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you: come to momocon! me: well gosh DARN, I WOULD IF I COULD (ily tho)

aha ily I feel u, I actually do have some free weekend passes from the MomoCon people and will probably end up doing a giveaway on my channel closer to the con though! So stay tuned for that, I cant cover the hotels or anything but free tickets though hell yea

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Shouldn't you be in school or in class or lunch?

,,,, :v) my mom overslept again, hahhhahahahhaaahahah free ticket to day full of “peace” at home ghahHhagah, how do you know about this. Why are you keeping up with my life- who are you.


Trump is offering free tickets to his inauguration — and it’s totally backfiring

  • Trump and Mike Pence took to Facebook over the weekend to invite supporters to their inaugural festivities on Jan. 19 and Jan. 20.
  • Yet the effort did not garner the expected response, with hundreds of people leaving comments detailing all of the the things they’d rather do.
  • Things like getting root canal surgery and walking “barefoot through broken glass.” Read more

This is the National Videogame Museum in Frisco Texas.

This is one of the most incredible places I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. As you walk in, the first thing you see is a giant pong console set up waiting for you to test your skills. After you’ve had your fun and start to look around, it starts to sink in how much video game history you’re actually surrounded by.

The museum is set up in different “stages” much like a video game would be. Starting at the “time line”, you’re greeted with home consoles of all sorts with oversized controllers that let you control TV screens which display facts on each console. From there, you walk through and see numerous rarities including one of a kind prototypes, competition cartridges, and even previously lost consoles that have only recently been discovered. At the end of your self guided tour, you enter an arcade with dozens of arcade cabinets to choose from. The museum is even kind enough to give you 4 free tokens with your ticket so everyone gets to play.

The Museum is a result of 3 collectors pulling their collections together plus a few donations. It’s great that this truly one of a kind collection is available to the public.

“Jack, you gotta stop giving away your equipment to the first little kid you see after a game. It’s not cost effective”

“Jack, you know you shouldn’t stop during warm up to take selfies with the little kids. You gotta focus”

“Jack, you can’t skip post game interviews to play board games with a small hoard of kids”

“Jack where do you even FIND 45 kids to give free tickets to every single game?”

Cake Tasting. \\ l.r.h.

Word Count: 1,541

You and Luke had been best friends for as long as you could remember. The two of you already did practically everything together, from bar-hopping on the weekends to napping together after work, so when you caught word of your favourite radio station giving away free tickets to a wedding show that was coming to town, open to both women and men, you wasted no time in calling, despite knowing just how small of a chance you had of actually winning.

Of course, where would the story be if you hadn’t heard the words, “Congratulations, you’re caller number ten!”?

Immediately after receiving the news and being told exactly where to pick up your free tickets, you had excitedly texted Luke, asking if he wanted to be your plus one and mentioning that there would be free cake.

You received his reply in under a minute, with him agreeing without another question. And on the Saturday that the show was happening, Luke had appeared behind the wheel of his car in front of your apartment building.

“You know,” he mused as you clambered in, shutting the door behind you, “you could have at least done a neat bun.”

“Shut up, Hemmings,” you hissed out, buckling your seat belt and then immediately pulling down the sun visor, opening the mirror and letting out a groan at your appearance. He was right, as always (though you’d never actually vocally admit that) — you looked like shit.

“I was just kidding, (Y/N). You look like my beautiful fiancée.”

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I like the lifespan limit because it emphasizes that you can’t cheat death. The Titan power is not a free ticket out of consequences. It’s true that everyone would eventually die of old age, but this adds more impact to the whole situation.

Basically, unlike many other shounen, death exists and matters.

In the end Mikasa will have to move on and I think it’ll only show how strong she is if she finds the strength to move forward despite how cruel the world has been to her. On the opposite side, all the more tragic if she breaks. Both Eren and Armin are going to die relativiely early deaths, if it’s not the battle they’re fighting that kills them.

Peace, Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Prompt: Reader likes making Oak baked goods. (Which I interpreted as ‘Reader owns a bakery’.)

Words: 1288

Author’s Note: It’s still 10:20 where I live, so technically I still put out a fic on Friday…whoops a little late!

Warnings: None?

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“We’re closed!” You called, not bothering to turn at the sound of the bell above the door chiming.

“Even for your favorite customer?” You instantly recognized the voice and spun to greet him with a smile.

“Customer usually implies you pay. You show up unannounced and charm your way into a box of free pastries.” You teased your old friend, who in turn leaned against the counter and shrugged casually.

“I distinctly remember striking up a deal. Free food for free tickets.” Oak grinned when you squealed in excitement.

“You got it?”

“I got it! Orchestra, right in the middle so you have an unobstructed view of my beautiful face.” He struck a few poses as you snatched the ticket from his hand, confirming its existence.

“I owe you five million free pastries! You have to bring some in for the crew, as a thank you.” You immediately got to work, stuffing as many baked goods as you could into various pink boxes from behind the counter.

“Don’t you have actual paying customers to feed?” Oak’s voice rang out. You popped up from behind the glass display case with four boxes stuffed to the brink.

