2017: Week 12 | Mar. 19 - Mar. 25

“Those who don’t know how to make love make war.” -The Patience Stone

I’ve been experiencing spontaneous surges of color lately - they come over me in dreams, meditation, or during the transient moments I rest my eyes. In fact, many of my dreams have been purely colorful rather than conceptual; it’s been interesting. Anyway, I tend to feel stuck on these “color visions” until I paint with them, which has inspired me to work with some pretty funky color schemes that I wouldn’t normally feel inclined to use. This one was more or less premeditated, but evolved intuitively. I knew I wanted to include a tribute to Aries season, but I wasn’t feeling the fiery shades typically associated with the fire signs, and so I ended up with this rich burgundy color. Then, somehow, the golden rod transpired; it seemed like a strange addition, but I couldn’t resist including it. These definitely aren’t colors I would think to pair, but it all came together pretty well in my opinion. 

Language Has Power

Instead of saying “political correctness”, say “common decency”. When someone brags about not being politically correct, they’re bragging about not caring whether someone might feel hurt by their words.

Instead of saying that someone “tells it like it is”, say that the person “talks without a filter”. When someone brags that they tell it like it is, it means that they don’t think very deeply about things. In fact, you’re liable to hear a string of clichés spew from the person’s mouth.