no feather actually looks like that

winged sentence starters
  1. “Can you stop shedding feathers in the shower? Or at least clean them up afterwards?”
  2. “Sorry about my cat. she/he really, really likes feathery things.”
  3. “Hold on, your feathers are looking a bit disheveled. Want me to straighten them out for you?”
  4. “Can you actually… use those things?”
  5. “Oh my god. You have wings.”
  6. “How is this even possible?”
  7. “Hey, what’s up with your back? You look like a professional olympic swimmer on steroids.”
  8. “You flew for six hours? Come here, you’re getting a back rub.” 
  9. “Did someone try and pluck a feather again? Are they dead?”
  10. “What on earth happened to you? Have your wings been trimmed? Wh- are you ok?!”
  11. “…Where are your wings? What happened to you?”
  12. “So, like… do you just cut holes in your clothes and stuff?”
  13. “Underwear must be confusing.”
  14. “Look. I know you want to cuddle, but ten seconds after you fall asleep you roll away and I get a mouthful of feathers. Clean your primaries or stay still!”

Chupacabra (at the least the Puerto Rican version) is described as reptilian in appearance, with scaly or leathery skin, black or glowing red eyes, mostly bipedal, with a row of quills on its back
Related sightings mention feathers or wings
It’s not a naked coyote we have on our hands
Open ur eyes people

I’ve been looking at a lot of kid fortress art (esp from @kidsfortress <3) and I wanted to draw some little seeker! She was a bubbly ray of sunshine.


A state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquility

When the time comes, Sebastian will hold tight to Ciel. He will grace his skin with the ungloved palms of his hands. He will touch the soft fullness of his cheeks, brush the feathers of his eyelashes, trace the velvet of his proud chin. Proud indeed, even until the very end. 

Sebastian will wrap an arm around Ciel’s waist and brush his hair back to get a good look at the first serene face he has ever seen on the resolved boy. He will lean in, meeting the plush silk of Ciel’s lips that part at his touch with his own and revel in the warmth of them, the warmth of his body against him, the blood and the life moving through him that would now belong to him and only him. And with hands drenched in murder, mind free of any regrets and a soul twisted and tainted with wickedness to a flavor of perfection, Ciel will sigh in relief, cooing against his demon as he feels himself fading.. fading into Sebastian, smirking as he willingly gives himself to the only salvation he has ever know. 

And Sebastian will take. He will hold and grip and taste and take until there is no more of this sweet nectar, this precious gem for anyone to else to revel in. He will sweep Ciel off of his feet and shadow his body, pressing his mouth harder against the smirk of such a haughty earl as he hears the last breath leave those weak lungs and  guides Ciel into the dark clutches of his own safe Hell, his own hand-crafted ataraxia. And there Ciel will remain, behind the curled lips of the demon who adored and worshiped him so… for all eternity.

Sebaciel WotD; February 10th

Reversed- Chapter 2

Well, this has been in very high demand so me and @alexfierrno have delivered and presented you with chapter two of our Demon/Angel AU, Reversed!!!!! Again, Alex wrote the Nico parts and I wrote the Will parts!!! I hope y’all enjoy!!!!!!

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3


“Who are you?” one of the angels demands. He is…. different from the others. Like a smudge on their perfect world. He’s dark and his wings look menacing with their raven feathers, but there’s something else about him that I can’t place my finger on. I put on a smirk, trying my best to actually seem like a demon.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” The boy looks like he’s about to say something, then thinks better of it. He turns to the blonde haired angel beside him. She clears her throat. 

“We heard that you have information for us. Where is the angel Piper?”

“Downstairs. In your basement.” 

“We know that but Hell is a big place we want a specific location–”

“It’s not just a place I can give you a map to. I don’t even have a map of Hell. But I can lead you to her.”

“Really? And why should we trust you?” The boy with black hair narrows his eyes at me and I smile, looking back at him daringly, challenging him. 

“Because I’m your only hope, and you know it.” The girl looks at me disapprovingly, but nods her head. 

“Alright then. Lock him up.” 

