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Although I'm inclined to believe you the skeptic in me claims that you could've just put the 74in mark around your head even if the start was not at your feet this just means we're gonna need full body shots

Oh. My. God.

memory found || stiles stilinski

word count: 4242

warnings: season 6 spoilers, mentions of sex, light swearing

prompt: part one of this imagine

author’s note: yeah, so i got just a little carried away with this tbh. i really liked the idea of this imagine and i am really happy with how it turned out. also, THAT SEASON 6A FINALE! AM I RIGHT?? anyways, enjoy this imagine and feel free to make requests!


By definition, Stiles and Y/N were friends with benefits.

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Valentine’s Day OUTTAKES. Theyre cute tho not disastrous

Here’s Honpun NOT cooperating and standing outside of the “set.”


This is the full body shot of the pic I used for Valentine’s day, look how chunky he is and the 1 claw

Lol let’s stand as far away from the things as possible (millet bribe in the shoe didnt work)

This is my favorite outtake. He reminds me of a dorky school kid posing on a field trip.


Harry X Reader

Request? Yes:

Omg please write something about harry and his missus boobs I’m dying for it

Harry has been in a mood since the moment he woke up, hands roaming your body under the sheets, cupping the underneath of your breasts, lips sponging over the back of your neck. He woke you up with his feely touches, much to your annoyance.

“Harry, leave me alone,” you mumbled, rolling away from him. The two of you were out late last night and had a long day ahead of you. You needed all the shut eye you could get.

“Jus’ wan’ some cuddles, love,” he complained with a tired whine, fingers snaking over your hip in an effort to pull you back to him.

“No, you don’t. Let me sleep.” You had to shove his hands away twice more before he finally relented, climbing out of bed to get ready for the day. You were thankful for the peace, but no matter how hard you tried, there was no getting back to sleep.

Now, here you are, yawning through the doorway after a busy schedule of meetings and catch-ups, toeing off your shoes in the entryway. Your feet lead you to the couch where you collapse onto your back, eyes resting closed. A wave of relieved bliss washes over you until it’s broken once more.

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Alright, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my luck on Tinder so here is what I do to attract wealthier men on Tinder.


have 5 photos on my profile, 2 being well lit face shots of me wearing natural or minimalistic amounts of makeup. the amount to wear is completely up to you but I prefer to keep it fresh faced. the other 3 of my photos are full body pictures of me wearing various outfits in different locations. The first is of me at a more formal event, wearing a little black dress and heels; you can clearly see the fancy venue behind me. Second picture is on the terrace of a hotel room, I’m in a bikini facing away from the camera and looking at the sunset in the back round. Last photo is me in Bora Bora, sitting under a fern tree in a bikini, looking at straight at the camera and smiling.

   I used these photos in particular because as a whole, they display the lifestyle I’m accustomed to living, and therefore attracts people who are capable and willing tp uphold and expand that lifestyle, but I know what you’re thinking


my answer is; fake that shit girl

get dressed up, find a plain wall or a wall with nice décor on it, and have someone take photos of you, if you’re ever anywhere with a nice view, have someone take a photo with the view in the back (try not to get any unwanted stragglers in the back)


I have been on so many POT dates where men have flat out told me that the reason they liked my profile so much is because of the complete lack of snapchat filter bullshit, newsflash sweetheart, they want to see your actual face. not you as a dog, not you with silver eyes and a flower crown, and not you in some weird greenish filter that contours your face and blurs your crowsfeet. That shit might be cute if you’re looking for an unemployed, basement dwelling 22 year old, but not when you’re trying to attract a successful business man.



you guys are about to be extremely disappointed……

I keep it minimal

first of all I NEVER EVER EVER put the phrase “sugar baby” or “sugar daddy” in my bio, I don’t know I personally find it tacky. I also don’t say anything about wanting something “mutually beneficial” because I let my photos do the talking. I stick to 4 simple little bullet points saying that I’m well traveled, a  fine wine and sushi enthusiast , and how many counties I visited in 2016 (this can easily be substituted by something else that’s more personally fitted) and then at the bottom a simple “Show me the rest of the world?” BOOM I immediately have an inbox weeded of salts (they’ll still appear though, but I’m positive that my profile does shoo some of them away) and instead I’m left with potential daddies and splendas.


