no fucking wonder they got the part

i knew in the 2nd grade that standardized testing was bullshit. harry potter book 4 had just come out and i was at a good part. harry had just found out someone put his name into the goblet of fire.

during the standardized test, we were allowed to keep a post-test book on our desk. i diligently got started on part 1: english. at the time, all of the answers went on the same sheet, but all of the questions were in different booklets. so i finish all my english questions, read in my extra time, and then it’s part 2: math.

i realize i have answered all of my english questions on the math portion of the answer sheet. at first, annoyed but undeterred, i’m like. okay great i gotta erase every bubble. but i get bored around question 5 of doing this because… like… harry potter is sitting on my desk and i could just give them the wrong answers. so i answer maybe 10 whole questions in the math portion, copy the english answers over to where they actually belong, and then crack open the book and call it a day.

i obviously failed. this is the real life, not a movie. my parents were called in. i had scored in the lowest percentile. i was bad at math. i was concerningly bad at math. i could have done better just guessing than how i did with the english answers. 

if this was just a funny story, someone would ask me “why did you do so badly when you usually get fairly average grades” and i would have said “i wanted to read harry potter, not take this stupid test.” but it’s the real life, and nobody asked. instead, i was branded stupid and bad at math. i got placed in a lower math than i needed to be in; got bored, stopped paying attention. knew i was in the “worst at math” group, started saying “i’m bad at math” and 100% stopped trying because the further i fell behind, the worse i got. through the rest of my academic career - until senior year in high school, i never got above a c on a math test, because i was “just bad” at math.

i had undiagnosed adhd. the only reason i know now i have adhd is because at 22 years old, i finally went to a therapist, who effectively said, “are you kidding me you have the most obvious case of attention deficit i’ve ever seen.”

but nobody had been looking. my one test grade had given teachers permission to not look, because, obviously, i was bad at math. the one time i got 100% on a math test - that one time in senior year - i remember my math teacher looking at it and saying “it’s clear that if you just focused, you could do the work.”

in college i’d take a math class and i actually “just focused” for the first time in my life - meaning i treated math as a challenge, but one i could overcome with the skills i’d learned all on my own, through constant work and practice. i got the highest grade in my class. i still think i’m bad at math. 

which makes me wonder: how many people got fucked over because of something stupid like “i was too preoccupied with harry potter”. who had nobody looking out for them. who slipped under the radar because - come on, aren’t some people just bad at things?

more wonderful black sails moments

• Silver’s bellyflop

• Miranda patching James up and he is all like tis but a scratch but she touches him and he turns into a little baby

• when you see the lil seashells in anne’s hair 10/10 very pretty

• Thomas being shook™ and really in love after James tells Alfred to fuck off

• Jack and Vane bonding while sitting on a heap of gold

• “If you speak a little louder perhaps there’s someone on the moon who could help you”

• fruit fruit, tits tits, plant plant

• “captain linus harcourt of the goliath” “your ship is named after the greatest disappointment in the history of warfare?”

• Max taking care of Anne after she kills charlotte and logan. srsly melts my heart every time

• miranda being like: james ur ashamed of being gay for thomas and he is like no??!?!? gurl have u seen him ofc i’m gay for him, the problem is that he isn’t here rn to be gay with me!

• The moment you realise that Jack paid someone to play the cello while he takes a shit

• Charles Vane standing on a flaming boat headed for destruction with death in his eyes

• that little heterobait moment when they made us think flint and eleanor were gonna kiss but NO bc he is gay and she is lowkey his daughter

• Abigail spending like one week among the nassau pirates and already understanding them better than they themselves probably do

• “Who’s Billly?”

• Dufrense’s character development i mean holy fucking shit that man went from zero to….well….least cool antagonist?

• Soft season one lesbians

• Jack wanting to make Charles proud so badly “I refuse to let you down”

• “you shouldn’t be here” “i live here, pastor, haven’t you noticed?”

• Gates being so fucking done with flint during the negotiations with eleanor, jack and charles

• Joji (not a moment i know but still wonderful)

• “would you like to see something shiny?”

• Thomas Hamilton standing in a field and turning around to see the love of his got dam life standing in front of him

Part 1, Part 3

In which Jaskier is a flirt and Geralt is confused.

Okay, so maybe Geralt does feel a little tinge of something when he looks up and sees Jaskier round the corner with a giddy grin and stagger in his step, a small brown haired woman pressing his back into the wall and giggling against his cheek. Maybe he does feel his heart pick up the tempo, which is, afterall, unusual for him, when their lips meet and Jaskier’s hands find their place on her hips. Maybe he does drink the rest of his ale too quickly and signal the barkeep to bring him two more, pretending not to notice Jaskier even though he’s staring right at him. 

Geralt quickly shifts his eyes. The barkeep brings him two more ales and he drinks the first in three gulps.

He can’t help himself, and he looks back to the bard. God, the woman’s got her head buried in his neck and he’s very clearly enjoying it. Geralt frowns. Why does he feel like this? He eyes his ale and wonders if somebody’s slipped something in there. He looks back at Jaskier, whose eyes are closed and his hairs a bit sweaty and sticking to his brow, and his lips are parted, just a little. Geralt stares for too long and Jaskier’s eyes flick open, and fuck, he’s looking right at Geralt.

Geralt knows he should look away but he just can’t. His pupils dilate and he can practically hear Jaskier’s pulse. Jaskier tips his head back a little and opens his mouth, a tiny sigh escapes and he bites his lower lip, hangs his head over the woman’s shoulder, and looks straight at Geralt with a tiny smirk.

What the fuck, Geralt thinks. He sculls his final ale, throws some coins on the table, picks up his coat and swords, and makes a line for the door. He pulls it open, quickly looks behind him and sees Jaskier pushing away from the woman as she confusedly tries to grab him back. Geralt almost growls because he can’t have Jaskier follow him right now, but it’s also the only thing in the world he wants. Things were never this complicated before that stupid bard showed up.

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Listen. I wish I didn’t scream like a total idiot when Mewtwo appeared in the new live action pokémon trailer. But. I did. I totally did.

As much as some people will no doubt hate on his appearance, though, I’ve always wondered how a pokémon like Mewtwo would be translated from anime and into live action. Because he’s got those almost-human parts of him. His body is just fucking weird, looking every piece of the lab experiment that he is. Like, okay. They gave mouse pokemons fur, dragon pokemons scales. But what the fuck is Mewtwo made of? Just skin, apparently. Which is really disturbing in a way and I’m totally fucking here for that.



first of all, look how fucking amazing this fucking mask is?

it looks real. it looks like skin. it has a beard hair punched into it. it’s super fucking detailed and looks like skin.

look at that fucking texture. look how expressive bubba is. it’s the best Leatherface mask, objectively. 

The characters? Fucking absolutely solid. Bill Moseley and Bill Johnson did a lot of worldbuilding in their trailers between scenes, and you can fucking tell. Bubba and Chop Top act like brothers!


They each have their individual style and EXTREMELY thought out and in-depth personalities and you can tell!

Chop Top is a hippie metal head who’s not all there, and you wonder how put together he was before he got the plate put in. He still carries around his twin brother, Nubbins, who got squarshed in the first one because nobody taught him to look both ways before crossing the street. But he’s still a part of the family. They just gotta put him back together sometimes.

And Drayton!! He’s still the crotchety old asshole we knew and loved from the first one, but minus one broom and up a few trophies because he’s just really great at making people chili. That’s fucking hilarious.

The comedy in this movie? Fucking golden. Like, first of all, just the physicality of the characters and their charisma is hilarious. Bubba’s wiggles?


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Bubba getting real fuckin horny over Stretch and then proceeds to fucking absolutely destroy the room because he just can’t deal with it? There is nothing in cinema past present or future that can possibly measure up to how fucking hilarious that is.

The pacing and the actual storyline are also really solid. The Sawyers feel like they could be real, and the rest of the characters feel like people you could know. LG building a fry house? What a loveable goofy guy.

And then there’s the parts that really obviously aren’t realistic but they’re still fucking hilarious to watch. Lefty just fucking going to town on some wood (phrasing) with some chainsaws he just picks up and the chainsaw salesman just…fucking watching. 

The fucking chainsaw duel. Top 10 Anime Battles. Leatherface still fucking fighting with a whole ass chainsaw in his belly. And then gets taken out by Grandpa who finally learned how to firmly grasp it. 

Also Drayton’s hams. 

Texas Chainsaw 2 is the fucking best TCM movie to date and I keep finding shit to love about it. Like Bubba having a flower on his coat. I swear to god he got his outfit from some dude who was dressed for prom. That’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it. 

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. 

Red Handed (M)

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Words: 3400

Genre: Smut

Warnings: dom!jungkook, fingering, lots of teasing, implied oral sex (it’s a booty call) 

It is the perfect time for you to move your ass over here and have fun with me. 


(Y/N), what are you doing?

Your phone screen lit up showing the name of your friend Jungkook and his message. It was pretty late at night and even when this was a very innocent looking question you were almost a hundred percent sure that it was nothing but a booty call.

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Locked Out // Byun Baekhyun {part one}

Requested: Nope, I just really needed to write something Baek-related lol

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: College!AU, angst I guess?

Word Count: 7.2k (holy shit this is so long if you read it all I’ll marry you I promise)

Description: Hi, I’m Y/N, and I’m the Queen of Fucking Everything Up. Here I am, locked outside on a balcony with a dude I shared and awkward hook-up with once and I’d been avoiding ever since, while his ex-girlfriend cries her eyes out and I freeze my ass off in the September air. *Freeze frame* *record scratch* You’re probably wondering how I got myself into this situation, so here’s a timeline of how, in a few short months, I managed to royally fuck everything up.

A/N: Wow I actually have no idea what I was doing when I was writing this, but I kind of like it hahaha. Also, this part is written in first person which usually I hate writing in, but I thought it suited the style of the story more :) By the way I love Irene so much, she’s such a babe. Enjoy!

Part two: Here!


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2nd February, 10:22am
Ah, February 2nd. I remember it as if it was only yesterday. It was rather warm for Winter, so my friends and I had bought lunch and decided to eat it down by the river. It was rare for all five of us to have a day free of college classes, so we wanted to make the most of it.

“I’m just going over here,” I mumbled, more to myself than anyone, grabbing my phone and heading towards the river’s edge. I’d spotted a single pink flower floating with the current peacefully, and being a photography major, I couldn’t miss the chance to capture this moment digitally.

“Don’t fall in!” A voice cried from behind me; I felt their large hands push against my back but they grabbed my elbows just before I toppled into the cold water below.

“Sehun!” I bellowed, trying to look as angry as possible when I turned around to face my immature friend. However, I couldn’t stop myself from grinning when I saw the bewildered look cross his face: it soon disappeared when he realised I wasn’t actually mad at him. “That was a close one, Y/N. You’ve got to be more careful,” Sehun joked.

“You’re an idiot,” I quipped back. “I don’t know how I put up with you.”

“You do it out of love,” Sehun replied. You see, Sehun and I had been friends for as long as either of us could remember. Born just ten days apart (he was older and always gave me shit for it), we’d become instant best friends. We stuck with each other throughout middle school and high school, and now we were roommates in college (don’t ask me why I agreed to room with Sehun, he never washes the dishes. Ever.)

“You two, stop flirting and come join us for a selfie,” Baekhyun called out.

“We’re not flirting,” Sehun and I groaned in unision, earning chuckles from Baekhyun and the two other boys, Chanyeol and Suho. “Yeah, my mum wants a picture of my friends to prove I don’t hang out with pot-heads and alcoholics,” Chanyeol added, getting his phone into optimum selfie-position.

“I’m pretty sure Y/N is a drug dealer in between her studies,” Suho laughed as Sehun and I joined them, gaining a playful glare from me.

It’s funny to think that I originally wanted nothing to do with Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Suho. Sehun had befriended the three in one of his music lectures, and when I first met them I believed they were nothing more than rowdy, immature womanisers. With a lot of convincing from Sehun (boy would not shut up about it), I managed to give the boys a chance and am now proud (albeit embarrassed at times) to call them my close friends. In fact, I’m pretty sure Baekhyun and I have a thing now. Don’t quote me, but he’s developed a habit of being really touchy-feely with me recently, but we’re not dating. I didn’t have many girl friends at all - I didn’t need them. It’s hard enough to focus on college, my part-time job, and socialising as it is, I don’t need the added factor of girl drama.

