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One More Chance || Jughead Jones

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word count : 1,247

pairing : Jughead x Reader and a bit of Archie x Reader

warnings : cheating on Juggie, being drunk, flash back to fighting.

summary : Jughead and you get into a big fight where you end up getting drunk to forget. You call Archie to come and talk and you two end up making one of the biggest mistakes in your lives. 

a/n : so i don’t think i went in the direction anon may have been requesting, but i hope you still like it! also, sorry for not being round! i’ve have a few family issues pop up and things are still kind of rocky. i’ll try and post whenever i can!

     The fight didn’t matter; that was what you tried to tell yourself. Jughead was just so busy in his life and you bugging him for more time was just something he couldn’t handle. He had school, the blue and gold, and his family. He didn’t need a needy significant other.  You tried to brush it off, but when you went home you couldn’t stop yourself from numbing the pain of him yelling at you. You had drank the rest of your parents whiskey and were in no condition to take care of yourself. You had told yourself you had just called Archie for the reason of just needing someone to talk to; not that you needed someone.

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For A Good Time, Call Betty Cooper

Summary:  In his wildest dreams, Jughead never thought this night would end with Betty Cooper in his bed.

Written again for the @bugheadauproject.  This one combines a few of the prompts - namely law school, drunkenly barging into another person’s apartment AND finding someone’s name and phone number on a bathroom stall.  Whew!  I’m tired from just writing this description, lol.  Hope you all enjoy!

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Chocolates and a rose. (emo-rock valentine’s day story)


Faith stared at the foot of her bed. Or more specifically, the heart-shaped box of chocolates ON the foot of her bed. There it lay, in all it’s pink glory, with a little golden ribbon wrapped around it’s side. On the box, a small card read “Will you be my Valentine’s? -Amelia

The sister didn’t know whether to blush or feel weirded-out. Sure, she liked her sister, but as SISTERS. Nothing more, nothing less. This had to be some sort of prank… Faith grabbed the box and tore off the gold ribbon. She flipped the cover off, and stared at the wild assortment of chocolates. White, dark, milk, peanut, you name it, there was a 1/25 chance it was in that box. She gingerly picked the white one and popped it into her mouth. H-o-l-y s-h-i-t. Faith tasted the chocolate with astonishment. She was, by no means, a connoisseur in chocolate, but DAMN this was good. Something like that, along with the rest of the chocolates (assuming they were of the same amazing quality), would have cost quite the cash. Which meant two things: 

1) This was a very expensive prank.

2) It wasn’t a prank and these chocolates were actually a gift of affection…

For Faith…

And according to the card that now lay face-down on the carpet, from Amelia.


Amelia gawked at the thing she found on the piano keys. The moment she had lifted the fall board, the little thing hit her eye like a firework. Though it might as well have. 

A thornless rose lay on the piano tiles, but that wasn’t the main thing that struck Amelia. It was the fact that every petal was of a different color. Red, then green, then blue, then purple, it was like a bloom of rainbow blood. She gingerly picked up the rose, and brought it to her nose. God, it was real… The smell coming from the flower was definitely real. It could have been for someone else, heck, anyone else, but the intended recipient was quite clear. Cut into the stalk with a delicate hand, in tiny words, read “Amelia, from Faith”

There was only one thing to do for something like this. 

Faith reached for the canister underneath her bed.

Amelia slipped her own out of the bag that was by the door. 

Both walked to the door frames of the rooms they were in.

The piano room and the bedroom were facing each other from the staircase landing, and an electric blue eye met 2 crimson eyes. 

Both fingers curled around the white nozzle.

“Amelia.” Faith acknowledged.

“Faith.” Amelia declared.

A second passed, and the tension was almost visible. A laundry basket toppled out of a room in the middle of the hallway and fell down the stairs.

A pale finger twitched. A tanned one moved.

And as one, both rushed each other, raising the canisters…

Of holy water.

Pressing down the white nozzles, the sacred liquid from @mmm-juicey filled the space, and dampened the sisters’ hair and clothes. Faith grit her teeth against the cold mist, and countered by directing her own at Amelia’s glasses. Soon, the glasses were rendered unusable and Faith took this opportunity to duck and twist around the girl’s waving arm, and sprayed her back with all the power she could muster. “GAH!” the nerd cried out at the cold feeling now spreading across her back. With a feral growl, she swung the canister around and sprayed in the estimated direction of where Faith was. Not only did she get the sister, but she unknowingly sprayed her face.