“Screw them!” You insisted, pushing the boxes into his empty hands. “Thank you, I promise not to embarrass myself in front of them!”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep!” He called to you as you pushed him out the door, knowing he was on the brink of running late for the first show of the day. “See you tonight!” You stood at the glass door, watching for a moment as he struggled under the mass of boxes while crossing the busy street.

You sighed, making sure the ticket was secure in your pocket before flipping the sign at the door from ‘closed’ to ‘open’.

“Oak, let me help!” Random people called, each taking one box from him and placing it on the common table.

“What are these?” Daveed asked, raising his brow and investigating the closest box.

“My friend owns a bakery and is seeing the show tonight, she wanted to give these to you guys for luck.” That was all it took for the rampage to start. The entire cast and crew acted as vultures around the boxes, barely leaving crumbs behind.

“I call the croissant! My wife will kill me if I don’t bring one home for her!” Lin called over everyone, who parted for him to take claim over a few treats. He took note of the bakery’s name for future use before sauntering over to Oak with a skip in his step.

“So…” He started, “This friend of yours…” He wiggled his eyebrows, much to the displeasure of Oak. “They’re the friend, huh?”

“Shut up.” Oak grumbled, snatching his usual chocolate chip muffin, snapping a picture of the cast as they swarmed around the few remaining pastries, and stomped off to his dressing room.

“I cried before you even came out.” You insisted.

“Nothing sad even happens in the first few minutes!” He responded, tugging at your hand as he ushered you backstage.

“I know, but I knew what was coming.” You whispered, very aware of where you were. You dragged you across the rotating floor without stopping, weaving through the halls before stopping in what appeared to be a makeshift kitchen.

“Hello, hello!” Called the very last person Oak wanted in contact with you tonight, Lin. “The baker has arrived!”

“The genius!” You shot back, noticing Oak’s discomfort, “Oak says you’re not that smart in real life.”

“Guilty.” He shrugged, twisting his hair up into a makeshift bun, “Thanks for the goodies this morning, by the way! Oak’s been keeping you a secret for too long.” Lin elbowed him, eliciting a grunt and a whine from Oak, who had stayed awfully quiet during this interaction.

“My bakery is the best kept secret in New York.” You insisted as Oak grumbled something about seeing his dressing room before Anthony and Daveed left for the night.

“I’ll let you kids get to it.” Lin saluted, zipping his hoodie up and preparing himself for the crowd that had more than likely gathered outside the stage door. “Peace!” He threw up the peace sign, taking his leave as Oak dragged you away.

“He seemed nice.” You told him, trying to make conversation. He didn’t respond, and you wondered why Lin was such a sore subject for him.

“We’re closed!” You called, not bothering to look up from the register.

“Sorry, just here for the croissants!” Lin called, pulling his headphones down to wrap around his neck. “My wife, Vanessa, she loved the one I brought home last night. Thought I’d stop in?” He made his way to the counter, leaning against it just as Oak had the morning before.

“You guys are always welcome here, closed or not.” You got to work packaging a few croissants and a cookie. A treat for his son, you thought. “Can I ask you something?” You pushed the bag across the counter, shaking your head when he tried to pull out his wallet.


“Are you and Oak friends? He was kind of cold after we talked to you last night.”

He winced at the question.

“It’s just…I know things.”

“Things? Well, you’re a certified genius, hopefully you know something.” He let out a single loud laugh, and you prided yourself in being witty enough to elicit the sound.

“I mean, it’s not really my place to say. Oak, he’s a quiet guy. He likes to talk, though. Most of the time we talk, it’s about you.”

“Me?” You pointed to yourself, as if there was another you living somewhere that he could be referring to.

“It’s very cute, if not a little annoying. Although, now that I’ve met you and earned your trust enough to get free croissants.” He grabbed the bag off the counter, “The praise is well earned.” He took in your dumbstruck expression, “If you feel the same way about him, you should talk to him. He’s got a few things to say.” He threw up his peace sign again as he backed out the door and across the street towards the theater.

You were very grateful the doorman had recognized you on sight. With the cover story of ‘Oh, I’m bringing Oak lunch!’ and a wrapped panini in your grasp, it only took a minute for you to be let through.

You passed through pretty much unnoticed save for a few people who thanked you again for the treats from the day before. You nodded, stopping to ask where you would find Oak. They all pointed the way back towards the kitchen area you had been in before.

He sat at the table, scrolling through his phone and sipping from a water bottle, half in costume. He looked up as you entered, unsure how or why you had come.


“Hi. Lunch.” You pushed the sandwich into his hands before he could protest, “Also, do you want to go out tomorrow?”

He looked back and forth from the panini to you, wondering how the two were related.

“Uh, yes?”

Inside, a parade was running through your head. On the outside, you played it cool. Letting a simple smile grace your lips, you tried to casually back out with your head held high. You eventually ran into a wall, and then another person.

Finally, you took your leave, throwing up Lin’s signature peace sign as you ducked out.

The pieces began to put themselves together. The familiar box Lin carried in this morning. The peace sign. The smug grin Lin wore all morning.

Lin-Manuel Miranda!” Oak called, pushing out of his chair as he heard a distant scream of panic.

Warden post-Blight

Anyone: *complains about anything*

Warden: Yes but didchu fight an Archdemon and live???