“Wait what?” I say as two angels grab my arms. I try to twist out of their grip, but they won’t let me. They drag me away, the boy with the raven wings following behind. They throw me into a cell, and walk away, the boy leaning himself against the wall, watching me. I jump up, planning on getting to the bars, hoping that I have enough strength to break them, when something catches me. I fall to the floor. 


“Devil’s trap,” the boy says. I look up to see the symbols painted on the ceiling. “You aren’t getting out unless we want you to.” I slump down on the floor. 

“Who are you anyway?” I ask, looking like I’m inspecting my nails but watching him out of the corner of my eye.

“One of the angels,” he says simply. Something in his eyes though…. it puts me off. 

“I mean what’s your name?” I say again.

“What’s your name?” he backfires. 

“Why do you care? At the end of the day I’m still just demon scum.”

“Then why do you care about some angel?”

“I don’t.”

“Well then shut up.” Silence. 

“Why am I in a cage?” I ask, throwing a rock at the bars. The boy cringes. 

“Because you are a possible threat to us.”

“How am I a threat?” I say, batting my eyelashes innocently.

“Stupid demons,” he mutters. 

“What was that? I didn’t hear you.” 

“You better shut up right now.”

“Aww but we aren’t even properly acquainted.” He takes a deep breath, clenching his fists. 

“Do you want my name? Fine. You can call me Nico.” Something about the name itchs at my brain, but I can’t quite figure out why. 

“Will,” I say with a bow. Nico rolls his eyes. 

“Please just shut up.”

“Gladly. If I can get out of this cage.”

“You will shut up unless you want to be dead.” I giggle. 

“You can’t kill me. I’m your only ally.”

“Try me.”

“Okay.” I throw a rock at his boot. He acts like nothing happened. I do it again. Still nothing. And again…..

“Stop it.”

“Stop what?” 

“Being annoying.”

“Honey I’m a demon. My whole being is annoying.” He blushes a little. 

“You better stop before I get Annabeth in here, and trust me, you do not want Annabeth in here.” I throw another rock. 

“I swear to god Will–”

“Nicholas,” somebody says from behind him. It’s the other angel from earlier. Alarms ring in my ears as I hear his full name. Now I remember where I recognized him from. I smirk.

“Zeus wants to speak to you…. And the prisoner.”

“Oh so now I’m a prisoner? I thought I was an ally,” I say. The girl looks menacingly at me. 

“We’ll be right there.”


Will looked nothing like a demon. Blond hair? Blue eyes like the sea? Less of a demon and looked like a kid dressed up like one. But had failed majorly. What did he think he was doing? What was Will doing above Hell anyways? It was just Nico’s luck he was, that he just HAPPENED to be out and about. It was probably a trap. Maybe he was stronger than he looked. In fact Nico was sure he was, he looked too good to be a demon, he looked too human. He must be incredible powerful to first off LEAVE Hell, and second off glamour himself so much. 

Besides…. His personality. He seemed demon enough. But, if we were bringing him to Zeus…. Maybe he could figure something out. Maybe the head man would know more. 

“What’s your name?” Zeus asked, stepping off his matching marble throne. 

“Will- Er. William Solace.” Solace? Sun? You gotta be kidding me. 

“Right… Mortal-turned, right?" 

"Ye-yeah sir." 

"What do you know, about the disappearance of the angel Piper McLean?" 

"Well Hades took her. And now he has her in a cage… And is probably ripping out her feathers.” Nico turned to look at the prince, who was currently clenching his fists tightly. 

“We have to go for her, right now. I’ll gather an army.” Jason said. 

“We can’t just go storming into Hell, we need a plan.” Annabeth turned her attention towards Will. 

“We need information." 

"Hey missyy—” Will looked nervously. 

“Solace,” She walked towards him, pulled out a blade, curved, runed, she placed it along his neck, 

“What do you know?" 

"Look. I’m only talking to him.” He turned his head, close to cutting those perfect locks on the braid, and pointed to Nico. 

“Wait what?" 

"You’re the heir to Hell, right? Maybe you’ll understand.” Will said. Annabeth and Jason turned to Zeus, while Nico still was staring at the demon. 