Spitting out the liquid, Faith redoubled her efforts and aimed every available part of Amelia’s body, coating it all with a fine layer of holiness. You could FEEL the amount of divination in this fight, with the ceiling light above them casting though the mist and creating small rainbows. On top of that, rays of light danced around and cast spots of light amongst the surrounding walls and the 2 girls.

Outside of the house, where the sounds of scuffling could be heard, what appeared to be the silhouette of an angel crouched on a tree branch, spectating the ongoing battle with mild entertainment. This was definitely worth all the money and time. Grinning wildly, he decided to flee the scene. Spreading his wings, the man shot into the night… And disappeared in a flash of blue light.

265-TWILLAR [Twilight-Caterpillar]
-The Crepuscular pokemon
-Ability: Swarm - Illuminate(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon spents most of its time eating to gain energy for its evolution, but are mostly active at Noon or Midnight, depending on the region. When this pokemon evolves, the time of the day seems to take a mayor rol in its development.”
    -Bug Bite
    -String Shot

–>Evolves at lv. 10 during night time<–

266-CRYSELENE [Crhysalid-Selene]
-The Moon stone Pokemon
-Ability:  Shell Armor - Weak Armor(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon remains motionless during daytime, even changing the color of its shell to a dull gray, looking a lot like a stone. As soon as the sun sets and the moon starts to rise, this pokemon will start to bright in a colorful display of silverlights.”
     -Struggle bug
    -Iron Defense

–>Evolves at lv. 18<–

267-DIANARTIC [Diana-Artic]
-The Moonlight Pokemon
-Ability: Snow Warning - Ice Body(HA)
-Dex: “This Pokemon’s body is made of ice cystals, and when they catch the moon’s light, they create infinite reflections that make its body shine like the moon itself. Its wings work as a prism and when they flutter they can create lunar rainbows’ ”
    -Silver Wind
    -Aurora Beam
    -Cosmic Power/Hail

–>Evolves at lv. 10 during day time<–

269-SHELLIOS [Shell-Helios]
-The Sun Dial Pokemon
-Ability:  Shell Armor - Weak Armor(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon follows the movement of the sun using the long spine on its back and the shadow it cast to navigate and feed on solar energy. When the sun comes down, this pokemon will freeze on the spot until the sun rises once again.”
    -Struggle bug
    -Iron Defense

–>Evolves at lv. 18<–

270-SOLLARDOR [Sol-Apollo-Ardor]
-The Solar Disc Pokemon
-Ability: Drought - Solar Power(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemons absorbs the suns radiation as it follows its course trough the sky, this will turn into energy that can be used as both heat or luminiscence. This pokemon can store so much energy it will shoot fire thar burns white”
    -Solar Beam
    -Heat wave
    -Signal Beam
    -Cosmic Power/Sunny Day

Safe Now

Pairing: Enjoltaire, jehanparnasse.
Warnings: alcohol mention, drug mention, police brutality, blood, swearing, injuries.
Modern au