I look for men, who have similar profiles as my own;

- well dressed

- exotic/expensive location

-well groomed

-well spoken


I know some men have their jobs in the description of their profiles, I sway towards CEO’s and entrepreneurs (they could be lying so don’t get your hopes too high)

as for my age range, mine goes from 36 to 55+, most POT are over the age of 40 but I shaved a few years off because I’ve seen that some men in their 40′s will lie and say they’re 37-39



(short story from readers perspective)

SYNOPSIS - Negan accuses you of letting Daryl out of his cell, and punishes you brutally. Only to find out that it was never you who freed him after all.

WARNING - swearing, violence, brutality

Word count - 1,916

A/N This is just a short story I came up with and wrote down during work (oops) I hope you enjoy

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You were roughly pushed into a small room, and forced to sit in an old wooden chair in the centre of the grey concrete floor. A bright halo of light was switched on above your head, making you squint.
Once your eyes adjusted and were able to focus again you saw none other than Negan slam a small stool in front of you and sit on it in one swift motion.

His face held anything but a pleased expression, the muscles in his jaw tightened and the veins in his neck were very prominent. Whatever you had done to make him this mad you knew it wouldn’t end pretty.

Seconds ago you were outside pruning some roses and humming ‘Moon River’, when all of a sudden two men grabbed you and silently dragged you inside the sanctuary.

“Afternoon doll ! And how the fuck are we ?” he bellowed with a loud clap that created an echo. You didn’t reply as confusion completely hindered your ability to speak.

“Speak when you’re fucking spoken to” he growled.

“I’m okay” was all you could squeak out, in actual fact you weren’t okay at all, you were very much frightened. And he knew that.

“Okay? Well hold on to that while you fucking can doll because things are about to get real fucking ugly” he spat as he got closer to your face. That was the thing about Negan, he was very much the alpha. And used dominance to his advantage, one method being invading people’s personal space.

Your breathing began getting heavier, why were you being treated like a criminal in an interrogation room. What had you done ??

“As you know by now I don’t enjoy killing women, men ? I can waste them all the live long. But at the end of day Y/N my dear, this was your mistake” he said matter of factly.

“Wait, what the hell is this ??” you said as the feeling of panic grew stronger in the pit of your stomach. Negan stood up and removed his leather jacket, then picked up the stool and threw it out of the room causing a loud clatter.

“This, is fucking punishment” he finished as one of Negans men threw a hard punch connecting to the side of your head causing you to fly out of your chair and on to the cold floor. Blood instantly began pouring out your head once it had hit the ground, the impact immediately splitting the skin open on your skull. Before you could react you were yanked up by your hair and put back in the chair.

“WHY DID YOU LET HIM OUT ?!” shouted Negan in a deep gruff voice.

“Let who out ?!” You cried, your response earning another hard blow to your face. This time causing your nose to profusely bleed. Your vision began to blur as you began to cry, your face was wet from the cocktail of blood and tears that poured out of you.

Negan stood in front of you as two of his men beat you senseless, what a coward. Getting others to do his dirty work for him.

“ADMIT TO ME THAT YOU FUCKING LET DARYL OUT !” he shouted in your face. His breath creating a layer of condensation to add to the moisture on your face.

“I’m not admitting to something I didn’t do !” You yelled right back, causing his expression to fall into a neutral one.

“I am being very reasonable with you girl, trust me I’m being the good cop here. And honey you really don’t want to meet the bad cop, Lucille is very excited to fucking greet your sorry ass.”

You’re heart sank, Lucille was his baseball bat that he covered with barbed wire. The unfortunate soul who would fall victim to Lucilles wrath at the hands of Negan, would ultimately meet a violent and fatal end. You recall hearing talk about Negan smashing two peoples skulls in a few weeks back, his constant bragging of the ordeal showed you how little remorse he felt after.

“Negan I swear to you, I would never have any reason whatsoever to betray you. You gave me a home, and the closest thing to normal life again. Why would I ever risk all of that. I don’t even know who this Daryl guy is !” you poured out, every word you spoke was the gods honest truth.

“In any other fucking circumstance doll, I would fucking believe you. If it wasn’t for finding this fucking bad boy tucked away safely between your mattress and bed frame. Care to fucking explain this ?” he said as he showed you a small note saying ‘Thanks Y/N, I owe you one !’ You’d never seen that note in your entire life.

“Negan I’ve never seen that before, someone’s framing me !” You said in hysteria.

“DON’T FUCKING LIE TO ME ! YOU ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE FUCKING LIERS !” he screamed as he shot up from his squatted position all the way to his full height.

“I’m not lying ! Why would I lie to the man who saved my life ?!” You cried further as fear practically radiated off of your body.

