no fortune and no favours

When your friend has been committing acts far past your moral boundaries and now she intends to fight an all-powerful being in the slight chance she will win however she is more likely to get everyone killed so you agree on a coin flip to decide if she should leave and as it drops it dawns upon you she will twist the fortune in her favour and that for once in your life you’re seeing more perspectives past the good and bad = black and white narrative while debating if it’d be morally right to sacrifice her life in place of the others that would live.

lots of little latin locution

a deo et rege - for god and king

a deo lux nostra - our light comes from god

absque labore nihil - nothing without hard work

amicis semper fidelis - always faithful to friends

audaces fortuna juvat - fortune favours the bold

carpe diem - seize the day

deus fortitudo mea - god is my strength

cherche et tu trouveras - seek and you will find

celer et audax - swift and bold

dulcius ex asperis - sweeter after difficulties

dum spiro spero - whilst i breathe, i hope

esse quam videra - to be, rather than to seem

facta non verba - deeds, not words

fides et justitia - faith and justice

fulminis instar - like lightning

in scentia veritas…. - in science truth

… in arte honestas - in art honour

in veritate victoria - victory in truth

magnum in parvo - much in little

memor esto - remember your ancestors

ne quid falsi - nothing false

nec elatus nec dejectus - never overjoyed nor dejected

nunquam non paratus - never unprepared 

perge sed caute - advance but cautiously

pro rege et patria - for king and country 

semper praecinctus - ever ready

studio sapientia crescit - wisdom grows by study

Some people intentionally apply to Elsewhere University to hide; in a classroom where every name is a deflection, there is no risk of anyone looking someone up on facebook and finding things better left hidden. Not dangerous secrets, like spies and conspiracies, but a past made public in ways that hurt:

Old amber alert groups, nevermind that the missing children, if recovered, have to live with being tagged as ‘missing, lost, if found please call-’ for the rest of their lives, no matter how settled they get;

Links to news articles about court cases that include candid pictures and eager descriptions that prove how low humanity can get, lower than the Gentry in many ways, and how a crime does not just mean a criminal but a victim;

Private photographs, shared carefully but not carefully enough, and even if justice is found the fallout is never finished in a world where names are forever attached to faces and their bodies;

Parents dead and a fortune inherited and it is nothing like the stories and everything like a minefield– who wants fortune, who wants favour, who wants everything but the one left behind?

It is easy to spot those who are here to hide, if you know what to look for; the first days of freshman orientation, a blur of information traded back and forth as the new and uninformed are quite thoroughly informed to the point of feeling old, there is always the point where an introduction is formally made with one instruction: any name but your own, and not a diminutive of your own.

The ones hiding, they have consciously avoided mentioning any names to begin with and are now ready to choose their placeholder and hold it like a shield– or a sword– before them. They answer swiftly and surely, a fierce, concentrated joy in their words if not their faces.





Two Scars

They are aware of the dangers of Elsewhere University perhaps a bit more than their other freshman peers, but not in the otherworldly way of those already Touched or Sighted or otherwise Favoured. Their world has already proved to be treacherous and dangerous to navigate, and it is an entirely earthly caution that puts iron around their necks and salt in their pockets as if it had been born there, alongside pepperspray and keychain shanks hanging with their student IDs (blessedly free of last names that carry too much weight).

They major in Criminal Justice or Law or Philosophy or Sociology or Psychology, all of them seeking to understand the people that intentionally hurt them as well as those who, after, unintentionally hurt them.

Some of them find themselves driven by desperation and lingering damage to make deals, looking into the inhuman dark for answers about their all-too-human dark.

Some of them quietly swear to never, ever make a deal with anyone, Gentry or human, again, having already lost everything (save their lives, perhaps left hanging by mere threads) to bad deals before even arriving at Elsewhere University.

Some of them find a rare and precious sliver of safety in the halls of Elsewhere, and they aren’t so foolish as to wash the salt out of their clothes but when it comes time to go home for the summer, they have a list of exactingly precise reasons as to why they cannot go home that just barely qualify them for the summer boarding program and they never leave Elsewhere University again.

They are scarred and marked by their time before attending Elsewhere University, and often Otherness finds an opening in these scars, slipping into strengthen blood and bone with unnatural grace and strength; it is not a favour granted by any of the Gentry, but a slow creep of the very fabric of the space that makes Elsewhere University Elsewhere, reaching tendrils out into the world through those who fell or were pushed through its cracks.

When they graduate, those who are able to leave, do.

