no forks or spoons

After clearing out a banquet hall of enemies, I decide to play up my rogue’s thieving nature and steal all the silverware. The DM made me roll for it, and I got a nat20, so he narrated me stealing all the knives, all the forks, all the spoons, and then going for the candelabras on the mantle only to find a “loose brick” that revealed a hidden treasure room behind the fireplace. The rest of the party is shocked by the huge piles of treasure and are about to storm the treasure room.

Me: “WAIT! I… need to… check for traps!”

They let me into the room ahead of them, and I confirm there are no traps.

Me: “Guys… look at all the GOLD!”

Me, OOC: “I grab a handful of jewelry, and wave it in the air, to distract them from the gold I’m shoving in my pocket with my other hand.”

This was my introductory game to see if I’d fit in with the rest of the group. My devotion to my character’s personality, combined with a full conversation with the DM consisting of nothing but memes, earned me a place in their ranks.

little age characteristics(for me)

1 and younger
😚sleeps lots and lots
😚likes lullaby music and white noise
❤loves blankey and stuffies
❤loves her paci
❤snuggle monster
❤lots of cuddles
👗wears onesies and diapers or pjs
🍼fueled by bottles and squeeze pouches and puffs
🍼messy eater
🚽potty monster is scaarry stay away from it!!
👣moves by crawling/rolling/scooting
💬communicates with smiles and uhhhuhs or uh uhs and a few words here and there
📖loves story time especially touchy feely books

😚still needs her naps, a bit more challenging to put down but sleeps for hours
😚lullaby music or a movie and a nightlight
❤brings her blankey and turtle EVERYWHERE
❤still loves her paci
👗onesies, pjs, cute shirts and diapers ir pullups
👣on the move! and enjoys hiding!
🍼drinks mostly from a sippy cup but likes bottles at night
🍼big girl foods! spaghetti/pasta are s big hit, pbjs, pancakes, chicken nuggets
🍼still a little messy! forks and spoons are less fun than your hands!
🚽will occasionly use the potty. usually only if asked nicely or promise of candy!
💬asks whats that hundreds of times a minute
💬talks to self/animals lots!
💬sometimes hard to understand
💬i can do it myself! (puts shoes on wrong feet clothes on backwards)
😫subject to some tantrums
📖 i like looking at pictures and making up stories!
👶i like playing pretend! kitchen and house and dress up
🎨art is fun! crayons and markers and fingerpaint and playdoh
🌳playgrounds are always a hit!
🛁bubbly baths with toys!

Cuddling With Astro


Originally posted by daddy-mj

  • he likes spooning lets be real in a world of forks the boy is a spoon
  • idk what i meant by that 
  • moving on
  • fr MJ here would love to just drag you to bed at night to cuddle
  • he would either cuddle you like right after lunch or something or right before you sleep 
  • those are his favorite cuddle times he feels the cuddliest then its his peak cuddliest always
  • he’d pull you onto the couch or the bed and just wrap his arms around you from the back
  • and pull you into him
  • god he would smell so good omfg
  • but like right when you’d relax into him MJ would be like
  • lol n o p e
  • and start tickling the heck outta ya
  • he loves watchin ya squirm
  • ;)
  • jkjk
  • soon after you would both quiet down and it would get like comfortably silent and he’ll never tell you but those moments of quiet with you and only you are his favorite times 
  • like ever
  • he loves those moment more than anything
  • and he’ll rest his chin on your shoulder and your head will rest against his collarbone and you’ll just revel in each other’s warmth
  • MJ really likes cuddling you
  • he even tries to get you to call him the cuddle master supreme or somethin
  • just
  • cuddling MJ would be a lot of fun and also really peaceful just super wow ya feel me
  • wow