“Don’t fucking start with that bullshit again doll, the whole ‘guilt trip’ subdivision doesn’t work with me, this ain’t Hamlet. You’re a nice girl and all, and you’re sure as hell smoking hot. But like I always say…NO EXCEPTIONS !” You were then picked up by one of his men and thrown on to the floor, you felt your arm shatter beneath you at impact. You endured at least thirty to forty minutes of endless beatings by all three men. That was until Dwight came to the door requesting Negans attention.

“Can’t you fucking see I’m busy here Dwighty boy” said Negan breathlessly.

“It’s important sir” said Dwight, his voice held a hint of urgency as his eyes darted back and forth from Negan to you.

“This better be fucking good” he muttered as he wiped his bloody hands with a cloth as he left the room.

“Don’t finish without me !” He called back to his men

With your eyes barely open, you saw Negan by the doorway. Dwight was out of sight but you could see them converse, Negans eyebrows turned to a frown. You saw him talk, his face still holding a confused look. You then saw his eyes widen as Dwight showed him a piece of paper- possibly a picture of some sort, he looked at you and then back at Dwight. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say a wash of realisation and maybe a hint of dread went over him.

“Alright, thanks Dwight” said Negan as he finished his discussion and walked back in.

“Get her to the fucking infirmary, now” he instructed as he brushed his fingers through his hair and grabbed on to a clump. He sounded almost panicked.

Both men on each side picked you up gently, your arms rested around both their necks and they walked quickly past Negan, you felt the ache of your obviously broken arm but you had no energy to complain. Your legs numbly dragged along the floor like a worn rag doll, and your head slumped low. Within minutes they entered Dr. Carsons office and laid you down on the examination bed, you could barely see a thing with both of your eyes practically swollen shut. The lingering taste of copper layered thickly on your tongue and throat, from the blood pooling from your nose into your mouth. Your chest felt bruised and you couldn’t feel either of your arms, you dreaded hearing the damage Negan and his men had caused you. You knew it would be bad.

“What the hell happened ???” You heard Dr. Carson say in utter shock.

“Never mind what fucking happened ! Just fix her, direct orders from Negan” said one man.

“O-Okay umm. Excuse me ma’m, can you hear me okay ? Lift one finger if you’re able to hear my voice” he said calmly.

You used all of your might to lift up your index finger, eventually succeeding.

“Okay, patient is responsive” You heard him mutter to himself as he jotted something down.

“Now, I’m going to gently remove your shirt to asses your body for any internal damage” you then heard him begin to cut your shirt off of your body with scissors to avoid any further internal injury.

“Jesus Negan…” You heard him mumble to himself, it was clear to him from the get go that it was Negan who had done this. The sheer brutality of the beating was shown on every inch of your skin, you were covered from head to toe in bruises. Your eyes were black and blue, and your lip was split and swollen to an impressive size. Dr . Carson was horrified to say the least, he began his work of examination. He’d concluded that you had internal damage to your right lung, two of your ribs were cracked and one was completely shattered. The bone in your left arm was a clean break, “like a celery stick” described Dr. Carson. Your collarbone was fractured along with a few of your fingers, not to mention the countless cuts that covered your body.

Dr. Carson sighed, obviously still dumbfounded at how badly hurt you were. He was heartbroken at the state Negan had left you.

“You’re so lucky your still alive, sweetheart…”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Will she be okay ?” You heard a voice say as you woke up in a bed.

“She’s stable, I’m going to be honest though Negan it was touch-and-go. I’m surprised she’s still breathing” said Dr.Carson. Your ears perked up when you realised Negan was in the room, you made sure to still stay “asleep”. Why the hell was he here ? Why the hell had he sent you to Dr.Carson ? What kind of punishment is beating someone and then rushing them straight to medical care ? You were so confused, frightened, and emotional. You didn’t want to be anywhere near Negan if you had the choice, you don’t know who let this Daryl guy out. But you were very much offended and hurt that someone framed you, leaving you close to being 6ft under.

“How long will she be bed bound ?” Asked Negan.

“It’s hard to say, from a medical guess I’d say at least three months” he said in brutal honesty.

“Three fucking months ???” Said Negan completely shocked.

“I mean look at her Negan, you’ve left her in pretty bad shape. Three months at least, and that’s assuming she can even walk” replied Dr. Carson.

“God fucking fuck” muttered Negan as you heard him start pacing back and forth.

“I’ll be in the laboratory if you need me…” Said Dr.Carson quietly as you heard his footsteps start getting quieter, followed by the sound of who you can only assume as Negans footsteps getting closer to you. To your surprise you felt his hand gently hold yours, as far as he was aware you were still out cold. Little did he know.

