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Yikes, the man was shot, beaten, kicked, starved, sleep deprived, kept naked in a bare concrete box, tortured, and denied all but the most basic medical attention. He is a childhood abuse survivor and has all this ZA and Saviors shit heaped on top of severe existing trauma, and sadly, the only professional who could have helped him work through this was killed off by TPTB to cause him even more pain. I want to see anyone else give the shits who did all this to him a free pass and just forgive them after what he’s been through at the hands of the Saviors.

Just like Carol for women, Daryl is representation for male abuse survivors, and screaming that his reactions are out of line and he has no story left just because his character development goes on mostly on the inside and doesn’t show up as a new, different way of dressing himself because he is adapting to the world they are living in now (for he has always lived among dangerous people and had to fend for himself, even as a child) doesn’t mean that he is not changing on the inside from who he used to be. It’s probably more that those clamoring for his death don’t understand the emotional and mental changes he is going through which show up in nuances in his behavior - or in lashing out in response to renewed trauma.

The fact of the matter is, if Daryl remains stoic after shit has been done to him people want him to react, and if he reacts to new trauma they want him to tone it down if the reaction is not to their liking. Being beaten again, locked up again, kept without food again, all things that very likely were done to him during his childhood for years, as well as seeing another empty cell with dog food in it during their search through the building with Rick, must have massively triggered him. People slamming him for reacting to his trauma need to learn to empathize with male abuse survivors as much as they do with female ones. People react to trauma and abuse in different ways. Daryl, too, has had a rough past and endured physical and mental abuse for decades, and while this doesn’t excuse all of his actions, it goes a long way toward explaining them.

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I have to first say that I do not condone what Grothel did to WHook in anyway shape or form, but for me it wasn't on the same level as what Zelena did the Robin and what Regina did to Graham. Zelena made herself to look like his wife, someone that he loved to manipulate and use him and Regina was controlling Graham with his heart. Yet there are so many people who love Zelena, even in the CS fandom I mean they have even called her a "CS Shipper". Do you think there is a double standard going on.

Let’s not forget that Zelena murdered Marian before pretending to be her…

So yes, I do think it’s a double standard. I saw a lot of people wanting Zelena to come in and ‘take out Gothel’, and I was sitting here like ‘but Zelena did the same thing she did, and she murdered a woman before she did it.’ Zelena gets a huge free pass from the CS fandom in general, I’ve noticed, whereas someone like Regina doesn’t and I think it all comes down to character biases. CS fandom, in general, tend to be a lot more critical of Regina overall, so she gets blasted for using the same bag of tricks Zelena does, but since a lot of people int the CS fandom love Zelena, she’s allowed to just be sassy and funny and awesome.

What Gothel did wasn’t even remotely okay. She tricked Killian into having sex with her under false pretenses. And unlike Zelena, she had absolutely no issue leaving a baby to starve to death - so long as she had an ‘heir’ to take her place in that tower, she was golden. She didn’t give a damn about Killian or the baby. She’s heinous, and what she did was heinous, bar none (and the show made sure to emphasize this character isn’t good, in any way).

BUT to put Zelena on this awesome pedestal in comparison? No. Zelena is the example of how not to treat a character post-terrible action (just because she’s a mother doesn’t make her automatically redeemable - this goes for all the Mills ladies, actually). And I’m thinking (hoping) the showrunners have seen that particular character as a teaching tool for themselves and are trying to avoid that with Gothel (and considering I feel like it’s Gothel who also cursed Killian and Alice, her terrible actions towards these two characters is only gonna get worse, not ‘redeemable’).

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