no faith in this world

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Not to be rude, this is a genuine question, but how is there a need for catholic missionaries in Ireland? It’s a catholic country...

Hiya! Ive gotten a few questions like this and have been deciding the best way to answer. There’s only one way to simply say it.

The faith is dead in Ireland.

While most people when asked their religion will say Catholic, it’s only a title here. They are not practicing Catholics. They dont go to mass on Sundays, or have a relationship with God. Because Ireland was so known for being Catholic, the country has become Culturally Catholic. People who go to mass on Sundays only go for appearance sake, or to socialize. That is not what mass is for.

Ireland was once known as the Land of Saints and Scholars, the land that preserved the faith from destruction when the world was trying to exterminate us, and evangelized the world. A land so on fire for the Lord that Oliver Cromwell could not conquer it and was was quoted saying “If it wasnt for those damn beads (rosary) i could have taken that island” But now it’s in need of re-evangelization.

The need for Catholic missionaries is massive here.

Young love

Oh, to love again as I once did,

With complete faith and perfect love.

When the world was new and the heart unskewed

When you are so reckless that there is nothing you won’t do or try

When without trepidation you give all your heart

When love seems forever and dreams as real as you

I wish I could go back to that innocent girl I once was

So full of hope and strength

When I was so unafraid of what was to come

When I believed in perfect love.


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Niichan, is it true that you are sandy claws?

I can’t confirm or deny your claim.  The faith of new world children shouldn’t be crushed quite yet.  They will have plenty of time for that in the coming years of adulthood. 

I hung a sign on my door tonight reading 

I have the flu! I don’t want to infect any little monsters! So please help yourself!

with an arrow pointing to the candy bucket next to the door. 

So far three separate small children have yelled PLEASE FEEL BETTER at me through my door. Also one of them told what was clearly his younger brother “Take ONLY ONE, don’t be greedy, the Great Pumpkin can see you.”

Faith in the world: restored. 

Percy and Keyleth determinedy but absentmindedly toasting  independence from gods and destiny while holding a book and a plant respectively, and forgetting that they aren’t holding drinks and both trying to inhale their respective objects, is the most succinct summary of their friendship that I can imagine


Tony Stark. You don’t need to live under the shadow of other people’s achievements. Make a name for yourself. Exceed other people’s expectations and your own.


Steve Rogers. Be unwilling to back down. Don’t cower from a fight; stand your ground and show no weakness. Continue to be humble no matter how much the world tries to change you.


Sam WilsonWhen you feel like quitting, think about why you started. Success will only come once you have survived all of your disappointments. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to purse your dreams and goals. 


Logan. The ability to get up after being knocked down, to put yourself back together after being torn apart – that makes you a fighter. That makes you stronger than you could ever believe. Never doubt your own strengths


Jean Grey. Be grateful for who you are and what you have.  Although darkness may threaten to consume you, the time in between the darkness - the days spent alive, learning, and sharing; those are the moments that will shine a light and make life worth living.


T’Challa. Remain focused. Continue to aspire to reach your goals and dreams. Although you will have to make sacrifices, if you stay focused and passionate; your wildest dreams will soon become reality


Peter Parker. Make good choices. It is your choices that make you who you are. You can always choose what is right. Stray away from the dark side, although the light maybe be hard to find. The light is always somewhere; if you search hard enough. 


Loki. Embrace the chaos. There’s nothing wrong with having a little mischief in your life. Mischief and chaos keeps the spirit alive.


Thor. Although you may fail, our greatest disappointments are often our greatest opportunities. Even if you feel like you’ve lost everything, there will always be an opportunity to gain something that wasn’t there before.


Bucky Barnes. Be there for those who are struggling. Maybe, you can’t promise to fix all their problems, but at least they’ll know they won’t have to face them alone. It is one’s greatest gift to know they will have someone with them until the end of the line. 


Jessica Jones. Don’t allow the people in your past to haunt you. Surround yourself with those who’ll raise you up, rather then tear you down. Be grateful for those whom have always been there for you. You will always be stronger with them by your side.


Matt Murdock. Do not be afraid. Do not let others intimidate you. Just because you’re knocked down, doesn’t mean you still can’t win. Your stubbornness is only that of perseverance


Frank Castle. Seek out the truth, not for revenge, but to shine a light on what you know is right. When the world tries to substitute the truth for it’s lies, break free and show others in the direction of what is right. 


Carol Danvers. Life will have it’s unbearable moments, but once you outrun that fear and doubt; you’ll feel like you can fly. You’ll be unstoppable. Don’t let anyone take away your flight. Don’t let anyone drag you down. 


Diana Prince. If you see something wrong with the world, have the strength to change it. Your intuition is your greatest power. Do not let others define, deter, or defeat you. You are your own greatest strength


Clark Kent. Be different from the rest. Sometimes, you’ll feel like an outcast or an outsider; but you’ll never be alone. Have hope in yourself. Have faith that things will be better; that the world will be better. Never loose all hope. 


Rey. Everyone might not be good, but there’s always something good in people. Choose to see the good, even if they don’t give you a reason to. When you see good in others, you’ll see the good in yourself


Finn. Trust your better judgement, even though you may be on the opposite side. If you feel as though something is not right, trust your instincts. There’s a reason you’re feeling conflicted. Try and make the right choices. 


Eleven. Be loyal to those who have earned your trust and care. When your loved ones are in need, help them; help each other. The bond you share with those you care about is what makes life authentic. Preserve and protect that love, for you may never find it again.

We might not see ourselves as heroes, or fighters, or rebels. But I believe we are more then that. We are worth more then any rank or title this world may lay upon us. We all have the power to love and have humility. Once we realize that, I know we will find something beautiful. We will find something greater then ourselves.


You were created by God. You are His masterpiece. Beautifully and Gracefully crafted by the Creator of the Universe. Trust me when I say you have a purpose in this world. God does not handcraft useless things. He creates with a purpose in mind. You have something unique and purposeful to contribute to this world. Live with this precious truth in mind, and go out into the world and use the gifts your Heavenly Father gave ya!


REQUESTS GRANTED ♥ As requests were received this week.

Revelation 2:10 was requested twice by different people while the rest were requested once. Thanks for sending them in and for being God’s way of leading me to such encouragements from the Word again. God bless you!

Photos are free from Canva. I picked them out and added the Scripture for the solid foundation of inspiration. Thank you to the Canva team and the photographers behind these remarkable images.

I’ll be taking photographs again soon for more Scripture in Pictures that will be, once more, totally by yours truly :) For now I hope these help.

Feel free to send in your requests any time.

Quite frankly, I am the worst person I know. I know the wickedness in my heart. I know my thoughts, and they aren’t always holy and pure. My mind and heart wrestle each day with being obedient. I have so many things I want to change about myself. But God, in all His goodness, still calls me worthy of Grace. He still loves me… that says everything I need to know about Him.

As undeserving as we are, He STILL loves us!!!!! I want to be emptied completely so that He may fill every part of me with Himself. Less of me, more of Him. God, You are better than anything in this world… never let us forget it!

Friendships serve its best when under God’s grace :) Be the friend who walks the talk of faith and leads loved ones to Christ Jesus.

The heartfelt counsel of a friend
is as sweet as perfume and incense. - Proverbs 27:9