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Little Matchmakers

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Ship: Diana Prince x Reader


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You loved your kids. All eighteen of them. You never expected ending up being a kindergarten teacher but you enjoyed your job completely. All your kids were smart and well behaved, not to mention they loved you.

But they were sneaky. Very sneaky.

Not in the classroom unless they were throwing you a surprise party or got you a present, but whenever a certain lady came to see you.. they’d act strange. On occasion you’d let some of your friends come visit you during lunchtime or after school ended, and sometimes the kids would be a bit confused.

“Miss (Y/L/N), is that your girlfriend?” You’d nearly choke on your coffee at the fact they knew what one was and you’d shake your head.

“No sweetie, she just.. A friend of mine.”

“But you hugged! You have cooties so now you have to love each other!” The whole class would giggle and you’d feel yourself turn red. You knew they didn’t mean to make you feel that way but they caught on to your odd behavior whenever she came to visit.

“Well, maybe one day. Everyone take out three crayons while I use that bathroom, I’ll be right back.” They did as told before on student shouted for everyone to come over to his desk.

“What is it Mattie?” All the kids sat around him and he climbed on top of his chair triumphantly.

“We should get Miss (Y/L/N) And Miss Prince together!” The children cheered quietly, sure to not alarm you.

“But how?” The kids quieted down for a moment before a few exclaimed.

“We can ask Miss Prince to kiss her!” A few others nodded in return, a few frowned and mocked kissing noises.

“Kissing is gross Macie. We can draw her a picture of both of them!”

“Or,” one of the shyer children stood on her feet. “We could put flowers on her desk and say they are from Miss Prince.” After a moment of silence, grins spread across their faces and they all nodded.

“Great idea Tess! At recess we can pick some of the pretty white flowers and write a note from Miss Prince!”

You’d think they would forget or not actually do it, but they did. When you came back from the bathroom, all the kids were in their seats as you asked and Caleb was already working on the note in blue crayon. At recess, as predicted all the children grouped up and picked some flowers. When you walked over to try and help, they hid the ones they already had down Mila’s shirt. (She was very itchy at lunch)

At lunch, one set of twins offered to give up their brownies even, so then they had slightly crumpled flowers, two brownies, a very blue note in crayon, and an itchy Mila. It was the end of the day, and before you walked in they had set all the items they’d collected on your chair and rushed back to their seats giggling.

“Alright class, we have a few more minutes until we go home, so you can all talk to each other.” No one turned to face each other or anything, their eyes stayed glued to the chair as you turned around to see it. “What’s this?” You picked up the small note and flowers, along with the two brownies and read it out loud, misspellings and all. It read:

“Dere Miss (Y/L/N), I lov yuou, And yuou are my grlfrend now. I got flowrs, brwnie and leter. Love Miss Prence”

You smiled at the sight of it, instantly recongizing Caleb’s handwriting and feeling your heart melt.

“Miss Prince left it here! We saw her! She said she loves you so now she’s your girlfriend!” A little girl named Emma declared, a few other small heads nodding as well.

“Is this a bad time?” Diana was standing at the door with her hands behind her back and smiling at Emma. “I guess you could say she’s right.” The kids gasped and looked back at you.

“Come on in Diana, you’re fine.” You smiled and walked up to hug her, but before you could she handed you a small bouquet of daisies, similar to the one on your chair.

“Hey, those look like the flowers Mila had in her shirt!” Mila glared at him and you chuckled. You turned back to Diana who had a slight blush and was smiling.

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“Looks like they beat you to it.” You handed her the note and she scanned it over, looking at the kids then you.

“As I said before, they aren’t wrong.” You gasped and everything was silent and stood still before you heard a tiny voice shout out.

“HUG!” Soon the rest of the class joined in with a chant and giggling, and you both obliged. Diana kissed you on the side of your cheek where the kids. couldn’t see and you smiled.

“You really want to be together?”

“Of course.”

“Miss (Y/L/N)? I think Mila needs to go to the nurse.”

trails of petals lead me back to you

An anon asked for a flower shop au (well kinda not rlly but I got inspired to write this) and here it is!!

I have been super inactive and everytime I sat down to write I just couldn’t. I’m so very sorry guys. Forgive me… 

hope ya’ll like this one

ari xxx

At first, Nico thought it was an accident. 

Because no one gave him flowers. 

Someone must have accidentally put the flowers on his locker door. It was probably an honest mistake.

But that didn’t stop Nico from keep the sweet smelling bouquet of red tulips and yellow pansies.  Nico didn’t have the heart to throw them in the trash, so he handed them to his sister Hazel after school, who brightened and gave Nico a bone-crushing hug. 

The next day, coming from his final class, Nico had another bouquet, now of daisies and peonies, on his locker door. 


He gently took the flowers off of his locker, careful not to damage them. 

The flowers’ aroma filled Nico’s nostrils, while confused thoughts filled his head. 

Either this person leaving these flowers was an idiot for putting them on the wrong locker twice, or was an idiot that actually likes Nico. 

No. That’s impossible. 

Nico crushed the thought before his heart got any other ideas. 

Plus, he wasn’t interested in anyone right now. 

Except for a tall, blond, caring, funny, charming, compassionate boy named Will Solace. But Will couldn’t be the one giving him flowers. 

Yet, Nico’s damn heart couldn’t help, but flutter at the thought. 

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