no friends protect people

Important Lance things to remember

-Lance loves his family and theyre the most important thing for him

-He misses home, the poor baby, the rain, the beach, his home

-Lance believes in ghost and mermaids

-He probably wants to be a mermaid

-Lance is really into water things? (Rain, beach, pool, mermaids) I wouldn’t be surprised if he use to swim as a sport

-He would never hurt Hunk, even if Hunk was fighting against him

-He cares so much about his teammates and loves to brag about how cool they are!!!

-Even Keith, his so called rival. He finds the good in everyone!!

-Flirts like a gentleman, like no one ever thinks he’s being creepy with his flirting and most girls give him a positive response when flirting!!

-Literally only Allura has been shown to be uninterested/unamused by Lance’s flirting even then she’s not creeped out or disgusted, just exasperated

-Would deadass waddle in a fountain and turn into a dolphin for his friends like respect

-Protects people he just met even calling them friends!!

-Knock, knock, its self-depreciation

-Loves to bond with others and become friends with them!!

-Throws himself in front of a bomb for his friends

-This boys just really loves his family and friends like wow

-Smart boy!! Figured out the brainwash thing all by himself!!

-So many leadership qualities like wow did you see the first episode

-Protects smol friend from angry cyclops

-I love him

okay but does anyone notice that bucky is putting himself in the line of fire, probably because he believes that his metal arm will be enough to shield the both of them (even though steve’s shield is much bigger)? in this moment he is back in the 1940s, and the bullets are just punches being thrown at him that are meant for his skinny, defenseless friend steve. and the moment steve gets up and shoves his shield in front of both of them, bucky immediately wraps an arm around his shoulder as if to say, “i’ve got this,” and hold him closer to make up for the seventy years he missed out on. in this moment, he isn’t the winter soldier, a ghost story, or even sergeant james barnes of the 107th. in this moment, this is james buchanan barnes, doing what he knows best and protecting his friend from the dangers of the world. they say people change, but some habits stay the same, no matter what they go through. 

So there are TERFs and SWERFs out there now who are claiming Stormé DeLarverie as ‘their’ Stonewall heritage because she identified as a butch lesbian and to those TERFs and SWERFs I just want to say: FUCK YOU. 

Stormé DeLarverie was an african american gender nonconforming butch lesian and a hero and she was no fucking TERF or SWERF. 

Stormé was a regular at the Stonewall where the majority of the visitors were trans, the majority was people of color and the majority was involved in some kind of sex work. This was the community she was part of, these were many of her friends, these were the people she protected. Why else do you think the visitors of Stonewall responded to her call to do something against police brutality? Because they knew and recognized her as someone who looked out for them. After Stonewall she continued to work at and frequent bars that put up drag shows and provided safe spaces for transgender people. As a gender nonconforming person she stood in solidarity with transgender people and queer sex workers and frequently risked her life for them. 

It is typical that TERFs and SWERFs are trying to do this 3 years after her death because if you all did this while she was alive she would have told you to fuck off before she could get her baseball bat. How dare you shit on everything she stood for. 

Fuck you for trying to tarnish her memory with your hate. You disgust me. 