As we all gathered around Chanyeol, I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket, followed shortly by a loud ‘ding’. After we managed to take a couple of nice pictures together without much incident (ignoring the fact Baekhyun screamed “SUHO YOU’RE STANDING ON MY FOOT!” and Sehun hit my stomach because I was “covering his beautiful face” with my “man shoulders”), I pulled out my own phone and read the text.

“Sehun, looks like we have interest in our spare room!” I exclaimed, showing the text to the blond.

’Hi, Y/N, my name is Irene Bae and I saw you were looking for a roommate for your apartment? I’m interested! I’m at the café near the university right now and I’d be happy to chat with you’,” Sehun read out loud before adding, “she’s there now?”

“I guess,” I replied, quickly texting Irene back.

“Are you guys leaving now?” Suho questioned, the obvious disappointment on his face matching that of Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s too.

“I guess so. Come on, Y/N, if we hurry we can catch the train and get there a bit earlier,” Sehun said, grabbing my hand and tugging me away from our friends.

“We’ll catch up with you later, I promise!” I shouted back to the three. And as I turned back around, I swear I caught Baekhyun wink at me.

2nd February, 10:37am

I quickly brushed a hand through my windswept hair as Sehun and I entered the quiet, cosy café. I scanned the shop, smiling when I made eye contact with a couple of people from my lectures. “Where do you think she is?” Sehun muttered, urging me forward towards the register attendant.

“Not sure. I might go have a look around and see if I can find her,” I replied, breaking away from Sehun to sweep the café with my eyes. Sehun nodded and waited to order our usual drinks while I shimmied past crowded tables towards the back of the building where I knew it was less populated. And there, sitting at an empty booth facing away from me, sipping a cup of coffee, was a girl. I knew it was her instantly - I would have definitely noticed a girl with bright bubblegum pink hair like hers before. She had headphones in and was nodding her head ever so slightly, completely absorbed in her own world.

I gulped loudly and built up the courage to go up and talk to her. She noticed me and pulled out her headphones quickly, flashing me a dazzling smile.

“You must be Y/N? I’m Irene. Take a seat.” The girl gestured to the seat opposite her and I sidled in, trying to act as at ease as Irene was. She gave me another wicked smile and asked whether I wanted to order anything; I explained Sehun was already doing that.

I suddenly felt very underdressed in my heavy sweater compared to Irene, you know, as if she was Cinderella and I was one of the ugly step sisters. Every time Irene moved, the glint from the fluorescent lights reflected off her dark blue contacts. It was really distracting.

“You’re very pretty, Y/N,” Irene commented. As she spoke, I realised I’d barely said a word to her, choosing to stare instead - but it seemed Irene had been doing the same thing.

“Thanks. I like your hair. It’s very…interesting,” I replied, causing Irene to laugh. And as I sat there listening to the melodic, high pitched sound, I felt all my worries disappear. Irene explained how she’d actually been dared to dye her hair, and I realised Irene seemed lovely and I would have no problems having her as a roommate.

“Oh hey, you must be Irene,” Sehun said, squeezing in beside me and passing my hot chocolate over. “It’s really nice to meet you.”

“You too!” Irene replied. “Seoul really is a beautiful city.”

“You’re not from around here?” I questioned, sipping at the scalding drink in front of me.

“No, I’m from Daegu actually,” said Irene. As Sehun and I listened to her tell hilarious stories from her childhood, I barely noticed time passing. In fact, it was as if time had stopped completely - we’d been let into Irene’s own little world and nothing but us three mattered. She really was a captivating person. Sehun and I asked Irene all the basic questioned you’d ask any potential housemate, and we told her we’d contact her  soon - though it was clear we’d both made our minds up already.

“She’s so lovely!” I gushed the minute we left the café. “She’s the best candidate we’ve seen, Se.”

“I agree,” Sehun said before playfully pushing my shoulder. “If she moves in, maybe you’ll finally have a friend of your own - a girl nonetheless!”

9th March:

“I’m pretty sure this is the last one,” I exclaimed, placing one of Irene’s heavier boxes on the floor in her new room. Irene poked her head over the side of her bed and flashed her signature smile at me. “You’re the best, Y/N. Seriously, your help is much appreciated,” she replied.

“No problem.” I stood there for a moment,  watching my new roommate pull out handfuls of books from one of her boxes and slam them down on her desk. I turned to the door and said over my shoulder, “I’ll leave you to it then.”

“Wait, Y/N. Come and keep me company. Unpacking boxes can get super boring by myself,” Irene whined, looking up at me with large, innocent eyes. “And once I’m done here, maybe we could paint each others nails?” After seeing the sceptical look on my face she added, “you know, girly things.”

“Girly things…” I repeated slowly.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to! I just thought it would be nice to get to spend some time together, just us two, since you Sehun have been so nice in showing me around Seoul. But we don’t have to if you don’t want too.”

I was starting to realise already that Irene had a way to get people to do what she wanted them to do, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. However, I did think it would be nice to get to know Irene more.

“No, it sounds nice! It’s just, I’ve never really had friends who were girls before. I don’t even have any sisters,” I admitted, joining my roommate on the floor.

“That’s a shame, Y/N,” Irene replied, grabbing a bottle of baby pink nail polish. “Because girls are really fun. If you ever have boy troubles or friend drama or just want to talk, I’m here.” The smile Irene gave me was so genuine, and I knew I’d just made a very crucial friend.

I could feel Irene’s endless smile directed at me as I careful painted her fingernails. I was talking about nothing really - my family, my university major, life in Seoul. And Irene listened to every word I said. It was weird. I’d barely known Irene a month but it felt as if we had been friends since time began. There was no awkwardness between us, oddly enough, and I suddenly realised what I’d been missing by only having guy friends.

“Irene, looks like you forgot one box,” Sehun stated, poking his head into Irene’s room and grinned when he saw us lounging on the floor.

“Excuse you, I was just in the middle of educating Irene which boys to stay away from and which would be more than happy to ‘help her study’, if you know what I mean,” I winked back, eliciting a groan from Sehun.

“You’re impossible, Y/N. I’ll go get that box for you,” he called, backing away from the room. Once he was out of earshot, Irene turned to me and said, “you two are a cute couple.”

At first I thought I’d misheard her, so I asked Irene to repeat what she said. She did, and when I was sure she thought Sehun and I were dating, I couldn’t help the laughter bubbling out. As I rolled around on the carpet, clutching my stomach, Irene simply gave me a confused smile. “Did I say something?” You’re not having a seizure, are you?”

Her comment only made me laugh harder, and it took me a good minute to regain my composure. “We’re not…Sehun and I aren’t dating,” I managed to say through giggles.

“You’re not? Ah, that’s so embarrassing!” Irene cried, burying her face into the soft pillow beside her to stifle her own laughter.

“Wheeew, I can’t breathe,” I gasped just as Sehun returned with Irene’s box. Seeing his face, and the utter idea of Sehun and I dating set me off into another fit.

“Y/N’s broken, she won’t stop laughing!” Irene shrieked, hitting me repeatedly with the pillow and soon collapsing beside me. My ribs ached, cheeks stung, and I was gasping like a fish, but it was an amazing feeling. I’d never laughed so hard in my life - I didn’t want this moment to end.

18th April:

Irene ran a hand over her velvet skirt, smoothing it down for the hundredth time in the past minute. “Seriously, Ren, you’re going to ruin the material on your skirt if you keep rubbing it,” I stated, grabbing Irene’s hand and pulling it away from her clothes.

“I know, I know,” she sighed, giving me a half-hearted smile. “I’m just nervous.” I turned from my place on the bench to face her. We were waiting at the local bowling alley and Irene had been worried about this moment for the whole day. Sehun had suggested that we introduce Irene to Suho, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun, considering they basically lived at our apartment anyway.

“Nervous? Why?” I chuckled.

“You just talk about your friends all the time; they seem so cool.”

“Trust me,” I snorted loudly. “They are definitely not cool.”

And as if they’d heard me insult them, the three boys, along with Sehun, sauntered into the bowling alley. “Who’s the one on the left, Y/N?” Irene whispered furiously to me, brushing a stray strand of hair away from her face.

“Uh, that’s Baekhyun. Why?” I replied, waving at my friends.

“Because he’s beautiful,” Irene gushed, clasping a hand over her mouth. The boys approached us and introduced themselves to Irene, and I suddenly felt rather queasy at the idea of her possibly having a crush on my friend, but I managed to ignore it.

“Okay, let’s get this game started then!” Chanyeol exclaimed, eliciting cheers from the rest of us. Suho went first, and to our utmost surprise he got a strike on his very first go. Baekhyun joked about leaving now since Suho had clearly won already, and then it was Sehun’ s turn. He released the bowling ball with such force, but still managed to get a gutterball. Twice.

We all booed at him as he sat down, an embarrassed smile covering his face. I knocked down a cool seven pins (I’d never been that great at ten-pin bowling anyway). Baekhyun got the same as me, and Chanyeol managed to knock down nine. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves - until Irene stood up to take her turn.

The first ball she bowled zoomed straight into the gutter so she turned around to face the boys. “I’m not very good at this, would someone be kind enough to help me?” She toyed her bottom lip with her teeth and batted her eyelids, shutting the boys up instantly, their joking insults towards each other style of bowling fading into nothing.

I narrowed my eyes at Irene suspiciously, trying to work out exactly what she was up to. Irene and I had been to this exact bowling alley a few weeks ago, and I remember I was groaning 95% of the time because Irene kept getting strikes. If she was so good at this, why was she pretending she wasn’t?

The boys shared a look quickly, silently deciding who would be the lucky one (A/N: wow that unintentional pun) to help Irene before Baekhyun stood up, wiping his palms on his jeans. I wasn’t all that surprised Baekhyun had been appointed the task by the boys’ silent jury - he’d sworn off dating after a bad breakup awhile ago, and I guess his friends just wanted him to get back out there again.

Irene giggled as Baekhyun stood behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and swung her arm backwards to bowl. Team Baekrene got a strike. Of course they did. Baekhyun gave me a small smile as he walked back to his seat, while Irene leaned into me as she sat back down, whispering something about how strong Baekhyun apparently was.

And it continued like this - Baekhyun would pull Irene close to him, helping her bowl even though she did not need his help at all, and Baekhyun would glance in my direction after he had, confusing and frustrating me at the same time.

“They make such a good couple,” Sehun commented to me, watching our friends basically feeling each other up adoringly.

“Yeah, they sure do,” I grumbled sarcastically. Sehun gave me a look of surprise before chuckling. “No way. No damn way. Y/N is jealous? Of Irene?”

“I’m not jealous!” I hissed back, but it was clear to both Sehun and I that I was blatantly lying. The truth was, I could feel my insides bubbling with envy every time Baekhyun flashed his bright smile at Irene, and I felt myself gagging when she giggled like an immature schoolgirl in response. Maybe I felt this way because Baekhyun was undoubtedly an incredibly beautiful human, no one could argue against that. Maybe it was because Irene had literally been in Seoul for two months and was getting more male attention than I had in my whole 22 years of living in Seoul. Or maybe it was because I’ d never had a proper boyfriend before despite my best efforts, and Baekhyun was the only boy who’d ever really showed me any attention (he had a way of making me feel so special even though we weren’t dating). Maybe it was because Baekhyun’s flirting was the closest thing I’d had to a boyfriend, and yet all Irene had to do was bat her eyelids and Baekhyun was drooling all over her. Who knows.

I tried my best to focus on the game at hand, but trust me, it was very hard with Baekhyun and Irene so obviously flirting right beside me. That was Baekhyun and I’s thing (although we were never that conspicuous about it). Despite this, everyone else seemed to be having a good time - Suho was crowned Ten Pin Bowling King, while Irene and Baekhyun not-so-discernibly swapped numbers. Everyone left with smiles on their faces - which is all I cared about. No matter the reason behind those smiles.

13th May, 3:17PM:

“Y/N, have you been on Irene’s Facebook recently?” Sehun called as I entered our apartment; he was curled up under a blanket on the couch and was stuffing his face with buttery popcorn.

“You’re an animal,” I laughed, dropping my bag and jumping next to him on the couch. The Hangover was playing quietly on the television, although Sehun wasn’t paying it any attention. “Why, should I have been checking her Facebook?”

Sehun shifted and thrust his phone in my face, watching me expectantly. I had to steady his swaying hand to see that he had Irene’s Facebook open to one of her more recent statuses, posted yesterday evening.

‘He asked me out, I said yes! #feelingblessed #luckiestgirlalive #cutestcoupleever,’ the status read. Attached below it was a photo of the new couple;  Baekhyun’s lips were on Irene’s cheek, her eyes were scrunched up, and she had an adorable smile on her face. It was true, they were the cutest couple ever.