Originally posted by dognmin

  • jinjin doesnt cuddle
  • no
  • he snuggles
  • he would just be lying down and you would pass by and suddenly you’re being pulled onto your boyfriend
  • he’ll grab onto anything and pull
  • sometimes it’s your hand, your elbow, your thigh, it doesn’t matter
  • if jinwoo wants to cuddle
  • no
  • snuggle
  • he’s gonna snuggle
  • he’ll pull you on top of him so you’re both lying down
  • and jinjin would make you put a blanket on top of you so you don’t get cold because he anticipates you two will be in that position for a while
  • he would hold you close to his chest
  • close enough to hear his heartbeat
  • ohmygod
  • and wrap his arms around you and basically it would be like hugging a teddy bear
  • and your head would be against his chest and underneath the blanket
  • your legs are intertwined 
  • you would constantly switch positions though
  • “jinjin that is my boob
  • “ah crap sorry”
  • “don’t move wait”
  • “…”
  • “i said not to move now im like halfway doing the splits”
  • “sorry”
  • because eventually one of you would have a limb fall asleep and it’d get uncomfortable but you want to keep cuddling snuggling 
  • so you always end up lying on your sides facing each other
  • and hugging tight
  • and falling asleep entwined and warm underneath like seven blankets with your head on his chest hearing his heartbeat and his arms around you and i am just
  • s n u g g l e s w i t h j i n j i n


Originally posted by moonbinny

  • hes like a super giant so it would be kinda hard to find a nice cuddling position
  • but eventually you’d decide on like koala-ing him 
  • you would wrap your legs around his waist
  • and your arms around his neck
  • and 
  • squeeze
  • dongmin wouldn’t mind the squeezing honestly because you’re so small and cute he doesn’t even notice it
  • and then you’d pout at him bc he didn’t say anything about your squeezing
  • he would so kiss you so much though like you’re hanging onto him
  • or like as close to hanging as you can be while you’re lying down
  • and he would just be struck by how adorable and vulnerable you look 
  • he wouldn’t be able to help himself
  • it’s like
  • unstoppable
  • he blames it on hormones but 
  • he would move your hair or do whatever he needed to do to kiss your forehead or your cheek
  • and you’d pout at him again
  • this time in response he would
  • kiss your lips
  • over and over 
  • just pecks to tease you until you clasp your hands together behind his neck and forcibly bring him down to kiss you properly
  • he would smile into it
  • eventually dongmin would take your hands off of his neck and hold them in front of his chest
  • and smile
  • and look at you
  • he would sigh out of happiness and contentedness and love and you should all put “cuddling with lee dongmin” on your bucket lists


Originally posted by kpopyoulater

  • cheek to cheek
  • only way to describe it
  • you would start with your head in his chest but somehow later you would’ve pretty much moved up his body
  • and now your chin is in his shoulder while his chin is in yours
  • and you’re both facing each other 
  • he’s so warm
  • and the boy smells really, really good
  • you can’t help but breathe in his scent
  • and sniff his hair bc you’re 99.99% he used your shampoo 
  • but your cheeks would be smushed together but neither of you would mind
  • and his arms are loose around your waist 
  • your arms rest on his are just fanning out from your body tbh
  • they don’t really do much just
  • hang
  • until Bin takes one of your hands in his and intertwines your fingers 
  • you put your other hand on his shoulder and his other arm stays holding you close
  • for a long while neither of you talk but then
  • “did you just fart”
  • “it is only natural”
  • “i hate you”
  • “actually you love me you told me so exactly-”
  • “whY HAvE YoU BEen couNTiNg”
  • jk but honestly you would start quiet and then end up bantering and giggling but staying cheek to cheek the entire time
  • and somehow it would get late and Moonbin realizes that wow
  • you’re fast asleep on top of him
  • and he contemplates throwing you off and running for it but
  • he really likes this
  • it’s worth his arm and hand falling asleep he guesses
  • as long as, when the morning comes, you and him are still entwined