  • Feyre: *is literally the most selfless person in the entire series, who taught herself to hunt so she could feed both of her sisters, went UtM to save Tamlin and an entire race of ppl who weren't very nice to her, tried to salvage her shit relationship with Tamlin because she didn't want him to be upset and wanted to make everyone happy, defied his abusive ass to help the water wraiths, decided to help the inner circle after meeting them once, went to the bone carver aka a terrifying monster to help them, went to the summer court to help them, was constantly a friend to Rhys and helped him recover from his PTSD, befriended Amren even though she is scary, brought Amren blood as a nice gesture, apologized to Rhys when she had been mean to him, defended Velaris when it was under attack, killed the Attor for what it did to her and also to other fae, was understanding of how Rhys was raped by Amarantha and takes this into account when they have sex, pretended to be evil in front of Lucien (her friend) in order to protect an entire city of people, stalked and murdered the fae who hurt rhys's wings, asked her sisters politely if she could use the house she obtained for them, used said house as a place to meet with mortal queens in an effort to save the fucking world, noticed that Nesta and cassian had a connection and did her best to help them along, tried to save the world by going against the king of hybern, failed but ended up sacrificing herself to save her entire circle of friends and family, went back to her ABUSER! Her fucking ABUSER. SO THAT HER SISTERS AND MATE AND FRIENDS WOULD BE SAFE.*
  • Feyre: *does all of these good things even though the world has been anything but good to her*
  • Feyre: *still thinks she isn't worthy of love or of saving even though she literally saved an entire race of people*
  • Feyre: *is extremely broken from emotional and domestic abuse but still manages to do all these wonderful things to improve the lives of others*
  • y'all: Feyre is literally horrible to Elain and Nesta wtf why do people like her at all. She never does anything out of the goodness of her heart.
Reasons Why Lance is #Relatable

(I did one of these for Keith so I thought why not?)

  • Loves the rain 
  • Loves his family 
  • Protective of people he met like 20 minutes ago 
  • “I’d recognise that mullet anywhere” 
  • Insecure 
  • Mermaids are his weakness 
  • Loves Keith but also fuckign hates him 
  • Animorphed into a dolphin and caught dirty money in his mouth for a video game 
  • Dramatic™ 
  • Appreciates Hunk 
  • Recognises that Allura is basically a goddess 
  • Makes jokes to hide the pain 
  • Admires Shiro 
  • Does a little dance when he’s happy 
  • M e m e s 
  • [Everyone else rushing to wake up with a blaring alarm going off] *is still asleep* 
  • Excitable 
  • Literally took the full force of an explosion for Coran 
  • Feels like a seventh wheel 
  • [Laser gun noises]

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I get the feeling Mackie is very protective of Seb. Same as with Tom Holland. He can jokingly talk shit about his white boys all day long but the minute someone else does it in seriousness then Mackie would be the first to fuck someones shit up.

listen, do not start me on the Seb and Mackie dynamic, they are bEST FRIENDS!!! They make fun of each other like, in front of each other, but the moment someone asks about the other and they’re apart it’s all “Seb’s humour has come a long way, he’s been pretty funny this year.” or they’ll just bring the other one up like “I actually haven’t been to New Orleans yet even though one of my BEST FRIENDS lives there.”

Also Mackie complimenting Seb in front of Seb because he knows Seb gets all bashful about it so he can simultaneously be nice and make fun of him? Next level best friends stuff. Seb and Mackie love each other, they’re best buddies and i love them.

Positive things about the signs:

(//These are based on people I know\ &based on sun signs)

Aries: are always so adorable, even when angry. They can be really reliable and down to earth people. May seem a bit cranky sometimes but they are still the cute little fluff on the inside. They are sometimes kind of impulsive and obsessive about things, but it just shows how determined they can be.

Taurus: loyal and people who you can rely on, who care more than people sometimes assume. They strive for peace and are good communicators. Tauruses are caring towards whom they love. They can also be very passionate once they find something that they enjoy to do.

Gemini: towards friends, they are real protective and kind. Very daring people, who are always fun to have around as they seem to love learning new things, and having new experiences. 

Cancer: interesting to have those long deep conversations with, because they are good listeners and can always relate. They are also very committed in life and with ambitions.

Leo: the wisest people I know, who know what they want in life, and are organised enough to get there. To me, they hold a mother-like figure and deeply care for all loved ones.

Virgo: moderately confident, they are very sociable and willing to sacrifice a lot for others. These people are quite bold and accepting, sometimes very crazy (especially as children) and organised. Plus they enjoy a little bit of change once in a while, which is good.

Libra: can bring people together, to me they hold this social power, however, they are considerate and generous. They are approachable, therefore always there to help you, or support you.