I felt a feeling stir inside me, an emotion that I couldn’t even begin to describe at the time but that, in hindsight, should have been a big warning sign for me to keep my distance. But I couldn’t see that at the time - all I could see was my two best friends being all lovey-dovey cute together. It was gross.

“Holy, look how many likes it’s got!” Sehun exclaimed, his eyes bulging out at the nearly 700 figure. “I’m not surprised,” I replied lowly. “Irene’s become so popular recently.” Sehun simply chuckled. “It’s not all bad: we’ve also become a lot popular too.”

It was true. Irene may have gained lots of friends, but I doubted she would ever want to replace Sehun and I as her best friends. She would often invite us out to all these different events with her new friends (most of whom were girls, which was awesome for me because I gained a lot more female friends). As well as meeting tons of new people (including two charismatic boys named Bambam and Taeyong who often studied with me at the library), my popularity had risen to extraordinary levels. I suddenly found myself being invited to all sorts of parties I’d never been able to even dream of attending before, and I had my own group of friends now that didn’t consist totally of Sehun’s friends. He was right; Irene’s sudden popularity wasn’t all bad.

Sehun and I had just settled down enough to focus on the movie playing when the front door clicked open and laughter poured into our apartment.

“-reaction was absolutely hilarious!” An unfamiliar voice roared, so I peered over Sehun’s shoulder and saw the voice belonged to one of Irene’s many friends. She was very pretty, and I recognised her from around university. I could tell her and Irene were close. I think her name was Willow? Or maybe it was Wanda? I forget some times.

“I know right! It was to die for. Thanks for the ride home, Wendy!” Irene said, hugging her friend before shutting the front door.

Ah, Wendy.

“Hey guys!” Irene greeted, although she barely looked our way before sauntering down the hallway to her room. I glanced at Sehun who shrugged, turning his attention back to the TV.

13th May, 4:56PM:

“Anyone home?” I questioned, banging my knuckles on Irene’s door loudly, causing the ajar door to swing open with a creak. Our movie had finished and we had expected Irene would have come out to tell us about her exciting news by now - but she hadn’t. So Sehun and I decided to investigate ourselves.

“Come in~” Irene sang out in response. She was spread out on her bed but repositioned herself so she was now sitting crosslegged. She was tapping away furiously at her phone, undoubtedly texting one of her close friends, and she was unable to stop a wide smile from covering her face.

“So…when were you going to tell us you and Baekhyun were dating?” Sehun asked excitedly, waving his phone in her face much like he had done with me. Her smile suddenly faded upon hearing Sehun’s question, which caught me off guard.

“Were you even going to tell us at all?” I gestured to the date the status had been posted; over 24 hours ago.

“Well, I mean yeah, eventually, but…” Irene started, but soon trailed off. She stared at us both before giving me a sympathetic smile. “But not straight away.”

“Not straight away?” Sehun repeated, furrowing his brows in confusion.

“Well, I probably would have told you, Sehun. But I might not have told Y/N straight away,” Irene stated bluntly. I stared at her in shock, and I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. What did she mean by that? Weren’t we supposed to be best friends?

Irene must have noticed the upset look on my face because she quickly added, “only because I know how close you are to Baekhyun, and I didn’t want you to feel like I was stealing him away from you or anything.” Irene glanced down at her bedsheet sheepishly, and I could tell she was being honest but it still didn’t lessen the pain and embarrassment I felt.

And my deep blush must have gave me away because Sehun patted my hand and rushed on, “well, I know both Y/N and I are extremely happy for you two.” Irene smiled brightly and uttered her thanks, so Sehun continued. “By the way, don’t forget we’re going to the baseball game on Saturday night!”

I wasn’t a major sports fanatic, but Sehun had managed to score a few free tickets and thought it would be fun for the three of us to go together. “Oh, um, I can’t sorry,” Irene mumbled. Suddenly, her phone was very interesting to her again.

“You…can’t?” Sehun shot me a brief look that seemed to say ‘is this girl serious’, before turning his attention to our uncomfortable roommate. “Yeah, sorry. I think Nayeon is having a party that night. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.” Irene was doing an awful lot of apologising and had suddenly become the queen of avoiding eye contact.

“Oh, that’s okay then,” Sehun claimed, but I could tell he was hurt, if only slightly. Anyone could - his voice was barely above a whisper. “I think I have something to do now,” he added, retreating from the room and heading back to the lounge.

“Look, Y/N, I’m really sorry that I can’t come to the game with you guys anymore, but you need to understand we spend so much time together anyway!” Irene said, looking up and finally meeting my harsh gaze. She was apologising, but there was no hint of remorse in her eyes. She knew how much this game meant to Sehun, and she didn’t even care.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied sarcastically. “That’s what best friends do, generally.”

15th June:

I have no idea why I agreed to this. Absolutely no clue. You see, Irene invited me out for brunch with her at this cute little restaurant in the middle of Seoul; but conveniently forgot to tell me that it was actually a double date and she’d organised one of her friends to be my date.

So here I was, on a double date with Irene, Baekhyun, and some guy named Lee Jooheon. Jooheon seemed nice enough (and he was pretty attractive too), but I was so furious Irene had tricked me into going on this stupid double date that I couldn’t focus on anything he was saying.

“So yeah, as I was saying, Y/N hasn’t really had a boyfriend before, so you’d be her first!” Irene gushed, causing a hot blush to form on my face. I’d only been here for ten minutes and already I wished I could melt into the seat and never show my face anywhere ever again. However, I couldn’t do that.

“I don’t think he really needs to know that, Irene,” I hissed.

“Nonsense!” Irene laughed loudly, the sort of obnoxious sound a group of middle aged women would make when one of them tells a really terrible joke. I grumbled under my breath and noticed Baekhyun was watching me. He had a small smirk on his face and winked when I looked up. We sat across from each other in our little booth and this was definitely not the first time I’d caught him staring at me.

In fact, he managed to maintain eye contact even when Irene pressed herself up against him and placed a lazy kiss on his cheek. Every time Irene said something embarrassing about me, Baekhyun would nudge my foot with his own under the table and give me a small smile. At least someone else realised that what Irene was doing was humiliating.

“If you’ll excuse me, I just have to use the bathroom quickly,” Jooheon said, giving me a small smirk before escaping to the toilets. “Ah, I’ll go pay for the bill,” Baekhyun added, following Jooheon’s actions by giving us a small grin before departing. Irene gave him a big smile in response, but it quickly disappeared once he was out of earshot.

Leaning closer to me across the table, Irene growled, “do you think I’m stupid, Y/N?” She was so close to me that I could feel her breath hot on my cheek, and I pulled back quickly. “W-what? Why do you say that?”

“Do you think I don’t see the way you look at Baekhyun? The way you’ve been oogling at him this whole time? I’ve tried to set you up with a lovely guy, but you can’t keep your eyes off my boyfriend. I knew you were a threat, Y/N. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll back off.”

I could feel hot tears pricking at my eyes and I blinked rapidly, started at how cruel my supposed “best friend” was being. I desperately wanted to defend myself, but the lump in my throat made that near impossible. I could only hold Irene’s glare as her glossy lips curled up into a smirk.

“Glad we’re on the same page,” she whispered, just as both boys returned.

“Sweet, everything is paid for,” Baekhyun smiled. He glanced between Irene and I and rushed to add, “is everything alright?”

“Yeah, Baekhyunnie. Nothing’s wrong.”

26th July:

Ah yes. Possibly the absolute worst day of my life. Well, more like the day my perfect life crumbled and shit hit the fan.

Jooheon and I had swapped numbers after our nightmare of a double date, and we’d stayed in contact even though I explained I wasn’t interested in dating him (he was so sweet about it too, bless!). The other day, Jooheon had invited Irene and I to a party his friend Wonho was hosting. But since Irene hadn’t really talked to me since she accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend, I didn’t tell her about our invitation (I figured she would find out about the party eventually away), and took Sehun with me instead.

Everything seemed to be going fine; Irene turned up with Baekhyun as I had predicted would happen. It was only as the night progressed that I started to experience a harrowing, constant feeling in my chest. It was hard to describe what it was or pinpoint why I was suddenly feeling this way, but I instantly knew something hugely terrible was going to happen. Ironically, I think I felt this way because of how untroubled everyone else was.

Alcohol was definitely, 100% flowing at this party. Every room I entered held a least one large group of drunk friends, laughing and yelling louder than I would have considered acceptable in my own apartment. I guess this Wonho guy was a lot more lenient than I was. Or he just didn’t give a shit.

Now, I’d never been much of a drinker (the agonizing hangovers then next morning were more than enough to stop me drinking too much, usually) but tonight was different. Maybe I drunk to try to sooth the pain in my chest, or to lessen the effect the howling screams of drunkards had on my newly formed headache.

“I’m just going to go…somewhere,” I slurred, hitting Sehun hard on his back.

“Make good choices!” Sehun grinned as he turned to face me.

Oh, the irony!

I gulped back another cup of alcohol (I’m not too sure what it actually was, it tasted like vodka mixed with something else but I couldn’t be too sure what. By this time I didn’t really care what was in it anyway - I was far too wasted to be wary about such a small thing) and stumbled into the closest room: a second lounge.

Music was blasting from the stereo in the corner, and there was a group of rowdy younger boys surrounding a pool table. I started heading in their direction for god knows why, but someone intercepted me first.

“Y/N, just the girl I wanted to see!” Baekhyun cheered, giving me an adorable lopsided smile.

“You wanted to see me?” I replied, giving Baekhyun a sceptical look. “Where’s Irene?”

He suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the lounge and down the hall. The unexpected skin-to-skin contact sent a rogue shiver down my spine and I tried to pull my hand away instinctively - Baekhyun’s vice-like grip prevented us from breaking contact.

“She’s passed out on a couch in some place or another. Girl cannot handle her alcohol,” Baekhyun chucked, throwing open the door of a bedroom and scowling when he found it was occupied already.

“Out,” he instructed, grip still firm on my hand, and the couple sucking each other’s faces off scurried out of the room as fast as their drunken bodies could manage. I couldn’t stop a gasp from escaping my lips when Baekhyun closed the door and slammed my body against it.

“What the hell?” I managed to puff, but my words faded into nothing when I noticed how close Baekhyun’s face was to mine. He was probably only a foot taller, but he seemed to tower over me as I shrunk back into the door. I was totally wasted, but I could still make out the different tones of brown in his irises that I’d never noticed before.

“I need you, Y/N,” Baekhyun confessed, his voice low and raspy. His breath was hot on my cheek, and I could smell the reeking stench of alcohol on it. Baekhyun was drunk too, but nowhere near as tipsy as myself.

“But you have Irene,” I mumbled, and I was sure he wouldn’t even be able to hear me. To be honest, I was surprised at how I managed to resist jumping his bones right there and then.

“I have Irene, but I want you.”

I managed to take one last peek at Baekhyun’s eyes before his lips crashed onto mine: his usually soft, warm eyes had completely darkened and he looked like a hungry predator eying up its prey.

After a minute of desperate kisses, Bakehyun suggested we go somewhere more private, so that’s what we did. He suggested that, since he wasn’t really allowed to be seen making out with a girl other than his girlfriend, I pretend I was too sick to stay at the party and he would say he suddenly remembered an assignment he had due tomorrow. And that’s how we managed our great escape.

I learned two things that night; the first was that lust is a crazy, bubbling cauldron of desire and need, and once you get a taste of it, it courses through your veins and takes control of every inch of your body - from your legs to your fingertips to your tongue and even your mind. It’s wanting what you can’t have, what you shouldn’t have, what you know is absolutely and utterly wrong to take, but being completely unable to stop yourself from taking it regardless.

The second thing I learned that night was that Irene was right: I was a real threat to her relationship.

31st July:

Okay, I lied. When I said July 26th was the worst day in my whole existence, I was lying.

Today was the day everything went downhill. I guess you could say I was standing on the top of a really tall building, creeping closer and closer to the edge: July 26th was what caused me to fall off the very tall building, the 31st is what I experienced just before I hit the ground.

July 31st started out like any other day. It was the middle of summer, and I remember thinking it would be nice if my apartment had a pool. I’d been very good at keeping Baekhyun and I’s one night stand a secret, and I’d made Bakehyun promise he would never tell a soul, especially Irene, for obvious reasons.

In fact, I’d even seen the two together in the wake of our hookup: they looked as happy as could be and as much as it pained me to see them being all cute together, it was so much better than having Irene find out what had happened.

