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that brengela scene in the finale where angela is listening to her baby's heartbeat and holding brennan's hand was so unbelievably sweet and beautiful

honestly…. one of my favorite scenes in the series. just the way they acted it, and how hapy and sweet and gentle the scene was. they didnt have to talk, because brennan and angela don’t need to talk to convey their feeligns, and god, i’m so in love with that goddamn scene

Okay but imagine socially awkward and closed off Alexander Gideon Lightwood is actually amazing with kids:

  • Babies love Alec. One day Izzy rushes in with an infant that is .1 seconds from exploding and just throws the baby into Alec’s arms while Clary, Simon, and Magnus look on in confusion. But Jace just laughs and goes “Do your thing baby whisperer” and Alec just smiles down gently runs a soft finger down the babies cheeks all the while making a little humming noise and the child just immediately goes silent. Magnus possibly dies on spot.
  • But it doesn’t really stop there because all kids just seem to love him. They find Madzie and take her away from Iris and the entire time she clings to Alec. Who is more than content to prop her on his shoulder or on his lap. Basically he walks with her propped on his hip as he quietly shows her the institution.
  • Luke hear’s about these abilities and he brings Alec around to deal with some of the pups in his pack who go a bit stir crazy around the time of the moon. The pup’s demand that Alec become an official member of the pack, the Nephilim can’t have him. 
  • And the Lightwoods first realized this with Izzy. She was a difficult baby especially when it came to sleeping and nothing seemed to put her to sleep. That is until three year old Alec crawled out of bed one night and gently reached towards his little sisters hand her whimpers stilling.
  • Max’s first word was Alec. Honestly Maryse and Robert couldn’t even be mad because really what did they expect.

It’s still February so it still counts as Valentine’s Day fic, right?  Right? *nervous laugh*

There’s another drawing, too, but it really belongs at the end of the story, so it’s under the spoiler cut.

Inspired by this post about a Valentine’s Day-ike holiday for Hyrule - almost all the worldbuilding about Ribbon Day is from there, so credit where it’s due, those aren’t my ideas!

Ribbon Day

8,007 words, Vio/Shadow, rated T

Summary: When Shadow is introduced to a Hyrulean holiday celebrating different kinds of relationships, he starts to question whether his feelings for Vio are really as platonic as he has believed them to be for the past two years.  But even if he lets himself admit that it’s romantic love, he can’t escape the feeling that he’s getting it wrong somehow.  That he’s missing some crucial piece.

Who would expect a shadow-demon to be able to love properly, anyway?

Featuring asexual!Shadow, internalized acephobia/self-loathing, and lots of pining.  Which makes it sound like a much sadder story than it actually is.  I swear it ends well!

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honestly though i love my babysitter’s a vampire because it’s LITERALLY aparody of just about every popular/main stream supernatural (with the focus mainly being on vampires of course) but also at the same time flipping it on their heads and making it THEIRS. Like you got Twilight (human falls for vampire), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (white chapel is a beacon for the supernatural), Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, etc, etc. I love it and it should’ve HAD MORE SEASONS AND NOT JUST BEEN CUT OFF ON A FUCKING CLIFF HANGER GOD FUCKING DAMMIT

bughead 1x05

when a guys being super chipper with her, look at him in the background - like wtffff

when betty and the other guys date is mentioned

when there talking about the fact betty says its not a date, jughead says she literally used the words its a date 

jughead hearing crap about the date, 1. i think he could give two shits about peoples dating live 2. he might deep down care if its betty 

she shares with him about polly’s past (its not archie but jughead she goes to with this stuff) 

when she jokes about sayonce he cracks a little smile/grin

she doesnt need to say words

he can tell what shes thinking (by the way love that it has suspenders) and his cut little grin

sitting together

gettings a scare - proximity

his hand guiding her forward

they’ll do this together

he hates seeing her in pain and he will be there

he might not fully get what hes feelign, and i think for betty will pop up. her focus is on this and her sister and hes slowly beocme her safe place, remeber how she no longer feels like she has a safe place with archie

EMH Hulkeye where Bruce may be a head shorter than Clint but Clint knows that Bruce is the far more dangerous of the two, has seen it since the first time he teamed up with him to stop the spread of the gamma-field. Bruce is small and looks fragile but he shook off the transformation from a 10 foot monster back to himself with dignity and was immediately down to business. Bruce solves unsolvable problems and creates vaccines for gamma mutation in minutes with stuff he made from scratch in the middle of nowhere. God, what else might he be capable of…?

Hulk may be towering and intimidating and strong, but nothing unnerves Clint quite like the hard, calculating gaze in Bruce’s dark eyes when he looks at him. Clint is immediately drawn to him, but also is wary of this slight, dangerous man. Others often marvel at the fact that such a soft spoken and careful person can turn into this huge monstrous powerhouse but Clint, oh, he has seen the fire that burns in that so-called “mild-mannered” scientist’s eyes, and he isn’t surprised at all.