“Let him talk to Di Angelo, dismissed.” Zeus said boredly, heading back to his throne. Jason proceeded to shove Will towards Nico, who instinctively caught him, then let go. 

“Thanks.” Will grumbled, dusting himself off. Nico raised an eyebrow, and then walked out of throne room, demon in tow. 

“What were you doing out of Hell?" 


"I said what were you doing out of Hell?" 

"For angels, you’re not very nice.” Nico shifted uncomfortably, sighing.

“I’m not gonna ask again. Either you tell me or I’m going to put you in that cage again." 

"I was looking for you." 

"Who sent you? Thanatos?" 

"Hades sent me. He thought I would blend in you know?" 

"Why do you look like that anyways? You’re eyes aren’t black." 

"Hey. I’m supposed to be getting you out of here, so stop with the questions." 

"Wait what!?!” Nico’s breath caught, gaping. 

“Just play along and we’ll get out of here.”

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Wing AU? Saru with dark, slim, beautiful wings. The Kings have the biggest, strongest wings. I imagine Munakata with dark wings with blue flame coming from the edges, and Mikoto has wings of fire. Nagare's wings are white, like Anna's, but they crackle with green electricity. Yata's wings look like bright orange fire and he loves to wrap Fushimi up in them~ Thoughts?

I’m imagining that say in this AU everyone is born with small white wings that then grow into something else as they get older and people are judged on the quality and size of their wings, like the most successful and talented people tend to have really huge wing spans and super impressive wings – and only those with larger wings can actually fly too so there’s like this unspoken caste system that tends to look down more on people whose wings are considered too small or deformed somehow. Niki probably has these terrible hellfire wings, all red feathers tinged in black and the feathers are really jagged and sharp looking but even so he can fly a little with them. When Fushimi’s little Niki plucks a bunch of feathers from his little baby white wings, leaving a bunch of bald spots where the feathers haven’t grown back, and due to the combination of stress and neglect some of Fushimi’s other feathers fall out entirely. By the time he reaches middle school his ‘true’ wings have started to come in but it’s no comfort, his wings are this really dark murky black (and having black wings is considered a bad sign, like if your pure white wings have gone black there must be something wrong with you) and there are spots where the feathers are mottled in white or red, places where his feathers originally fell out. His feathers are a mess too, all different sizes and angles and his wings are far too slim to allow him to fly. Fushimi pretty much doesn’t give a shit though because of course his wings would be the kind that he couldn’t fly with and anyway he’s not like all those other idiots walking around trying to show their wings off or brag about their wingspan.

That’s when he meets Yata, who has these red and orange wings that look like a fire, but they’re really fluffy and the feathers are soft. Yata can’t quite fly with them but when he’s on his skateboard if he extends them behind him he feels like he’s flying anyway (oh oh imagine the scene from LSW with Fushimi, Yata and Aya on the bike, Yata’s got his wings out and they’re like stretching on either side of Fushimi so it feels like he’s in a tunnel of flames but he’s not scared at all, and behind Fushimi there’s Aya with her slim pink swan-like wings outstretched and then Fushimi unconsciously starts to stretch his too, the wings he always keeps hunched close and never spreads fully and for the first time in his life he really feels like he’s flying, there on the back on Yata’s bike). Yata’s the first person who thinks Fushimi’s wings are really cool, like look at how sleek they are and the black is so striking and the feathers feel super smooth, Yata loves running his fingers through Fushimi’s wings. Fushimi acts like he doesn’t care what Yata thinks of his wings but it always makes his breath catch a little, when Yata tells him how amazing his wings are. When the two of them move in together sometimes they lie side by side on Yata’s bunk discussing their plans for all the great things they’re going to do and Yata wraps his wings around Fushimi so that it feels like they’re living in this small cozy world, just the two of them, and sometimes Fushimi’s wings stretch just a bit to touch Yata’s, connecting just a little bit.