Originally posted by astropopsicle

  • minhyuk and doryongi could be brothers or somethin they’re both floppy when it comes to cuddling
  • not that you mind
  • minhyuk is usually p chill but when the boy wants to cuddle he wants to CUDDLE
  • like he’s needy af when he wants you in his arms
  • that sounded cheesy i apologize lmfao
  • anyways
  • you’ll be doing homework or something and suddenly you hear minhyuk screaming your name from the couch or your bed or something 
  • the first few times he did it you freaked out bc
  • what if he’s getting eaten by a bear or something 
  • but you soon realized that when he yells for you it’s because he wants to cuddle
  • and its non-negotiable bc whenever you wanna cuddle he’s always there for you
  • unless he has like idol stuff but thats a given
  • when you finally get to him he’s all “’sup” but then 
  • breaks out into a huge grin that practically splits his face 
  • if you don’t get to him fast enough he’ll come looking for you and pick you up bridal style or throw you over his shoulder
  • sometimes you aren’t fast enough on purpose
  • he doesn’t need to know that
  • and then he’ll wrap like all of his limbs around you
  • you’re stuck
  • have fun
  • eventually you’ll wiggle a leg out so on of your legs is between his and one of his is between yours but his arms stay rooted
  • sometimes minhyuk will roll around with you in his arms if you’re in bed together he’s super playful that way 
  • then he’ll make kissy faces at you and give you butterfly kisses
  • minhyuk would be such a frickin dork when cuddling it would be amazing
  • eventually he would fall asleep with you in his strong grip
  • and you don’t want to wake him
  • so you just stay there
  • stuck
  • until sleep finds you too
  • but you don’t really mind because you’d rather cuddle your amazing(ly warm) boyfriend than do math 
  • any day


Originally posted by astropopsicle

  • hes a giant like eunwoo 
  • but hes a smol beanie bby awkward giant
  • the first time you guys cuddle you have to ask him about it
  • and then he gets all flustered but tries to play it cool like
  • “cuddle??? uh, yeah, sure, uh, um, whatever?? you want.. babe???”
  • his voice squeaked on the last part it was great 
  • MJ and JinJin recorded it 
  • it’s JinJin’s ringtone now
  • after that though you guys got into a cuddling routine
  • funnily enough
  • in the beginning he was the small spoon
  • needless to say 
  • it really didn’t work out
  • instead you guys tend to lie down facing each other
  • smiling, laughing, talking
  • trading homework tips and joking about teachers and his managers
  • sometimes the hyungs will try to listen in on your conversations
  • that’s when you guys start roasting them, acting like you don’t know they’re listening
  • fun times
  • anyways you guys face each other
  • and eventually his arm tentatively finds itself around your shoulder, pulling you in slightly
  • it moves down to your waist as time goes on
  • sometimes you hold hands and put your clasped hands in between the two of you
  • always facing each other
  • after talking for a while the two of you will just stop saying anything or making any noises and just trace each other’s facial features with your eyes
  • you’ll find yourself leaning in and then all of a sudden he pulls you into his chest
  • both of your faces about as brightly colored as his hair is
  • and you’re both really tired at this point so you’re about to fall asleep
  • when you’re rudely brought back to being awake by all of Sanha’s hyungs taking pictures of the two of you and tweeting them
  • you should make a show
  • life with (6) boys

i’ve been there. i don’t talk about it, but i have, as a child and later on. and this is a how-to i just had to give a friend in a similar situation. this is intended for anyone who needs it, but is mostly targeted towards people who have a car!!! 0:

okay. so. first things first. grab a backpack. empty it out, clean it, and make sure that it fits comfortably on your shoulders. you will be carrying it. then you will do this list:

