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Fake texts with fuckboy!Jungkook

This is my first time doing this type of texts

Requests for fake texts are opened 😁

I’ve just talked to my aunt about the whole pregnancy thing. I had some doubts, so I decided to ask her a few questions since she’s a gynecologist.

According to her thoughts, it turned out that apparently Cheryl was really pregnant but she gave birth two months ago and not now.

Under the cut there’s what my aunt said and why we jumped to this conclusion.

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you prank yoongi and accidentally tell him where you’re hiding

for anon

requests are always open!

Fake news has been, well, in the news a lot lately. It seems no claim is too absurd to be aired.

For example, NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal has just become the fourth NBA star to make public remarks that he believes the Earth is flat, not round.

To combat misinformation, Wikipedia has developed a robust corps of volunteer editors. Anyone can write new entries and scrutinize existing ones for adherence to Wikipedia’s rules on sourcing and neutrality. While it’s not free of errors or pranks, what results is a resource that 50 million people turn to daily on hundreds of thousands of topics in a few dozen languages.

The Earth Is Flat? Check Wikipedia

Illustration by LA Johnson


husband!au; GOALS

(I’ve been immensely blocked lately but the texts never seem to stop flowing lmao, hopefully the ideas come back soon!)