in a sweet, leisurely kiss. Slowly pulling away, his hands floated from your cheeks to the sides of your waist.

You barely had time to register the smirk that had found its way back to his features before he was scooping you up, throwing you over his shoulder, and marching you back into the bathroom.


Conditioned (Part 4)

(Tae wonders if he’ll ever get to experience the things you do with the men you date, only to be surprised by what he gets.)

Warning: 12,400 words of sex stuff, sub!Tae, female dom, aural voyeurism, tease and denial, or something like that

After a month of hard work on a critical project, the head of Tae’s department invited the entire team out to eat and drink on the company’s tab.  Tae enjoyed these outings, partially because he liked socializing with his coworkers and partially because he liked eating for free.  His boss was the son of the company’s owner and liked to be a show-off with his money.  He always chose places that served the highest quality meat and drink.  They were already well into the evening and Tae had happily gorged himself on hanwoo beef and upscale soju, while chatting with his work friends.

“Are you even listening to me?” Tae was frustrated from having to continuously repeat himself to his friend, Hoseok.  “You keep looking over my shoulder while I’m talking to you.  Is there something going on behind me?”  Tae started to turn his head to see what it was that had Hoseok so distracted.  

“No, stop!  You are going to make it too obvious and they’ll notice me looking at them!” Hoseok waved at Tae to lean in across the table so they could speak privately.  “I’ve been watching this couple behind you.  Something seemed odd about them and I’ve been trying to figure it out.  I think she’s giving him a hand-job under the table.”

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I hate to do this, but I’m in a tight spot.

As of yesterday I heard my mom on the phone telling a friend that she was just notified of a 15 day eviction notice. She didn’t want me to hear, which was obvious, but I feel like I can do something to help her. 

My mom is disabled, so she isn’t able to work. She has had multiple strokes and heart attacks, and her liver and heart are both failing. I’m doing my best at the moment to scrape up money to help us, but if we can’t pay off the amount, we will be forced to leave our home. 

That’s why I’m promoting emergency commissions so that i can try to get the money to help pay off the rent and bills. I’ll do full color bust shots like this for 10 USD, and full body shots for 15:

I also know how to do furry art, so that option is open as well:

Again, im really sorry to do this, I feel awful asking, but If we end up being evicted, we will have nowhere to go. If you don’t believe what i’m saying is true, feel free to DM @no1sun as well as @noodlepots if you have any questions. they are good friends of mine and are aware of my mom’s current health.

My paypal is, if you are interested at all, please DM me. I finish commissions within the day that they are requested, usually in 2-3 hours. you can DM @whackamadoooodle as well as @fabulouslittlefox to verify this as well, since they have both commissioned me in the past.

If you even read this, thank you. It would mean so much to me if you at least reblogged it so that other people can see.



DISCLAIMER: The artworks that I make will only for personal use and not commercial use I will not hold responsible for the misuse of said artworks that I will commission.

(Check my Art Tag for more samples)

Pay First and then I will give you your commission (You don’t go to the supermarket and get your purchase before you pay do you?)

  • No Refunds!!!

( I will do my best on each commissions so it would take a while, so PLEASE be patient !!)

A redo for my crappy commission sheet as well as officially re-opening my business again :D There’s a lot of things I want to save up and since Mom start to guilt trip me for using her money, I want to make some on my own.

Please fill this form when you send me a commission (So that it would be easy for me to know what you want in detail). Be as SPECIFIC as you can:

(Sketch, Lineart, Full Color, Chibi):
Type (Full Body, Half-Body, Head-Shot):
Background(None, Simple, Detail):
References (Pose, characters and other details) [PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC IN THIS AS POSSIBLE SO I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT]:
Amount of characters: 


  • I have the right to reject a request!
  • You can ask for as many WIPs throughout the process
  • Once again, PLEASE be as specific as possible in your form please! Includes images if needed 

Ask me anything through my contacts listed above if you have questions about any detail in my sheet!!


hi everyone!! im opening up commissions for the summer!!!!! if you like my art and want to support me, id love it more than anything if you could commission me!

im doing character illustrations mostly!


- bust / icon sorta thing: $5

- waist up: $7

- full body: $10

- extra characters: +$5

fancier lines and shading:

- bust: $10

- waist up: $15

- full body: $20

- bg: +$10

- extra character: +$10 - $15 depending on which option you chose

i will draw:

- honestly? just about anything. ur ocs, ur ocs with existing characters, you, fanart, etc etc. just ask! im willing to give certain things that arent exactly listed here a shot as well, just ask me about it when contacting me

i will NOT draw:

- pedophilia/incest

- abusive stuff

- just generally legitimately gross, unpleasant things that you cant even be flexible about

contact me at!!! or, donate to my for a small doodle! thank you so much!!!!!!


Valentine’s Day OUTTAKES. Theyre cute tho not disastrous

Here’s Honpun NOT cooperating and standing outside of the “set.”


This is the full body shot of the pic I used for Valentine’s day, look how chunky he is and the 1 claw

Lol let’s stand as far away from the things as possible (millet bribe in the shoe didnt work)

This is my favorite outtake. He reminds me of a dorky school kid posing on a field trip.