So then the surprise party incident happens and that’s when they meet Mikoto who has the biggest wings Yata and Fushimi have ever seen, these huge red ones with real fire blossoming along the edges and when Mikoto uses his Red King powers to the full extent his wings burst entirely into flame and it’s like a fireball. The rest of Homra have wings that are touched by fire in some way too – maybe people don’t just have feathered wings in this AU too, imagine Totsuka with wings that look like they belong to one of his flame butterflies (Anna’s ‘true’ wings are just coming in, downy white mixed with hints of red, and when she awakens as King all the white feathers fall to the ground like rain as she extends her red burning wings wide, a wingspan even greater than Mikoto’s, a phoenix rising). Fushimi’s actually afraid of Mikoto’s wings especially, like he can’t help but flinch every time Mikoto opens his wings fully. He’s also secretly jealous because Yata is so impressed that Mikoto-san can fly, and of course Fushimi knows that he’ll never be able to match that.

Then Fushimi meets Munakata and Munakata’s the only one he’s seen whose wings can rival Mikoto’s except Munakata’s are these sleek cobalt blue ones, growing brighter around the edges, just this amazing gradient of blue upon blue and Munakata loves to spread them wide whenever he’s making grand pronouncements. When he’s not trying to be impressive though Munakata keeps his wings neatly folded and sometimes they almost look like part of his uniform. Fushimi can’t help but feel drawn to those wings somehow and when Munakata tries to recruit him maybe instead of Fushimi’s leg moving unconsciously to Munakata’s side one wing opens on that side instead. Fushimi breaks things off like in canon, burning his tattoo and all, but maybe after he and Yata part he spots a fallen feather from Yata’s wings and ends up keeping it despite himself. Meanwhile Yata goes to pack up their old apartment and he finds one of Fushimi’s feathers. He wants to burn it into nothing but he can’t bring himself to do it, keeping it with him like tucked in his hat somehow and maybe it was one of those mottled feathers, black and red, and the whole time Fushimi thinks Yata’s been keeping one of Mikoto’s feathers when it’s actually his.

Then jungle, imagine Hisui’s wings aren’t real ones at all but these giant electricity ones that the Slate kinda made for him because when Hisui 'died’ his real wings hadn’t come in yet and being technically dead he couldn’t grow his real ones anymore. But the desire for them is there and the shape remains rooted in Hisui’s soul, how they should look, and the Slate answers that desire by giving him a mock version of what he should have. When the undercover mission happens Fushimi and Munakata fight and maybe Munakata makes a comment about Fushimi’s wings, the black color and how they’re so small and thin and useless, he’ll never fly with them and they’re really almost malformed in a way, just like Fushimi’s own twisted loyalties. Fushimi tries not to take that to heart but of course he does, even as he intends to carry out Munakata’s plan to the end.

Yata of course shows up to save Fushimi and when they escape Yata’s having trouble keeping ahead of Sukuna, like he’s on his skateboard with Fushimi on his back and Sukuna’s so close to catching up, and there are holes in the floor that Yata’s worried he won’t be able to skateboard over. Yata finally yells at Fushimi that they need to fly, Fushimi clicks his tongue because neither one of them can fly, idiot, and Yata’s just like shut up, I can’t fly on my own but if you’re with me we can definitely do it. They reach like this giant gap in the floor and Yata stretches his wings out, speeding up, determined to fly over it and save Fushimi. Fushimi stares at Yata in surprise and he finds his own wings stretching out too, all the way, the two of them flapping in unison as they just soar over the gap, completely airborne and in control and breathless for just a moment. Afterward Fushimi tries to act like it was nothing but Yata’s not giving up that easily, saying this is why he’s not letting Fushimi push him away again – sure they aren’t Kings and they can’t fly alone, but that’s why they’re supposed to be together because the only way Yata can soar is if Fushimi’s by his side.

This is what a free range farm looks like. After so much advocation for farm animal welfare free range can actually just mean “cage-free”, meaning these chickens are living in cramped, filthy conditions. These chickens look remarkably healthy so I can only assume they are raised for immediate slaughter, as most chickens living in these conditions will peck at each other out of frustration, or not grow feathers at all, never mind they’ll be murdered at a very young age: a fraction of their short lives living like this all so that you can have a chicken burger or scrambled eggs.

