no faith in brooklyn lyrics

She’ll Always Be Mine (Jack Gilinsky ft. Sammy Wilk)

Hi❤can you please write an imagine where you are gilinsky’s ex girlfriend but he is now dating Madison and you’re dating Sammy and you all go out to a club and you’re dancing and stuff with Sammy and g gets jealous?End it however u want!thanks😘

– The amount of excitement I’m getting about writing this is intense. SIDE NOTE;- I mean no hate by Madison’s personality in here, the way she acts is simply for the imagine <3  - Bri x 

Song To Listen To -> No Faith In Brooklyn (just for a few lyrics) 

It had been 8 months since you and Jack broke up due to the long distance that came with his career. He was an awful texter and would sometimes wait three days to text you. You broke up, and eventually got over it enough to date Sam, whom was much more supportive–not to mention the break they had been on to make an album was helping a lot. Jack began dating Madison Beer, a pretty brunette who was known to date a lot of the other guys. She wasn’t rude, but she wasn’t honest. She clung to Jack when you were around and he whispered in her ear the same way he did with you. 

One summer night, the four of you decide to go to a club with Johnson and Skate tagging along. You hold Sam’s hand the entire time, ignoring Jack’s constant side-glances that made you feel uncomfortable, “come dance with me, bub.” You say to Sam, walking backwards you lead him to the dance floor and you see Jack rush to grab Madison. 

You mouth the lyrics to the familiar song and turn around to press your ass against Sam’s front, he grips at your waist and rocks you back and forth against him. You arms raise in the air and you wrap them around his neck from behind, his lips attack your neck and you smile with bliss. You and Madison make eye contact and suddenly she starts grinding on Jack a lot harder than before–this isn’t a competition babe. You roll your eyes and turn around so you’re facing Sam. 

His hands caress your back and you lean in to kiss him affectionately. Sammy raps the lyrics to the song against your lips, smirking as the verse finishes you laugh and turn back around to find that Madison had now turned around on Jack and was pretty much dry humping him.  

“We should take a walk one day, dream about what we could’ve been.” You make eye contact with Jack the second that line plays through the speakers and suddenly you notice his sharp jawline tense up. You swallow thickly and divert your eyes in the other direction seeing Johnson and Skate on random girls grinding. Inhaling sharply, you suddenly get less into grinding, but you continue watching as Jack’s jaw tightens even more. He buries his face into Madison’s neck and by the way her face scrunches up in pain you can tell he’s biting her pretty hard. 

“Jack!” She complains in a whiney tone, “oh my god you made me bleed!” You and Jack make eye contact and suddenly he closes the space between you two. 

“Stop staring at me, Y/N!” He shouts, “stop grinding on Sam while you're watching me it’s not working!” 

“Yo, G, she wasn’t trying to.” Sam defends you. 

Gilinsky scoffs, “shut the fuck up, Sam. I saw you grinding on her harder every time I looked up.” 

Madison walks forward and places her hand on Jack’s bicep, “Baby, calm down.” 

“I don’t even like you!” He yells at her. You cower away into the stronghold of Sam’s arms, who presses you back against his chest, “it’s not fucking fair that you broke up with me because of my career and then you turned around and dated him.” 

“Jack…” you trail off in a warning tone. 

“Bro, you didn’t respect her, what would you expect her to do? It’s been 8 months, get over it” Sam states, amusement in his tone. 

Jack shakes his head, his jaw clenching even further, he was sweaty and his shirt was pretty much drenched–this you used to find oddly appetising, “I don’t care, she’ll always be mine.” 

“You honestly don’t believe that do you?” Sam questions, hands stroking the front of your stomach. 

“I don’t know, but all I know is that I can’t be friends with any of you anymore. I can’t do this, I can’t be around her and not be with her.” Jack gives you a longing glance, his face completely fallen before he exits the club. 

You watch him, feeling your stomach completely drop and you gulp. You had two options, you could stay here with Sam and never see Jack again, or you could run after Jack and take a chance. 

Part 2 or nah? Would you stay with Sam or would you go after Jack? I hope you enjoyed–please request a part two if you’d like one! xoxo - Bri