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When is part 2 Down to Mephisto’s Cafe coming out? <3

KP: We are filming the rest today and the next part will be released today and then a thread each day after. Unless Andy is too tired after work in which case not until the weekend.

But I’m really excited for where this mini series is going (I think in a way you won’t expect)(but if you pay attention to details then maybe you can guess it XD) and hope y'all like it.

Josh Dun Imagine Just Acting

Requested by Anon:  Josh dun imagine where the reader is an actoress and josh is on set when they have to do a sex/murder scene (whichever)

Josh’s hand squeezed yours, as you led him onto the set for your latest film. It was his first time visiting you whilst you were filming, because he’d just finished the tour. Your colleagues gave you a smirk and you looked at Josh. 

“I’ve never been on a set before.” He mumbled, eyeing the various cameras. You grinned and pecked his cheek, before explaining how things worked to him, until your director called you over.

“I’ll see you soon.” You kissed him and walked over to your director and the other lead. 

“So, we’re filming your death scene today (Y/N). Now everyone thinks you’ve betrayed them, so your murder is what drives the final act, when they realise that they were wrong. I want fear and sadness (Y/N), ok?” You nodded, excited for the scene. 

You took your place, against the wall, opposite a door, where the villain would emerge from. Your director started the scene and you quickened your breathing, as the villain gave a monologue about their plans.

“This will never work. I’ll tell them and-” You stopped as the villain produced a gun and aimed it at your chest.

“I don’t think you’ll be very talkative in a few minutes.” You gulped and snapped your gaze to the fake window. The villain smirked and fired the gun before your character could even move. You crumpled to the floor, as your breathing slowly became shallower and the villain fled the scene.

“Cut! That was perfect. We’ll reset and do a few more takes, but I think we have it.” The director called and you skipped over to Josh, who was looking upset. 

“Hey, are you alright?” You asked, looking at him in concern. Josh wrapped an arm around you. 

“It’s just…you’re really good and that just seemed so real, I-” Josh stopped and you saw that he was upset by your scene. 

“This isn’t real Josh. Nothing is going to happen to me. It’s acting. I promise. If it’s difficult to watch, I understand if you want to leave.” You kissed him and he relaxed at your touch.

“I know. I’ll stay and see how things are.” You gave him a quick kiss and walked back over to the set, preparing to do the scene again.

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Looks like NR is filming RIDE in NYC today. Maybe he'll film Upstate or Long Island too but who knows? It's cold & rainy here so I'm kind of surprised they're filming here at all. I'm gathering after Dallas & LA this weekend, he'll head to Ga soon. Here's hoping!

Who knows but I’m LOVING those rain pants he’s got on 🤣🤣🤣

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It seems they are filming at a beach today! How very un-Shield of them!! Assuming it's way too early to speculate why, but are they filming the finale eps at the moment? (Imagine all the great beachy lighting 🙌🏻🙌🏻)

Hi Anon!

My early guess for Why is it has something to do with AIDA’s lair will be someplace by the ocean, the Superior needed some place to park his Submarine after all.  This also fits with my theory that the girls at least are out and going for the hostages in 20.

As for what episode they are on, based on IMDB updates I’m going to say 20 and/or 21.  If this area is indeed around AIDA’s liar this could be the rescue team getting ready to go in.   

But yes!  Hazzah for good lighting!


Everyone on the internet November 1st

my mom watches her shows in the family room of our house where everyone is always hanging out and sometimes theres a (hetero) sex scene in whatever she’s watching and no matter how explicit or non explicit it is no one cares. its not a big deal. i mean its a little weird sometimes to just listen to really bad moaning for a solid minute but its not like she changes the channel or anything its just part of the show.

but me? i flinch when i’m watching two girls on my laptop and someone walks by or enters the room. not sex with two girls just. two girls. thats all. i pause the video and i wait for them to leave, my heart beating really fast. im not even in the closet. if the girls kiss i feel like i have to hide my screen and make sure no one saw i was watching that. 

i hate this more than anything


Enjoy the BTS of this video I’m so proud of. We shot for 14 hours in this NY warehouse in 40° weather. Everyone gave 110% to this project. The result was a piece of art with meaning and story and just as much life as the song itself.


Working title for Avengers: Infinity War is “Marylou”. Here is a part of the filming schedule in Edinburgh.

Today filming “ Avengers: Infinity War” in Edinburgh.
Scarlet Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch are expected.


“I’m an actor not a movie star. I prefer it that way. I think when you watch big stars on screen, it’s really difficult to look beyond that very familiar persona. As an actor, you can play different characters and not be recognized. I know I’ve got parts that other bigger, more famous actors wanted. I think in some cases their fame is a hindrance because they’re too identifiable.”

Happy Birthday, Toni Collette!


There are varying degrees of evil. We urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and cross over into true corruption, into our domain. For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three. And on that day, you will reap it.

And we will send you to whatever god you wish.