  • make however many skivvy rolls you need. one roll = one outfit. google how to make them, they are necessary for this tutorial to continue.
  • tuck any brushes, tampons, pads, toothbrushes, toothpastes, combs, etc in the roll just before you do up the final bit. this way, it saves space. cutlery can also go in, tuck forks into spoons, and knives go on top of the forks. 
  • get a ziploc (or similar) bag. any toiletry that did not fit in the rolls goes in there. compress it down, take all of the air out of it, you don’t need it taking up too much room. put it flat on the bottom. 
  • get a ziploc (or similar) bag. each person doing this, gets one. dump your prescriptions (or non-prescriptions like advil, tylenol, etc) into it. no use carrying around a bunch of bottles when it can be one thing. do as above, put it beside or layered on top of the ziploc, flat on the bottom.
  • put the skivvy rolls on top. don’t be afraid to pack it in.
  • take the harddrives out of any desktop computers you cannot take with you, and slide them BETWEEN the skivvy rolls. google how to take them out.
  • find all of your jewellery. wear it. i don’t care how valuable it is, you’re not going to haul an entire box of it with you. wear the rings, the necklaces, the earrings, the bracelets… etc. you get the point!!! layer it up! who cares!
  • any extra keys, go on the necklace chains. 
  • find your personal coat with the most pockets. if it’s summer, make sure it ties comfortably around your waist. this will be something you also wear.
  • grab some hair ties or rubber bands (hair ties makes this tip better because you will have them!) and tie up any cords or chargers you may need that way, so they take up the least amount of space without coming apart in your pockets. 
  • documents, passport, etc, all go in the bag, wherever it may fit, NOT in an outside pocket. wallet goes INSIDE the coat. phone goes INSIDE the coat.
  • line your wallet with any identification and cash you may have, but, keep ¼ or so of it inside the lining of a pad, or, alternatively, in a skivvy roll, a random one. this is in case of petty theft.
  • line your pockets with anything else you may need, such as car keys, a document with phone numbers written down, etc.
  • pick a hardcover book, one that isn’t too heavy, but is large enough for the next step. 
  • take your photos out of their frames or albums. open the book, and on each page slide a different photograph in.
  • do the same with any bills, documents, or anything that may get ruined by being loose inside of the bag.
  • slide the book in on the part of the bag that is right up against your back, so it offers you support. 
  • any laptops can be slid in a similar fashion. chargers should follow the hair tie rule. 

now find a bag, such as a reuseable shopping bag. this is what you will pack, if at all possible:

  • pet items such as dog food, cat food, etc, in a ziploc bag. as much as you can. they can wear their collar(s) or harness(es), as well as their leash(es).
  • peanut butter, as much of it as possible
  • crackers, in the sleeves, not the boxes.
  • soup in cans is very heavy. condensed soup in packets is much easier.
  • packaged oatmeal, such as quaker oats.
  • coffee/tea, in sealed airtight plastic bags.
  • canned tuna. it’s a miracle.
  • dry noodles in bags
  • anything that will last for-fucking-ever.

and for any infants/minors with you:

  • if you have an infant, and do their skivvy rolls in a separate bag. their toys, pacifier, etc can stay with them, clip the pacifier to them if possible. 
  • any baby items such as formula can stay in their tin. they will spoil otherwise. in their bottles you can store water, if need be, for the meantime.
  • sippy cups get filled with water or needed drinks for toddlers
  • each child gets to take their favourite stuffed animal, toy, etc, as long as it isn’t big. it won’t take up THAT much room. if they have any school things they must have, tell them to leave them in their desks or lockers at school if possible

what to do before you leave:

  • grab anything that is of personal/emotional value. take it with you, but if it’s going to slow you down, give it to someone for safekeeping
  • any computers, televisions, etc you cannot take, can be stored somewhere, or, given to someone you know. selling them may not work in the time you have left and you may not be able to get another one quickly. easier to store it someplace for safekeeping.
  • fill up the laptops, tablets, phones, etc with media. you will be BORED and now is the time to ask that friend for their netflix password, or download movies, music, shows, make a list on the computer of things to watch
  • download as many apps as possible to help you out
  • write down and enter into your phones numbers of importance and locations to meet up at if things go wrong
  • make a codeword that is something you say if you are in trouble via text or phone call
  • bookmark survivalist sites, and any help agencies you can
  • make a bunch of fire tins if you can. 

now. for what you will wear:

