no full body shots for me


SVTFOE Sketchdump 2

In the spirit of horrible people making horrible choices, here’s Toffee again 

First up is a full-body shot - just wanted to see if I could make something clean in Flash and also put Toffee in the most ingratiating pose I could think of

Then a few pages of heads, trying him in his military[?] costume, etc. 

Last page is this bit from the outtakes of “A Bug’s Life,” a movie loved by no one except me lol 



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I draw:

  • NFSW-ish ( The ‘’ish’’ is very important, I will not draw something that makes me uncomfortable ).
  • Angsty\Fluffy\funny stuff~ Always fun and nice to do.
  • Ships 
  • Little ( Very little! ) comic. Like a 2 to 4 panels comic. But the price will have to be discussed.
  • Animals (It can’t just be an animal, but they can be in the drawing).
  • Backgrounds (Might have to charge extra $, depending on the complexity).

I do not draw:

  • Porn\Hentai\NSFW stuff
  • Ocs
  • Nudity


  • I’ll only draw My Hero Academia related art.
  • I’m taking a very very very limited number of commissions 
  • I am a student that has exams and studies, so please be patient! ( You can still ask to see the progression of the piece ) 
  • I have the right to reject your commission. Either it’s because I’m not comfortable drawing it or because I have too many already.
  • You can ask to see the sketch before paying.
  • Use Paypal.
  • The commission will be done after the payment. ( That way, I can be sure to not be scammed. )
  • The prices are in CAD $

So, wanna commission me? Awesome!! ♥

Here how to do it properly~

- Send me an e-mail at

- Give me your name or a nickname.

- Write if you want a sketch\lineart, a coloured drawing, or an uncoloured one and precise whether you want a bust shot or a full body.

- Name the character(s) that you want.

- Give ALL the details of what you want.

- Then give me the nickname you want me to use so I can write ‘’ Commissioned by ______ ‘’

Here’s an example:


1- Taken

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7- Taken


Harry X Reader: Smut

In which Harry loves your boobs and hates when you sleep.

Request? Yes:

Omg please write something about harry and his missus boobs I’m dying for it

Harry has been in a mood since the moment he woke up, hands roaming your body under the sheets, cupping the underneath of your breasts, lips sponging over the back of your neck. He woke you up with his feely touches, much to your annoyance.

“Harry, leave me alone,” you mumbled, rolling away from him. The two of you were out late last night and had a long day ahead of you. You needed all the shut eye you could get.

“Jus’ wan’ some cuddles, love,” he complained with a tired whine, fingers snaking over your hip in an effort to pull you back to him.

“No, you don’t. Let me sleep.” You had to shove his hands away twice more before he finally relented, climbing out of bed to get ready for the day. You were thankful for the peace, but no matter how hard you tried, there was no getting back to sleep.

Now, here you are, yawning through the doorway after a busy schedule of meetings and catch-ups, toeing off your shoes in the entryway. Your feet lead you to the couch where you collapse onto your back, eyes resting closed. A wave of relieved bliss washes over you until it’s broken once more.

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His || Jungkook || 0.17

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 | 0.12 | 0.13| 0.14 | 0.15 | 0.16 | 0.17 |

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memory found || stiles stilinski

word count: 4242

warnings: season 6 spoilers, mentions of sex, light swearing

prompt: part one of this imagine

author’s note: yeah, so i got just a little carried away with this tbh. i really liked the idea of this imagine and i am really happy with how it turned out. also, THAT SEASON 6A FINALE! AM I RIGHT?? anyways, enjoy this imagine and feel free to make requests!


By definition, Stiles and Y/N were friends with benefits.

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Why this was the most emotional love scene yet on GOT (imo, at least)

Let’s start with the obvious: The Stare
Wow. They look like they just want to drown in each other’s eyes. It’s absolutely beautiful - especially when you take into account the line from season one about finding love in a person’s eyes. And the best part about it is that line was said to Daenerys… Not to Jon. She initiated that stare with Drogo. And we never had anything like that between her and Daario or Jon and Ygritte. But now, Jon initiates it. He pulls back of his own choice just to stare at her. (I mean if that cave scene with Ygritte didn’t prove the man has great instincts, this one sure as hell does.) And regardless of whether or not Dany remembered the line, she’s completely mesmerized when she sees the love in Jon’s eyes.

Next: The Kissing
They kiss lip on lip only. There’s no sucking or licking on any other part of the body. Now, don’t get me wrong… there’s nothing bad about kissing other parts of the body but in this case, it illustrates the connection they have. I mean, there’s a reason Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Woman didn’t kiss on the mouth - ‘It’s too personal’. There’s something deeply emotional about it that just isn’t as strong when kissing other places.

Now, on to: The Positions
I love that it starts with Dany on top and then switches to Jon. It just goes to show that they are equals once again. Neither is dominant over the other. This is a relationship of respect for each other as much as it is about attraction. And I truly believe that deep emotional love requires mutual respect.

Lastly, and this is the biggest one for me: The (lack of) Nudity
Yes, you heard me right: The lack of nudity. Sure, you can see Jon’s ass (and gorgeous it is, too) and you can see that they’re both bare, but all the important bits stay covered. This is not the norm for HBO or GOT, masters of the 'Let’s add as much shock value as we can by putting them in some impractical position just so we can get a full frontal of the female’ mentality. And, honestly, I’m a little shocked that they didn’t jump at the chance to show Emilia in all her glory again. But they didn’t. Which, to me, says so much about the tone the scene was supposed to imply. They didn’t cheapen it with nudity. They didn’t go for an awkward camera angle just so they could get a shot of Emilia’s chest. In fact, they didn’t even get a shot of Kit’s chest, either. Their bodies stay plastered together the whole time which prevents any important bits from being seen - even when he flips them over. They’re two people who want to be as close to each other as they can. They’re not just having sex. They’re not just fucking. They’re not just testing it out to see if Jon’s swimmers are better than Daario’s. No, this is a deep bond. They’re in love. The lack of nudity implies romance because they don’t want to detract or distract from the longing looks and passionate kisses.