That day I had both my courses (a photography course and an English language course) which meant I had to walk almost literally from one side of campus to the other. Usually I didn’t have a problem with this (it’s a hassle, that’s all) but today seemed different.

I noticed that whenever I glanced in boys’ directions they would stare back with a glint of hunger in their eyes, and when I made eye contact with a group of girls they all glared daggers at me. Synchronised scowling. If I hadn’t been feeling so self conscious, I probably would have laughed.

It was only when I walked past the girls that I realised why they felt so compelled to stare: “See, that’s the girl who slept with Irene’s boyfriend,” one of the girls stated, pointing straight at me. I recognised her as one of Irene’s friends but I didn’t know her name. “She’s not even that pretty,” another girl added as I rushed past them.

At first I thought I was hallucinating. There was no way anyone knew about Baekhyun and I, right?

I was wrong. I managed to make it to my English class without anymore trouble, albeit the usual stares. I was just settling into my normal seat when two boys in front of me turned around. I recognised them as Vernon and Seungkwan - I was on good terms with the both of them as I often let them copy my answers.

“So, Y/N, is it true that you had sex with Baekhyun?” Seungkwan blurted out.

“You can’t just ask that, Seungkwan!” Vernon chuckled, but still looked at me expectantly.

“Oh, I am terribly sorry. Y/N, oh kind, wise, answer-sharing Y/N, is it true that you may have had sexual relations with the handsome Byun Baekhyun?” Seungkwan said in a posh voice. By now, a lot of the class was looking at us. My heart dropped.

“It’s not true,” I uttered, just loud enough for the two boys to hear.

“It’s what?” Vernon questioned, leaning closer.

“I-I need to go.” I packed my bag quickly and left the class as fast as I possibly could - there was no way I was staying in there to play a whole hour of Twenty Questions.

As I was heading home, I felt a mix of emotions. It was hard to pinpoint just one. I felt confused because I had no idea how everyone had found out, but at the same time I felt absolutely devastated because I knew exactly who had told them (it certainly wasn’t me, I hadn’t even told Sehun), and then I felt a wave of sadness that Baekhyun, someone who up until recently I considered a good friend, could share something so intimate.

When I got home, all I wanted to do was crawl up into my bed and sleep the remainder of the day away, but that’s not what happened. The door to our apartment was wide open and boxes sat outside it innocently - I could instantly tell that something was wrong.

“Y/N, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on,” Sehun stated when I walked into the living room. “I had literally just got home when all this started. She screamed at me for conspiring with and defending you?” He gestured to Irene’s room where the loud clatter of miscellaneous items landing on each other were coming from.

I stood near the doorway, the threat of having something thrown at me stopped me venturing further. Irene was angrily grabbing items off her desk, wall, and from her wardrobe, shoving them into cardboard boxes.

As if sensing my presence, Irene stopped her movements and snapped her head up, glaring right into my soul. She stood up and headed towards me with fire in her eyes, and I genuinely feared for my life. Stopping close to me, Irene stated, “You’re a bitch,” before slamming the door in my face.

“Y/N, what the hell was that about?” Sehun questioned when I remerged from the hallway. “ Are you okay?” The worried expression on Sehun’s features told me that he really did care about whether I was okay or not, but shame stopped me from confessing the sin I had committed. I really wanted to, but I just couldn’t.

“Yeah, Se. Nothing’s wrong.”

2nd August:

Remember when I said this past week was like I’d been pushed off a really tall building? Well, I finally hit the ground.

I spent most of the day at this cute little reserve near my apartment where I knew it was unlikely I would run into anyone I recognised. It seems that all I do now: run. Run away from my responsibilities. Run from my problems.

I was supposed to be meeting Suho and Chanyeol right now for lunch, but I couldn’t bear to face them. No doubt they would be bombarding my phone, which I’d left at home, but I was certain their texts would get lost among the numerous other notifications I had.

You see, a few days ago, people would tell me face to face what they thought about Baekhyun and I - which wasn’t the nicest feeling but I could handle it - but now they’d turned to social media to humiliate me, to call me degrading names where all my friends and family could see. So that’s why I was skipping lunch with Chanyeol and Suho, and ditching my classes for the day - I needed time away from it all, to think about how everything had gone oh so terribly wrong. I had no doubt my phone was buzzing away with hate - I seemed to be more popular now than I was before all this happened.

It was late afternoon when I finally decided to head back home. I was feeling just slightly more positive now that I’d thought about my situation and managed to come up with a mental game plan for my next moves.

That was, until I spotted a small van driving way from our apartment. Painted on the side in bright red letters were the words ‘Seoul Movers’. I bounded to the apartment, taking the stairs two at a time, and found a sombre looking Sehun starting at the blank television screen.

“Sehun?” I asked quietly, sliding up to the couch and staring at my friend.

“Irene’s gone. She moved out,” he monotonely replied. I knew this was going to happen; Irene packing boxes a few days ago and the moving truck were a dead give away, but I’d held on with false hope that Irene and I would be able to talk this situation out. Instead, Irene wouldn’t even make eye contact with me, let alone talk to me.

The last of the peaceful feeling I’d managed to hold onto from earlier today drained from my body completely and the reality of my situation fully hit me. Because of my stupid, stupid mistake, I’d managed to ruin a good relationship, my reputation, and I’d lost my best friend.

And as for Baekhyun, I didn’t even know where to start. I was so incredibly mad at him but it was still nowhere near as close to matching the anger I felt towards myself.

“Hey hey hey,” Sehun cooed, noticing the silent tears that were creeping down my cheeks. He stood up and wrapped me in his warm embrace. “It’s okay, silly.”

“No, it’s not. I’ve fucked everything up. I’m such a failure,” I wailed, burying my face into Sehun’s fluffy sweater. He didn’t say anything else, instead he hugged me tighter which I believe reassured me more than anything that he could have said would have.

We stood there for what felt like an eternity, and in that moment I realised I’d never felt more thankful for a single person that I did just then.

yay we can get married now ily all

For @wahwahwaffles, this probably isn’t what you had in mind but it’s here anyway?

Bucky woke up on the outskirts of Santa Rosa. It was dawn and Steve was pulling the car into the parking lot of some tiny coffee place. Bucky’s neck hurt from sleeping with his head against the window. He refrained from comment when Steve chose what all Bucky’s training told him was the wrong parking spot, just wordlessly stretched his neck and shoulder as Steve went inside. When he came back out again, Bucky was handed a bag of donuts and coffee with not enough cream.

“Where are we?” Bucked asked, voice rough from sleep.

“New Mexico.”

“We headed for the border? I can drive if you wanna sleep?”

“Nah, I got it. We’re not going to the border, though. We’re going to Puente Antiguo.”

Rather than going back out onto the interstate, Steve took a smaller road. Bucky scratched at his hair, wondering when he would next get the chance to wash it. “What the fuck is in Puente Antiguo?”

“Not much, but I got a surprised lined up for you.”

“I’m a hundred years old now, I can’t handle surprises.” Bucky took a scalding gulp of coffee.

Steve laughed, “you’ll like this one. Now gimme a donut.”

Bucky held out the bag and let Steve rummage through it for the chocolate coated one. Then he let Steve keep driving and blearily watched the desert roll by.

If Bucky had ever been to this part of the country, he didn’t remember. It looked exactly how he’d picture it, so maybe he had. He used to know someone from here. A girl. Long ago, before the war. 

He rolled down the window and let the cool air blow his hair around. He squeezed his eyes shut and remembered: Darcy and the best six months of his life.

He almost wished the memories weren’t there. It was painful to think of how young and stupid and happy he’d been. Finding a dame in the park, in tears after her purse got stolen. He and Steve had put her up in their apartment, sharing Steve’s bed and giving Bucky’s room to Darcy. They’d helped her out, got her clothes even if they were secondhand. Bucky had scored her a job; a filing girl in the same building where he worked in the mailroom, he seemed to recall. Or had she been in the mailroom and he was something else? He definitely remembered the two of them walking to and from work every day, arm in arm. And that his boss thought they looked good together. Darcy had been sweet and funny. A little firecracker, no taller than Steve. And always wore that sweater with the cherries embroidered on the chest. She’d paid their kindness back, putting her money in with theirs for food and rent. And she’d paid them back in kisses, and in gentle little touches, like cuddling up to Steve while he was doing the dishes and nuzzling at the back of his neck. Or sitting on Bucky’s knee while they both read the paper. Outside, she was Bucky’s girl. But behind closed doors, it was Bucky and Steve and Darcy. No matter how much the neighbours tsked and told them they were living in sin, playing house.

Bucky hoped that wasn’t the surprise. That Steve had tracked down Darcy, now an old lady. He didn’t care if he was selfish, not wanting to see the family she must have built for herself when she’d gone back to New Mexico. She’d deserved a happy life, not to see him now as a shell of soldier. Would it be better or worse to simply arrive at her grave?

“You’re not even gonna give me a clue?” Bucky asked.

“Nope. This was way too long and complicated to track down to start spoiling it now.”

They passed a roadsign, ‘Puente Antiguo 19 miles.’

There was an uptick in traffic as people started making their way to work. The temperature rose and the sun brightened in the sky.

Puente Antiguo turned out to be a thin veneer of a town scraped across a section of desert. A diner, a garage, a pet store, a cluster of houses. Farm houses speckled in the distance. And a disused car dealership that had grown satellite dishes out of the roof like giant mushrooms.

Steve pulled the car up alongside a large van, which also sported a satellite. “Here we are, Buck. Surprise is inside.”

Bucky sat squinting in the hot sun at the strange surroundings. In through the large window, he could see more machinery and computers that did god only knows what. And on the back wall was an enormous printed star chart. Was this an observatory? The 21st century was weird to him in a lot of ways but this was really pushing the envelope.

Steve, done waiting for Bucky to figure anything out, got out of the car and strode up to the glass door, giving it a firm couple of taps. Bucky slowly opened the door and followed, his boots crunching in the dusty gravel. Behind them, the town was waking up. The garage started welding something, and the diner’s bell jingled as the first customers ventured in.

An unfamiliar woman hollered for them to come inside the dealership-slash-observatory, so Steve pushed the door open and walked in. Where Bucky took a good long look around the place - with notes and photos pinned up and a transparent board with long, scary looking equations written in red - it clearly wasn’t Steve’s first visit. He made a beeline for an office in the back where Thor was waiting for them, with two women. One was pacing and writing in a notebook, chewing on one pen while another was balanced behind her ear. And the other?

Darcy. Not an old lady, but exactly the way she had been. Not a day older and sitting on at a high table, with her hands wrapped around a steaming mug of coffee. She was even wearing that goddamned cherry sweater. Bucky’s jaw dropped.

Steve, the smirking little punk, walked right up to her and placed a kiss on the top of her head. He turned back to face Bucky, with his hands on Darcy’s shoulders. “Surprise.”

Bucky couldn’t manage a single sound.

Was this a dream? Was he still asleep in the car, or back in cryo? It couldn’t be real, that was too good to be true. And yet here his Darcy was, waiting patiently for him to pull himself together. Bucky felt his throat tighten and his eyes well up with tears.

“H-how?” he stammered.

Darcy put her mug down and opened her mouth.

“You have no idea how important this is. We’ve been trying to get a handle on the data this threw up for the last year,” the other lady said. “The fact that she was able to go back at all is groundbreaking and the difference in perceived time? Oh, my god. I-”

“I time traveled, Bucky” came Darcy’s beautiful voice. Just as he remembered. “I spent six months with in nineteen-forty but I was only gone from here, like, six minutes. You will be shocked at the amount of detail I had to go into to get Jane to believe that I was in a polyamorous relationship with Captain America and the Winter Soldier for six minutes.”

Bucky swallowed around the lump in his throat.

“Tracking someone down is a lot harder when they turn out to be seventy years younger that you think they are,” Steve said, when Bucky said nothing. “We just so happen to have some mutual friends, so we got lucky.” He jerked his head towards Thor, who raised his own mug in salute.

“S-so, wait,” Bucky took one step forward, “that whole bit about being on vacation to New York and getting mugged?”

“Total lie, sorry,” Darcy said, getting off her chair. She was just as small as she had been before, like Steve wasn’t anymore.

“But you wouldn’t have believed me then. Can you forgive me?” She held out her arms for a hug and Bucky wasted no time. But instead, he scooped her up into his arms, like a new bride, and pressed a big smacking kiss to her lips. In the background, Thor and Jane cheered. And Darcy let out a tiny squeal and kissed him right back.

acelania  asked:

I just read your thing about paladins and what they're for and holy CRAP does it sum up some stuff that I've been trying to explain for ages, so thank you for that! But now I'm wondering: your footnote mentioned Fjord and Vax'ildan, who both multiclassed into paladin as part of their personal character arc. Would you mind sharing your Thoughts about them? (And if you have any about the other paladins and how they fit in this - Arkhan or Kima or Kerrek or the rest - that would be awesome to see.)