They stand in courtrooms and behind curtains or in safehouses, putting themselves between the scum of the earth and the vulnerable. For the vulnerable who are no longer just vulnerable but shattered open, a quiet word and a glowing (literally) letter of recommendation sees them safe in the halls of Elsewhere University, breathing deep and sharp and confidently answering to a name- or names- that were never theirs to start with.


Fallout 4: All Companion Swap Dialogues

So here are all the dialogues for swapping companions in Fallout 4, taken from both the game itself and the extracted dialogue files on the other Fallout Wiki. I thought I’d put them here since a lot of them are bugged in my game at least, especially X6′s dialogues. (Cut for length)

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 Mystic Rainn weighs in on your future.

 Want to know what this upcoming month has in store for you? It all in the cards.

1. Aries

Don’t allow previous disappointments and heartbreak keep you from being all that you can be. Sometimes the disappointment can become so great that you end up feeling despondent or fearful to jump back into the deep in, but that is not a life worth living. Don’t allow yourself to turn cold and jaded, because a heartless existence is not in your nature.

2. Taurus

You are coming out of a period of feeling stuck and things will soon begin to look up. You are also coming to the end of the cycle with material and money problems. If any of you have been hoping for employment or more work opportunities, you can expect them in this month!

3. Gemini

You are currently experiencing a change of perspective when it comes to where you want to direct your life and how you are going to live it from this day forward, and you’ve dealt with this throughout your birthday month. I told you last month that you need to have the courage to follow your dreams and passions at this time, as they will direct you towards a more fulfilling destination; however, you’ve been doubtful! This is okay, as you just need to take a different approach. It is time for you to own your own beliefs, thoughts and feelings as to what is right. Stop searching for the approval of others because you will not get it.

4. Cancer

There is a lot of transformative energy surrounding Cancerians at the moment and as a result you feel more anxious and stressed.  Don’t allow panic or the fear of the unknown to throw you off your game. You can expect great change in the next upcoming months and if you want the process to move smoothly then you need to stop putting up so much resistance and allow the Universe to do its job. Relinquish control. For those that a worried about employment, paperwork or legal issues, that will be sorted in your favour.

5. Leo

Consider yourselves to have been smacked by the Luck of the Irish as you’ve got the Wheel of Fortune turning in your favour spitting out luck. This month will bring a lot of developments directly in your favour. Anyone that’s been toying with new business ideas, considering starting school in the fall, or even trying for a baby, this is the month to get on it.  If you’ve been looking to receive news, you’ll get it this month! With this being said, beware. Luck is never specified as being good or bad, and if you want to eliminate the gamble produce good karma to put yourself in its good graces.

6. Virgo

Expect lots of changes! For some it will be tumultuous and for those that know how to relinquish control it will be smooth sailing. You’ve been aware that life has been getting stale, but have neglected to do anything about it. If you don’t take control of your situation the Universe will do it for you and trust me when I tell you that it will be a much more painful process.

7. Libra

After coming out a particularly emotional time for Libra, you can expect a calmer month with the pieces falling into place. Sometimes your emotions can get the better of you causing you to think that situations are worse than they actually are. Consider taking a break and indulge in solitude to recalibrate. There are vacations and holidays on the horizon for some of you.

8. Scorpio

I can see that some of you headed my advice last month and have adapted a more positive approach and just like I said, the Universe would sprinkle some magic into your life. There are lots of blessings comes in, but make sure not to give up at the last minute. Your cycle of change is nearly complete and if you burn out before the finish line you will not reap any rewards.

9. Sagittarius

This month should be smooth sailing for you; however, watch those around you. There are people that aren’t being particularly forthcoming and I sense that there is some scheming going on behind your back. Be vigilant and watch out for your colleagues and ‘friends’ this month.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn has been working hard these last few months in an attempt to reach their ambitions. You will be rewarded for this and can expect a surprise opportunity. You are now in the space to make whatever happen as you’ve worked hard enough; just channel your will to manifest it.

11. Aquarius

 Don’t allow yourself to get lazy this month as July will require you to utilise your mental capabilities and make serious decisions. Make sure to be on the ball and stay alert as this will be beneficial to you pursuing your own goals and passions later in time.

12. Pisces

After completing a phase in your life last month, it is time to get going – chop chop! There is no time to waste and you’ve spent enough time wallowing in your nostalgia. It is time to jump back into the dating scene, apply for a new job, move houses, etc. You know what you’re meant to be doing so get moving!