Ring. Ring. Ring.
Montparnasse groaned, reaching out to the noise to shut that goddamn thing off, he could already feel a headache starting.
He looked at what it said on the phone and in white letters was ‘Grantaire.’ Parnasse decided to answer it for once, and was met with a voice that was not Grantaires, but was Combeferre. Before he could hang up, and somehow Ferre could sense it, Ferre yelled into the speaker,
'Parnasse wait! It’s about Grantaire!’
That stopped him.
'What about Grantaire?’
'You remember that protest we had scheduled for today at the bank?’
Yes. Parnasse remembered. He had said he would go, he promised Jehan he would come.
'Oh fuck, yeah, please tell me I didn’t miss it.’ God. He had disappointed Jehan again. But he got flashes of the night before, loud music, lots of shots, and some sort of drug being inhaled. His head hurt more.
'Yeah, you did, but listen, Grantaire, Jehan, and a couple others got hurt, you might want to come to the hospital, and quick, they’re taking R into surgery soon.’
'Wait wait wait. Hold the fuck up, surgery?’ He waited for Combeferre to fill him in on what happened, but all he did was sigh and say,
'Just come to the hospital on Belbury, I’ll fill you in when you get here, and you might want to hurry.’
'Ok, be there in fifteen.’
The hospital was only five minutes walking distance, so he shot up, and got dressed, in some black jeans, and his leather jacket, and a dark blue vneck.
Parnasse walked out of the apartment, and into the cool mid afternoon air, glad he’d put on his leather jacket to keep warm. Taking long strides, and rubbing his arms, he wished he had gotten a scarf, but he ignored the cold, and set his thoughts on getting to the hospital. It must be bad if Grantaire is getting surgery. Hell. How was Grantaire going to pay his medical bill? He was already a struggling artist, and had dropped out of college because he couldn’t deal with all the debt piling up. And Jehan. Jehan needed to be ok, he couldn’t be hurt, it would be Parnasses fault. His fault he got drunk off his ass the night before, and sleeping through the protest. And he didn’t know how bad Jehan was hurt. If Parnasse had just not fucked up, hadn’t gotten high last night, he could have been their. He could have been their to stop Jehan from getting hurt.
He walked through the entrance, greeted by another rush of cold air, giving no relief from the weather outside, and immediately saw familiar faces, but they were worse for wear. Courfeyrac had a black eye, and had fallen asleep, his head resting on the wall, Combeferre had dried blood on his cheek, where there was a bandage, and dried blood that had seeped through. Eponine looked unscathed for the most part, other than looking dog tired, and she smiled weakly at him. Joly had his knee in a brace, and his eyes looked extremely pink, giving away the fact that he had been crying recently. Boussuet and Feuilly weren’t in the room at the moment. Marius was in the corner, asleep, and he too had a black eye, and his wrist was bandaged. And then, there was Enjolras, who looked like a dog, with a terribly wild look in his eyes, his lip was split, and his cheek was bruised, and had a cut over his eyebrow, blood still trickling from it into his eye, but he seemed unaffected. Montparnasse had never seen the fearless leader so, well, fearful.
Combeferre was the first to notice he was here, and walked up to him, limping.
'What the fuck happened to you all?’ He asked.
Nobody had ever gotten hurt like this at one of there protests, sure a few scrapes and bruises, but never this. If the les amis in the room weren’t all that banged up, he could only imagine what had happened to Grantaire, and Jehan.
'It all happened so quick, we were protesting, and Enjolras was hyping up the crowd that had gathered around the bank, yelling about the wage gap, and other things. Suddenly, the police were their, and tear gas had been thrown into the crowd, forcing them to disperse, people ran in all different directions, I fell onto the pavement and I was lucky enough to fall onto some glass from a bottle, I got about 67 stitches in my side, and 5 on my cheek here.’ He gestured to his cheek, and continued on.
'The others got hurt, I’ll let you ask how they got hurt because I don’t know, I only really know how Grantaire got hurt. He got the worst of it. Enjolras, he was still attempting to protest through the tear gas, and I guess he got too close to the police for there comfort, because next thing I know a few guns are pointing at him, and he didn’t care, fucking E. He knew he was in danger. Before the cops could hurt him though, Grantaire fucking pushes Enjolras out of the way, as a trigger happy bloke pulled the goddamn trigger, and got him in his shoulder. It was absolute mayhem, you should be happy you missed the protest.’
And before he could inquire about Jehan,Ferre shook his head,
'No idea what happened to him, neither does anyone else, and none of us are able to see him.’
'Why the hell not?’
'For some fucking reason only relatives can visit.’