You know I’m ALWAYS ready for a good CR character breakdown :D  And for shitting on classic Old School conceptions of what paladins should be, because a quick stroll through the tags has reminded me that, while many people play them very very well, the people who talk about How You’re Supposed To Play Paladins are often wrong as hell.  (This includes everybody who wrote 3rd edition d&d.)

I kind of want to start by talking about Kima and Kerrek, rather than Vax and Fjord, because Kima and Kerrek are in many ways two different angles on exactly what I think a paladin character should be.  Starting with the premise here that the paladin at its core is about turning ideals into actions, Kima and Kerrek are both awesome at exemplifying the class.

Kima is such a straightforward, action-oriented person.  Her belief in Bahamut and her belief in justice are inextricably entwined; she follows her god because she’s sure he’s right about what’s Good and Correct to see done in the world.  The ideals –> action pathway is easy and natural for her, because the necessity of taking action in pursuit of her ideals is very clearly one of her ideals.  She’s not in conflict with her vows, because she doesn’t need to be.  There’s evil in the world, and Bahamut wants her to smite it in the balls, and that’s both effective and fun.  (Of note, Kima doesn’t feel personally responsible for destroying every single minor evil ever to exist ever.  There’s plenty to go around.  Smite the monster in front of you, trust Bahamut to point you towards the thing that really needs killing, and don’t kill yourself over the petty grift of the guy in your favorite bar at the end of the day because yikes, dude, just yikes–that’s how Kima functions as a character, and it’s what makes her an actually functional character.)

Kerrek on the other hand is fascinating because he’s a paladin who thinks he’s lost his ideals, at least at the start.  At some unknown time in the past he tried to turn faith and belief (in something, and we never do find out what, and it doesn’t even matter) into change in the world.  He got some things done.  He utterly failed at some other things.  And now he’s sitting here in Westruun feeling like, maybe he can’t, maybe he shouldn’t, maybe everything is a thousand times more complicated and he’s a thousand times tinier in the universe than he ever envisioned when he was younger.  He’s sitting there thinking he’s lost his ideals and his drive and his faith–and meanwhile he’s still standing there taking action, doing what he can for the people of Westruun, planting his garden, being angry and disappointed and frustrated and still trying anyway.  In spite of himself, Kerrek still believes.  In spite of himself Kerrek still does the things he thinks need to be done, even if they’re not the things he wants to be doing, even if he doesn’t think he’ll do any good in the long run.  Such a good paladin thing to do.

Then we get to Fjord and Vax.  And so much of what makes Fjord and Vax interesting as paladins is, the ideals that compel them to action, compel them to take these paladin oaths, aren’t the ideals of their respective goddesses.

Vax did not wake up one day and say, ‘I believe in the Raven Queen and I believe that what she says is just and right and I will follow her because I believe in her so much’.  (He almost, almost got to that point with Sarenrae, circa the Briarwoods arc, and somewhere there is an alternate universe where he did and it is so interesting, but I digress.)  And Fjord didn’t really sit down and learn his way through the teachings of the Wildmother and decide, ‘y’know, yes, this is what I love and trust and want to spread in the world’.  That’s not the ideal that drove either of them to action.

Fuck, Vax didn’t even like the Raven Queen when he became hers.  “Take me instead, you raven bitch.”  Why does Vax become a paladin of the Raven Queen?  Because he promised.  Because he traded himself for his sister.  He believes to the depths of his soul in keeping Vex alive, and he believes in keeping his word.  The ideal driving Vax to action isn’t worship or admiration.  It’s the ideal of following through on his own goddamn commitments.

For Fjord, it’s similar, although a lot less fraught.  He doesn’t dislike Melora, certainly–everything he knows of her seems fine, but mostly he turns to her because he’s desperate for help and she seems willing to give it.  Fjord’s not great at big lofty ideals, but he is good at people, in his own way.  Turning to the Wildmother is about grabbing at the kindness she’s shown him.  It’s about grabbing at the kindness Caduceus has shown him.  These are the things he trusts.

And yet, Vax isn’t just a paladin to the oath of Keep Vex Alive.  Fjord isn’t just a paladin of Not U’kotoa.  They both have ideals, and they’re both doing their utmost to follow them here anyway.

For Fjord, being a paladin seems very transactional, yes (free me from this sea serpent and I’ll be your guy, sure), but there’s an enormous ethic of devotion and loyalty involved, coupled with, just like Kima had, a belief in the requirement for action.  Fjord believes that it is correct to repay kindness with deeds.  He doesn’t entirely understand what Melora wants of him, but she was kind to him in a vast wasteland where he slept unbroken sleep beneath her tree, and she has saved him when he wasn’t entirely sure he could be saved, and of course you repay that in kind.  At this point in the narrative, that intense loyalty is the driving ideal behind Fjord’s path as a paladin, and it’s really cool to see.

Vax could have run, when the Raven Queen came for him, and instead he went to Vasselheim.  He could have done a lot of things a lot of times.  The fact that he offered himself up in a fit of terror isn’t what made him a paladin–the fact that he followed through after that moment was over did.

Another really interesting thing about these paths is that perhaps the most major action our boys are compelled to take, in response to that loyalty, is simply, learn what the fuck you signed up for.  Having pledged themselves to these goddesses they are now responsible for figuring out what that even means.  There is no easy handbook for “this is what your goddess requires of you, break it and you’re Out On Your Ass”.  The Raven Queen asks Vax for extremely little, in the grand scheme of things.  He spends a lot of time fighting enemies he would have fought anyway with a little extra backup, and muddling along looking to Vasselheim and old books to figure out what she might want out of him.  Fjord’s still taking Caduceus-lessons and trying to figure out what comes next.

In the end it’s hard to even tell whether Vax comes to truly embrace her ideals of fate and finality as his own, or he just submits to them as part of who he thinks he has to be now.  That open question is super interesting to me, and I think it’s a really cool twist on the whole classic “paladins take these vows and then HAVE TO STICK TO THEM no matter WHAT” dynamic, where the big vow Vax made is, in fact, to be a paladin.  (Even the Oath of Vengeance is fascinating for him–the Raven Queen didn’t ask that path of him, Vax chose it.  He decided that was the right way for him to serve.)

I’m so curious to see where Fjord goes from here on his paladin journey.  Which of Melora’s ideals is he going to work to enact out of loyalty to her, because that’s the job he promised to do?  Which ideals will he actually understand and agree with in his own heart?  What oath is he going to take, I’m so fucking curious: Oath of Heroism makes a certain amount of sense but is also kind of self-aggrandizing, Devotion would be awesome for Fjord but also includes that absolute injunction towards honesty, I’m eternally a sucker for the Oath of Ancients and it would make sense for Melora but I’m not sure it’s correct here

Anyway.  Tl;dr that Vax and Fjord are not, entirely, paladins to the ideals and domains of their respective goddesses–not yet.  They’re both paladins to the ideal of loyalty, which they’ve given to their respective goddesses, and that’s such an interesting option for the class.  It invites so much discussion about the difference between devotion to a deity as an individual, and devotion to what that deity actually stands for.  And I fucking love it.

A list of my favorite things about Thor Ragnarok:

  • Thor spinning in the chains and being like ‘wait, i’ll come back around eventually’
  • the entire fight on that world; the camera work was wonderful
  • Skurge’s horde of stuff! LMAO
  • also, Skurge running to announce Thor even though he knows he’ll be too late lol
  • Loki ignoring all the problems in the Nine Realms as Odin to watch fanfiction plays he produced that paint him in the best light possible
  • “Oh shit!”
  • I don’t like Cumberbatch but the short time with Strange was wonderful and funny, especially how fucking done he was with Loki and just waved them away
  • Hela’s entrance was badass and she could step on me, honestly
  • “You don’t look like him. … You sound like him.”
  • Valkyrie’s fucking entrance: iconic
  • Goldblum was fantastic and no one else could ever play that part, ever
  • “You will pay for this!” “I got paid for this.”
  • Thor being so tough before crumbling and begging Stan Lee to not cut his hair lol
  • Loki just thinking he can covertly murder the Grandmaster so he and Thor can take over Sakaar like ??? I need that level of confidence in my life
  • Hogun’s last stand, respect
  • the entire fight with Hulk was hilarious, especially Thor channeling Widow lmao
  • honestly, every interaction with Hulk after that is so great
  • Thor’s whole running gag of ‘that’s what heroes do’ failing lol
  • Point Break vs Strongest Avenger “Uhhh, what?”
  • Heimdall being the rebel hero of Asgard
  • Thor telling Hulk he prefers him and doesn’t like Banner, and telling Banner he prefers him and doesn’t like Hulk 
  • Hela critiquing Odin’s vault room of fake or mediocre junk
  • Valkyrie and Loki’s little fight where she owns his ass, hog ties him and drags him back to her apartment, you go girl
  • “I feel like I know you.” “I feel like I know you, too, its really weird!”
  • THE FUCKING SNAKE STORY!!! Bless Taika for including actual mythology
  • “Ship’s also gonna need cupholders cause we’re gonna die so DRINKS!”
  • Get Help, omg
  • “You have seven PhD’s.” “NONE OF THEM ARE IN FLYING SPACESHIPS!”
  • honestly, the escape from Sakaar was another wonderfully shot scene
  • Bruce having a big hero moment only to fall flat on his face lol
  • Thor’s fight with Hela and his bombass lightning strike
  • Loki showing up like “Your savior has arrived! Did you miss me?”
  • Him and Heimdall apparently being cool like ???
  • Loki obviously stealing the Tesseract
  • Skurge’s quick redemption, which was extra wonderful since you could visibly see how conflicted he was the entire time he was with Hela
  • Hulk 100% ready to throwdown with Sutur only to be told FOR ONCE, DON’T SMASH!!! and his little pout about it cause he just wants to fight the big monster
  • Korg being so positive about rebuilding Asgard as a sanctuary for all people, then not literally 2 seconds later lmao
  • Loki actually being there and not an illusion at the end
  • Loki being able to stand near Hulk without an immediate beatdown lol
  • the sheer hilarity of Thor showing up to Infinity War with one eye, no hammer, Hulk whose been missing for 2 years, Loki who he’s gonna have to vouch for as not a lunatic bent on world domination, what remains of his now endangered species people and a couple of alien gladiators lmao

you know what is the most IRONIC AND INFURIATING THING about this magicians mess? if they really decided that they needed Quentin’s journey to end on the show, THEY ACTUALLY HAD A PERFECT SETUP TO DO SO


guys. they could’ve written an ending for Quentin WITHOUT killing him off, WITHOUT destroying his character arc, WITHOUT CRUSHING THE HEART OF EVERY FAN THAT EVER RELATED TO HIM, AND IT COULD’VE BEEN WRITTEN WELL 

stick with me here (sorry in advance; this is a tad long) – 

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The Arrangement: Part 9

Title:  The Arrangement: Part 9

Summary:  He’s a mechanic. She’s a lonely woman with more money than she knows what to do with. Fate brings them together and sparks fly. But only for six weeks. That’s the arrangement.

Need to catch up? The Arrangement Master Post

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count:  3119

Warnings:  angst, explicit language, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  This is a multi-part series. Shifts between multiple points of view.