  • dress comfortably. t-shirt, jeans or shorts (depending on the season), nothing fussy, but make sure that you are of a temperature that won’t make you sweat or freeze to death.
  • socks are important. wear comfortable shoes, something you like walking in that offers support. dress as much like you’re going to be walking a lot, because you will be. fashion is not as important as your life.
  • zip up the backpack. put it on. use ALL of the straps available to you. everyone gets their own bag. you can take it off in the car.

and in the car goes this:

  • blankets and towels get laid on the seats as if they are covering them. you can do this with more than one. fold them so the seatbelt parts are still left exposed.
  • washcloths can be rolled into your backpack or tucked into any car pockets
  • sleeping rolls should be rolled up and secured in the back of the car.
  • any larger baby items such as the carrier. your baby may have to sleep in this. i’m sorry. but make it as comfortable as possible.
  • water bottles/containers. fill them up and use the cupholders
  • pillows go on everyone’s laps. bags go between the legs. it’s not very comfortable but it is once you have a pillow to lean on!
  • any bikes you own, strap to the car with bungee cord or rope, they will be your transportation
  • ANY CAMPING EQUIPMENT YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON!!!! a tent, a camp stove, firestarters, anything. 
  • layer your pots so that the biggest one holds another, and another, and keep going. bring any cooking stuff you can. you’ll need it.
  • strollers get flattened and you put everything on top in the back.

what to spend your money on (dollar store edition):

  • a lighter, two or three if they’re the really cheap kinds
  • tealights can boil water.
  • paper plates and bowls. do not buy plastic cutlery you will get really fucking angry at it just pack your own
  • a charger adapter that works with your car for each electronic device
  • twine/rope/etc
  • camping equipment that you do not have
  • plastic clothespins if you do not have any
  • any toiletries

things you can score for free and thus should not worry about:

  • peanut butter and jam packets (store in glovebox)
  • straws
  • salt/pepper packets 
  • sugar packets (store in glovebox)
  • ketchup/sauce packets 
  • napkins (store in glovebox)
  • wifi (mcdonalds and libraries and some campgrounds have it)
  • showers and toilets (campgrounds will supply it)

what to do now:

  • find a place to camp that is cheap and/or free. i find trailer parks to have a few of these campsites for the cheapest, or provincial/state parks!! hole up there for as long as possible. make sure there is wifi for obvious reasons
  • make an adventure of it. pretend you’re at the end of the world, that you’re stranded, that you’re on a TV show, anything to pass the time. keep the atmosphere lighthearted.
  • spend your daylight hours going to work/school, and come back to the site. anyone who is not working, or who cannot do that, should be using the wifi to look for housing, using the phones to call around
  • don’t despair. contact any help agencies you can. try to frame it as best as possible for the risk of any minors being taken by social services and the like.
  • entertain yourself with the books, movies, etc on your laptop/tablet/phone.
  • try, whenever possible, to get out of the area and use the free services such as libraries, parks, playgrounds, etc that are available to you. you don’t have to sit around all day, you can go out and have fun. bikes are better, as it saves you fuel.
  • wash your clothing but don’t use the dryers. instead dry it at your campsite yourself using some twine and clothespins
  • it’s not a bad thing to eat from the dollar menu if you have to. 
  • keep watching survivalist videos and picking up tips. there are many useful ones such as dakota fire pits that i did not know when this was happening to me.

i hope that this helped you guys learn how to survive <3

Oh no...I REALLY should watch what I say around young children.

I started my first full time job after college only a few months ago, but I have noticed a disturbing trend in an office full of mid-career adults, many of whom have children. There is a large room in the center of the floor I work on dedicated to social events and breaks. It comes equipped with 2 vending machines, a water/ice dispenser, industrial size coffee machines, a fridge, a sink, and cabinets filled with coffee, tea, and…eating utensils.