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sagittarius is a sign renowned for its  fortune and favour. however,  a scorned sagittarius can respond on the opposite end of the spectrum. they can become very resentful and one sided. because jupiter expands everything it touches, like blowing up a balloon, mutable sagittarius can expand with the light of the sun or devastating darkness 

Fortune favoures the brave, sir,” said Carrot cheerfully.
“Good. Good. Pleased to hear it, captain. What is her position vis à vis heavily armed, well prepared and excessively manned armies?”
“Oh, no one’s ever heard of fortune favouring them, sir.”
“According to General Tacticus, its because they favour themselves,” said Vimes. He opened the battered book. Bits of paper and string indicated his many bookmarks. “In fact, men, the general has this to say about ensuring against defeat when outnumbered, out-weaponed and out-positioned. It is…” he turned the page, “ ‘Don’t Have A Battle.’
—  Terry Pratchett - Jingo

Boo ya! I actually love this story. It took me a bit of reworking to figure out how I could keep the OUAT elements whilst also keeping Loki in character, but I did eventually get there. If you want some soundtrack for this, play “Where’s Hiccup?” from the HTTYD OST at the line detailing the flower “gifting [Loki] a second chance”. Thank you to the anon who asked for this one; @chloecat48 also wanted to be tagged. Hopefully you all enjoy!

Prompt[s]: Can you write a Loki x reader where the reader is captured by an enemy of Loki’s and is put under a sleeping curse (OUAT style), Loki believes the reader to be dead and administers the kiss that saves the reader? 

‘I Will Always Find You’ (Part 1)

They called it Witch’s Hollow. To some, the name was purely fictitious; a myth woven like cloth and strengthened by years of superstition to keep small children from wandering too far into its depths. However, a handful of people knew that the shadows in Witch’s Hollow held eyes of wicked green. The stories were not just to keep the children away…

On any other day, the glade would be calm. Nothing more than the odd bird song to fill the air. Today, however, brought change. A timid fox emerged from her den, raising a curious snout to the sun and sniffing twice. She pushed her head fully into the daylight and shook off the dirt behind her ears. Suddenly, those ears pricked upward, and her focus turned north, dark eyes narrowing as she felt a rumbling in the soil.

When the drumming hooves got louder, the fox turned and scurried inwards once again. The horse’s flanks rippled with every hoof and his breath huffed out in rhythmic bursts. His rider was cloaked in green, leather reins in one hand, and a compass in the other. They snapped the lid of their compass shut, and pulled the horse to a halt.

The oak tree stood proud and strong, roots firmly planted into the surrounding area. From the outside it appeared no different to any other oak tree. However, when the rider took their boot to it, the trunk tore like paper and they were able to climb inside, needing only to duck their head as they did so. The tree’s interior was bigger than it appeared outwardly, lanterns in each corner of the darkened room being the only indicator of the room’s size; dark magic was at work here, but there was no other choice…

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Jupiter in the 11th house - The Pot of Golden Philanthropy  

The dream of utopia is a vision with its target set far above the horizon and into the heavens with Jupiter in the 11th. The higher mind is directly plugged into the electricity of cosmic activity and collective consciousness. Its philosophy encourages generosity, god will, philanthropy, global unity, and faith in the universe. The individual can have a very divine perspective. There is the ability to realise and envisage Gods and Goddesses radiate through everybody that passes by, and it’s possible to even spot the odd other-worldly being. This extends towards the receptive sense for ancient archetypes, spiritual law, and the modern reenactment of mythology. Constellations weave like fairy lights through people in her direct experience. It’s the cosmic mix for a tremendous astrologer and philosopher. And this clear eye for observing patterns of behaviour can make for a gifted psychiatrist or psychoanalyst. There can be precognition and premonition with Jupiter in the 11th. These may involve friends, opportunities, members of the community, or even global events. It’s possible for the individual to adopt spontaneous, adventure loving, exuberant, and intelligent friends. But the spiritual heart is so big with Jupiter in the 11th it’s possible for her to find a friend in just about anybody. 

