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uhm so anyways support nb/genderqueer ppl who arent mlm/wlw or “male aligned”/“female aligned” or whatever and feel out of place cause this site is so focused on binary terms even for nb/genderqueer ppl

like… this is 100% why i ID as a trans guy/male aligned nb person for so long cause like… i felt like i had to? but like… im not really? and it kinda hurt cause i felt like i had to pick whether or not i was male aligned or female aligned (or a wlw/mlm) so I basically misgendered myself because i felt like i had to Choose

but like yeah support nb/genderqueer ppl who arent male/female aligned but feel like they gotta choose bc this website is so focused on binary terms that they even need to apply them to ppl who are non binary

so yeah lmao support us

(u don have 2 be nb/genderqueer to rb this)

LOOK one time i met dan avidan and the space around him was just…. soft, his aura was soft and chill and there was no stress and he made sleepy jokes at me and sleepy smiled at my phone for a picture and i am just so grateful

and then the next day i walked past him on the street and his soft aura of chill no-stress love and peace was 100% STILL THERE. IT’S REAL. like i s2g i SENSED dan walk by me more than i even recognized him because there was like, peace in my heart after we crossed paths

anyways dan is pure soul thank you for reading



These are super fun to make and they smell friggggin awesome and look super cute. awesome for rituals and for decoration and for smelling awesome, could be a cool gift, could sell em’ or just whack this tutorial straight in your grimoire for later use, you name it kiddie winks. IMA TEACH U 

1) PICK YO SELF SOME LAVENDER! if you don’t have lavender in your garden, you need to get some. but in the mean time, head over to your local botanical gardens or a park area or a shop or your friends place, anywhere where you can get yourself some freshly picked lavender. Begin with an uneven number of stalks, the bigger the bundle the bigger your wand.

2) GETCHO SELF SOME CUTE ASS PURPLE RIBBBON, and tie it just below the flowers. 

3) THEN UR GONNA WANNA fold the stalks down evenly over the flower head bundle.

4) WEAVE YO’ RIBBON over and under each stalk, around and around, until you have enclosed the entire flower head.

5) TIE OFF YO RIBBON at the bottom.

6) GIVE YO FINISHED WAND a roll between your palms to release that wonderful lavender fragrance1111111!!!!



- @indigo-amethyst

Okay, obviously I’m a Supercorp shipper, but I only just realized that if you don’t ship it, then Kara and Lena’s relationship–and especially Lena herself–just become unbearably tragic. Platonic!Supercorp is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. And it’s honestly painful to watch the writers crafting this.

Supposing a lack of romance, Lena nevertheless clearly adores Kara; but as she says herself in 2x05, Kara is literally her only friend in National City. But forget National City: Kara is literally her only friend, anywhere. It starts in 2x01: Lena is dismissive of Kara until after Kara tries to convince her not to go through with the ceremony. This wouldn’t seem like much to Kara, but she knows everything that’s happening with Corben, etc.; Lena just thinks this girl she only met yesterday not only heard about the attack on her life but then went through the trouble to try to prevent its recurrence. So naturally, otherwise alone as she is, Lena immediately attaches to Kara: she plumps Kara’s ego when she’s self-effacing, and she prompts another reunion with the semi-infamous “I hope this isn’t the last time we talk” line. Lena thinks she might have a friend, and she’s so damn happy about that.

And then 2x03. First, Lena is eager to get down to a first-name basis, eager to dispel the formalities that would indicate a personal distance. And she’s so damn excited to show Kara her new device, so proud of it. But when Kara balks, she has her own reservations off-camera (interesting, isn’t it, how the device has never been mentioned again; obviously, Lena scrapped it when Kara disapproved, because Kara’s opinion means the world, and the galaxy, to Lena), and she doubtlessly was awaiting that interview’s publishing with great trepidation. But then Kara doesn’t do a hatchet job, and Lena is frankly bewildered, and she can’t figure it out, so she calls Kara in. She’s so nervous during that conversation, so terrified that she’s somehow ruined this fledgling friendship, and so utterly relieved when Kara dissuades her fears and then displays solidarity on top of it. It’s adorable, but it’s also sad. Imagine if Kara had not relented! Lena would’ve been devastated.

2x04 is brief but telling: Lena gives Kara unfettered access to her at all times, which–given Kara’s reaction–is an unexpectedly open gesture. And Lena is all too willing to help, but alas, she lays the groundwork for the transactional nature of her and Kara’s relationship. It’s likely because the Luthors were like that: they only offered favors for favors, always expecting payment for kindness or generosity, and so Lena falls into the same pattern of behavior with Kara. Tragically, Kara never corrects this.

