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New XKit 7.8.0

Welcome to the future! New XKit 7.8.0 is a comprehensive update of our base extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari with a bunch of improvements. New XKit is now fully a WebExtension on both Firefox and Chrome, which allows us to share the browser support code between both platforms. Most importantly, this means that your XKit will continue working on Firefox Quantum.

New XKit 7.8.0 should be automatically downloaded for you through your browser’s normal update process.

Note for Firefox users: You must already have New XKit 7.7.7 or higher for your data to be automatically transferred to 7.8.0. If you have a lower version, download 7.7.7′s xpi first at its release page. If you run into any trouble, follow the steps in this new-xkit-support post.

Also for Firefox users: If you have problems with One-Click Postage after updating, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Check out this post on new-xkit-support for more information.

Don’t want to wait for your XKit to automatically update? Check out 7.8.0′s release page for the version of XKit suitable for your browser.

As always, if you have any questions, you can stop by our live support chat (on Discord), swing by our always open ask box, or even send us fan mail!

Quick Facts

Hey everyone, I’ve decided I am going to be constructing a book of fanmail for Isaiah Mustafa that I’m going to be sending to him. 

Seeing as Freeform seriously undervalues him and Luke, I want people to submit fan mail telling him how much we love him and Luke.

You can also submit any fan pictures whether they be drawings or selfies. 

You have until Friday, February 17th 2017 to submit something.

Seeing some of the FAQ’s I’ve seen other people who make books for celebs to this I will answer some of them off the bat right here

submit here or send it to me at

-YES I’m a real person (@falloutbrunch on twitter, parabacrybaby on here come hang) This is the first time I’ve done something like this so this blog isn’t gonna be flashy, its just here to take submissions.

-No I won’t be posting anything. It stays with me, gets printed, and gets sent to Isaiah. That’s it.

- Please do not write a long ass fanfic, send that to him on your own watch. I just want to put a collection of people expressing our love for him and Luke.