The individual has a jubilant spirit for learning about people and new languages, exploring different cultures, and listening to the stories of local people during travels. There is rich fascination for traditions of the world, rituals, ceremonies, and festivals. The individual likes to be in the expansive company of interesting people from diverse parts of the world. There is also a special love for bringing brilliant minds together. Unity is a form of prayer for Jupiter in the 11th and great pleasure is sourced through friends and social groups. The desire is for elevation and enlightenment through the collective experience. It may be something like spiritual worship through song. Like singing the divine word in unison with performer and the crowd, raising higher with everyone, sensing divine intimacy in the noise, excitement, and rapture. This is only one example, and it doesn’t have to be spiritually inclusive with Jupiter in the 11th. The idea is that spirit activates through jubilant group experience, celebrating life together, and the more people the better with Jupiter. It could be a rave festival, fun with friends and social groups, or a graduation. There is delight in bringing happiness to people, and most importantly friends. The individual is highly creative in this approach, and relishes in appreciation and recognition. Some of these include humour, charity and donation, teaching, and supporting a worthy cause. 

The 11th house indicates social identity, participation, and interaction. Jupiter’s cosmic weight makes it impossible to miss, so it can inflate to forms of public notoriety, distinction, or leadership. Friends and followers form her a support network that present opportunities for the golden handshake. She can spot the precise moment to play her hand and ascend to the influential position where its possible to administer the great change and abundance she envisions. It may stimulate her involvement in political groups, ministries, education and publishing, foreign affairs or overseas business. It’s important that the individual has a platform to deliver her fresh and original philosophy, and she can readily find innovative and creative channels. There is a remarkable golden hue, a glow of fortune, faith, and favour. Joy given is joy reciprocated with Jupiter in the 11th. The magnificent auric field of Jupiter invites everybody in to see the dream and get inspired with it. It can draw public and private benefactors to believe in her potential and support the vision. The desire is to unify the collective divine experience in a way that it will benefit humanity. She converges personal experience, cosmic intuition, worldly wisdom, and the indirect experiences of people she has met to construct her perspective. Friends play an important role in the journey toward enlightenment. She can infuse their various subjective ideologies to arrange the ultimate, inclusive panorama. A grand balloon flying high toward the cosmos, spiralling through lightning storms and psychic carnival rides. There is a dream to be awakened with Jupiter in the 11th. 


[art: Nataly (kukula) Abramovitch]

Come Quietly [NSFW]

Pairing: Mystrade (Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade)
Word count: 4000
Tags: explicit sex; restraints; fluff and filth
Excuses: who I am as a person

It was just past nine PM when the sound of footsteps tugged Mycroft from his focus. He lifted his weary eyes from the laptop screen to find his office door opening. An attendant admitted a visitor in silence, nodded, shut the door and left.

It was Greg. He was dressed for work - coat, clean white shirt, entirely serious expression. Before Mycroft could ask, Greg reached a hand for the brass key kept in the door, twisted it and locked it.

“Can you step away from the laptop please, Mr Holmes?” he said.

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The signs as opposing proverbs
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder: libra, cancer, aquarius, taurus, capricorn
  • Out of sight, out of mind: leo, gemini, sagittarius, virgo, aries, scorpio, pisces
  • ~(sun, moon + venus)~
  • +
  • Birds of a feather flock together: virgo, cancer, sagittarius, capricorn, pisces, taurus
  • Opposites attract: gemini, leo, aries, libra, scorpio, aquarius
  • ~(sun, rising, venus + mercury)~
  • +
  • The squeaky wheel gets the grease: leo, aries, scorpio, gemini, aquarius, capricorn
  • The nail that sticks out gets hammered down: taurus, cancer, virgo, sagittarius, libra, pisces
  • ~(sun, mercury + rising/midheaven)~
  • +
  • Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today: virgo, capricorn, taurus, aries, sagittarius, scorpio
  • Better late than never: leo, cancer, gemini, aquarius, libra, pisces
  • ~(sun, mercury + mars)~
  • +
  • Fortune favours the bold: leo, aries, gemini, sagittarius, libra, capricorn
  • Good things come to those who wait: taurus, scorpio, cancer, virgo, aquarius, pisces
  • ~(sun, moon, rising + mars)~

dopamized  asked:

Will someone with a venus in Sagittarius ever settle down?

the condition of venus in sagittarius by itself probably wouldnt suggest this in terms of committing long term to a partner .i dont find venus to be very make or break, unless she makes aspects to saturn and the outer planets. venus in sagittarius suggests an appreciation for brilliant minds and adventurers and traveling together with emphasis on freedom to wander. venus and jupiter are the ancient benefics so they bring good favour, fortune and the potential for excess and over consumption so romance and relationships can be an especially generous and abundant and beat the heart right out of someone’s chest. romance is adventure 

anonymous asked:

Any KHR fics you can recommend?



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