He sighed. Even more troubled now. He should have been their goddamnit. What if when Jehan had been hurt he’d been all alone?
He sat down in an empty chair next to Eponine, who laid her head on his shoulder.
'At least she’s ok,’ he thought. Ep and him had been friends for years now.
He would die if she ever got hurt.
Not too long after, a nurse came out, saying that right before the surgery, 3 people could visit Grantaire.
(Montparnasse learned that the bullet had shattered in his shoulder on impact, and he would be getting the surgery to have the pieces removed) (he also learned that Marius would be covering the cost of the medical bill, as he still had a savings account for college, but had dropped out a while ago) it was him, Enjolras, and Eponine who had been picked to visit him.
Enjolras was in first, already by R’s side, holding his hand and kissing his cheek, apologizing profusely, apologizing and apologizing. R just smiled, loopy from the painkillers and cupped E’s cheek, slurring out a sentence,
'Apollo, fret not, I may not be a god like you, but I will live on.’
E blushed, still holding his hand, and R gave a faint smile, eyes droopy, and his eyes turned to Eponine, who looked pissed, and said to him sternly,
'Grantaire, I swear to god, if you ever get yourself hurt like that again I will make sure to withhold your steady supply of liquor from all of the shops in this city-’ her voice broke, and tears slid down her cheeks, as she knelt down to Grantaire in a crushing hug, and whispered
’-but I’m glad you’re ok.’
For some reason, he felt out of place. He wasn’t about to break down in tears, but he was glad his friend was ok.
So he walked over to R, bent over and placed a small kiss on his forehead, and smiled,
'I’m glad your ok R.’
And he walked out, leaving the 2 to talk to R some more before his surgery. He walked over to the front desk asking for the patient Jean Prouvaire.
'I’m sorry sir, but only relatives are able to visit, how are you related to this patient?’
Quick, Montparnasse, quick. He suddenly said,
'They’re my husband, please. Can I please see them?’
No. They weren’t married. But Parnasse cared about Jehan, he would even go as far as to say that he loved them.
The nurse was already up, and leading him to Jehans room, and when he walked in, Montparnasse nearly collapsed. Jehan had bandages covering almost all of the skin that was exposed, and had bandages wrapped around there head. Jehan looked up, and a bright smile came onto there face.
He rushed over, and goddamnit he was crying, and he was kissing jehan, kissing his cheek, his lips, his nose, and letting his tears run freely, unashamed. He held onto Jehan like they would be ripped away at any moment, and he just started babbling,
'Jehan god I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, how could you I ever forgive me it’s my fault you were hurt, I should have been their with you, I shouldn’t have fucked around with drugs last night. It’s all my fault, please, please forgive me oh my god, Jehan-’ he stopped to sob, and kissed Jehan fiercely, who was chuckling and had tears sliding down their cheeks too, kissing back.
'Please tell me -sob- what the hell happened to you, I swear if someone touched you they will be sorry they were born.’
'Ma beauté, it was nothing, just a slight kerfuffle with the police.’
'Jehan. What did they do to you?’
He looked at Jehan, who suddenly got a sad look in there eyes, and sighed, knowing that really, they couldn’t hide the truth.
'A couple of the police, they dragged me away from the crowd, beat me up in an alley, I passed out after a while and was found by some passerby.’
Montparnasse saw red. He couldn’t feel anything either than pure, ferocious, anger. The voice that came out of him, wasn’t his, but a completely different persons,
'I swear I will make them pay, they will be sorry that they ever laid a finger on you, I won’t ever let anyone hurt you again, because I love you so so much, and I would die if I ever saw you hurt aga-’
'Mon ange, what did you say?’ And Jehan had a mischievous look on their face, that, if possible, made Montparnasse love them even more.
'I, I love you, I do, and I would do anything for you. I would go to all the protests, I would quit drinking I would do anything for you, quite literally, and I’m not afraid to hide it.’
And Montparnasse was so relieved, he had wanted to tell Jehan that he loved them from the moment they went on their first date, and Jehan had recited a small poem Shakespeare had written to him.
'Mon amour, I have you, and that is all I need, and I love you too, utterly and completely.’
Montparnasse engulfed Jehan in a hug, and they stayed like that for a couple for minutes, before Jehan pulled away, kissing Parnasse, and smiled at him blushing. Jehan scooted over, and patted next to them on the bed, signaling for him to lay with him, and he did just that. They laid down, and Parnasse pressed one last kiss against the bandages and red hair on Jehans head, and Jehan had started to doze off, and Parnasse held him while he was asleep. And Parnasse could relax, knowing that Jehan was safe in his arms.