Scorpio: perceptive, I find that these people do not judge others that much. Probably most understanding, and funny people to generally hang with. Extremely magnetic and yes - charming to a high degree.

Sagittarius: hard-working and caring, Sagittariuses are also very charming, and sometimes I feel this goes unnoticed. These people are usually(however not all)risk-takers, and enjoy extreme sports or the outdoors.

Capricorn: funny, humorous people, who always know how to make you feel better. They always try their best and are born poets sometimes. Caps are also quite realistic yet very creative.

Aquarius: They don’t judge, and are always there to support you, truly caring for you. Furthermore, they never fail to bring your mood back up and are very individual. I love how independent and strong they are.

Pisces: Independent and talkative, these people are very gentle and nurturing. They are warm people who can be a bit impulsive yet are likely to be family oriented. Plus, they are really passionate and committed to things.

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protective keith hc??

rightYes, yes, yes, yes


-Keith doesn’t really know why hes over protective of his friends, or people he regards as family. He also didn’t realize it wasn’t a normal thing that ALL humans felt. Until school that it. 

-Will kick your ass, and gladly do it, if you so much as even look a wrong way at someone he loves. The looks may include, but are not limited too: 

  • Dirty looks
  • Sexual looks
  • mean looks 
  • mocking looks

-He gets jealous really easily as well, because he is insecure about his friends and family leaving him, so he gets jealous really really easily. 

  • For a long time he didn’t like Lance because he thought Lance was trying to be Shiro’s new little brother, and he doesn’t want too be replaced. 
  • Him and Lance talk it out, and finds out that Shiro is just Lance’s role model and he just wanted too be useful too the team. 
  • Needless too say, Keith becomes extra protective of lance- he doesn’t realise it but Lance is probably maybe most definitely his mate (I have a head canon Galra have mates, because of the need too reproduce a lot, and efficiently.)

-If you threaten his friends in anyway, He will kill you. 

-On a mission, a galra soldier had lance in a head lock, choking out his air. This triggered Keith too go full galra at the sight of his best friend [Re: Mate] in pain. The ending result wasn’t pretty, and he wouldnt allow anyone but Hunk near Lance.

[Okay but, Lance gets captured by Hagar, and Keith freaks out, and Haggar is like, “You want your little mate, red one?” And after they save lance everyone is like, “Mate???” ALlura explains and Lance and Keith blush]

-Someone once made Pidge cry (By saying they hoped her family died, IDK why they said this, IDk why I would make this happned, but lets pretend.) ANd Keith WHipped their asses too hell and back. 

-Do. Not. Insult. Hunk. In. Anyway. He will rip you to shreds, escp. because Hunk is his mates protector (a galra thingy) and he genuinely loves hunk like another brother. 

What Your Favorite Persona 5 Character Says About You
  • Akira: Really good at making people laugh, takes a lot of cute selfies, looks good in black, reblogs pictures of pretty people with "!!!" in the tags, great at flirting
  • Ryuji: Loves rock music, always appreciates nice people, incredibly empathetic, loves to feel inspired, daydreams about taking their crush (or friend crush) out for ice cream
  • Morgana: Mom friend, blog is at least 50% animal vines, never worries about drama, really great smile, says thank you after a tutorial in a video game
  • Ann: Excited all the time, notices little details about people, protective towards their friends, super confident, always has compliments at the ready
  • Yusuke: Very nice and gentle, has like 10 aesthetic side blogs, hopeless romantic, likes to take pictures of the moon, really relates to comics about artist problems
  • Makoto: The most chill friend ever, books and tea on a rainy day aesthetic, probably a mainline SMT fan, plays rpgs on the maniac difficulty, watches tons of anime
  • Futaba: Can beat anyone at Super Smash Bros or Splatoon, very unique and cool aesthetic, seems shy but their friends know they're hilarious, writes great fandom meta, uses text lingo irl
  • Haru: Pastel aesthetic, always brightening up people's days, loves cute things with a passion, most likely a Gryffindor, their friend's parents always like them
  • Akechi: Quiet but super sweet, loves birds, writes angst but is always tempted to give it a happy ending, appreciates menswear fashion, would take their friends out for pancakes at 1 am
A Summary of Power Rangers