Originally posted by im-bigbrother-dean

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okuyasu: Petition to hire 1,000,000 people to put their fingers in the shoot hole of peoples’ guns so they can’t shoot them.
rohan: It’s still gonna shoot… And they’re gonna lose a finger.
josuke: No. The finger blocks the bullet. We can do this.
rohan: This is a gun we’re talking about. The projectile is fired using an explosion, not by compressed air of a toy gun or the elastic forces of a sling shot. People would be lucky if they only lost their finger.
mista: The finger blocks it
jotaro: The finger won’t block it - the shaft is only there for keeping the bullet straight, all the propulsion happens behind the bullet. The bullet would rip through the finger, not that many would actually fit without the victim being a child, and beyond.
narancia: The bullet would go forward a little and then hit the finger and stop, it’s not that hard to understand!
koichi: Why the dingleknockers would you even consider sticking your finger in the barrel of a loaded gun?? The amount of force propelling the bullet at that close of range would shatter the finger at the very least; this is a petition for 1,000,000 people to lose the use of their hands. If a bullet explodes the back of a person’s skull when they shoot it in their mouth it sure as hell will explode a finger.
okuyasu: No, the finger would stop it.
keicho: You guys who think the bullet would stop at the finger have never shot a gun and can volunteer to it their fingers in the barrel of my 9mm and I’ll pull the trigger and see if it will stop the bullet. Dumbasses.
josuke: The finger would stop it.
trish: Apparently for dudes who’ve got a compulsive need to be the smartest person in the room, “someone who’s wrong in a really stupid way who has unshakable confidence that they’re smarter than you” is their kryptonite.
trish:  You can play dumb on almost any subject and their ego, their staunch belief that the masses are so far below them, will blind them to the fact that you’re just fucking with them, and as long as you don’t admit you’re fucking with them or acknowledge that there’s anything Off about what you’re saying, they won’t be able to stop themselves trying to get you to Respect Their Authority, and they won’t be able to see that will literally never happen.
rohan: Since when was this a gender thing? 1,000,000 people are gonna lose their hand because people are taking such extreme was to show guns are bad when he can already see that. This is why I can’t stand shit like this sometimes.
narancia: No, silly, see, the bullet would stop because the finger would be in the way.
abbacchio: You think some cartoon bullshit is going to happen if the petition gets enough signatures?
narancia: No, the finger will stop the bullet.
jotaro:  The bullet will rip straight through a finger and maybe more of the person’s body…. how hard is it to understand this?
okuyasu: No, this is very simple, the bullet will get to the finger and then stop.
mista: I really don’t understand what you people aren’t getting about this. The bullet will travel down the barrel a little ways but then the finger stops it. Easy.
rohan: Reasons why this is bullshit: One, your finger can be broken the fuck off with the force it takes to bite off a carrot stick. A bullet would do far worse damage. Two, would it even fit? Three, you’d likely get gunned the fuck down before you even got the chance. Take a seat, dumbass.
josuke: The finger would stop it though.
giorno: I wonder how long it’ll take for them to notice they’re just being fucked with.

How Things Can Change (pt 1)


When your cousin gets into a bad spot, you end up with the custody of her 4 year old daughter. What you weren’t expecting was for shawn to love that little girl as much as you did.


When you came home from getting Elena’s things from the house, you could hear Shawn talking in the living room “Now you’ve gotta spin. Just like Belle, I do this all the time.” Your heart swelled at the sight, Shawn and Elena dancing to the scene in Beauty and the Beast. A new Belle dress was obviously purchased, as her old one was in the suitcase you were towing behind you.

“Are you two gonna dance or are you gonna help me decorate your room with your things.” You smiled from behind the couch. Shawn smiled at you and held out his hand. “A dance, m’ lady?” You couldn’t help but to take his hand and spin around the wooden floors, smiling as Elena watched you from the couch.


Dinner was interesting. El kept asking where here mom was and why she was going to live with us, and you wanted to just hold her and tell her that it would all be okay. Shawn was so helpful though and would answer the questions you were too choked up to answer.

How could someone be so careless towards such a perfect little girl. More specifically her own mother seemed to not care! And the fact that her father was gone before she was even born. Your whole heart hurt for that precious little girl sitting in Shawn’s lap as he fed her the Mac and Cheese on her plate.

“Okay bug, if you eat all your cheese you can have ice cream.” You smiled as Shawn took a bite from his own plate, finishing his dinner. “Can I have dessert?” He smirked, wiggling his eyebrows. “You, mister.” You scolded, pointing your fork at him “will have to be good. And Elena, baby you need to take a bath okay?”


After getting Elena her ice cream and making sure she was clean, you tucked her into bed. “Rora? Read me a story?” Her voice already tired. “Actually, can I do it?” Shawn asked, walking into the room, clad in his flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt. He was so loving towards her, and it was amazing. You considered her you daughter, but Shawn didn’t have to, yet here he was, asking to read her her bedtime story.

He never failed to surprise you, and you smiled as he read to her, slowly lulling her to sleep with his smooth voice. You were slowly falling asleep as well, laying next to Elena as you listened to Shawn. “She’s asleep honey, let’s get to bed.” He whispered, shaking you gently.

You sat up, adjusting the sheets over Elena’s tiny body, before shutting off the light and following Shawn to your bedroom. He was already in bed, arms open to you. “Come on mommy.” He chuckled as you stripped down to your panties and threw on his shirt.

“If that’s your way of getting me to call you daddy. It’s not gonna work babe.” You both laughed as you crawled into bed, curling into his chest. “Shawn, last night you were so confident that we’d adopt Elena if it can down to it. Are you sure? I mean I’d love to do that. Since, you know.” You looked down at your stomach, knowing you may never be able to carry a baby there.

He kissed your head, rubbing your arm softly. “Honey, I wouldn’t have said it if I wasn’t sure. I love Elena and I love you. And I know the way you are with her. And as soon as we find out. I’m signing papers. Because we will be a family, no matter what.”

A few tears slipped down your cheeks as Shawn spoke. He was so pure and wonderful, you were so lucky to have him in your life and you were glad he wanted to be a part of Elena’s as well. “Shawn. I love you. So fucking much.” You sobbed into his chest. “I love you too babe. Now come on, we’ve got a lot to do tomorrow with finishing Elena’s room.”

You nodded slowly, calming yourself down and pulling the sheets over the two of you. This was going to be a long and exhausting journey for all theee of you. But you know they in the end it would all be worth it. Shawn won’t let that little girl go back to someone who didn’t care about her, and you won’t either. So you made a silent agreement that night. Make sure Elena is happy and safe.

anonymous asked:

Can I get a NSFW with drunk Sanemi where he confesses his love to his S/o who's also drunk?❤🤸‍♀️ I hope you feel better!

Hey, bby. Hope you like it. And thank you so much! 💜✨


Sanemi x F!S/O: Drunk Confessions (NSFW Scenario):

Warnings: Smut, Drunkenness, Marking, Vanilla Sex, Missionary Sex, Creampie

The fog in (Y/n)’s head felt so heavy, and no matter how hard she tried to shake the dreggy feeling off, she couldn’t. It was almost as heavy as the open-mouthed kisses that she could feel being peppered all over her neck.

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a third - part five.

a travis x reader x nolan sinfest 

part one    part two    part three    part four 

warnings: pain kink, double penetration, butt stuff again (obviously), unprotected sexual intercourse (wrap it before you tap it), unintentional cockwarming, swearing, dirty talk 

word count: 4,159 (i got a little carried away) 

a/n: I WANT TO SAY A HUGE THANK YOU FOR TWO THINGS BEFORE WE START. 1. THANK YOU FOR 300 FOLLOWERS LOVE YOU ALL  & 2. thank you so so so much for the positive feedback! I love chatting with you guys so don’t ever hesitate to send me a message! Also, I’m thinking of doing a thirst night tomorrow (friday july 26th) in honor of reaching 300 but its only fun if you guys join in so let me know if that’s something yall would actually participate in! 

       “I have a surprise for you,” Travis whispered into Nolan’s ear as they finished gathering their personal belongings from the stalls of the locker room. He flushes immediately. Travis smiles. Nolan always gave him the reaction he wanted so easily. 

     “What is it?” Nolan asks in a low voice, paranoid the rest of the team will hear despite the loud music thumping through the room and the shouting echoing off the walls. 

     “If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?” Travis responds cheekily. Nolan rolls his in annoyance as he finishes buttoning the rest of his dress shirt. 

      “Hey! Are you guys coming out with us?” Carter shouts from across the room. His hair wet from his shower, he stands by the exit in a half-buttoned shirt, his tie hanging loosely around his neck. 

     “I’m not, my girl’s waiting for me back at the hotel,” Travis is quick to answer, “but Patty is.” 

      Nolan turns his head, “I am?” he asks lowly to TK. 

“You are. Don’t worry, this doesn’t change anything. Go out, have fun. It will still be there when you get back,” Travis responds, a hand clapped onto his best friend’s shoulder in reassurance, “Do you have a spare room key?” 

     “Uh, yeah,” Nolan begins rummaging through his bag, “Why?” 

      “You’ll see,” Travis snatches it from his hand and starts to walk away, “Don’t get too fucked up, you’ll want to remember this.” 

       The whole time Nolan is out he’s wondering what Travis has planned. He figures it has something to do with you - that part was obvious. The details though, those were a little harder to pinpoint.  He knew what he hoped it would be, but he didn’t want to set expectations only to have them go unmet. He wanted to fuck you. Plain and simple. Yeah, touching you was nice and you gave the best blowjobs he’d ever gotten but he was getting frustrated. Travis always stopped him or took over before he got to have his way with you. For fear of overstepping, he kept his mouth shut. But as the weeks went on he was becoming increasingly impatient, unsure of how long he could last like this. 

          Back at the hotel, you and Travis made quick work of breaking into Nolan’s room. It wasn’t hard with the key Travis had gotten from him, but Travis insisted on calling it a break-in because it “sounded more badass.” Thankfully, his room was only one door down from Travis’ so it wasn’t long before you were standing in his room. 

         Travis asked you to join him for this short trip weeks in advance. It wasn’t too far from Philly, so he knew that if you had a school-related emergency you could be there with little hassle. Also, the team had a few days off in between games and were allowed to spend them how they pleased. Naturally, Travis wanted to spend them with you. 

      The topic of Nolan had come up one night after dinner while Travis was helping you put away the dishes and to start a new load. It had been a month since you had last done anything sexually with him, your hangouts reverting back to platonic movie nights and group outings with other friends. It was nice, doing friend things with Nolan was always nice. Additionally, you adored having alone time with your boyfriend, as it was a rarity in general. However, you could tell Travis was getting restless due to lack of experimentation. 

        “So… I saw something on the internet the other day-” he started but you cut him off before he could finish. 

        “You can say porn,” you laughed, “You know I don’t mind if you watch it.” 

         “Okay, fine. I was watching porn the other day and I saw something interesting,” he finished, handing you a stack of plates to put in the open cabinet next to your head.  

       “Which was?” you raised a brow, turning to face him. He handed you a couple cups and you returned them to their rightful places. 

       “Do you know what DP is?” he asked quizzically. 

      “Yes, Travis. I know what double penetration is,” you laughed again. 

         Honestly, you hadn’t been all that surprised. You knew as soon as you started whatever you were doing with Nolan that Travis would find a way to bring this up. Travis loved putting things in your ass while he fucked you. Toys, fingers, plugs… you name it and he bought it. He constantly told you how amazing it felt while he was buried inside you, how he could feel it moving and how tight it made you. Now that you had Nolan, you weren’t shocked that he wanted to have the same experience with half the effort. 

       “Have you ever thought about trying it?” He inquired as he plopped a pod into the dishwasher before starting it. 

        “I mean, not really before we started messing around with Nolan. There’s never been anyone I’ve felt comfortable bringing to bed with us,” you answered honestly, “I do like it when we do anal stuff though.” 

      “Oh, I know you do,” he wiggled his eyebrows at you and you tossed the dishtowel at his chest in mock annoyance. 

        “I’m being serious,” you whined, collecting the discarded towel off the floor to hang back on the handle of the oven. 

       “So am I,” he responded, pulling you against him. He held you, kissing the top of your head. 

         “Is this something you really want, or just something you want to say you’ve done?” you had asked into his chest. Travis always seemed to do this thing where he brought up things for the sole purpose of being able to put a finger down or take a shot during party games. Sometimes you couldn’t tell whether or not he actually found the idea hot or just wanted bragging rights. 

       “Something I want,” he whispered into your head definitively. 

        And that’s how you got here. 

Travis was busy in the bedroom getting the room ready while you put the finishing touches on yourself in the mirror. You boyfriend had bought you a new set for the occasion - a frilly white number that stood out against your skin. He had picked it because it made you look angelic and “virginal.” 

        “You do know I’m not though, right?” you had asked him sarcastically when you opened the box and he explained his reasoning. 

       “Well, obviously,” he rolled his eyes, “but this is your first time with Nolan, and it’s his first time with you.” 

       “Only you,” you shook your head and laughed. 

“And besides, I happened to know he likes you in white,” Travis told you. 

        “How do you know that?” you asked skeptically. 

“Little birdie told me,” he smirked. 

        “By little birdie, you mean you cornered and pestered him until you told you.” 

        “Something like that.” 

You have to admit, now that you had it on, you really liked it. Travis never did you wrong when it came to lingerie, so you should have just trusted his judgment. The cups of the top held you perfectly, accentuating the natural curve of your breast. Soft transparent fabric floated around your body, creating an illusion of modesty around your middle. Peeking out from under the hem was a pair of underwear that barely existed. They, well what there was of them, were white, a small bow sitting on the elastic above your ass. It matched the one nestled between your breasts. 