2x05 wields the infamous “literally only friend” scene, but Lena’s persistence in just showing up out of the blue demonstrates her investment in this friendship, and the sheer depth of her attachment to Kara–and hints at how severely she’ll be wounded if that link is ever severed, or perceived to be so. She goes to Kara’s work to personally invite her, and gladly invites Mon-El when she assumes that Kara may not come without him. She goes to Kara’s home to collect last episode’s favor, and yes, even platonically, she is jealous of Alex–but because she sees this as an infringement on her friendship’s territory, and she goes cold at the thought that Kara, of course, must have other people in her life (and what an irony she perceives in it being her savior). The potstickers at the gala are indeed suspect, as they’re not exactly finger food, so Lena went out of her way to make Kara as happy and comfortable as possible, to demonstrate just what a good friend she is, and doesn’t Kara want to keep her around? Not to mention, of course, that she orchestrated the entire event to help Supergirl (and Lena must know Kara and Supergirl are the same person, because for someone as lonely as Lena, surely she would’ve identified Kara as “one of her only friends” if only to increase her social circle). She’s pleased and proud that she was helpful; she seeks to make herself indispensable to the hero, and even suggests collaborating again. Always with the “next times”. Lena doesn’t want to be left high and dry. She thinks she needs to ball-and-chain Kara with that favor, always another favor.

In 2x07, Lena does not appear, but Kara’s interaction with Lillian provides a chilling glimpse of the future. Lillian states that Superman made Lex promises he didn’t deign to keep, and however unintentionally, Kara is doing the same with Lena. Through her kindness and her affability and her genuine affection for Lena, Kara is making promises. She’s promising to be there, to make Lena a priority, and Lena’s starting to count on it. You can see it happening. She’s making her world revolve around Kara’s sun, and there will be cataclysmic repercussions if that sun ever goes out, or even flickers.

Which brings us to 2x08. Here, the tragedy of their platonic relationship becomes sharp. Viewed as a romance, this episode is gentler. But as a friendship, it is nearly the beginning of the end. Firstly, Kara keeps up–however unconsciously–the transactional aspect of their relationship; they seek favors from each other, but Kara doesn’t invite her to Thanksgiving, even though she must know that Lena is alone in the city (and that wounds me, so I can only imagine how Lena might have felt about that). Lena reacts instantly to Kara’s suspicions about her mother, showing just how much trust she’s thrown into Kara’s corner. And that, of course, is only further demonstrated when Lena turns her back utterly on Lillian in order to prevent Kara/Supergirl from ever suffering again. Lena doesn’t want to believe her mother’s evil, but she’s not willing to bet against Kara; happily, in this instance, she chose well. But this only serves to show that, if Kara wanted, she could make Lena do anything for her. Kara wouldn’t, but the unbalance in the relationship is there, and it’s stark. Kara’s essentially holding Lena over the edge of a cliff; if her attention ever falters, Lena’s going to fall.

Which brings us to the inescapable conclusion of this platonic interpretation: the writers, so cruelly, are setting Lena up to fall. She will turn evil; that much is apparent. It’s too well-crafted, too subtly nurtured, for them to possibly intend otherwise. They’re making Lena utterly dependent upon Kara for approval and affection, and they’re not having Kara reciprocate with the same fervor; they’re preserving the sense of favors, of only interacting when they need something from each other, of acknowledging friendship but not deepening it.

So Kara, one day, without any ill intention, will fail to respond to Lena, be that in the inability to return a favor or a simple lack of time/attention. But Kara is all that’s holding Lena up; otherwise, Lena is in danger of succumbing to the black loneliness in her chest. It was once held at bay by Lex (and the way she describes her relationship with him is strikingly similar to her new relationship with Kara), and now it’s held at bay by Kara, but one day, it will overwhelm her. One day, she’ll need someone new to trust and adore, and if it’s not someone as blazingly good as Kara Danvers, there will be hell to pay.

That’s why I ship Supercorp. Because their platonic relationship is way too fucking sad.

It’s just so fucking sad.

Lena’s First Game Night

Lena Luthor does not shy away from challenges.

She’s tackled hostile business men – perhaps not literally (that’s her new girlfriend’s job), but effectively – and she’s survived her mother (enough said).

But this? This overly-casual invite from Kara?

“You don’t have to, you know, I know how busy you are, but if you wanted to, I’d love you to get to know everyone, but you know, you don’t have to – “

“Don’t be ridiculous, Kara, of course I’d love to spend more time with your friends.”

This sends her into a spiral that has her digging into her purse for her anti-anxiety medication, because she wasn’t lying when she told Kara that she was her only friend in National City.