You can probably see where I’m going. I noticed a huge pile building up of cups, forks, spoons, and other assorted silverware once before and gave people the benefit of the doubt. I cleaned everything. People passed by asked if it was “my turn” to do dishes. I made sure to explain that it wasn’t. I was doing it to have a clean break space, but people should be doing their own dishes. It is not my job, and it is not the cleaning crew’s job (I asked). They thanked me, and I hoped this would clue in people to clean up after themselves. How naive am I?

We were on day 23 since the pile started to reappear. There hadn’t been any clean utensils in the cupboards for almost a week. There is no end in sight. I refuse to clean it again, and I mentioned to my teammates how much it bothers me. Partially because these are adults who are making the mess and partially because…that’s gross. One teammate just looked at me unsympathetically and said “Well, if the mess bothers you so much, why don’t you just clean it up?” The rage I felt just came back as I typed that out. I just did not respond and turned back to my computer.

My opportunity to retaliate came a few days later. In comes his wife, she is toting their 3 elementary-age children behind her. They some times come in to get him, so they can all have lunch together. The wife was saying that the children weren’t cleaning up after themselves, and how they couldn’t go to the pool until it was done. They pouted and said that they didn’t want to do it. My coworker said that they need to be responsible and clean up after themselves because they made the mess. That it was “just a part of growing up”. I swiveled around, smiled, and said “Well, if the mess bothers you so much, why don’t you just clean it up?”

My coworker’s face fell, and after a moment of silence, the kids started to echo me. Though my coworker attempted to rebuttal, it was too late. The damage was done. As my coworker shot me a dirty look, I decided to go out to lunch. Seemed fitting not to have to do dishes that day.

This is my fave plate set! I even have some spoons & forks to go with it but they are in the wash 😭

I can’t get enough of my tofu nuggies. I eat them at least every other day no joke! But today I decided to eat a well rounded meal lol! Rice & beans with nuggies is the best meal ever!!!

& look!!! Even my cup Linda goes with my plates! Star Wars! Space themed lunch lol!!!

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It's December, so have some Desus Christmas stuff:

-Imagine the first time it snows after they become a couple. Daryl HATES snow. He’d fight the Devil himself if it meant he’d never have to experience snow again. Jesus, on the other hand, loves snow, but he loves grumpy Daryl more. Imagine them waking up and finding out it snowed, so Daryl is resolved to stay inside until May, but Jesus wants to build a snowman. Jesus always gets what he wants cause Daryl can’t say no to him, so they build a snowman in the front yard. But it’s a zombie snowman cause Daryl has to make nice things kind of stupid to still be cool.

-Imagine Jesus trying to get Daryl to help decorate for Christmas, but they don’t have real decorations, so they just put anything that they could find around the house/communities on the tree they chopped down. There’s a whole mess of plastic forks and spoons as ornaments, and their tree topper is a bundle of spare arrows. Jesus couldn’t find stockings, so they each hung one of their socks on the mantle and wrote their names on it in Sharpie. Daryl secretly loves the whole living room. He laughs every time he comes home and says “most redneck Christmas ever”

-Imagine them making each other’s gifts. Carol teaches Jesus to crochet so he can make Daryl a hat (it’s lopsided and there’s a hole in the back where Jesus missed several stitches), and Daryl whittled a totem for Jesus.


-Just imagine Christmas Desus. It’s good for your soul.

sanvers fic: dinner and a movie (1/2)

Alex had been this nervous before. She must have. Right?

She laid two plates, two napkins, two sets of forks, knives and spoons on a clean table cloth and thought back: Kara’s first day of school on Earth  - Alex had been so stressed she had thrown up in the bushes outside the school door before shaking it off and walking Kara to her homeroom; first mission she commanded at the DEO, her palms were sweating so much she had worn gloves just to be sure she didn’t lose her grip on her weapon.

And her first real date with Maggie last week - she hadn’t been able to eat for a full 24 hours before. Kara had had to insist Alex at least choke down a piece of fruit and a glass of water before she went out.

“Alex, I know you’re nervous, but passed out cold on the floor from low blood sugar isn’t the look you’re going for.”