Wish of the night:

They update old gene art to make it more streamlined and more desirable again. Like. Revamp tiger so stripes can enter the belly area like falcon. Give clown a more gradient aspect so it doesn’t look so flat on some breeds. idk about what I’d want as a speckle revamp maybe I just want to see more people use a good speckle dragon. But still. U feel me. Also make seraph less flat on coatls ffs. they’re one of the only dragons with ACTUALLY feathered wings and SERAPH of all genes looks like shit on them imo.

Weird Ne Thoughts

For non-Ne users, a collection of thoughts that describe what it’s like inside a high Ne user’s brain. No, no, not ACTUALLY high… just… Ne is high in the function stack and - you know what, never mind. Ne is high.

  • *sees a picture of a polka dotted feather* “Birds wore the original polka dot bikinis.”
  • “Hummus is literally bean paste. Pasty beans. Tasty pasty beans. I hasten to tasten the pasten of beans.”
  • “Can you overdose on sugar? Like just straight sugar. How many pounds of sugar would you have to choke down before you died?”
  • “Is that flower looking at me? I’m pretty sure if it had eyes, it would be looking at me.”
  • “Hello. It’s the garbage can. You forgot to take me out and now your house smells like molding feet. Hello-o-oh-o, can you smell me? If you can’t you should probably get your nose checked cuz you probably have cancer and are going to die.”
  • “Balloons are a horrible idea. I feel bad for whoever first tried to market them as festive decorations. Like, ‘yeah, you see, you put special air in this piece of plastic and its, like, super fun!’”
  • *stubs toe on textbook* “Ah! So that’s where I put you, you sneaky lil snake!”
  • *immediately starts singing “No” by Meghan Trainor in my head every time I hear the word no*
  • “Blue is the best color. It makes me feel like a seaweed in the ocean.”
  • “You know what’s funny? The word school in a German accent. Shewl!”
  • *finds a shiny rock* “I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart.”
  • *can’t remember the word plantain* “Pointy potato bananas?”
  • *sees a dandelion* “Lets play guess how many seeds it has on it for the next hour without ever actually finding out.”
  • “That plant looks like it’s plotting something evil… or maybe… POTTING something evil! Haahahahah…”
  • “What would help me concentrate? I know! Standing on one leg!”

Guess what? Anderrrrrrrssssss

I mean he could look a bit like this after some years on the run. (Yes, with Hawke. Noticed the key, did ya? HIGH FIVE.)

Actually I started thinking about his post-Kirkwall look because the new cosplay wig I ordered for him is way too long and I thought it would be nice to take some Anders pics with longer locks before cutting the wig. This might be the look I should go for, but I’m not yet sure. Perhaps feathers?

At about this time some of you are probably saying “what is that? It looks like a bird!” You’re not entirely wrong. Those of you who are saying “oh cool, a Velociraptor” are actually more wrong than those other people.

This is Tsaagan mangas. It is almost identical to Velociraptor, lived in the same area as Velociraptor, during the same time period as Velociraptor, but it is not a Velociraptor. For all intents and purposes, though, they are practically identical.

Drawn for a-dinosaur-a-day, because it seems that no one has drawn a half-decent full-body picture of a mid-sized Mongolian dromaeosaurid that is almost identical to Velociraptor and called it a Tsaagan before. I think Tsaagan is going to be my new second-favorite dromaeosaurid (behind Deinonychus) because it’s basically Velociraptor but it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as Velociraptor and definitely deserves more love than it gets, even if only because, for all intents and purposes, it is the same as Velociraptor.

Tsaagan mangas
Tsaagan mangas
Tsaagan mangas
Tsaagan mangas
Tsaagan mangas
Tsaagan mangas

There. Now I’ve said “Tsaagan mangas” in this post more times than I’ve said “Velociraptor.”

Tsaagan mangas.

A Soulmate’s Scrawl

@b0nely… you prompted this so, thank you :) x

AO3 link

2pm: car service

That’s the first message Dean sees scrawled on the inside of his wrist.