        “Alright, I just texted him to come back,” Travis announces as he pushes his way into the bathroom.

         His eyes darken when he sees you. His hands reach out to touch you, pulling your form against his body. Kissing you deeply, his hands move to tightly grab your ass. He groans as he does so and you can feel his arousal against your stomach. 

        “I know you said Nolan’s the only one fucking me tonight but does that mean we can’t fool around before he gets here?” you arch a brow up at him and he bites his lip. 

        “How could I ever say no to you?” He lifts you onto the counter, standing between your parted legs. 

        You arch your back under his touch before tilting your pelvis to meet his. You legs snake around his waist, pressing him into you. You both groan into the kiss at the feeling. Pulling your lips from his, you tilt his head to the side and begin attacking his neck. Travis loves pain as much as you do, so you spare no expense as you tend to the skin. He digs his fingers into the soft flesh of your ass when you rake your nails down his chest. 

        “Fuck, babygirl,” he growls against you, “If we don’t stop now nothing will keep me from bending you over this counter and having my way with you.” 

        “Fine,” you sigh, pulling away. 

“Don’t pout, he’s probably almost here,” Travis kisses your nose and helps you down from the counter. 

        Nolan’s heart just about leaped from his chest when his phone lit up. Carter was rambling about something he didn’t find interesting, too preoccupied to fake it. He snatched his phone from the table and quickly read the text. 

        Head home now. Alone. 

Travis was always straight to the point. At this point, Carter was looking at Nolan like he had just sprouted wings. He clearly caught on to his friend’s unusual behavior. 

        “Hey, what’s up?” Carter asks, concerned. 

“Nothing, I just need to call my mom. Family thing,” he quickly mutters before bolting from the table and out into the night air. He quickly calls an Uber and jumps in the moment it pulled in front of him. The whole ride home his leg involuntarily bounced up and down and his palms grew sweaty. 

        His whole body was buzzing as he rode the elevator up to his floor. He was a little tipsy, but only to the point where he felt invincible. His hands shook as he pulled his key from his wallet and waved it in front of the lock. He paused and took a breath before pushing the door open. His jaw almost hit the floor along with his bag when he opened the door. 

        You were perched on the bed, an angel in white. The curves he adored so much were draped in white lace, shining against your skin. Your body was surrounded by rose petals and there were candles scattered about the room. It was like something out of a movie. 

         “Surprise!” Travis said in a light voice. He was sitting in the desk chair by the window, nursing a glass of amber liquid. His shirt is half-undone, chest lined with hickeys and scratch marks. His hair is tousled and there’s a smile dancing on his lips. 

        “Do you like it, Nolan?” he looks over at you and you’re playing with the hem of the babydoll, “Travis picked it out just for you.” 

        “I do, I like it a lot,” Nolan inches closer to the bed, falling in front of you. His large hands land outside of your knees, his face just a small distance from your own. 

         “Can I touch?” Nolan turns to Travis.  

“Tonight, you don’t have to ask me for anything. Just do. Anything,” Travis answers. 

           He rolls the glass around in his palm, enjoying the way the liquid sloshed around and almost over the edge. He liked the idea of just sitting back and getting a private show. From this perspective, he could just sit back and watch you, really watch without any distractions - until the real surprise, that is. 

        “Anything?” his ears perk up. Nolan’s mind races, flickers of you shooting across his vision. 

“Well, there is one thing that’s off-limits….” Travis trails off. 

         He gestures for you to spin around. You comply obediently, turning on your knees and bending over. As your hands hit the mattress, you spread your legs. You bite your lip as Nolan pushes the babydoll up to reveal your ass, tugging the fabric of your panties out of the way after. Nestled in your ass is yet another plug, this one is a deep black with a #11 printed in the center - a mark of TK’s claim over you. Nolan bites his lip at the sight. 

        “I can work with that,” Nolan rasps, putting the fabric back into place. “Turn back around, pretty girl.” 

        You listen, rotating back to your previous position. You trail your eyes over his body, taking in his disheveled suit and loosely done tie. His eyes are dark, his cheeks flushed from alcohol and arousal. He has his lip in his mouth, teeth leaving deep indents on the tender flesh. 

        “Touch me,” you whimper, moving closer to him. You grab his tie and pull him in. 

“Gladly,” he breathed and his hands run over the skin of your thighs, wrapping around your waist and pulling you up to him. 

         His lips came crashing down onto yours and he drank you in. With one hand tangled in your hair and the other firmly planted on the small of your back, Nolan maneuvers around to sit on the bed with you on top of him, shedding his tie in the process. With your knees on either side of him, you rest your clothed core against his growling bulge. You push down lightly, teasing him. Growling, he grabs your hips, dragging you back and forth in his lap. Moans and whimpers are tumbling from your mouth as his cock catches your clit each time. Your fingers begin undoing the buttons of his dress shirt, revealing his bare skin underneath. Throwing it open, you rake your nails down his chest. He hisses into your mouth in response as his delves in with his tongue. A hand comes down on your ass and you yelp in surprise. Another grabs a fistful of hair and pulls, yanking your head back. His lips attack the exposed flesh, sucking and biting passionately. You scalp burns as his hand tightens. This is a whole new side of Nolan, and you love it. 

          “Fuck, Nol,” you whine as he tugs your earlobe with his teeth.  

       “I can’t wait to fuck you,” Nolan moans darkly into your skin. 

His admittance sends shockwaves straight to your core, arousal seeping through the fabric covering your center. You just about melt, becoming a pliable mess in his strong arms. He plants large hands on the globes of your ass, pushing you harder against himself. He ruts into you with an intensity so foreign and new to you. One hand glides over your skin and pulls the thin strip of fabric between your cheeks aside, nimble fingers rubbing the flesh around the plug. He grasps it, tugging slightly. Your head spins as he works it in and out of the tight ring of muscle. You have to grip onto his arms tightly to just keep yourself upright. By this point, you’ve completely soaked through the articles of clothing separating your bodies. 

           “As much as I love this… I prefer you naked,” Nolan husks, tugging the straps of your top down your from their places. He nips at your shoulder impatiently, silently begging you to undress. 

          You reach down, yanking the soft white fabric over your head, tossing it onto the floor. His hands fly to your chest, kneading the newly exposed skin. You gasp as he sucks a hardened nipple into the warm heat of his mouth. His tongue dances over it, teeth nipping lightly. His other was working over the other, fingers pulling at the bud. You begin grinding your needy cunt into him, becoming more and more desperate by the minute. You whine when he pulls away from you and tosses you onto the bed. He stands and looms over you. 

“Tell me what you want,” you purr as he drags the fabric from his arms, his shirt crumpling in a mess on the floor next to your top. 

“I want you to touch yourself,” he growls, palming himself through his pants. 

            You obey, back hitting the mattress as you slide your hands down the length of your body. You delicately caress the skin of your stomach, one hand traveling up to grasp your breast. The other moved down to your heat, fingertips lightly brushing your clit. Goosebumps appear along the trail you trace. Nolan’s hand increases it’s pace as he watches you tease yourself. Small, breathy moans exit your body as you allow your hand to wander further south, the other increasing pressure on your nipple. You bite your lip as you dip a finger into your core, collecting your wetness. He allows you to continue for a few moments before smacking your hand away. 

“Undress me,” Nolan murmurs in a quiet, yet commanding voice. 

          Sitting up, your hands latch onto this belt loops. Using this leverage, you draw him close until your mouth is just a breath away from his covered bulge. You lean in, pressing a long kiss onto his crotch. As your hands begin undoing his belt, you continue to kiss along his member. His hand is tangled in your hair, gently guiding your movements. He kicks his pants away after you pull them down. Immediately, your mouth moves to engulf his underwear-clad cock. You palm him alongside your mouth, beckoning growls from the back of his throat. Using your tongue, you attend to his length. The fabric smells strongly of him but tastes like you. You moan at the combination, hands hooking around the elastic band of his underwear. He stops you, harshly grabbing your wrist before you can pull them down.

       “Not tonight, I just need to be inside you,” he says, your wrist still grasped firmly in his palm. 

          He releases you and shoves his underwear to the ground. He crawls over you, stopping only when he has you trapped beneath his arms. With one hand supporting his body weight, he uses the other to pull your leg up, hooking it around his hip. In this new position, his cock brushes up against the bare skin of your cunt. You bite back a moan as he drags it against you. 

“Stop that,” he chides, pushing against you further, “I want to hear you. You always sound so pretty.” 

“Nolan,” you whine freely. He smiles down at you. 

     He continues to tease you, alternating between barely entering you and rubbing his swollen head against your sensitive clit. Finally, he begins to sink into your heat. 

         “Fuck, this is so much better than I imagined,” He groans into your ear, “So fucking tight.” 

           He bites your shoulder as he bottoms out, balls slapping against your ass. He fully pulls out before entering you again. Your walls welcome the intrusion, clenching around his length. His breaths leave him strangled, muffled against your skin. He moves slowly, and you can tell he’s trying to make this last. His cock is hitting parts of you that you didn’t know were possible. While Travis was fairly large himself, his size came from girth - Nolan’s came from length. His member was exploring uncharted territory. 

          “Fuck, Nol,” you whine, “You’re so deep.” 

He grunts, slamming his hips down against yours. He drives into you at a feverish pace, the intensity nowhere near Travis’ though. You know that you’ll have bruises the next morning from the way his hips smack against yours. He begins hitting your g spot with every thrust, causing you to cry out loudly. The more Nolan ruts into you, the more he loses himself. All he can think and feel is you. You fit so nicely around him, clenching each time he moves. You’re milking him for all that he’s worth. 

“Let me ride you, please,” you mewl. 

His eyes light up when you ask. He nods eagerly, allowing you to push him under you. His throat tightens as he watches his cock disappear as you sink down. Your hands press against his chest, helping you balance above him. You stay still for a moment, reveling in the feeling of being completely filled. Slowly, you start to set a steady rhythm. He watches in awe as you roll your hips, pulling your hips down harder every so often. His hands run the length of your body to your chest, hands seizing your bouncing breasts. Your hands come up and over his, encouraging him to grab harder as you continue to bounce in his lap. 

“Travis?” Nolan asks when he feels the bed dip beside him. You continue to rid him, paying no mind to your boyfriend. Travis moves behind your body, kneeling over Nolan’s thighs. 

“I can’t let you have all the fun,” Travis winks at Nolan over your shoulder, “Hold still, baby.” 

Travis uncaps the lube and distributes a heavy amount onto his member. Slowly, he pulls the plug from your ass. As he inches it out of you, your walls clench down on Nolan’s member. 

        “Holy shit,” Nolan’s hips buck inside you when he feels you tighten around him. 

Travis takes some of the lube dripping from his cock and gently massages it into your tight ring. He moves a finger into you and you instinctively push back against his hand. Your mind is swimming as you embrace that added fullness. Nolan continues to rut up into you as Travis opens you up with his hand. When he feels you’re ready, he removes his hand and leisurely replaces it with his cock. Your mouth falls wide open as he sinks into you, falling onto Nolan’s chest. He watches as Travis pulls you up by the hair, allowing him to see more of your body. Knowing that you’ll stay in place, Travis moves his hand to your throat the other pulling you back by the hip. 

“Oh my god,” you cry out, eyes rolling back in your head. 

You had never been this full in your entire life and you doubted you would be the same after. You wanted them to absolutely ruin you. 

“You’re taking me so well, princess,” Travis kisses your shoulder, snaking a hand down to your engorged clit. 

After adjusting to the delicious burn, you begin to move again. The boys let you set the pace, watching as you find your rhythm again. Rolling off Nolan and back onto Travis, you let out an animalistic moan. It creeps up your throat and off of your tongue before you can stop it. Travis growls and begins fucking into you. Nolan can feel him. He can feel every movement against his own cock, only a thin membrane separating them. Groaning, his hips jerk up into you meeting Travis’ thrust. You find yourself being pulled between the two men, the body becoming languid in the hands. Your high sneaks up on you, hitting as they fully submerged themselves in your silky heat once more. Tears stream from your eyes as they fuck you through your orgasm. Nolan is next, the convulsions from your orgasm sending him straight into his own. Travis continues to fuck you while Nolan’s cock grows soft within you. You like having him there. He’s pinned beneath your bodies, watching as Travis uses your body to chase his own high. Your head is thrown back, whispering into Travis’ ear as he fucks you with a hungry look in his eye. 

“Oh, God, yes!” he grunts as he presses into you one last time. 