Alex had accepted the banana Kara had peeled for her with a scowl. But twenty minutes later, when she went downstairs to find Maggie leaning against her Harley saying a soft “Hey,” and giving her a sweet smile that made Alex go lightheaded, she was glad she had eaten something.

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Some simple ways to bring colour to a boring white room.

Collect wine corks from family and friends! Or go to a flea market and dip old spoons/forks/whatever seems interesting in paint.

Use tacks to create your own night sky, or pin/stick some wrapping paper to the back of bookshelves or wardrobes.

Hunk is smartest guy alive (ep.10)

Keith: What do you think they have in all those giant containers? 

Hunk: Well, I suspect that it’s sporks. 




Hunk: Wha- This is an advanced race we’re talking about here. Surely they’ve learned that it’s foolish to have forks and spoons when one tool will efficiently do the job. 

meta-mish  asked:

That last headcanon ask got me thinking about silverware and how Mob must feel when he opens the draws and finds no silverware because A. Ritsu is hording the spoons again B. Teru is hording the forks and C. Shou is hording the knives like does he question this? Does he mention it to the others? Does he buy plastic utensils from then on out? What happens???

Mob needs to keep a secret stash of plastic silverware that he can use when the other 3 are being absolute assholes. 

Also when they’re all hoarding utensils Teru probably does something like cooks a dinner that you can’t eat without both a fork and a knife. But Ritsu is stubborn enough to eat a steak dinner with only a spoon and Shou just uses two knives to eat. 

I used to hate being Southeast Asian so much

because I’m not as “interesting” as East Asians, because their languages are “better” and their cultures are more exposed to the world.

All of the well known actors/actresses/musicians/artists/models/etc, are East Asians.

Now I don’t think that way anymore, because I’ve realized how unique I am despite the corrupted government, biased religious laws, abandoned yet functioning 1980′s architecture, shallow minded people and other things.

I know Southeast Asians are ignored because they all think we live on trees with no TVs and have children working in factories making shoes (read a book, Google it, just educate yourself).

Guess what, world?

I don’t care. I’m beautiful, my country is beautiful and I am happy to be raised in an environment that prep me for harsh realities on this planet.

I wash clothes with my hand and buckets, I wasn’t raised with the convenience of showers and bathtubs, I eat with my hands most of the time instead of forks and spoons, I walked a lot because there’s no subway trains, I live in a tropical weather with no experience of snow, I deal with rude foreigners fetishizing and looking down on my culture, I eat food that non-Southeast Asians think are gross, my native language sounds “funny” and “weird”, and I don’t care.

My Indonesian friend once said, “Jadi orang yang mengerti naik jet pribadi tapi bisa naik angkutan umum”

Translation: “Be a person that understands how to ride a private jet but able to ride public transport”

That’s what we Southeast Asians are like, we are able to live in a luxurious way but at the same time, we can be stranded on an island and survive.

Suck it. I’m proud to be Southeast Asian.

- Diva

cupcakes-and-tea  asked:

Hi! I really adore your job! Also, here are some things I do with my food since I live alone on a budget. If you have low spoons and eating will give you energy to make food, but making food is HARD, or not easy on your stomach, remember BRAT(sometimes Y) Bananas, rice, applesauce, and sometimes yogurt. Applesauce is the easiest for me, because I buy them in the little packs meant to be put into kid lunch boxes, they don't have to be refrigerated, and they're easy on my tummy.

ALSO, You can make rice, or fried rice, on a good spoons day, and then freeze it in individual portions in freezer bags. I also buy plastic spoons, forks, bowls, and plates. The bowls and plates can be microwaved, and that way I don’t have dishes. Because dishes are VERY hard for me. Also with black beans, you can just pour them out of the can and into a bowl and microwave them. That way no pans have to be washed! And I eat them with chips. Lotsa protein.

I should look into paper plates and forks and stuff. I’ve avoided them because they create waste, but considering I’ll sometimes not eat because I don’t feel like doing dishes, it seems like it’d be better to get some.