no fair play

In matters of fair play, Trump should be held to the same standards of conduct as Obama was; but Republican politicians do not believe in fair play, they believe that the end justifies the means. They will stoop to no low in order to see that the billionaires become trillionaires.

5 Good Things

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  1. World building (I love me some speculative biology and culture building!)
  2. Writing (it’s a thing that makes me happy, even if it drives me nuts too)
  3. My weird cats (seriously, I got 4 now and they’re all weirdos…)
  4. Reading (I love to read, be it fanfics about SWTOR, biology, or whatever else)
  5. Science! (cause Science is constantly doing amazing things and I love it)

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“Come on, Sam - I’ve never lied to you. You could at least pay me the same respect!” 

Random headcanon

Harley always forces J to play games with her when she’s bored and one of her favorites was Twister since she assumed her gymnastic skills would mean she’d win (until she quickly remembered J doesn’t play fair after being shoved out of her winning spot for the 10th time

  • Reno: Sephiroth just drank OJ from my mug and didn't seem to realize that it wasn't his hot coffee. So, the question has to be asked... Is there no limit to what he won't notice?
  • [later]
  • Sephiroth: What's a seven letter word for purse?
  • Genesis Rhapsodos (sitting at Cissnei's desk, dressed as her, and impersonating her voice): Satchel.
  • Sephiroth: No, starts with an H...
  • Rod (wearing nothing but a tie): Handbag.
  • Sephiroth: Thank you.
  • [later]
  • (Sephiroth walks into a meeting room where everyone is sitting backwards except for him. Sits down without noticing)
  • Tseng: Alright everybody, take a seat. As you may have heard, our branch on the planet Jupiter is up 8000% in sales!
  • (Everyone cheers)
  • [later]
  • Sephiroth: Hold up. That clock is slow... (looking at watch) It's 5 o'clock. I will see you tomorrow.
  • Shotgun (wearing a mustache): Bye Sephiroth, love you!
  • Zack Fair (standing with a chocobo): So long Sephiroth.
  • Sephiroth: Night night everybody!
MAMA 2016

Yo… so many debuts this year.. Astro, Blackpink, SF9, Pentagon, WJSN, KNK, NCT 127, NCT-U, NCT Dream, I.O.I, Gugudan, VROMANCE, then a whole bunch of other debuts that will happen in the next 2 months…….. who the hell am I suppose to choose for rookie of the year?!…


oh my god look at his face LOOK AT HIS FACE LOOK HOW HAPPY

are you fucking kidding me

this is the Cloud that’s been overshadowed by his “dark, brooding and burdened” counterpart from Advent Children/Dissidia/Kingdom Hearts, the one that much of the fandom doesn’t even recognize

and that’s a goddamn crime, because the grim counterpart that’s so popular is based on a false personality that never really belonged to him. this man here, this is the REAL Cloud Strife

i just love how it so clearly means the world to him that Zack has not only remembered his name twice now, he even considers them to be friends

polish your podcast!

When it comes to making a podcast, I’m afraid I’m rather naive to the process, though I do know quite a bit of information on all the best ways to make a good one. Without going to technical details, let’s go down a short list of the best ways to have your podcast pop. Don’t settle for less when it comes to making your show something memorable.✿

Write Compelling Characters 

    • A multi-layered and interesting cast will always be the core of any good story, no matter how big or small your roster might be. Make those with major speaking roles matter and interest from the audience will generate naturally. An important element is to occasionally make a character act against type-an aloof and gated loner expressing a need for companionship or a happy-go-lucky idiot being calculating, to name a few. Make your characters more than what they appear to be on the surface. (ex: The Bright Sessions,  Wolf 359)
    • × A character is not a gimmick with a mouth. Only filling their dialogue with one-liners and cliches risks the chance of having one dimensional and bland leads that cease to have any deeper qualities or secrets to reveal. Prevent them from being static by giving them trials and challenges that change them for the better or for the worse.

Build a Beautiful World 

    •  Create a world that is fun and interesting to explore or put your own spin on an otherwise modern setting. Is the town or country your podcast takes place in relevant to the plot? Make your worlds matter and their rules and limitations carry weight to how our characters interact with it. (ex: Our Fair City, Greater Boston)
    • × An underdeveloped world can be boring, but it is possible for a world to be overdeveloped to the point it consumes a real plot. Focus too much on world building and the characters within it will cease to have any relevance beyond simply living in it. Big and spooky dystopias and urban fantasy city scapes can be the foreground, but don’t let it become the backbone.

Conflict is Crucial

    • A good audio drama knows how to set the stakes. Test your characters by placing them in scenarios where they must face their fears, fight against the odds, and take down the main baddie of the week. Give them something to fight for and your audience someone to root for. (ex: Rover Red, The Penumbra Podcast)
    • × A story without drama is a story without purpose. Don’t be afraid of change, change only means that your story carries a sense of danger and relevance. Push your characters to the limit, don’t be afraid to shed a little blood to prove they can bleed.

Create a Solid Structure

    • Keep your stories solid by sticking to a three act structure. A beginning, middle, and end will keep listeners on their toes and constantly coming back to relish in building suspense or the start of a new arc. Foreshadowing is your best friend and is what makes rising stakes relevant. (ex: The Once and Future Nerd, Ars Paradoxica)
    • × Boring stories are repetitive stories. If actions don’t have meanings and reveals don’t feel…revealing, what makes a story stand out can get lost in all the fluff and filler. Make everything from character interactions and specific lines of dialogue create something with a meaningful and engaging plot, climax, and resolution.

now, get to writing. ✿

goalkeepers are actual angels on earth, who deserve the world and all the love cus they’re so pure, goalies deserve all the appreciation and if u dont think so ur wrong cus theres no opinion on this, i dont make the rules sorry