He stills, holding you in place. After a minute, he slowly pulls out of your tight hole. Gently, he helps you dismount from Nolan and you immediately collapse on the bed at his side. Travis joins you, head nuzzling into your neck. 

“So, whose idea was it to light candles and put rose petals on my bed?” Nolan asks when he finally catches his breath, eyes trained on the ceiling as he traces patterns on your skin absentmindedly. 

“That was all Travis,” you giggle, kicking your boyfriend lightly with your foot. 

“Who knew you were such a sap,” Nolan teases. 

“Excuse me for wanting it to be romantic,” he huffs, playfully shoving you both in mock annoyance. 


bonus content: 

       “Dude, whatever chick you brought home last night was so goddamn loud,” Carter complains the next morning at breakfast. The four of you had decided to go out for brunch at a little spot you found with good reviews. 

      “Sorry about that,” Nolan avoids your eyes and blushes. He nervously picks at his food. 

“Yeah, whoever it was kept us up all night too,” Travis winks before finishing off his mimosa and turning back to his pancakes. You kick him under the table but his poker face keeps anyone from noticing. 

       “Thank you!” Carter exclaims, “All I’m saying Nol is just warn a guy before you bring a screamer home. I could have run out and bought earplugs or something.” 

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my-bnha-things  asked:

For the Thirsty Thursday! We are all in the Bunny Izuku AU craze but picture canon Izuku roleplaying as a Bunny for you. Put fake bunny ears on his head. As for the tail, that's the fun part. It's attached to a butt plug/vibrator. 😈 And lets top it off with him wearing some pretty lingerie kind of thigh highs because Im a sucker for his amazing legs and that's sexy as fuck. Imagine coming home to that. 😳

UH OH, UH OH!! I love bun izuku so much but, COSPLAY BUNNY IZUKU?? Sign me the fuck up! 😳

Imagine coming home late, wondering why you don’t see Izuku straight away since he was usual bg on greeting you with a hug and kiss whenever you got home. But this time he was nowhere to be seen, all the lights were off too, but surely he wasn’t asleep yet right? He said he had a surprise for you earlier, maybe he forgot? You smile with a sigh, knowing how forgetful he could be when he overworked himself.

“Izuku? Are you here, babe?” You called out, relaxing when you heard him respond from what sounded like the bedroom.

“Y-yeah! I’m in the bedroom, u-um- hang on!” You can hear him moving around from the other side of the door and then the creak of bedsprings under his weight before he spoke again. “Okay, ready! You can… come in now.”

You opened the door slipping in before freezing in the doorframe. Your eyes widened and your cheeks turned redder than the sun when you saw Izuku laying on the bed on his stomach, chin on his forearms and nervous eyes looking up at you. He was clothed in some sort of lacy black lingerie, hugging his body in all the right places, especially around his ass. On top of his head was a pair of green bunny ears that almost blended in with his curly hair, and you could see a poofy lil bunny tail peaking out from under his panties. Not only that, but his toned legs were clad in black thigh-highs, hugging his glorious thighs perfectly, some of the extra plush spilling over the edge of them.

Your eyes sparkle when you saw tiny wires sticking out of his thigh-highs, no doubt attached to a few vibrators that you’d have to find. There was a remote clutched in his right hand and for dramatic effect he turned the dial-up, biting down on his lip harshly as the plug attached to the bunny tail vibrated even more intensely than it had been before inside of him. Your eyes darkened as you watched him squirm and whimper, no doubt that tail of his was hiding something.

He looked back up to you, face tinted pink as you stalked into the room now wearing shy smile as your eyes continued to scour his dolled-up body.


“It must be Christmas…”

Tramposo part fifteen // g.d e.d

Hospital heartbreak

Summary: Heartbreak consumes Grayson as well as Ethan. Graysons because he’s greatest fear is losing you and Ethan’s because he already lost you.

Warnings: Angst. Car accident.

A/n: we are very close to the end fellas. Very close indeed. But with two updates so close to each other and the last potentially tomorrow sometime, I’ve linked the last chapter here.


It was like a movie Ethan Dolan never asked to see. Moreso he was forced to watch as carnage and terror played out before his helpless eyes. The worst part about the whole thing is that he wished more than anything it could’ve been him - god he’d give his life to be in place of you or even Grayson.

Ethan watched on with wide eyes from behind the Jeeps steering wheel as a white Range Rover came crashing into the side of the Mini Cooper that dwarfed the aluminium wrecking ball. His foot hitting the bricks as fast as he could jolting him toward until his seatbelt pulled him back.

“No! No no no no no!” Ethan panicked as he fumbled turning off his own car before jumping out. The air from his lungs totally gone as he bore witness to the wreck before him. 

“GRAY!” Ethan screamed as he slapped his hands against the window. “GRAYSON CSN YOU—YOU HEAR ME!? GRAY!?” Ethan’s voice was full of dread - it didn’t take long before adrenaline kicked in.

“Y/n?” Grayson whimpered. A small amount of blood dripping from his forehead down into his scruff covered cheek. The cool temperature of the window a welcoming contrast to the heat radiating from his body.

“Y/n? You-you okay? Y/n?” He asked softly, reaching his arm out to touch you as you laid somewhere limp in the wreckage that was once your Mini Cooper. Unresponsive.

“Please wake up?” Grayson cooed as a single tear rolled down his cheek as the sound of Ethan screaming and trying to pull the door open Grayson was leaning on drew his conscious state further away from you for a split second to hear Ethan’s desperate pleas.

Ethan worked to try and open the jammed door his twin laid against near lifeless, the only sign Ethan got Grayson was alive with the glimmer of sadness he saw for a split second when Ethan screamed for an ambulance.


Although it went against all odds, Ethan not even for a second let his mind wonder to the part of his brain that didn’t believe you were okay. It went against everything he’d seen what felt like just seconds prior, but Ethan had a gut feel you’d make it out alright.

But for Grayson? He could see you weren’t in a good way at all. All the blood and the lack of consciousness mixed with how cool to the touch your skin was? He’d admitted he let his mind wonder to a place where he didn’t have you. And it made his heart ache that he could even imagine a life without you in it - he didn’t want that life. He’d follow you anywhere and if that meant to another world so be it.


“Gray? What’s this for?” You cooed as you opened the small box to see a delicate golden necklace. Your initials in beautiful calligraphy.

“It’s just um, I heard your birthday was coming up, E told me - I know you’re not really into gold but i think it flatters your skin tone?” Grayson shrugged before he gave you a sheepish hug. “Anyway, happy birthday!” The kind gesture warmed your heart - you swore you loved it so much you’d never take it off.

“W-what’s going on?” You mumbled into what felt like plastic surrounding your mouth - laying down as you felt like you were flying. Moving at the speed of light. Eyes twitching as they were hard to open - like you barley had control over your own body.

“Ma’am you were in an accident alright just remain calm, you’re at the hospital - just taking you for surgery now” a soft voice you thought was an angel answered. Shades of blue and green flashing past you.

“My, my necklace” you whispered, moving your arm your to tap your neck where the delicate jewellery nesr always rest.

“Ma’am you were never wearing a necklace.” The voice responded before darkness consumed your senses. Nothing was real and nothing was light. Just you and only you in darkness. Not knowing what was going on. 


Grayson was panicking. After being discharged from emergency with only a few broken ribs and a minor concussion from slamming his head against the doorframe - he fell right beside Ethan in his waiting room chair and stayed there, with absolutely no intention of ever leaving without knowing your condition. With his own body already aching he’d rather sit and wait for you to be okay then to sit and ache at home and not know.

“I keep checking every 15 minutes but still nothing” Ethan groaned.

“Yeah well in all honesty E? If it weren’t for you? We wouldn’t be here right now!” Grayson hissed. He could quite possibly lose his best friend, his forever girl because his brother couldn’t keep it in his pants.

“Don’t act like I caused this!” Ethan shook his head “I didn’t hit her car and run off! That asshole whoever he may be did that! Not me” Ethan stood as Grayson shortly followed. Both men unable to control their emotions. Their feelings towards each other and their feelings towards you.

“If you hadn’t of brought that fucking girl home Ethan we wouldn’t of been at the station today! It all comes back TO YOU!” Graysons voice came out more of a growl then anything. A nurse having to shh them from her seat at the front nurses desk.

“Yeah and if I didn’t?” Ethan stepped closer to Grayson - prepared for another screaming match Graysons nostrils flared with steam. “You wouldn’t of gotten the chance to love her better than I ever could” Ethan admittedly sighed as a tear fell down his face. Sitting back down in his chair as Grayson stood shocked. Ethan’s head falling to the ground. “Grayson I was never as good to her as you could be and I know that, I wasn’t some ‘crap boyfriend’ who never loved her but I know now I wasn’t her match. I didn’t deserve her and I lost her because I made mistakes she never deserved to have to go threw - bro, I’m not even going to fight you for her.” Grayson sat down next to Ethan and he bounced his leg throughout his rant - his admittion of wrong doing. “If she makes it out of this I wanna see her happy, with you and nobody but you okay? She’s a dimond amongst coal Gray.”

“I dunno what I’m gonna do if I don’t get the chance to love her dude I—“ It was now Grayson who seemed to slip. Tears flowing freely from his eyes as Grayson rest his head on Ethan’s shoulder. Both twins sharing a moment of weakness. “I can’t loose her before I get the chance E I—“ choking back sobs Grayson shook his head, whipped his hands down his tear stained face and walked to the nurses station. Ethan trailing close behind.

“Excuse me miss, our uh our best friend is in surgery and we um? We were just wonder if you had any updates?” Graysons voice was the tone of a broken man. Someone who was loosing everything he loved in one go.

“I’m sorry sir I’m affraid if it’s miss Y/l/n you’re after she isn’t out of surgery yet. I know it’s pretty touch and go right now but any and all updates will have to wait till she’s out of surgery and even then because of her state? we wouldn’t be able to let you in to see her till she’s conscious.” The nurses who’s name Grayson later learn was June, explained. And that was all Grayson needed to hear. The finale knife into his chest that forced him to his knees. Unraveling in heartache for you in the waiting room of the hospital who had your life in its very hands.

“Gray! Gray I got you yeah?” Ethan fell with Grayson to the floor as his twin cried in anguish. “I got you”

“I love her so much” Grayson cried. Cried so hard he thought if you could hear his pleas you’d come back to him if you were close to being gone.

“I know you do Gray, I love her too” Ethan admitted as he tried to comfort his young mer twin. “She’ll be okay.”

Ethan didn’t know. Didn’t know as he spoke pure evil lurked behind walls and sunk behind lines it wasn’t meant to cross. The same evil that ran away after stealing a car before slamming it into the side of your now mangled car in a blinded fit of range.

Natalie was on a war path and she would stop at nothing to get to you. Nothing to be you…..

And she’d certainly stop at nothing until she replaced you.


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Star Platinum is the most un-fucking-stoppable super powered Stand ever imaginable, at least as far as Part 3 and *most* of Part 4 is concerned. He’s unbelievably strong, fast, precise, and can stop time more or less on a whim, making him almost unstoppable. So how come, after being such a monster in Part 3, he keeps getting progressively weaker and weaker throughout the Parts, where in Part 6 he’s almost a shadow of his former self?

Well, a Stand is just a pseudo-physical manifestation of the user’s fighting spirit, right? And in Part 3, Jotaro was an angry, hormonal, badass teenager with a fighting spirit to best anybody. But that was in the 1980s. Part 3 ends, and Jotaro has just witnessed not one, but *three* (counting Iggy) of his closest friends die, one of which was a fellow high schooler! Now, I’m not saying that he’s not able to process some of this, but the poor guy was only 17 and then went right on to work his ass off for a doctorate, got married, worked closely with the speedwagon foundation, had a daughter and then got divorced, and now suddenly the sins of his past are coming back to haunt him in droves.

What I’m trying to say is that, given everything ol Joot went through at such a young age, and likely never got adequate treatment for, what possible reason could he have for retaining that same fighting spirit? Jotaro in Part 4 and *especially* Part 6 is, at this point, a tired, bitter, middle aged man who’s never really known any measure of peace in his life. Star Platinum is no longer the all-powerful manifestation of a teenager on a warpath to save the world, it’s the increasingly frail personification if its user’s broken spirit.

Jotaro, my guy, go to therapy. Oh wait he can’t because the entire fucking wORLD ended. My poor guy just wanted to have some friends and a normal life, but instead he got the weight of the fuckin world on his shoulders. No wonder he was so relieved to find a reliable friend like Koichi, he’s barely had anybody to carry that weight with him his entire life.