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Talking about AU's AU where Keith and Lance met at a concert of Allura, the super rock star. Lance is there because he is a fan. And Keith is there because Shiro is the batterist.

@agaymasterpiece and I actually had a similar AU somewhere,,, let me merge these two together:

  • ok so first of all: allura’s band is a rock band
  • keith and lance are both on allura’s concert for the reasons you just mentioned
  • lance is somewhere in the middle where crowdsurfers tend to pass through
  • all of a sudden,,, keith just gets tossed in the air. probably shiro’s fault who wanted keith to have the full concert experience and sent some of his friends to throw him if he doesn’t volunteer to go crowd surfing
  • keith comes towards lance at full speed
  • lance miraculously manages to catch him
  • lance:
  • keith:
  • multiple people caught the whole incident on camera
  • ((it’s not always that people start flying after all))
  • keith awkwardly thanks lance and then hurries away from the nearby crowd that all know him now

  • a little later a mosh pit starts forming
  • this is ok keith can deal with this
  • lance can’t
  • he faceplants trying to keep up with everyone……… gUESS WHO HELPS HIM UP
  • keith. it’s keith. of course it’s keith.
  • lance:
  • keith:
  • lance: “first you come flying my way and now you’re here to save me. are you my guardian angel or what?”
  • keith: “a simple thanks would have been enough”
  • they get separated by the pit again and move on with their lives

  • the whole incident got caught on camera again
  • after the concert both videos get uploaded on twitter & youtube
  • it doesn’t take long for ppl to realize that it’s about the same two guys
  • ‘idk who these two are but i ship them’
  • the entire internet comes together trying to find out who these two are
  • lance probably found the videos on his own before anyone even tagged/messaged him lmao
  • it takes everyone else around 2 days to finally find keith’s (mostly inactive) twitter account
  • shiro hears about everyone having found out that keith is the guy in the video and tells him to check his account
  • keith has suddenly gained over 1000 new followers and has too many notifications to count
  • he screenshots it all, makes a post and tags lance: ‘this is all your fault’

  • (they agree to go on a date)
  • (they fall in love)
  • (they get into a relationship)
  • (they are happy)


Guys. Guys. This is 100% @cutthissmilefromeartoear‘s fault, she convinced me to do this, she started talking about crowd surfer!Stiles and bodyguard!Derek. It’s all her fault


Stiles absolutely loves concerts. He loves seeing his favorite bands live, loves singing with a crowd of people, but most of all, he loves crowd surfing. Mosh pits aren’t really his thing - he loves dudes, and he loves jumping them, but he preferably does it in a more sexual manner - but crowd surfing is so nice. 

He loves the feeling of being carried by so many people, and sometimes the singers actually greet him which is the absolute coolest, but by far the best thing about crowd surfing is the bodyguard. For the past bazillion concerts Stiles has been to - okay, more like seven, but whatever - the same bodyguard/bouncer/whatever has picked Stiles up and pulled him over the fence and the guy is fucking gorgeous.

Scott likes to tell him he’s obsessed, but he’s not, okay? So what if he’d like to rub his face against Tall, Dark and Broody’s face? And maybe kiss him until he passes out? It’s not like he’ll actually do anything about it. Besides - or so he tells Scott - he hasn’t jerked off to the thought of the guy.

(He absolutely has. Multiple times. Listen though: the guy’s hands are fucking obscene. How is Stiles supposed to deal with that?)

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I heard from my Japanese boyfriend that there are tons of tourists waiting for maiko and geiko in Gion in the evenings and attack with their cameras. What are your opinion about this?

Gion thrives on tourism, but on most nights it’s a bit obsessive. I don’t fault people for wanting to catch a glimpse of maiko and geiko, but there are some who are just downright rude. It doesn’t help either that all of the tour guides usually tell their tour group the same spots to view maiko and geiko (right outside of the Ichiriki) so the place can become akin to a mosh pit and I don’t fault the girls for taking a taxi to an engagement that’s only a block away. 


“The Warehouse” - Episode 34 - New Music News

This week I’m discussing new merch from Charlie McDonnell, maureenjohnsonbooks, & laurenfairweather!

There’s also some news about merch from pemberleydigital, mikefalzone, & karenhallion!