But she was exaggerating slightly; because Kara was her only friend… anywhere.

So this idea? This idea of taking off her CEO blazer and fuck-me pumps to sit on a throw blanket with Kara and her sister and her sister’s girlfriend and their best friends – their family – and play board games and Mario Kart like she’s not horrific? Like she’s not vile?

Like she’s not a Luthor?

This idea is at once the nicest, kindest, sweetest thing anyone has ever proposed to her; and also the most terrifying.

Maggie knows, and Maggie talks her way past Jess: it’s not that hard, she just mentions Pam from HR and their outing the other night when Jess had that late meeting, and when it becomes clear that Maggie had no love for arresting Lena earlier; when it becomes clear that she’s concerned about her girlfriend’s kid sister’s girlfriend (”queer girl geography, right?” she jokes), Jess lets her through.

“Here to escort me out of my own building in handcuffs again, Detective Sawyer?” Lena glances up, holding in the amount hostility she’d normally show for Kara’s sake.

“Here to escort you to your girlfriend’s place for game night, actually.” Lena looks up from her paperwork with a slightly furrowed brow, and Maggie puts left hand under her lip briefly.

“Look, I… I didn’t have much by way of family. Before National City. Before Alex. And now… it’s scary. It’s scary, having people who just… accept you without an agenda, and want you to come eat potstickers and play crappy 90s board games in your socks on their living room floor, especially when they’re all already…”

“Family,” Lena supplies, skepticism still in her voice but shocked warmth growing in her eyes.

“Yeah. But Kara… Kara’s wild about you, Lena, and I… Here’s the thing. I understand what it’s like to feel like you don’t deserve a Danvers girl. But instead of beating myself up about it, I just try to earn it – earn her, earn Alex – every day. And I know you do the same for Kara. And she wants you there tonight, Lena. No one’s going to test you, no one’s going to ask you to prove yourself.”

Lena tries to swallow the tears stinging her eyes – she’s deeply unfamiliar with this feeling – and she bites her bottom lip slightly, at a loss for words.

“Unless you try to verse Winn in Mario Kart. He will try to crush you.”

Lena laughs, softly but irrepressibly, and Maggie grins. “Yes, he would be competitive about that sort of thing, wouldn’t he?”

Maggie nods and shoves her hands deep in her pockets. “I know Kara was gonna pick you up to take you over to her place, but I just… I don’t know. I could have used a pep talk from someone that wasn’t my girlfriend before my first game night with the squad, so… consider yourself pep talked.”

If Lena is expecting Maggie to ask anything in return – to hold anything over her for her kindness – she’s mistaken, because by the time she and Kara slip into an already full apartment about an hour later, Maggie greets her warmly from the floor, from Alex’s arms, but doesn’t give any indication that they’d just talked. Doesn’t give any indication that she’d just reached out to try to be Lena’s… friend.

“James Olsen,” James shakes her hand near the door with a small smile, and Lena gulps almost imperceptibly.

“A Pulitzer Prize winner, I daresay I know who you are, Mr. Olsen.” Also Kara’s ex. The pit in her stomach grows wider, but James smiles broadly.

“It’s just James,” he assures her, and pulls Kara into a hug.

“I’m happy for you,” he whispers, and she kisses his cheek while still holding Lena’s hand. Or, more accurately, while Lena keeps her hand in a vice-like grip.

She’s already met Alex, Winn, and Maggie, so none of them bother getting up, all engrossed in some sort of card game that has Winn screaming something about cheating and index fingers and unfairness in between waving enthusiastically at Lena.

She perches on the couch in front of them all as Kara sinks back in the pillows.

“It’s okay, Lena, you can relax. I promise,” she whispers, and Lena melts and leans back into her.

Alex glances up and grins.

“I hope your thumbs are ready for war,” she says, and Lena blanches slightly. Maggie leans her head back into Alex’s shoulder so she can meet Lena’s eyes.

“She means Mario Kart.”

“Winn takes it very seriously.”

“Hey, so does Kara, it’s not just me!”

“Oh please, Schott, you almost gave Maggie a bloody nose with your flailing last week!”

“The key word is almost, Danvers!”

“Yeah Alex, no need to take out my tech man with some index finger trick just because your girl’s face got in the way of his maneuvering – sorry Maggie – “

“Not at all, Olsen, I’ll just make sure to toss some turtle shells at you – “

“You wouldn’t – “

“Try me!”

Kara laughs along with the banter, and Lena just tries to follow it all. Kara watches her carefully, a soft smile on her face. “I’m so glad you’re here,” she kisses her cheek, and James smiles affectionately and nudges Winn.