“I’m sorry Y/O….I should have believed you” you heard him whisper. Nothing would ever possess you to even consider forgiving Negan for what he did to you, if you had the energy you’d have yanked your hand away from his as fast as you could. But one thing that did please you, is that there was a sound of genuine remorse in his voice. Something that you thought had never existed in Negan.

Don’t wanna be that one person that didn’t get a smoochins  this holiday?

Problem solved! Come to Quib’s kissing booth! only 10 gold a kiss!


Kissing booth commissions!

Quib is offering kisses for any warcraft OC!

These commissions will be sketch with pink scales (like grayscale but PINK!)

Bust shot comms are $15 / Full body $25

If you’re interested please email me at with the title 

‘<Insert Name Here> paying gold to kiss that gobo!’ and include both your paypal email and references!

i’m opening commissions for the first time in 7+ years. yikes lol. this is to help fund me going to SDCC with my buds. since my wrist behaves better with pencil and paper, i’m only opening 1 digital slot [full colour or b/w ] this round. the rest will be traditional pencil art

[i am not offering inked/colours at this time.]

more examples and prices under the cut, cos long post is long.

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Part of your world

So I finally got around to writing something. 

Nico had a problem. A serious problem. He had been dating a mortal boy, Will Solace, for over seven months and he was panicking. To any other person, that wouldn’t seem to be a big problem, apart from the fact that he had used the word ‘mortal’ to describe his boyfriend. There was one problem. One serious problem. He wasn’t a mortal, like Will. He was a vampire hiding in the normal world.

“Nico? Honey, are you okay?” Will Solace said, sitting down on the couch before pulling Nico onto his lap. “You’re a little pale. Are you feeling okay?”

Nico ran his tongue over his carefully hidden fangs. He was thirsty; he hadn’t gotten any fresh blood for almost two months now. Nico had tried really hard to ignore his vampire needs since he had started to date Will. He was scared. What if Will broke up with him if he found out?

“I’m fine,” Nico said, closing his eyes, letting the sensations of Will’s fingers running through his hair soothe him. “Just not feeling well.”

“Do you know why? Do you feel nauseous as well?” Will asked gently, putting the back of his hand against Nico’s forehead. “You’re cold. I mean, colder than usual.”

Nico bit his lip. “I’m just not feeling well. I can handle it. Promise.”


Nico bent over the toilet, vomiting for what felt like the twentieth time that day. He was nine months into his relationship with Will and they had recently moved into a small apartment together. He was happier than ever and loved Will a lot, but he rarely got blood these days. And it was starting to become a serious problem. He often got more exhausted a lot faster than usual and he had started to react negatively to normal, mortal food. His body depended on blood to be able to function the way it should. Without blood, his digestive system reacted badly to normal food and made him throw up. It also tasted a lot worse than it should.

And Will was noticing more too. He was constantly worried about it Nico, it felt like. Nico kept telling him that he was fine, but deep inside he knew that he was not. He needed fresh blood and fast. His body was shutting down.

Nico was pulled out of his train of thought as Will crouched down beside him and moved his hair away from his pale, sweaty forehead. “Nico, you are not feeling well, and we both know it. Do you need to get checked out by a doctor?”

Nico almost laughed. No doctor could figure what was wrong with him - unless they happened to be a vampire themselves, of course. But he didn’t laugh; Will would think that he had lost his mind. “Will, I promise, I’m fine. It’s probably a dumb food allergy.”

“If you say so,” Will sighed. “But I still worry about you, Nico. You know that you can tell me everything, right?”

“I know, Will, I know,” Nico said, standing up and taking a sip of the water bottle he had brought with him into the bathroom. ’Just not this,’ Nico thought.


He was ten months and one week into his relationship with Will when it happened. He had taken the day off work because he wasn’t feeling well and now he finally understood why.

He had gotten out of bed to get something to eat and had collapsed on the kitchen floor when a searing pain tore through his body.

Shit, shit, shit,’ Nico thought. ’Not now. I…I need to tell Will. He finally needs to know.’

Nico tried to move back to the bedroom to get his phone so that he could call Will and tell him to get home, but he didn’t make it that far. He didn’t get any farther than the couch before another round of pain ran through his body, setting his blood on fire. He whimpered and crawled onto the couch, curling up in a foetal position. ’Please come home soon, Will.’

After what felt like eternity later, Nico could faintly hear a key turn in the lock and a door opening. Finally. He knew he couldn’t have been more than two hours since he had first experienced the pain, but it was intense and slowly getting worse and worse, hitting him with a new wave around every ten minutes.

