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FYF FEST 2017: Day 1 Pt. 1

FYF music festival is always one of our favorite times a year because not only is it in our backyard, Los Angeles… It’s put on by our friends who also present the House of Vans summer series, Vans House Parties. So we’ve seen tons of these artists hitting the House of Vans stage over the last few years and love getting to see them again at the fest. We’ve got a pop-up on site today and tomorrow so if you are coming out don’t miss it! 


FYF FEST 2017: Day 1 Pt. 2

For the first time, FYF Fest expanded it’s two day lineup to a third night and had some extra fun names added to the bill. Some our favorite sets Friday night included badbadnotgood, Angel Olsen, Björk, and Missy Elliot. That was only the beginning & we’re stoked to see what the next two days offer! 


björk live @ FYF Fest 2017, Los Angeles, EE.UU

~ fotografías por Santiago Felipe
~ headpiece por James Merry
~ maquillaje por Slater Stanley
~ vestido por Zhuxuan He
~ styling por Edda Gudmundsdottir


come to me
mouth’s cradle
you’ve been flirting again
mouth mantra
mutual core

Pokémon GO Fest - Exclusive Details RELEASE!

The Pokémon GO Fest LEAKED Release is here! 

Pokémon GO Fest Trainers will receive a one-of-a-kind Pokémon GO Fest Shirt for their character in the game.

  • These shirts feature Lugia and Mew and are not for resale.

Upon arrival, Pokémon GO Fest Trainers will each receive a QR Code to scan. Each QR Code is one per player, one must forfeit their whole event-ticket to pass the QR code to a friend.

During Legendary RAID Battles trainers will be divided into (3) Teams. This is so that when the Capturing Bonus Challenge begins, players will each have 20+ Premiere Balls.

At Go Fest, the numbers may come up even! Not every #TeamValor will go so, their team drops in numbers.

#TeamInstinct 36 #TeamMystic 36% #TeamValor 28%

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“This video is sponsored by Niantic.”

 Is what most PKGO Youtuber channels will begin saying. All your favorite PKGO-Tubers will be there and will each be presented as ‘guest stars’ to the event.

“A chance to win the Master Ball reward!”

Promo Code: Master Ball

Niantic plans to release the Master Ball as a ultra-exclusive reward after completing a challenge at the Grant Park.

Special PokéStops will be marked with a ☆ star instead of a circle. They will only drop the special 2km eggs for attendees.

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