One Night Stand


(Hi there, long time no see… it has been a long time since my last fic and so I apologise for such horrible writing, but I hope you enjoy anyway xxoo)

Drink after drink after drink. Your sight became blurry and the mass of people around you seemed to be closing in. You stumbled around, trying to keep your balance as you were pushed and shoved by the more careless dancers. A harsh bump had you almost fallen, however a firm hold on your upper arm kept you on your feet.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Hey! Lets get you some water,  yeah?” His voice was concerned yet smooth. You found yourself nodding your head up and down in acceptance.
The tall man placed his hand on your mid back as he guided you through the crowd and over to the closest spare seat. He made sure you were both stable and comfortable before moving quickly to the bar and asking for a big glass of water which he brought back to you within seconds. You would never normally accept a drink that a stranger has brought over to you but for some reason you trusted him.
“I think you should stick to water for the rest of the night” He suggests with an entertained grin.
“I think that’s a great idea” You reply with slurred words. “What’s your name?” you question.
“I’m Dan, and you?”
“Well it is lovely to meet you Y/N” His smile grows, highlighting those charming dimples that adorn each side of his face, one side more prominent than the other.
The both of you  engage in conversation and before you know it the both of you have been chatting for an hour. You have sobered up quite a bit yet you’re still a bit tipsy. You’re in the middle of a conversation about movie genres when one of your favourite songs begins to blast through the speakers.
“I love this song! I have to dance!” you announce excitedly over the music and stand up from your seat.
“Mind if I join you?” Dan questions and no answer is needed as you take his hand and pull him into the crowd with you.
Throughout the first song it is clear that Dan is watching the way your body moves along to the music. By the second song Dan’s hands are placed gently on your sides. During the third song your bodies are pressed against each others and Dan’s arms rest comfortably around your waist and finally by the fourth song, Dan made a move and you are both in a heated make out session. Dan holds onto your butt, pulling your hips forth and allowing you to feel his arousal.
“Do you want to get out of here?” Dan whispers in your ear before trailing kisses down your neck.
“Yes” you reply breathlessly.

The trip home went by quickly, Dan paid for the uber and soon enough you were both entering his apartment.  
You are blindly lead into Dan’s bedroom and in moments your clothing is long forgotten and in a messy pile on the floor. Dan’s pink lips are investigating every inch of your body, slowly moving to the most important of areas. To say that this man is talented with his tongue would be an understatement, a skill he introduced to you with his head between your legs and his hands holding your thighs apart. He knew exactly how good he was making you feel, and you could tell from the look in his eyes which were staring right up at you.
You didn’t want to have an orgasm yet, afraid you would be too sensitive to continue so you gripped onto his brown locks of hair and pulled him upwards. Your lips met in a messy kiss as he checked one last time that you were okay with everything, and as soon as he got a yes from you he was thrusting his hips forwards, drowning out everything else in the world and allowing you both to feel the intense pleasure of him inside of you.

Your breaths mixed together, lips colliding in messy kisses. Moans and whimpers, the slight creek of the bed, all sounds of hot passion filled the room as you both got closer and closer to your highs.
Dan could tell how close you were as your nails dug into his back and you began to tighten around him. He himself was oh so close and so he desperately wanted you to hit your high. He stopped thrusting for a few seconds as he readjusted your position, griping the backs of your thighs and lifting your legs up higher around him. He began to thrust again, this time faster and perfectly hitting your g-spot.
Within moments you were close to screaming as your orgasm hit you with more force than ever and only seconds later Dan was releasing into the condom, your name leaving his red and slightly swollen lips.

Slowly he pulled out of you, walking over to the bin to dispose of the used condom before climbing back into bed and pulling you close. Not much more was said that night, maybe a few more kisses but soon enough you were both deep in slumber.

Your eyes slowly fluttered open, taking time to focus as you began to wake up properly. Flashes of the night before shot through your mind and so you quickly looked across to the other side of Dan’s bed only to find it empty.


What if he expected you to leave during the night? You have never had a ‘one night stand’ before, what were you meant to do?
Leave…. That’s what your meant to do… that’s what he wants you to do.
You searched through the bedroom, slowly collecting your items of clothing from the night before and dressing in them once again. You quickly made sure you had everything before heading out of the room and into a hallway.
You should have paid more attention last night because you suddenly realized you had no idea how to get out of this house.

You spent a few minutes walking unsuccessfully around until you made a big mistake.
You walked into the kitchen which is where you found Dan to be. You mentally prepared yourself for the awkward encounter where he asked why you were still here and if you could hurry up and leave.

But what happened surprised you.

A big dimpled smile adorned Dan’s face as he walked up to you, wrapping an arm around your waste and placing a kiss on your cheek as he wished you a good morning before walking back over to the stove.

You can’t help but admire just how gorgeous he is in the morning, hair in curls, topless torso and a pair of tracksuit pants hanging from his hips.

“perfect timing, I’m just finishing the last pancake.” Dan says while flipping the batter in the fry pan.

“You don’t want me to leave?” you question, your voice laced with confusion.

“No?” Dan’s head shoots around, looking at you with furrowed brows before they softened and a sad look took over his expression.

“I mean… if you want to that’s fine” he continues and you are quick to reply.

“No, no. I just kind of assumed you’d want me to… like a one night stand sort of thing.”

