hey there! so i traveled from Baguio all the way to Manila to present a paper in this conference and i had tons of fun and met a lot of new and old friends (i was not able to take pictures with them, unfortunately). here are some poorly-taken photos of Manila while i was there. most of the photos here are taken in UPD, which is truly a wonderful place. i wanted to spend more time in one of its several libraries, but me and my thesis partner did not have enough time and energy for exploring because we were scheduled to present our study that afternoon and we were kind of nervous about it, haha. thankfully, our presentation went on very smoothly and we were able to communicate our points effectively. standing in front of a live audience (and not broadcasting cameras) for the first time was a very big thing for us and we were very happy that we made it through. it was a great day in overall, and the sunset from the taxi on the way home was equally as beautiful.