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“every once in a while, you find someone who’s iridescent, and once you do, nothing will ever compare.”

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Seventh grade was a whirlwind as far as I can remember. 

It was the year that I finally had Mr. Matthews as a teacher, and I could finally use him as some kind of father figure. At least he’d be better than my own.

When I first thought about having him as my teacher, I thought he’d be the fun, jokester type of teacher, but he was much more than that. He tied in life lessons with history and taught us better ways to deal with conflict. I became even more jealous of Riley everyday he taught because she had this man as a father and I knew he was there for her all the time. I didn’t have that in my life. 

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wait, what happened to rikako!!!

During Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare Rikako froze up during the piano part and started crying. They stopped the music and, according to ll_wikia, Anchan and Ainya went to comfort her. They started the song over and Rikako was able to play her part the second time through. She apologized after the song, and again at the end of the concert. She tweeted about an hour ago and thanked the audience, so hopefully she’ll be okay.

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AU: Teleri give (or rather lend) Feanor ships and sailors - he sails to Beleriand, than Fingolfin sails, noone is doomed, everything is good

If the First Kinslaying is avoided then, despite defying the gods, no one gets super doomed, yay! With no Kinslaying, Thingol has less reason to refuse to cooperate - I don’t think he’d precisely welcome them, but there’s no reason not to establish trade and alliances. Without Losgar, and with no dead or kidnapped kings forcing them to sit around with their thumbs up their asses, the Noldor may well establish themselves quicker and cooperate beter themselves than in canon - or much worse since Feanor, presumably, still has the same personality and still doesn’t entirely trust Fingolfin. 

Still doesn’t matter though!

The lies of Melkor thou shalt unlearn in bitterness. Vala he is, thou saist Then thou hast sworn in vain, for none of the Valar canst thou overcome now or ever within the halls of Eä, not though Eru whom thou namest had made thee thrice greater than thou art - Eonwe or someone, before the Kinslaying even happened. 

Morgoth’s probably contained far better than in canon and they may drive him back more easily when he tries to break the siege, but that just means he spends longer dicking around in his fortress until he’s stapled enough dragons together that they can’t stop it. 

The advantage of this AU is that when Turgon realises how fucked they are and send boats, probably the Valar don’t drown everyone and might initiate the War of Wrath more swiftly, so probably more of our favs survive and/or haven’t murdered quite so many people in the interim.