“We’re outnumbered, man.”

Winn laughs happily and tosses aside his cards – he would never admit it to Alex, but he was losing anyway – to set up Mario Kart as Alex takes the opportunity of Kara’ diverted attention to kiss Maggie senseless.

Between Winn’s excited yelling and wild gesturing, James’s cheering a squinting, focused Kara on, and Maggie’s cheering a pursed-lips, focused Alex on, none of them notice immediately.

None of them notice immediately that Lena is silent but Lena is determined. That Lena’s expression is set, is fire, is blazing with the shock of being surrounded by people who love having her there, who toss their arms around her to grab more popcorn easily, who make sure she’s getting enough to eat, to drink.

Who only ignore her when they’re focusing on driving their Mario Kart characters forward.

Who notice her – who care – at every moment except exactly when she wants to be stealthy. When she wants to sneak up behind all of them, perfectly calculated to pull ahead with a burst of speed just on the last lap, with a brilliantly timed maneuver that puts her strategically-chosen Toad kart ahead of everyone else’s for a first-place win.

Kara beams and bounces on her seat and squeals because if she can’t win, then her girlfriend definitely should; Alex tosses down her controller and exchanges a slack-jawed expression of begrudging admiration with Winn; and James and Maggie try their very hardest not to giggle, not to tease Kara, Alex, and Winn over the ultimate Mario Kart upset.

Lena smiles nervously into the silence and shrugs. “It’s all about strategy, isn’t it?”

She gulps and she fights down panic and she fights down agony because maybe she shouldn’t have won. Maybe they accepted her only before she stole their spotlight, their rush.

But then Alex is leaning in and Alex is grinning and Alex is more than the hardcore, take-no-prisoners agent that unflinchingly and single-handedly blew up Lena’s mother’s most updated facility, because Alex is congratulating her and Alex is, “Okay, you’re definitely coming to this every week. Anyone who can make Winn lose like that? Definitely a keeper.”

She squeezes her sister’s knee and Kara beams and practically tackles Alex with a hug and Maggie nudges Lena softly while James and Winn egg on the tickle fight that ensues.

“Our Danvers girls, huh?”

Lena fights down tears again, worn out Play Station controller still in her hands. But this time, the tears aren’t anxiety or disbelief or distrust.

This time, the tears are just happy.

“Our Danvers girls, indeed.”

my friends and i wanted to go to hawaii so to fund our trip we decided to sell our other friend to the circus. we knew the circus would want her because she’s canadian. we asked her and she said she was down as long as there would be funnel cake. we put her in a cardboard box and poked holes in the top so she could breathe and wheeled her to the circus on a trolley. when we got there and opened the box, there was a tiny moose in it. no sign of our friend anywhere. we gave the moose to the circus.

relatable lines from great comet

“i wish i were there, with death at my heels”
“i disgust myself”
“it doesn’t matter, i don’t give a damn. just as a duck was made to swim in water, god has made me as i am”
“i sit at home and read. hours at a time, hours at my screen. anything, anything, abandoned to distraction”
“oh, this is horribly stupid”
“when will i die?”
“i have no friends, never go anywhere, never invited”
“fierce, but not too important”
“i will kill him someday. he is not a great man. none of us are great men.”
“i never said i was able to forgive”
“i see nothing but the candle in the mirror, no visions of the future, so lost and alone”
“i pity you, i pity me, i pity you”
“my conscience gnaws away at my heart”
“that’s a true sage, living in the moment.”
“i’ll go to hell now, i’m a clutching my hair”
“i don’t know what deprives me of the pleasure of smashing your head in with this”
“time is moving, it’s now or never, my fate is slipping past me”

What’s this you’ve said to me, my good friend? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in conflict resolution, and I’ve been involved in numerous friendly discussions, and I have over 300 confirmed friends. I am trained in polite discussions and I’m the top mediator in the entire neighborhood. You are worth more to me than just another target. I hope we will come to have a friendship never before seen on this Earth. Don’t you think you might be hurting someone’s feelings saying that over the internet? Think about it, my friend. As we speak I am contacting my good friends across the USA and your P.O. box is being traced right now so you better prepare for the greeting cards, friend. The greeting cards that help you with your hate. You should look forward to it, friend. I can be anywhere, anytime for you, and I can calm you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my shark plushie. Not only am I extensively trained in conflict resolution, but I have access to the entire group of my friends and I will use them to their full extent to start our new friendship. If only you could have known what kindness and love your little comment was about to bring you, maybe you would have reached out sooner. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now we get to start a new friendship, you unique person. I will give you gifts and you might have a hard time keeping up. You’re finally living, friend.
—  Chowder