“Well I would really love it if you would stay…I made us pancakes, but I didn’t know if you liked them so I’ve also made you fruit salad or toast so you have an array of options” Dan explains as he places the last pancake on the plate and turns to face you.

“I thought maybe we could spend the day together and I could take you out for dinner tonight?” he continues, hope in his eyes.

“I love pancakes and I would love to spend the day with you Dan… ”

“well thank god” Dan breathes out to himself before taking a few long strides towards you and cupping your cheeks.

“I made so many pancakes”

Dan connects your lips in a passionate kiss, which was certainly not your last.

d2diamond  asked:

Kiss: #14 OtaYuri Please and thank you!

Otabek knew there were many types of kisses. And that not all of them were meant in a romantic way. It all depended on the relationship between the two individuals involved, the moment, and so many other factors.

And yet, the moment he felt Yuri’s lips against his right hip the night before, his whole body had warmed up. Embarrassingly so. He breathed deeply without disturbing the boy lying half on top of him as he recalled the previous night’s events and tried to understand how the hell he had ended up on the floor.

His left hand -the one not being pinned down by Yuri’s dead weight- felt around, fingers curling in the soft material below him. Carpet. Good, that explained the material tickling the back of his head at least.

He opened one eye, the soft glow of the morning filtering through the generic looking curtains, enough to help him see what was around him but not strong enough to blind him. Definitely too early to be awake, though.

Otabek turned his head, spotting different bodies lying around sleeping in regrettable positions. He thought the lump on the couch was Phichit, his head cushioned on Seung-Gil’s chest; they had been covered with a blanket at some point it seemed, but now both, Phichit’s head and the blanket, were practically hanging off the edge of the couch, about to fall.

He squinted and was able to discern that it was Chris on the armchair, all curled up in a ball and with only his suit’s jacket to cover him. There was a double bed to Otabek’s left but it was too high for him to look if it was occupied -he guessed it must’ve been if everyone ended up either sprawled on the floor or on the other available pieces of furniture.

Finally, after concluding that he was, in fact, in a hotel room -even though he didn’t know whose it was-, he looked down at the boy currently drooling on his hipbone. He sighed and closed his eyes again.

The night before was a blur of flashing lights, shots and dancing bodies. There was one constant, of course. He remembered one specific shade of blond always being by his side throughout the night. Regardless of what bar or club they were in, Yuri had been there, practically glued to him. Which also kind of explained why he was using Otabek as his personal pillow and heater.

Otabek heard him sigh in his sleep as he got more comfortable. He could feel Yuri’s arm secure around his waist and suddenly, as Yuri nuzzled his nose against his bare stomach -when exactly had Otabek lost his shirt?!-, a flashback came to him.

They were in the last bar they went to, he believed, and someone -who sounded a lot like Phichit, he thought- had proposed a game of truth or dare, but Otabek distinctly remembered the rule of “whoever choses truth has to do double shots”. And, in reality, they were pretty shitfaced as it was, so they all consistently chose dare.

Which, after many fuzzy memories and laughter later, led him to remember lying down on a table, Yuri’s head looming over his body and his hot tongue licked tequila off his bare chest and abs, ignoring the lime next to him on the tray and paying close attention to Otabek’s hips.

He brought his left hand up and pinched the bridge of his nose.

That particular memory explained quite a lot and, although he felt like there were still some missing puzzle pieces, it was enough to bring about a headache that had nothing to do with the amount of alcohol he had consumed the night before.

He figured the nausea making its way up his oesophagus could’ve been a mix of both but, he didn’t have time to think about it. He scrambled to his feet, unceremoniously dropping Yuri on the floor, and sprinted towards the bathroom, his insides twisting violently.

After emptying his stomach and letting his forehead rest against the cool surface of the fancy tub for a while, he grabbed one of the new, complimentary toothbrushes from the side of the sink and brushed his teeth methodically, trying to get rid of the foul taste in his mouth as well as the memories that kept flooding his mind.

When he eventually made it out of the bathroom, it was to find Yuri standing next to the door with Otabek’s shirt in hand. Yuri gave it to him, averting his eyes from Otabek’s chest as he waited for him to button it up and then they made their way outside.

Apparently, they had somehow made it back to their hotel, and Yuri, despite looking like absolute shit, was sober enough to remember their floor and room number.