- Good use of Kanye West songs
- Bumble Bee (transformers reference)
- Original Power Rangers theme
- Altogether good soundtrack
- Alpha the sarcastic droid

Trini - Yellow Ranger (aka unkillable lesbian aka badass dork)
- Hates people
- Casually gay
- Could kill everyone in the room
- Loves with all her heart
- Doesn’t die like wowowow
- Pure
- Loves her new family of misfits
- A real badass angel who deserves kisses from girls

Kimberly - Pink Ranger (aka sinamon roll aka my bi baby)
- Best friends with Yellow
- More than likely bi
- Loyal and friendly
- Awesome hair cutting skills
- Has done bad things but is trying to make up for it
- Cutie pie
- Awesome and brave
- Will fight anyone for her new family (especially Blue)

Zack - Black Ranger (aka edgy emo boi aka a real softie who loves his mom)
- Emo af edge lord
- Sarcastic and reckless
- A sweetheart really who’s not afraid to cry
- Loud but kind
- Loves his lesbian bff
- Takes care of his mother and loves her to bits
- Loves innuendos and being the class clown
- Scared to be left alone but finds a place with his new family

Billy - Blue Ranger (aka badass angel aka pure badass angel who blows shit up)
- On the spectrum and very open about it (thank you Power Rangers for doing that)
- Has an inside joke with Red
- Good and pure and wholesome
- Extremely smart and amazing
- Loves country music.. like really loves it
- Thanks people all the time for being his friend
- Cares deeply about everyone (including his mother)
- The actual human representation of all things good in this world

Jason - Red Ranger (aka likes slapping bad guys aka loves and cares about everyone even cows)
- Has a connection with Beefcake the cow
- Not possibly straight
- Loves Twenty One Pilots
- Selfless and honestly does love his dad even if his dad can be a dick
- Actually pure and tries to help his loved ones
- Best friends with Blue
- Slaps people for his new found family
- Protective and won’t take your shit

Altogether Power Rangers was awesome, wholesome and deserves all the awards. They didn’t kill there lesbian and they were respectful with everybody differences. 100/10 would recommend.


Alone is what I have. Alone protects me.

- “No, friends protect people.”

  • Carver: So my older sibling who was favored by literally everyone is probably dead. They’ve been missing for weeks.
  • Carver: And no one’s going to hire me without their or their friend Varric’s word, but he’s also probably dead.
  • Carver: I’m a refugee fleeing from the Blight in a city stuffed full of refugees who are starving in the streets and I only live in this house because of my equally impoverished debt ridden uncle
  • Carver: The only reason I even got into this city was after a year of servitude indebted to someone who won’t look twice my way unless my older sibling is with me
  • Carver: And the only job that I might be guaranteed that might be safe and allow me to feed my starving mother, uncle and myself while still being able to protect people I care about, my friend who I fled the Blight with keeps rejecting me from it on the basis of ‘you don’t need to live a life taking orders’
  • Carver: So I’m going to join the Templars, who offer coin that I can send home so long as I can keep my mouth shut and look intimidating
  • Fandom: Okay, but we’re going to pretend it’s because you’re jealous of Hawke, ignore the fact that you made repeated efforts to apologize and own up to being an ass and pretend like none of the above stuff ever actually happened.
  • Carver: ok cool
a friendly reminder of how awesome Big Hero 6 is.

Hiro Hamada
- Keep going on with life even if you lose your dearest loved ones.
- Don’t waste your talent. Use it well.
- You can be an ex-bullied kid yet still be a cool kid.
- Everyone has a dark side and makes mistakes.
- Being asocial doesn’t mean you will never find good friends.

Tadashi Hamada
- Be kind to people, care about people.
- Protect your loved ones.
- Don’t be afraid of hardwork, even if you fail many times.