“I’m home!” Will called as he kicked off his shoes and put his bag on the floor next to the shoe rack before walking into the living room. He didn’t sense anything different until he saw his boyfriend curled up in pain on the couch.

“Nico?! What’s wrong?” He ran over and placed the back of his hand against Nico’s forehead. It was icing cold. “Nico. You need to tell me what’s wrong. You’re freezing.”

Will sat down and pulled Nico into his lap. Nico closed his eyes and licked his lips. “You’re going to hate me for this, Will,” Nico whispered, the smell of Will’s blood overwhelming him.

“Shh, I could never hate you, Angel,” Will said, running his fingers through Nico’s hair. “Do you know what’s been making you sick the whole time?”

“I…I’m not normal, Will,” Nico said slowly, failing when he tried to keep his voice even. “I… I am a vampire.”

Will blinked. “Please say that again?”

“I’m a vampire, Will. I drink other people’s blood and don’t handle sunlight. That’s why I haven’t been feeling well lately. I haven’t gotten any fresh blood in almost five months. I did it because of you. I didn’t want you to know, so I avoided drinking blood. I thought I would be fine, but it backfired. I can’t eat normal food without throwing up if I don’t get blood and if- if I don’t get blood soon, I’m gonna die. So I don’t know-”

Will interrupted him. “Take from me. Take blood from me. Will that help?”

Nico stared blankly at him. “Will, I can’t take blood from you. It’ll hurt you and I don’t want you to be hurt.”

“But you’re hurting and you need it. You said that you would die if you didn’t get any blood soon. I’m willing to let you hurt me a bit as long as you survive. I’ll start bringing home blood from work for you. We can handle it, Nico. I know we can.”

Nico looked his boyfriend dead in the eyes. “Are you 100% sure that I can take blood from you?”

Will nodded. “Of course. I don’t want you to die on me. I love you.”

Nico pressed a short kiss to Will’s lips before moving his face over to Will’s neck, licking one area before gently biting down, pulling away just enough to talk. “I won’t turn you into a vampire, I promise. Also, you should probably close your eyes and not talk while I do it.”

He felt strong hands wrap around his waist. “Go on, sweetheart. You need the blood.”

Nico took that as a go ahead and he bit down again, feeling the warm, fresh blood spill onto his tongue. And he wasn’t going to lie, that was probably the most delicious blood he had ever tasted in the 21 years he had been on this planet.

Nico let out a small moan and started to drink, being careful to not take too much. He didn’t want to make his boyfriend sick or potentially kill him if he got careless with the amount he drank.

A couple minutes later he pulled away and licked the bite marks he had made in Will’s neck before looking up at Will. “Did I hurt you?”

Will smiled gently down at Nico. “Not really. It stung a bit at first, kinda like when you get a small shot at the doctor’s but it didn’t hurt. And it helped a lot that I could, y'know, kinda feel you get better. I felt your body temperature rise. It’s almost like a normal human’s now. Though, I suppose, you will always have a lower temperature, won’t you?”

Nico nodded drowsily; he had gotten sleepy from drinking the blood. It had practically been a full meal for him. He finally felt full. Gone was the feeling of feeling weak and sick all the time too. “Thank you. For everything. For staying with me. For saving me. For letting me drink your blood. For loving me.”

The blond picked up Nico and carried him into the bedroom, laying him down on the bed and covering him with a blanket. “No problem, darlin’.” I’ll always love you, no matter what.“

He waited until his boyfriend fell asleep before kissing his forehead and cuddling up next to him, slowly drifting off into a peaceful to the sound of the vampire’s slow and even breath.

Finally a full body shot of Zero II, which I made for my partner & favorite person in the universe, @deathmgck. He made the staff & the mask was a joint project.

It was pretty late Saturday and I didn’t iron it or pull the sleeves up properly because I’m a failure as a human being please forgive me. Still a few things to fix up but!


Me and my sister cosplayed as Girlymatsu Karako and Todomatsu at Kawaii Kon 2017 on Friday. Didn’t take too many pictures that day since we arrived pretty late-ish ^^; Still, everyone looked amazing in their cosplay that I had to take full-body shots!! 

Sidney Crosby #1

First Sid of many, feel free to send me requests :)

Word Count: 1,565

Originally posted by jonnytaze19

Mania. That’s the one word you’d use to explain the world you were living right about now. Even from down the hallway you could hear the cheers from the away team dressing room. There were people everywhere you looked, shoulders bumping with strangers who wore the same grin that you had on your face while you turned to walk into the dressing room. 

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