Which leads me to the honorable mention: Hand Placement
Again, this is about keeping it romantic. Their hands never roam below the waist. Dany keeps her hand on his back. Jon keeps his on her face. (My only wish here is that Dany’s hair had been down so he could runs his fingers through it.) But again, grabby hands would have distracted from and cheapened the moment and they didn’t want focus pulled from what was going on in their faces.

Say what you want about how short the scene was or how we didn’t get to see the first kiss (I admit it, I’m disappointed, too) but this was by far the most loving sex scene they’ve had on this show.


so hey!!!! i’m gonna star taking commissions!! i don’t know how long they’ll be open, but if you’re interested, hit me up at my email!!!

Avatars & Icons 
what’s shown in the above image is going to be my default style for these. however, if you want me to do a different style, like the sketch or messy monochrome, that works too. regardless of style, it’ll all be $20. 500x500 pixels is the default size. 

Full Color Images
the price for these ranges from $30-50 because it depends on the size of the image and how many characters there are, and because the style i’m using takes me much longer to finish than the others. 

if it’s just a bust shot/waist up image of one character, then the price is $30. but full body shots add $10, and adding another character will be another $10.

Monochrome Sketch
these don’t take me very long, and are pretty simple to do. the price for these is $15, but an extra character will be another $5. full body or waist up doesn’t change the price of these.

Messy Monochrome 
these have a lot of texture and line to them, so they cost a little more than the regular sketches. extra characters will be another $5.

in general, i won’t be doing any sort of background unless otherwise specified. this will be an extra +$5 on all of the pieces.

What i’m willing to draw:

  • i’m willing to draw ships, however i refuse to draw anything that is abusive/pedophilic/incestuous or NSFW. and there are some ships that i really can’t stand that aren’t any of those, so i’m sorry about that.
  • self inserts
  • OCs
  • characters from manga/anime/cartoons/movies/etc

What i won’t draw:

  • as mentioned above, any ships that are abusive/pedophilic/incestuous or NSFW.
  • gore/horror
  • pretty much anything that falls into those categories

and also, if you’re going to request a self insert/OC or a character from a series i’m not familiar with, please provide me with a reference(s)!!

thanks for reading!!!!

edit: i’ll be accepting payment via paypal!!!!!

Conditioned (Part 4)

(Tae wonders if he’ll ever get to experience the things you do with the men you date, only to be surprised by what he gets.)

Warning: 12,400 words of sex stuff, sub!Tae, female dom, aural voyeurism, tease and denial, or something like that

After a month of hard work on a critical project, the head of Tae’s department invited the entire team out to eat and drink on the company’s tab.  Tae enjoyed these outings, partially because he liked socializing with his coworkers and partially because he liked eating for free.  His boss was the son of the company’s owner and liked to be a show-off with his money.  He always chose places that served the highest quality meat and drink.  They were already well into the evening and Tae had happily gorged himself on hanwoo beef and upscale soju, while chatting with his work friends.

“Are you even listening to me?” Tae was frustrated from having to continuously repeat himself to his friend, Hoseok.  “You keep looking over my shoulder while I’m talking to you.  Is there something going on behind me?”  Tae started to turn his head to see what it was that had Hoseok so distracted.  

“No, stop!  You are going to make it too obvious and they’ll notice me looking at them!” Hoseok waved at Tae to lean in across the table so they could speak privately.  “I’ve been watching this couple behind you.  Something seemed odd about them and I’ve been trying to figure it out.  I think she’s giving him a hand-job under the table.”

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Y’know I only took ref from that one image where Topaz was half in shot -leading me to assume her body as I did- but then I saw that better full shot picture showing she got rlly tiny legs???
All this time
I thought I’d have Wreck-It Smiley
But in reality it was Harold Ralph


DISCLAIMER: The artworks that I make will only for personal use and not commercial use I will not hold responsible for the misuse of said artworks that I will commission.

(Check my Art Tag for more samples)

Pay First and then I will give you your commission (You don’t go to the supermarket and get your purchase before you pay do you?)

  • No Refunds!!!

( I will do my best on each commissions so it would take a while, so PLEASE be patient !!)

A redo for my crappy commission sheet as well as officially re-opening my business again :D There’s a lot of things I want to save up and since Mom start to guilt trip me for using her money, I want to make some on my own.

Please fill this form when you send me a commission (So that it would be easy for me to know what you want in detail). Be as SPECIFIC as you can:

(Sketch, Lineart, Full Color, Chibi):
Type (Full Body, Half-Body, Head-Shot):
Background(None, Simple, Detail):
References (Pose, characters and other details) [PLEASE BE AS SPECIFIC IN THIS AS POSSIBLE SO I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT]:
Amount of characters: 


  • I have the right to reject a request!
  • You can ask for as many WIPs throughout the process
  • Once again, PLEASE be as specific as possible in your form please! Includes images if needed 

Ask me anything through my contacts listed above if you have questions about any detail in my sheet!!