no faith in brookyln


Hoodie Allen - No Faith In Brooklyn (feat. Jhameel)

Out of the internet generation of hip-hop, we’ve had a whole lot of big names come out of growth from blogs, hip-hop sites, Twitter, MySpace, and whatever outlet these artists had to produce and distribute. ASAP Rocky, Mac Miller, Lil B, and arguably the first in Soulja Boy jumpstarted a trend in new voices filling the rap scene pretty damn rapidly.

Fast forward to 2012, and there’s a lot of new voices out there producing on their own terms, with their own beats, and their unique take on the genre. What makes Hoodie Allen different? Well, call me maybe crazy, but Hoodie is one of the guys who actually gets the source of his fame – the Internet. What’s the internet made of? Fans. 

I’ve been following Hoodie for the last year or so, and his singles and releases kept pushing his talent further and further up the ladder, and having his new EP All American drop, things are looking good for the New York native. He’s been blowing up, deservedly. His YouTube and Twitter are his connection to his fans, which he is obviously on the same page with. What other net-grown rappers tend to avoid is participating in the discussion that created their fame. Hoodie gets it (cause he worked at Google while he was writing rhymes, btw). 

He’s hungry and he’s got a style. But there’s substance there, under the flare of his beats and the energetic delivery of his lines. Let’s hope he keeps blowing up. 

Bonus Coverage: Jhameel’s voice in this song kinda blows my mind. Kudos. 


Hoodie Allen - “No Faith In Brooklyn (ft. Jhameel)” (Official Video) (by wearehoodie)