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J2 Main Panel at NashCon 2017

Oh boy, I don’t think my notes have ever been this long on just one panel alone. Needless to say, my tinhat was firmly in place while watching this and I probably couldn’t remove it even if I tried. Let’s get on with the program!

From what I heard, the boys started the panel about 40 minutes late. That’s a little unusual, isn’t it? Let’s see if we can try to figure that one out, shall we?

(8:21) Protective Jensen strikes! A fan wants Jared to take off his beanie and Jensen stands up for his boy right away.

(13:58) Jared spots a hair on Jensen’s stubble and it turns out to be his… How on Earth could that happen? Was his head there?

Jared: “Let’s not delve into that…” Guys, it’s too late, I’m delving like a madman here! Seriously though, how did that happen? You probably should’ve explained it, because I know for a fact that I’m not the only one drawing conclusions here. ;)

(17:33) Spider webs are apparently found and Jared wonders about that. Jensen grins and asks Jared if he really has to explain it, which drives Jared into blush mode. Hmm, what’s this, guys?

A couple of explanations as offered by the Urban Dictionary. So, uhh, someone blew a load and now Jared’s blushing and the panel is 40 minutes late? Okay okay, let’s all take some deep breaths before jumping to conclusions.

(18:09) A fan asks Jensen what Dean would be doing if Mary hadn’t died. Jensen thinks Dean would still be hunting, but girls instead of monsters. Oh Jared, honey, he said “Dean” and not “Jensen.” I’m sure you have no worries of your man chasing skirts!

(20:59) Jared is having so much fun with the freezing background video and the text and Jensen clearly finds it adorable. Me too, Jensen, me too.

(26:35) This is not erotic at all. Let’s move along quickly.

(27:55) Jensen’s full-body sneeze not only looks like it amuses Jared, he’s kinda starry-eyed by the display as well.

The entire panel was a truckload of fun and the guys seemed very giddy and all-around adorable. It was definitely one of the nicest panels I’ve seen in my tinhatting days. The absence of het questions and voluntary wife mentions (1 per each) was thrilling, as was the amount of show and craft related questions.

It’s hard to believe they supposedly had some difficulties with their fan-encounters between the panels - I read on different sources how the issue of depression was repeatedly brought up to Jared. Give them a break, please.

There were many other moments as well, some of which I’ll list below:

  • At 12:45, Jared looks fleetingly disappointed with how Jensen moved his chair a tiny bit further apart.
  • At 23:30, a fan asks what they’re obsessed with. Jared responds for both of them, saying they’re crazy about music.
  • At 28:08, the chair issue is stealthily fixed. Yay!
  • At 43~ ish mark, Jared starts doing accents. This continues for many minutes and ends with yet another wife story getting exposed as fake. (49:28) Look at this wonderful post

PS: Gold panel review here!

mmmmkay well avert your eyes from the botched gold leaf job the store only had fake gold leaf and ive never worked with the fake crapbUT heres a painting for my buddy pyxus and her priest Byriel as the magician tarot card, i looked up a lotta cards and felt this one best suited him also it was fun to mix that in with religious themes because hes a nerd priest

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