Honey Lemon
- If you’re already tall without high heels but you still want to wear high heels, wear those high heels even if it makes you taller than men.
- Who cares if you’re very tall + very thin.
- Being a nerd doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion.
- Be cheerful and positive.
- A woman can totally be a science genius.

- You can be born from a rich family yet stay secret about it, do non-stop charity work (yep he does !), have 0 sexist or racist prejudice, and wear old nerdy clothes if you want.
- It’s okay if you hang out with much smarter friends.
- Be passionate, be yourself, be the biggest nerd this world has ever seen.

- Being black doesn’t mean you can’t get into asian culture.
- A black person can totally be a science genius.
- Having OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) doesn’t mean you can’t acomplish awesome things.
- But please don’t stop at the red light during a fuckin car chase

Gogo Tomago
- “Woman up !
- A woman can perfectly handle a freakin car chase/be badass in general.
- A woman can totally be a science genius.
- Not showing your emotions doesn’t mean you don’t have emotions.
- Be loyal to your friends no matter what.
- Hot short thick legs.

Aunt Cass
- Single business owner Aunt Cass.
- Single “mother” Aunt Cass.
- Lost-almost-all-her-loved-ones-yet-keeps-going-on-with-life Aunt Cass.
- Childish-yet-awesome-adult Aunt Cass.

- Protect the child at all cost
- You can be both a fat marshmallow and a ninja

Ogeda | Roan

→ Fandom: The 1OO

→ Character: King Roan of Azgeda / Reader.

→ Wordcount: 1378

→ RequestHi! Could I ask for a Roan fic where she is Clarke’s sister, and she sides with Roan after what happened with skaikru and trikru? Thanks!! 

→ A/N: Hope this is what you wanted, and request are open!

 Translation at the end of the fic. Your name: submit What is this?

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What SKAM means to me

hi all. it’s h. i’m very sappy and i love really long over dramatic essays, so here’s my thank you to everyone in the skam universe. i’m sorry i’m such an emotional mess.

skam season 1 is important to me personally. i don’t have annoying straight people problems and trust issues with my boyfriend. i don’t have a group of old mean friends who glare at me for existing. i didn’t kiss someone else when i was still in a relationship. but it doesn’t matter. because i’ve felt alone like eva. i’ve struggled with forming new friendships and reconciling old ones. i’ve done the ‘you did it, so i’ll do it’. i’ve felt the pain when someone you trust lets you down. i’ve struggled with determining what my own opinion is vs. what my opinion was formed to be because of how i was raised. when i first saw season 1, it hit close to home because i’ve been there. i saw it a year a half after i had found my true opinions and started to find myself. i saw myself in eva. eva’s story is important to me because it shows her journey from feeling alone to being surrounded by people that love her.

skam season 2 is important to me personally. i’m not a rape / sexual assault victim. i’m not a huge die - hard feminist type. i didn’t fall in love with a fuck boy. i didn’t date my friend’s crush behind her back. but it doesn’t matter. because i’ve felt guilty like noora. i’ve felt the frustration of having to deal with others. i’ve felt the annoyance of not knowing what others are thinking. i’ve felt the guilt of lying to a friend. i’ve felt the anguish of feeling like the entire world has stopped and feeling like i can never move on. i’ve felt the guilt of feeling like a burden to others. when i first saw season 2, it hit close to home because i’ve been there. i saw it two years after i had the worst year of my life, and had finally gotten back on track. two years after i had fallen in with the wrong people, had let people dictate my opinions, and got into drugs and alcohol, so much so that i couldn’t go an entire day without getting high. it wasn’t even a physical dependence. it was just me looking for an escape as i slipped further and further into my depression, and retreated into myself, a psychological dependence. i eventually reached out and got help, i stood up to my personal version of nico, and i got my shit together. i saw myself in noora. noora’s story is important to me because it showed me to always be conscious of the fact that everyone is different, has different opinions, but more importantly, has had different experiences. 