It’s the oddest feeling: it’s like having the lightest of feathers stroked over his skin to the point of making it itch a little. That, or he’s developed a slight allergy to his washing detergent overnight.

He’s scratching at it absently and unthinkingly for half the morning before he even really looks, and then it’s only because his hands are filthy from a morning of high schoolers let loose on paint and easels like they’re actual kindergärtners, and it’s time for lunch.

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People That Could Possibly Be The Real Peter Pan

I made a list, here it is:

Robbie Kay- Alright so we’ll just start off with him because he actually plays Peter Pan in Once Upon A Time, a dark one that is, but still Peter Pan none the less. Anywho, he is so cute and he has the floppy hair and the little button nose, gOSH HE SO CU TE

Rupert Grint- Alrighty then, I know it’s kinda hard to see him as anything other than Ron Weasley, but you see it too right? I mean look at this cutie, he’s got the classic red Peter Pan hair, and a darling smile and I could go on forever like seriously give this boy a feather hat and some tights and he’s good to go

Ashton Irwin- I don’t f*cking care if you have something against him or his band I will literally fight you I mean C'mon he’s a cute little ball of fuzzy kitties and sunshine and he has the hair and a cute smile and this adorable little giggle that he does, and who knows maybe modern Peter Pan wears a bandana instead of a green hat you never know

Thomas Sangster- Don’t even argue with me on this he is probably living on an island with a bunch of little kids he calls Lost Boys in his spare time because he DOESN’T AGE and he had been lookin fourteen for how long now??? And plus he has the hair and nose and sparkly eyes and I NEED TO STOP BEFORE I FAINT

Niall Horan- Yes I know I’m not their biggest fan for sure but LOOK at this dude and tell me you can’t see him knocking on your window in the middle of the night {{ha wow that sounded a LOT less creepy in my head oh well}} but look his face is a sure match of the cartoon kinda and the little facial expression just sells the whole Peter Pan thing, I’M CONVINCED SHUTUP AND PLEASE KEEP READING CUZ I AIN’T DONE WITH Y'ALL

Andrew Garfield- OH GEEZ wow okay Spiderman has reached a whole new level and I think that I can see him being the cute dude from Neverland I mean wow what gorgeous eyes and cute smile and nose and hey HAS ANYONE SEEN SOME RED HAIR DYE AND A PAIR OF TIGHTS???

Jacob Loftland- I’m screaming because this is the boy who PLAYS ARIS in The Scorch Trials  and OH BOY don’t even get me started on how pretty he is but can you even tell me no? NO YOU CANNOT BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT and I see him as Peter Pan and just why is it fair to any of us that he is this cute because I dont get it when is he gonna get the role of Peter Pan???

Logan Lerman- Do I even have to explain this one just LOOK AT THIS SHY LITTLE SH*T WHO THINKS HE’S ALLOWED TO BE THIS CUTE but he’s got the little bit of shyness about him and he has that kinda super cute look on his face and he is freaking PERCY JACKSON and how could he be a better Peter Pan tho

Alright so if you don’t agree with my list you can shut your wh**e mouth because this is my opinion and I’m feeling super confident and I don’t know maybe they all live in Neverland with each other and they’re all a type of Peter Pan and they bring girls to their island, and I don’t know bout you but I really need some celebrity Peter Pan AUs now so Imma go try and find some

“…I know it’s not much… but you can always call me, when you will need to talk.”

My suggestion for the way Pacifica might save the day in “Dipper and Mabel vs the Future”.

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Heyyy sorry you're having a poopy day at work. I hope this makes it a little more bearable. My cockatiel Dusty wasn't actually an adoption. More like a rescue from a shitty situation. When I first got him he was just a baby. I picked him up from a guy that had been keeping him in a cardboard box. He had no tail feathers and his wings were clipped wrong. It took a lot of love and nourishment to get him healthy again. :) and now look at him. Happiest little bird you will ever see. ❤❤❤

Oh no poor baby :( you saved his life!!! You better be a proud mama because you are his hero!!! xoxoxoxox😘

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