The minute they entered the room, the silence between them became stifling, heavy with things unsaid. But Otabek didn’t know if anything else had happened and, considering the way Yuri kept scowling in his general direction, he felt scared to actually voice his questions.

The click of the bathroom door being opened helped him realise he had been standing in the middle of the room, staring blankly but not really paying attention to Yuri as he gathered up some clothes to change into after a quick shower.

Otabek flopped down on one of the twin beds, not really caring whose it was, and put a pillow on top of his head. He didn’t hear the bathroom door opening again, nor Yuri’s footsteps as they approached the bed, so he yelped when Yuri yanked the pillow out of his grasp.

“Come on, you stink of alcohol, sweat and smoke from the bar. You need a shower,” Yuri said, his voice low so as not to aggravate his headache yet commanding as he helped Otabek manoeuvre his tired body around the room and even helped him undress, not a hint of embarrassment as he saw his best friend standing there in only his underwear.

“Yura…,” Otabek called him, eyes unfocused.

Yuri just sighed as he leaned down a bit and kissed his forehead, opening the shower door and motioning for him to climb into it. Otabek felt stupid, standing there, briefs getting soaked while Yuri picked up his dirty clothes from the floor and folded them neatly.

“Let me know if you need help with anything. I’ll shower when you’re done,” he said, tone soft. He seemed to hesitate in the doorway, hand still gripping the doorknob. Before leaving him alone to his own, confused thoughts, Yuri added, “Then, after getting some proper sleep, we’ll… talk about what last night meant, okay?”

The noise of the water was deafening as Otabek almost collapsed onto his knees, his brain going a hundred miles per minute.

This turned out more angsty than I had originally planned. Sorry about that! ^^’

- Want to request a mini fic? Send me a number (say it’s from the kisses prompt list!) plus a show/ship and I’ll write it! –> Criminal Minds, YOI, BNHA (TodoDeku) or Haikyuu!! (KageHina)

Just One Kiss

Request: “Barry x Reader / where barry has a huge crush on reader but reader has a boyf and they accidentally kiss (?)” -Anon
Request: “Could you do a BarryxReader where she is a meta and works alongside The Flash sometimes. She gets captured by a meta Barry cant get hold of or find her and it tortures her for information on The Flash but she doesn’t give in or something (Ty ilysm)” -Anon

Pairing: Barry x Meta!Reader

Warnings: blood, torture (non-descriptive, just really punching), psychotic boyfriend

Words: 4828

A/N: This kinda gotten away from me… I have no regrets!

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BTS as aesthetics
  • seokjin: colorful lights, loud chattering, red wine in hands, party dress, exchanging manners, light drinking, deep conversations, up all night
  • yoongi: moonlight, dimming fireflies, light breezes, constellations, sleepy snores, smell of wood, dead streets, flickering streetlights
  • hoseok: summer air, corny jokes, laughter, energetic smiles, tinted sunglasses, holding hands, children playing in the sand, bright colors
  • namjoon: dancing in tube socks, dim lights, romantic poetry, red cheeks, sensual touches, resting your head on his shoulder, soft kisses, defeaning silence
  • jimin: bright lights, nostalgic music, dancing, smiles, cameras flashing, neon city lights, first shots of whiskey for the night, planes that look like stars
  • taehyung: cold weather, messy bed sheets, stifled yawns, warm mugs and ground coffee, loose sweatpants resting low on your hips, tired, droopy eyes, cuddles
  • jungkook: sunlight, busy streets, lunch breaks, honking taxis, tall glasses of refreshing drinks, slow walks through places, holding hands, deep breaths
Temptation: Part V

The very much requested part V is finally here! I’m truly sorry for how long it took to write this, but for personal reasons i had to take some time off. I just had to have Rhys showing Feyre music as a nod to ACOTAR, and for everyone wondering, the song is Let Me In by Marika Hackman and the lines “Coughing up a love that tastes like spring/Green and starved of oxygen” are perfect for the end of her relationship with tamlin. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated!

This is for everyone at the Skype Court, thank you for everything potato heads :P

Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV

Feyre woke up that morning to a headache and blurry memories of what had to be the worst decision making of all time. She shifted in bed, not ready to wake up, and turned off the alarm clock on the nightstand of her and Mor’s beds. Flashes of drinking and starry night and hot, heavy kissing shot through her head as she closed her eyes and she groaned, realizing she might as well stand up, because doing nothing was  not going to improve her mood.

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favourite pictures of tom cavanagh
+ comic-con edition