skam season 3 is important to me personally. i’m not gay. i don’t have a mentally ill mother. i don’t have a suave, james-dean-esque mentally ill love interest. i don’t have an estranged father. but it doesn’t matter. because i’ve felt hatred in many forms like isak. i’ve struggled with finding and accepting my sexuality. i’ve felt the annoyance of people trying to stereotype my personality because of my label. i’ve gone through all the stages of self hatred to self acceptance to self love. i’ve gone through the ‘i’ll break up with my girlfriend for you’ only to see them back together two days later. i’ve felt heartbreak. i’ve felt the inevitable best friend crush. i’ve learned to let go of some of my prejudices. when i first saw season 3, it was when it came out, like eight / nine months ago, at the same time i had my first relationship with another girl, was discovering my sexuality, was figuring out how to tell my mom and my friends, and was learning to let go of prejudice. my story of me and this other girl scarily matches up with isak and even’s story. we were friends, and then a line was crossed, and then we were more than friends. and then she got a girlfriend, and ‘broke up with her for me’. we went on a date and then she got another girlfriend a week later, a different girl this time. but not everything was the same. i hadn’t already figured out my sexuality like isak had. so the first time i kissed her, i flipped out like ‘holy shit there is another vagina in this situation’ and we didn’t speak for a month because i hated myself so much. we got back together after i had time to cool off and figure things out. then she broke it off again because she ‘wasn’t ready for a relationship’ and then two days later i found out from a mutual friend she was crushing on some other girl. so we just weren’t meant to be, and didn’t get our happy ending like evak. but it’s okay. i saw myself in isak. isak’s story is important to me because it gave me the final push to tell my friends, and it prompted me to try to not hold prejudices against certain things, like mental illness, or certain people for doing shitty things, like emma or sonja.

skam season 4 is important to me personally. i’m not a muslim. i’m not a christian or catholic or jew or atheist or buddhist or monk or pastafarian or anything, really. i’m not a person of color in a white country. i’m not super bada$$ on the outside. i’m not a confrontational person. but it doesn’t matter. because i’ve felt shame like sana. i’ve felt outcast for not fitting in. i’ve felt shame for hurting my friends. i’ve felt misunderstood. i’ve crossed a line and hurt people with good intentions to protect my friends and family. i’ve felt like no one pays attention to me. i’ve made assumptions of people based off of religion before. i’ve felt like my friends aren’t there for me. i’ve accidentally and intentionally fucked over my friends. i’ve felt like i had to prove something to someone, or to society in general. i’ve struggled with losing faith in my faith. i didn’t get my happy ending like sana did with her balancing religion, culture, and personality either. i lost faith in my religion, and i don’t think i’ll ever gain it back, but i just have to accept it and move on. but it’s okay. sana’s story is important to me because it showed me how strong friendship really is, it showed me that ultimatley, it’s up to me to reach out to others, it taught me that questioning things is important, but most importantly, that hate isn’t the opposite of love; fear is.


takk, -h

It’s genuinely terrifying how there’s millions of posts on here about astral travel but almost none of them talk about safety. If you just hopped on a random plane it could take you to Hawaiian resort or it could take you to a war zone. Why would you do this in astral? The astral realms aren’t imaginary places where nothing can ever hurt you. It’s not imaginary, and not every being in astral is benevolent. You can’t trust everyone you meet there.
Shield yourself, and shield your physical space so things can’t attack you or follow you back. Learn how to cleanse yourself and your space in case you pick up anything you don’t want. Learn how to effectively banish things so that if something does follow you back you can get rid of it. Don’t go to strange places in astral without a trust worthy guide. Set up secret passwords that only you and your guide know so that you can spot an imposter. If you can learn about the place and culture of where you’re going.
Astral is just like earth: there are safe places and dangerous places. There are people/spirits that are helpful and friend and others that hurt people for fun.
If you can’t protect yourself you have absolutely no business traveling out of body.